Actress looking for a home (Seeking Dominant M or F)

Started by subjuanita, March 26, 2011, 02:33:50 PM

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In this role play I am an 23 year old actress who is looking for a home in Beverly Hills after landing a well paying staring role in a feature film. I discover that a old friend from high school is a Realtor and contact her. (I have not kept in contact with her since high school) At first she is happy to see me, but as time goes by she quickly tires of the way I treat her as almost a servant, and how I am always talking about myself and my famous friends and never care at all about her. Finally she decides to teach me a lesson and decides to show me a home that is "perfect for me". But it is owned by her friend and not for sale. It is only perfect for me because of a well stocked dungeon, where she plans to take me for some "attitude adjustment".

Please PM if you are interested, or have any questions or comments about this role play.


yummy, so what you want the other person to play? The friend and the dungeon owner?


Well definitely the friend, and if they want to do the dungeon owner (which would probably be a small part in story) that would be fine also.