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Author Topic: Vampires, Incubi and picture plots, oh my (Looking for a dom M)  (Read 656 times)

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Online RayneTopic starter

Check my on and offs to see what I'm interested in. The main things I'm always into are toys and bondage.

The Incubus::

A girl's falls under the Incubus's curse. Maybe she tries to curse an ex and it goes wrong, or maybe she picks up the wrong item that has the curse on it. One way or another, though, she is cursed by the incubus and becomes his target.

The incubus can posses any man he desires, or visit the girl in her sleep. Now random men she passes day to day are making moves on her, and with the incubus's powers they can be very.. persuasive. Not only that, but when she sleeps the incubus can pull her into his realm and have his way with her, and for her there is no way to escape.
Will she fight this onslaught, or be pulled in?

This rp is open to many directions, and many kinks. Please pm me to discuss ideas.

I also have pictures below. No real plots to them, so take a look and if they spark an idea then pm me:
NSFW Lab image
NSFW Lab 2
NSFW Bedroom
NSFW School image

I am open to other ideas if you have them. Like I said above, check out my on/offs, or my rabbit hole to get an idea for what I'm into. I also have an old thread linked in my signature that have some ideas. They're a little overdone for me, but if you think you have a fresh idea for them I'm open to hearing that too.
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Online RayneTopic starter

Re: The Incubus and picture plots (Looking for a dom M)
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2011, 11:29:32 PM »
Another few ideas:

The Train Ride

This idea has been thrown around by other people before on here, and I feel in the mood to give it a try myself.
Japanese trains are notoriously crowded, we've seen the images, people being pushed in to fit. So its not surprising to think that hands might... wander. Or more.
What starts out as a little groping evolves into full on sex, right in the middle of the train car. Maybe its a special car, and the people are in on it, or maybe they're just that oblivious. And when the ride is over, maybe the girl decides this was an erotic adventure worth having again.

-This roleplay is kind of a one shot, and as of right now might possibly be taken

The Blood Donor

In the mood for a bit of a vampire roleplay. My idea is that a vampire works at a blood bank -hey look free food-, when one day a girl comes in that attracts his attention. Sure, she's attractive... but the main thing that has his interest is her blood. For some reason or another, it just tastes better.
Eventually, he decides he wants this girl for himself and, after one of her donation trips, he kidnaps her and takes her to his home to keep prisoner and provide him with fresh blood whenever he desires.

-I'm not interested in torture or tons of pain, certainly no death. The idea is that she becomes a treasured possession to him, something he feels he needs. I'm very open to suggestions, ideas etc on this one.
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Online RayneTopic starter

Re: The Incubus and picture plots (Looking for a dom M)
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2011, 09:04:52 PM »
Added the Blood donor idea.