different ideas. Looking for dom or sub female.

Started by seeker619, March 28, 2011, 08:27:42 PM

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OK here she goes

1-I've never really played a sub before so if there are any woman out there with an idea you care to share I would love to hear it.  Thought maybe it would be something to try.

2-Last Will in Testament? This idea revolves around a woman who has her husband kidnapped and held for a year.  After that year is up he would be declared deceased and she would stand to gain his multimillion dollar life insurance policy.  It would deal with the relationship between her boyfriend and herself along with some possible flashbacks to her marriage.  Her plans however are spoiled when he escapes and returns to his house.  He suspects her but only after questioning her does he know what she did for certain.  Here he would use her whatever way he chooses.  (All of this is up for discussion)

3-A mail woman delivers a certified check for 5 million dollars to the winner of a sweepstakes.  She knows the value of the check because she can see who it is from and his particular name has been all over the news as the biggest winner in county history.  She insinuates her way into his life to try and make him her slave and succeeds for a while.  When she forgets to reinforce her orders to him he comes to his senses and realizes she is doing this for his money.  He turns the tables on her.  (How he does this is also up for discussion)

4-An adopted man in his early twenties goes out in search of his biological family.   When he finds them he spies on them to discover he has a sister just a little younger than himself.  He asks her out as if they were not related (she knows nothing of the adoption) so he can get to know her better.  Soon they are falling in love.  How does he get out of this?

5-pairings I enjoy

psychiatrist/patient(OK so with the first one this is redundant but it is a different type of story.  Or should be. :))

Please pm me if any of these interest you.  As always the details can be discussed.  Thanks