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October 02, 2022, 11:32:37 pm

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Author Topic: Naughty ideas for literate partners! L's most wanted list. (M/F & F/F)  (Read 1023 times)

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Some things you should know about me:

-I'm a 20 year old bi female.
-My characters are generally submissives and generally females.
-I play M/F and F/F roles with a strong preference for F/F.
-I tend to write on the semi-long side, 15 - 20 sentences on an avg post.
-I can write much longer than that though depending on my mood.
-Though I don't write too much shorter, 8 - 10 sentences is a short post from me.
-I value creativity and character development in my roles, I often like focusing on characters.
-I generally prefer to write in third person and to have pictures for my characters.
-I love having more than two characters in my games and often do.
-I'm very kinky and live for taboo and X rated elements in my games.
-I will be willing to play as many characters in a game as my partner does.
-Generally means just that. I may be willing to do something though if you ask nicely.

Things I look for in a play partner:

-Someone who has patience (I'll post every other day at the very least.)
-Also someone who has some time to post or courtesy to tell me when they can't.
-Intelligence, maturity, and creativity
-Willing to play multiple characters (preferrably willing to play the same amount that I'm playing)
-Someone who shares my kinks and turn ons!
-Someone who values description and character development.
-Someone who is creative and can write elloquently.
-Someone who can keep up with the length of my posts!!
-Friendliness out of character.
-Enjoys the sex appeal of an adult RP but likes building up to it.
-Someone who loves character development and plot development over sex

I am not picky about which gender you prefer to play so guys who want to play ladies and ladies who want to play guys. Go for it! :)

Plot Ideas: (bolded parts are the part I'd like YOU to play) :)
Note: When I say 'you' I am just shortening writing your character. Of course I don't mean you, unless you want me too. ;)
Currently craving sexy strict women and pervy old men. ;)
I'm really all about planning roles, so if you're interested in a role let me know via PM and hopefully we can do some serious planning and plotting via PM or preferrably by IM.

Always Daddy's Girl - M/F
The thing Alyssa loved most in the world was being in front of a camera. She had  been in that position ever since she could remember. Always a very successful model, thanks to two powerful assetts. The first was her remarkably stunning looks, while many child models lost their cuteness into their teens as Alyssa grew up, she only grew more and more beautiful and found more and more success in her career. The second assett which had proved to be valuable during her modeling career was her agent. He was a powerful cut throat business man, always looking out for her best interest, getting her the best jobs and the most money from her gigs... it didn't hurt that he was her Daddy either.

 The story would take place  on the eve of Alyssa's eighteenth birthday. Her father recognizes that she is growing up and she is  no longer a young girl but a very well developed young woman, and realizes that Alyssa would have great potential in the adult industry. Alyssa, however is still a sweet shy modest young girl, unaware of her own potential in the industry as well as her father's love for her. With her father's nurturing care and guidance, Alyssa slowly works her way to becoming a well known famous porn star.

(Basically looking for a Daddy for a consentual Daddy/daughter relationship, where daughter has been very sheltered. I have some more specific details about how I'd like things to start, so if you're interested PM me and we can discuss details. I didn't put a label because depending on the person I can go from light to heavy on this one, naturally I prefer heavy...)

Grandpa's Treat - (M/F) [NC or EX]
Grandfather / Grandaughter
Grandpa would be very rich, single man enjoying the better things in life. Retired a couple of years ago, now seems to mostly live the good life. Health has not gotten to him yet, a very fit man and enjoying things as they come.

My character is a cute smart as a whip grandaughter who just got into a fabulous school, and so when my parents can't afford to pay for college they call grandpa, and he agrees to pay the bills for tuition in exchange for some work from his lovely grandaughter. Too bad grandpa is stuck in his misogynistic stance where women are only useful for one thing. Grandpa makes his grandaughter work for her education with him and all his veteran buddies.

Web Mistress - (F/F) [NC, EX]
Stepmother / Stepdaughter
You are a recently widowed rich woman (age 35- 45). Your ex husband had been the part owner of a multimillion dollar company, with inheritance of the company as well as life insurance of your husband, you made out pretty well after his death. You also were a wealthy business owner decided to retire early and make the rest of your money from your various investments of which you have quite a few. Besides this your new life style has been quite relaxing, and allows you time to date and socialize to extravagance. You end up dating and marrying my father, a younger fireman who does not have the same income but has a body and personality that makes up for it.

My character is a college age girl (19-21) posed as Daddy's little angel. She lives at home and pays for community college on her own. She convinces Daddy that she has a reliable stable job or multitude of jobs that keep her income up, Dad with his fulltime fireman job which forces him to be out of the house most of the time has little time to check up on his angel's source of income.

Now as daughter and father moves into stepmother's house the widowed woman, being quite nosy due to her boredom of being at home all day with few things to attend to, seems focused on prying into the daughter's life. She is very suspicious of the daughter's source of income, seeing as she spends most of her time locked in her room and seems to have a plethora of fanciful lingerie and very nice camera.

