New Games: F/F BDSM and M/F Fantasy

Started by Villain, March 26, 2011, 09:47:33 PM

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Money for Discipline
A woman has been desperate to live her sexual fantasy of disciplining and dominating a woman. She has had many partners and escorts but none of them seem to be able to live up to her expectations. She almost considers giving up, until she comes across the website of an escort named Nadia; a pretty dark haired french woman. Nadia promises to obey her every order, live for every punishment and submit to to every desire, whether her client desires her to strip or force her to walk naked in public. The woman could hardly refuse such an opportunity like this. In this game I don't mind playing either character so if you're interested it's up to you who you want to play.

Calculated Victory
F/F, BDSM, NC, Super hero
In this game I would be playing the villainess while you would be playing the hero. A super hero team has been losing it's members one by one to the new villainess on the streets. This villain has made no attempt to shake the city with crime or threats but instead has gone straight for the superhero team protecting it. Now only one of it's members remain and they are about to find out that the Villainess is more psychotic than they could have believed. Unlike other super villains she doesn't want to defeat them for power or glory, she wants them for their bodies.

Forest Child
M/F Fantasy
A young woman finds herself in one of the worst places in the world; Witchwood Forest. It's said to be a place of evil, filled with witches, werewolves, vampires and all sorts of different monsters and evil magic. The young woman quickly finds herself in danger and all seems lost as she stumbles further into the nightmare. That is until she encounters North; a powerful druid who has lived in Witchwood Forest for years. She owes North her life, but just who is this man and what will this mean for fate now that she is indebted to the master of the woods. North would be played by me while the young woman will be played by you, please feel free to build on the fantasy world when considering your character.

If you're interested please pm me and let me know :)