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Started by Xenolord, March 27, 2011, 08:48:39 PM

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Hokay, so yea. You all know the jist of the idea. I throw a few ideas up, and we see which one gets a bite. Few things you should know. Most, if not all, of these are going to be Female\Female. You were warned. I have no problem with males playing female characters, so long as I know. Needless to say, I would still prefer the person to actually be a female, but I'm not so unrealistic where I expect that to be the case. Anyhows, the ideas! That's why you're here, mairight?

1- "We All Have Needs" (Female\Female): While attending to the bar scene one night, you are accosted by a rather attractive young woman who offers to buy you a drink. One thing leads to another, and you soon discover you're being hit on by a Supervillain! Your qualms are doused by her sultry voice telling you 'We all have needs'. [City of Heroes.] Taken!

2- "War Never Changes" (Male\Female or Female\Female): It may be hard and dangerous work, but it's an honest job. Keeping an eye on those brave merchants who walk up and down the sundered roads of the Wasteland, buying and selling all manners of junk, just seems like it's the most boreing thing in the world, until a band of Chem-Crazed Raiders attack and completely destroy your convoy, leaving you wounded and dying in the desert. You'd have breathed your last, save for a lone woman who takes you back to her little shack to patch you up. It's just like your father told you. 'Of all the variables in this world, two things remain as stalwart as time.  Love never falters, and war never changes.' [Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout: Tactics, Fallout 3, or Fallout: New Vegas. No real preference here.]

3- "Centerfold" (Male\Female or Female\Female): Does she walk? Does she talk? Does she come complete? You were the class nerd, and she was the homeroom angel. Every time you looked at her, she caused a tingling in your heart, and more then a little quiver in your loins. Years passed, you're both adults, and you haven't seen your Homeroom Angel since. Flipping through the pages of an erotic magazine, you come across a familiar face in an unfamiliar position. Your blood runs cold. You're memory was just plastered over the centerfold of a high-customer magazine, and sold for pennies. Her name comes back, and suddenly, you find yourself needing to see her again. If only for just one night... [Based on the song 'Centerfold' by the J Gelis Band.]

4- "Demonology 101" (Male\Female or Female\Female): A remake of one from the beginning of last year. A reject warlock-in-training attempts to summon one of the most dangerous of demons to impress classmates and teachers alike. However, the Succubus he summons may or may not decide to make a meal out of her summoner.

5- "Didn't See That Comin'" (Female\Female): For genius twin sisters, things never seem to go right in your lifes. Sure, you've got a military-grade laboratory, and a kid brother to play guinea pig, but sometimes you just have to test things for yourselves, and when you mix up two innocent ingredients, you find that your mutual sisterly respect for your other half has turned to uncontrollable lust. (YES! It's based off Johnny Test! Leave me alone! Susan and Mary are hot!)

6- "The Golden Sun" (Female\Female): Coming from a family of heroes might have something to do with your upbringing, but being the daughter of one of the Warriors of Vale always leads people to expect more of you. So when you helped save the world from a second disaster, you couldn't help but feel older then you were, maybe a little tired. But the love and respect your friends give you is a plus. More emphasis on Love with a certain Morgal Royal. (MASSIVE Golden Sun Dark Dawn spoilers here, so.) [Karis and Sveta].

7- "Shot in the Dark" (Female\Female): Dynamite, explosives and bombs, oh my! When you meet an attractive, suave and headstrong young Draenei in Stormwind, you click. She's crude, blunt, and more then a little sadistic, but there's just something about her you fall madly in love with. Taking your hand one day, she asks you a faithful question. 'What do you say we take a shot in the dark?'

8- "Drops of Jupiter in Her Hair" (Female\Male or Female\Female): When she meets her new classmate, she can't help but think that this one might actually be The One. The one who will love her for who she is, and not hate her for what she can never be. But can things really kick off when your daily duty of defending the people of the city conflicts with your social life? And more importantly, can you really fall in love with someone who takes killing and maiming the innocent to an all new level? (Sailor Moon) [Sailor Jupiter and OC]Taken!

9- "Nice panties, nice figure. Next time close the window." (Male\Female or Female\Female): Conventions. Times where all like-minded individuals come together in merry revelry to rejoice in what they love. But for two specific congoers, this specific convention will be very different. On a chance look through a window, a man (or woman) notices another woman changing through a three inch crack in the open window. Enthralled by this woman's beauty as she strips naked before their very eyes, s\he writes her a message, slipping it through the crack in the door. I would like this to be a long one-shot, where the female (Your character) spends the entire three-day convention trying to find this person to either punish them or reward their honesty. She can be an exhibitionist who likes to be watched, or someone who simply had a slip of the mind, forgetting to close the window entirely. S\he has never seen her face, and she had her back turned to him\her, so neither knows the other's face, and must find one another amongst ten thousand people. (Partially based on somewhat true events.)

If I think of any others, I'll be sure to throw them up.