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Author Topic: Red runs the River  (Read 758 times)

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Offline Pendulum61Topic starter

Red runs the River
« on: March 23, 2011, 08:58:56 PM »
A simplified and rough plot

  A group thread set in a modern day alternate reality, where lycan, vampire and many other kind of creature coexist with humans inside the boundaries of a city unique in many ways...

  The city originally called "Blood Haven" has shortened it's name to simply "Haven" carries a violent past, the river that flows from the mountains and separates it once growing red with the blood of both immortal and mortal, a truce formed by those sickened of the killing and signed by the strongest and more wiser keeping it place for two hundred years.

  Peace, or the closest thing to it now exists within the city, humans living on one side of the river, the "nonhuman" on the other, each kind crossing over freely but because of obvious differences, the city growing and flourishing despite the tension that resides close to it's surface... a celebration coming soon for all the inhabitants of the city, an event that carries a dual purpose, one to remember and honor it's past, the other to renew the contracts that would hopefully guarantee it's peace and prosperity...


  I'm looking for a group of imaginative writers to join me in this, and putting a "cap" of 8 writers total on it, at least in it's early stages. The main thread will be known as Blood Haven, and we'll have an OOC thread to chat and visit in, as well as post our characters bios in, and hopefully as the thread expands we also add other threads to represent individual characters homes, businesses and/or meeting places.

  I'm open for any and all suggestions, do have an idea of where I hope this thread to go, and would appreciate if you're interested that you send me a PM with your characters rough bio and suggestions of how he or she will work into the thread.

   Thank you for taking the time to view this and hopefully you're PMing me now with your ideas;D

   This would be how I hope to see your characters bios in a PM, and will be my own characters bio used in the thread as well...

  Name: Talon Lafayette

Race: Vampire

Age: in appearance, 36

His first memories date back to ancient Greece and the death of his father, mother and sisters.

Physical Appearance: Six foot two, dark skin, short black hair and blue eyed, he weighs 220 out of the shower but walks lighter as the hunter / warrior he once was.

Profession : Monarch of the southern half of the city, Haven

Bio: Talon found himself in Haven once again trying to hire himself out, but with the war that eventually came decided he was tired of wasted blood and death and that a change was needed in his life. That tact drew the attention of wiser, cooler heads and he was elected as the immortal representative, a position he at times regrets but will not walk away from. Talon serves as the "Protector" and charges for the services rendered, his own private police force able to enforce peace, remove any unwanteds or when justified terminate a violater.

He has learned from his mistakes and requires a blood oath from the leaders of all he protects, the ritual binding them to him and guarnteeing they suffer the same fate if death or pain comes to him. He tolerates the human species for the most part, regarding them as a necessary evil, but trusts few as they rarely live long wnough to prove they are loyal or trustworthy.
Talon, as many immortals has amassed a fortune several times over and reinvested it in the city of Haven, charging a fair percentage rate and watching the city grow from a fledgling town to a now small city of over 250,000 inhabitants, the human species unaware as to how much they are indebted to the "other side", only caring that they out number them 4 to 1....
His connections are diverse through out the city, he controls human offices and authorities using any method required, and in the financial district he's aware of the money flow, while onthe street he quietly surveys the movement of drugs, illicit services and weapons, both legal and illegal.

Talon rarely speaks of his past, only the future of the city Haven to which he has tied himself to. He's become wealthy as the city has expanded and calloused as that growth has come with it's own price, each and every business on the south (or immortal) side of the river pays penance to his "office" and in return he promises his loyalty and support.

Talon enjoys, for the most part, what he does, including the negotiation and collection of his "payment" from each business and it's owner.His cut not always being in gold or cash *winks*

Abilities and weaknesses : Strength and speed of movement are enhanced, eyesight and hearing is as well, he's trained his mind to record events and reactions from others. He can levitate, fly if you will, but not at any super speed and only able to carry the weight of one person at a time. He heals quickly if injured, though silver if used as a weapon will hurt more and take longer he won't die from it. Sunlight, a fire intense enough to incinerate, or decapitation are the only ways to kill him permanently.

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Offline Caela

Re: Red runs the River
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2011, 09:03:39 PM »
You know I'm in! Pm'ing you now! :)

Offline Pendulum61Topic starter

Re: Red runs the River
« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2011, 09:22:43 PM »
Welcome My pet!

  I'm eager to get you into my evil clutches, ermmm, into my characters evil clutches  >:)

  Thanks for believing in this thread and the encouragement and ideas  :-*


Offline Caela

Re: Red runs the River
« Reply #3 on: March 23, 2011, 09:31:21 PM »
Name: Lilith
Height: 5'4
Weight: 125lb
Race: Werejaguar
Orientation: Straight/submissive (if you can get her to let down her guard enough to have sex anyway)


Bio: Raised as one of her clans Warrior class she is well versed in the use of knives, guns, a variety of martial arts and is never without a weapon. From the time she could walk she has been trained to fight, to kill, to protect. She was taught to use any weapon available to her, including the fact that being a beautiful woman makes people underestimate just how lethal she can be. She can slide a knife between your ribs while smiling down at you like you've just told the funniest joke in the world and feel no remorse over it.

At the age of 15 her clan was wipe out by fearful humans from a nearby town. Human's they had never hurt in any way but who feared what they were. Lilith and three others survived the slaughter only because they were out hunting. Since then she has been muscle for hire and has, over the last 13 years, earned a reputation for being beautiful but deadly and for always completing an assignment weather is bodyguard work, or an assassination.

Personality: Quiet and usually tactful, she can also be fairly blunt if the situation, or person, calls for it. She enjoys being underestimated despite her lethal reputation and is never unarmed. Even when she sleeps a blade in strapped to her thigh or forearm, every hat she owns has a garrote wire threaded into it, and it's not unheard of for her to twist one into her hair as well. Born a jaguar, she doesn't think like a human does and her sense of humor is...unique, and sometimes considered inappropriate to those who once were human.

As "prepared" as she always is for violence, she also has a deeply wanton side to her personality. Sex is something she deeply craves and enjoys in nearly all it's variety though she has a preference for her partners to be male. She's had sex with women before (in this age how not?!) and doesn't mind sharing a man, or men, with another woman (group sex isn't off the menu for Lil) she just isn't interested in another woman being her primary focus. If you can get past the weapons she likes things rough and with a decided S&M twist, most of the time...sometimes slow and gentle is just her speed as well though.

Distinguishing Marks: She has a tattoo of a large, stylized and slightly tribal looking jaguar curving around her right hip. The tattoo is old and the color slightly faded but the intricate design, is dear to her and was done in the old way, with a tapper and small mallet to make the needles pierce her skin.

: She can shift her shape when she wishes (she's not bound by the cycle of the moon though it does call to her, and she can do partial changes making even her finger tips weapons if she shifts them suddenly to claws), and often does if it aids a hunt, but her actual base form (see the pic) is the one she prefers to wear most of the time. She's excellent with most weaponry (she's had plenty of time to learn and practice) but has a decided preference for knives. She can use guns, and owns several, when the situation calls for it but finds them generally distasteful.
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