Looking for Free-form, M/M one on ones

Started by Dynadin, June 11, 2007, 07:36:37 PM

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I'm new here, and looking to get involved in some games and hopefully get to know a few players. I'm pretty open, but have some difficulty randomly PMing people... so.. Here's my attempt to lure you in!
I'm looking for M/M free-form RPs (as stated above), preferably a few one-shots to get me going here (anything that's really good as a one-shot is free to keep going though ^.^). I have a couple Ideas, but nothing overly solid and I'm more than happy to play along with someone else's ideas.
(Alright ^.^ A little further clarification. The character I list first in a description is usually the one I want to play, unless the description specifically states otherwize.)

New helpful things that aren't necessarily rules:
When answering me or PMing about getting in on one of the ideas, I need to know a couple of things. One of the most important being: What do you want in a victim/partner? Is there anything you'd specially like in the character I'm going to be playing? Got a thing for red-heads? lemme know! You want to play one of the scenarios as a furry rather than the human I listed? Tell me! I'm pretty flexible, and want the person I'm playing with to have as much fun as I am.
Setting. Sometimes I'll lay ideas down here that are rather vague on setting. That usually means that the concept it more important to me than the setting and character specifics. Tell me what setting you'd prefer; Modern, medieval, sci fi, etc. Hell, you wanna be specific and say "I wanna play in the Xendric setting of D&D's Ebberon" or "only a modern WOD will do" or even "I wanna play in the Final Fantasy VIII universe!" go ahead! I don't mind at all. If It's something I'm not familiar with, I'll just need a little background on it and I'll tell you what I need to know, and we'll get going!
Also, let me know if you'd like to take it fast or slow. It's easy to influence how fast the sex comes up just by playing a character a certain way. So let me know.
If there's something specific you want in the scenario that isn't already mentioned, go ahead and ask. I seldom say no to added flavor.

The ideas, since people seem to like to snatch those:

1) A young man from a nightclub is lured into the lair of a dominant vampire, where he's kept as a sex pet and buffet for the entire clan, all the while having to be taught how much he enjoys serving. Taken twice over! Oh this is awesome...

2) A Young knight and his mentor, a seasoned older warrior, become involved while on an errand for the king. (Either boy professes his love for the older knight/father-figure, or the more experienced Swordmaster seduces his charge under the guise of 'training') Taken ^.^

3) Cum-dripping monster cock action! Young hero or heroine is captured, and forced to sexually serve their new monsterous master. Rape, Potentially Gang-rape if I can get more than one party involved (or if you'd like to play multiple monsters). This one is not necessarily M/M, I'll play male, female or herm victim, monsters can be male or herm at player's discretion. -- two, (Herm and twin victims) maybe three (cunt-boy soldier) versions of this running now. Damn that got snapped up fast!

4) Puppy boy rescued from the pound must be 'trained'. (puppy boy's description below, taken from the 'Inugami: Game for bitches' form. Apparently that game is defunct.)

Anything else that falls under my on's...

Remember, if you've got an idea that mildly resembles one of mine, or falls heavily into my Ons, then PM me, and I'm sure we can start something!

And as a side note, I have a sad dog-boy waiting for an owner over in the Inugami: Game for Bitches --See below
so, all that's left is my poor angsty puppy-boy.


Alright! Apparently I wasn't paying enough attention, and I submitted a character for a dead game...>.<()  I need to work on that. So! Now looking for a partner/owner for my dog-boy (happy to play with an owner one on one, with a couple of other pets, or even getting passed between owners.) as listed below:

Name: Arkam (Or can be renamed at the owner's Discretion)

Gender: M

Breed: Canaan Dog/Border Collie mix


Sexual Preferance: Bisexual, with keen preference for Males

Sexual Limits [or link to Ons/Offs page]: https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=10147.0

Height: 5' 11'

Weight: 198 lbs

Occupation: none

Master/Mistress/Mastress: Currently up for adoption to a good owner (Not necessarily, but preferably strict but loving)

A little tall for one of his breed, Arkam's build seems to have evened out; While a bit taller than usual, he's more slender than the standard Caanan dog, leaving him healthily athletic looking. A thin coat of soft and fluffly white and black mottled fur covers his body, with thicker patches around the scruff, tail, knees and elbows. He has a full head of humanoid white and black striped hair, fluffy much like his body fur and hanging just about to his mid back. He has pale blue eyes, pointed, triangular puppy ears (right black and left white), and a mid-length fluffy tail.

Arkam was born to a feral mother, and raised in the back alleys of a large city for most of his life. Early on he learned to scrounge for himself, occasionally begging for food or knocking over garbage cans. His experiences with humans have been scetchy at best, sometimes earning an adoring pat, othertimes being shot at for chasing a cat-girl through the yard. Most recently, he was captured by a less than gentle Dog catcher and brought to the pound for adoption.

Sugarman (hal)

Idea 1 sounds something fun.... look me up ;D
"And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love you make."

My On/Off's


Alrighty, PM'ed! still seeing if this'll work out.
I'm still open to more stuff!


I'm definently biting on the knight/mentor story. Sending you a PM.


*dances* alright! This place is awesome!!

Celestial Goblin

The vampire one...
Very me.
Which role would you be playing? Him or the vampire?


I was looking to play the 'victim'. Sound like something you'd still want to do?

Celestial Goblin

Yes, I certainly would.

How about:
- Your character being mostly or completely unwilling(I feel evil)
- Serious heavy bondage being involved, leather, steel and rubber
- My character trying to make yours into a blood-doll he could keep for a long time and drink.

Anyway, that's what I am thinking. We could add more angles like love and romance(tragic ones?) or your char being not completely innocent... Maybe a vampire hunter or someone with a guilty past?


oooo... I like you. you're fun ^.^>

- Your character being mostly or completely unwilling(I feel evil)- Abosolutely! that's the best way. kidnapping/seduction...
- Serious heavy bondage being involved, leather, steel and rubber- Oh yes... If you want to take it a step further, that would be good as well. the character I have in mind for this is the one I mentioned in my on's and off's as being into decorative scarring. (Don't tell him though, he doesn't know it yet.)
- My character trying to make yours into a blood-doll he could keep for a long time and drink.- Perfect, a scarred-up piece of property for later use. excellent.

More angles aren't necessary, but if it makes it more fun, I could always have him be the last son of a long line of Vampire hunters, trained into the family business from a young age; putting the physical pleasure his body's responding to at odds with his inherent disgust of bloodsuckers, eventually causing his mind to break and him to give in completely to his servantile position.
Or am I taking it too far ahead? ^.^

Celestial Goblin

Haha, okay.
He doesn't have to be a fanatical hunter, but it's up to you.
He can be a hunter or a normal person. A thrill-seeker or someone just out of luck.
I'll try to make a game tommorow. Tonight I won't have time and even tommorow i'll be busy...

Evil fun:)


Wonderfully excellent. Whenever you're ready, I'm there, just drop me the kink... I mean link.

Celestial Goblin

Here it is:)
I think you can have your character enter the scene I drawn, or you can start narrating him being in some othe place if you wish so.

Also, you can give him some special reason to come?


I'm going to buy season tickets and lurk constantly in this game.  Male on male vampire bloodoll fetishism.  Mmmmm. . .tastes like perversion.


not a problem Goblin, I'll see what I can come up with.

And yes Eyeo, I love the taste of perversion. *grins* only slightly more than I love thread stalkers.



Idea number 3 sounds fun. For some reason, the sight of someone trapped in a tangle of tentacles is tasty. Aha! Tongue-twister! Share with your friends.

Anyway, contact me at will.