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Author Topic: Diablo II RP (F looking for M!)  (Read 2597 times)

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Online iridum248Topic starter

Diablo II RP (F looking for M!)
« on: March 25, 2011, 10:58:35 PM »

Heya, all! I've been replaying Diablo 2, recently- And for some reason, I can't help but find the first Act of the game perversely sexy. I'd love to play in an RP set somewhere around that...

To clarify: I'm looking to play as a lovely Amazon, Sorceress, and especially Assassin, roaming around and getting into trouble with the various hunky creatures...Like Fallen, Goatmen, and demons, to name a few- that populate the game. While I'm sure the setting lends itself to NC, I'm thinking something with a more pervy, 'Corruption' vibe- Our not-so-pure heroine *does* has needs, after all, even though she knows she really, *really* shouldn't!

Admittedly, this sounds slightly more tongue-in-cheek than the original game, but I'd love to play up the 'forbidden' air of how she falls into the clutches of horny monsters...With more than combat on the mind!

After all, those Corrupted Rogues have to come from somewhere, don't they?

Some screenshot art...




I'll be the first to admit there isn't much 'sexy' art for the game, alas. As for my tastes, I'm generally into straight M/F, and...

As for my kinks- I'm generally into sleazy, hentai-style encounters, more about lust than romance, certainly. While I have a particular love for goblinoid creatures and fantasy NC, I find it particularly fun if a girl gets the chance to come across as all sexy and naughty. My hard turn-offs are Scat, Violence, Gore, S&M, Extreme Bondage, Beastiality, and *very* large insertions- I'm talking about the ridiculously large type that would tear apart any girl that tried to take 'em.

Now, for some strange reason, I'm not really into typically 'handsome' characters- Possibly for the sheer naughtiness of it, I've found I *do* like hunky characters, or more ugly ones- Think the monsters or men who get their hands on the girls in a typical hentai. Also, I also generally find romance less fun that lewd/lecherous encounters; Think more 'encounters' than long-lasting relationships...Which gives the girl plenty of chances to get into all kinds of inventive fun! For some reason, a heroine putting the moves on a fat merchant, or a scrawny little goblin...Well, those really get me *hot*. Again, I sort of have a fetish for goblinoid/orcish monsters, admittedly. For some reason, corruption and risk of pregnancy are rather appealing to me, though.

So, a perfectly handsome stud doesn't really appeal as much to me, as some slaveringly perverted creature; It's the contrast that appeals, admittedly. An 'off' of mine, I have to admit, is ridiculously large insertions- Human-normal to human-large is fine with me. It's how you use it. -_^

Offline NotoriusBEN

Re: Diablo II RP (F looking for M!)
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2011, 12:50:13 AM »
Im looking to flex my writing muscles again, and would love to play those evil things from the hell plane of lust. :P

Swarms of Fallen?
A Mighty and Well-Endowed Demon?
The Smith?  >:)

If I recall, a while ago we played shortly on an IM with Gurren Lagan's Yohko and a Beastman.

Online iridum248Topic starter

Re: Diablo II RP (F looking for M!)
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2011, 01:22:14 AM »
Hmmm, interesting ideas- I'm still checking interest, however.

Conversely, I've always had the strangest crush on Andariel- As she was drawn in the D2 manual- but that's an entirely different story. ^_^

Offline Inerrant Lust

Re: Diablo II RP (F looking for M!)
« Reply #3 on: March 27, 2011, 04:30:08 AM »
Nipple rings and all. ;)

Hmmm. I loved Diablo II, I loved the pervading sense of corruption and warping that followed the wanderer everywhere. Personally, I was always a fan of Act III, what with an entire city slowly being encroached by an evil jungle... and 90% of the citizens are brainwashed mephisto-worshippers.

This could be interesting, though... And I might be inclined to start it off as a bit earlier than the actual starting point of DII. Ie; The random cabins in the wilderness haven't been burned down yet and the Monastary is still sanctified... But as the story goes on, it slowly begins to approach the level of corruption and crapsackery of the game. The same would apply to the protagonist's corruption as well...