It only takes a little bit of snooping and investigation to find out what's really going on. Mother finds out daughter is getting her money by selling herself online. Stepdaughter has created a website of herself posing in lingerie in arious positions around the house, masturbating and playing with friends. Mother decides that instead of ratting out daughter, perhaps she can instead use this as an investment opportunity. She approaches daughter and in exchaange for keeping her lips sealed about it she gets a cut of the money and becomes site manager/web mistress. Mother creates a new kinkier business model to make the site more lucrative and in essence controls daughters every move.

Twisted Cinderella - (F/F) [EX]
Stepmother and/or Stepsisters / Cinderella
I'm interested in doing a modern day Cinderella role. This is very much up for interpretation of how we do this. I'd like to be cinderella and am looking for someone to play Stepmother and two stepsisters or any two of the three characters, IE: only the two stepsisters or stepsister and stepmother something of the sort.

The setting would be that Cinderella is 16. Her father has just passed away and now stepmother who has inheritted all money and custody of Cinderella decides to put her to work. First it starts with chores to please mother and sisters, simply humiliating and becomes more and more humiliating from there. Perhaps this could include putting on sex shows for the neighbors, keeping the dogs happy, or simply a personal whore, whatever it is the sisters and mother are brutal and abusive towards Cinderella and do not let her act against their will.

Off my lawn! - (M/F) [Can be negotiated]
(This plot may or may not be the kinky sexually driven version of Gran Torino, I love it! If you have problems with race play though, you might want to skip over it.)
Your character is the grumpy old man next door, I'm thinking the man sitting on his porch with a shot gun. Ex-military, probably but who really knows, rumored to be a WWII vet who never got rid of his racist attitudes, he's unfriendly at best and dangerous at worst.
Ting is the typical cute asian american teenage girl that lives next door. Academically she is bright and very gifted and in her senior year with a full ride scholarship to Stanford, Ting is doing exceptionally well, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have fun.
One night Ting's parents are out of town and Ting decides to hold a party. Its her and a few close friends getting drunk and playing a game of truth or dare which starts out innocently enough, before long Ting gets a dare that though she doesn't know it now will change the rest of her year.  The dare: to steal her grumpy cranky neighbor's expensive vintage car. Ting, who is never one to pass up a challenge accepts, but it doesn't take long before she gets caught in the act by an angry old man - who threatens after calling her parents and dragging her home also threatens to press charges. Her parents who don't speak much English are mortified simply by the neighbor's tone and make Ting go appologize in fears that a police report about what happened will ruin her chance to get into a good school.  Grumpy neighbor is hardly convinced of the appology and asks for a good reason not to give the report - at which point Ting pleads to make him change his mind and let her do chores for him to make it up to him. While acting reluctant the neighbor accepts Ting's offer and milks it for the full potential.
(PM or IM to discuss further details about the specifics, I'm thinking there is a lot of humiliation (maybe some of it race play) and a lot of abuse of poor Ting)

My Spoilt Brat Niece - (F/F, M/F, FFM) [EX, NC]
Uncle or Aunt or both / Niece
This role could be played out in a multitude of ways. It could either be a solo with each person playing one character I would be the niece and you would be the uncle or aunt, or a solo where you would play both uncle and aunt in the role, or it could be a threesome where each person would play one of the characters. If I get enough interest I will make it a threesome if not I will preference a solo player who is willing to play both aunt and uncle.
   Either way I'd like it to be done so that your character has not seen me since I was a little girl and remember me as a cute sweet girl. My father and I moved away  to the other side of the country when I was 5 or 6 and you haven't seen me since. My father would now be taking a job out of the country and trying to find a place for me to stay while he was there. Having tried all other options and desperate for some place for me to stay and someone to take care of me while he's away, he calls you hoping that you'll be willing to take care of me.  Promising in return that I'll be a good girl and a hard worker on your ranch.
My idea is that your character would live in the country and my character having lived in the city her entire life would be appauled at the idea of country life and part of the role would be her adjusting to the sudden change. However there is also the fact that my character ha now become a bratty spoilt rotten piece of jailbait. My father has always given me everything I've ever wanted and all the space a girl could ever need. As a result, my actions are manipulative and demanding as I'm constantly trying to get my way in every occasion.
                   Your character would be trying to cope with my change in behavior. From the beginning when I arrive you are very strict with me (I'm thinking if it's a couple perhaps my aunty is more strict with me and uncle tries to be relaxed if only one parent they are strict to begin with) At first this strictness is an effort to build character, but as you begin to uncover your own hidden desires towards me and my own sexual appetite, you find that the control over me is arrousing and exhilerating. Having your own toy to throw around is fun and slowly you begin to slowly train my character to bend to your will by humiliating her, slowly but surely you turn her into the family whore/pet. She becomes in essence a servant to your character (and their spouses') every will and desire. I'm thinking that like I said eventually she would become the family pet and be their entertainment around the house as well as their way to express their sexual desires... maybe not only theirs.

As I said, ideally I'd like to do this as the couple, with a very domineering wife who wants to mold me into the perfect little girl and a husband who is a little more relaxed at first and becomes more and more controlling as his wife helps him take control. Perhaps their relationship is struggling and they see this new opportunity to train the girl as a way to do something fun together and reconnect, perhaps they both take out their frustrations on her instead?  I'd like the idea of other family being in it as well.