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Author Topic: Skies of Arcadia RP (Sky pirates ahoy!) - Interest Check  (Read 3907 times)

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Offline Rollard

Re: Skies of Arcadia RP (Sky pirates ahoy!) - Interest Check
« Reply #25 on: March 06, 2011, 02:05:58 PM »
is this still open? I loved Skies of Arcadia to pieces, to the point where I drew up ideas for my own fan sequel. Let me just say that you would have been shocked at how much I had planned out. I wouldn't even know where to begin telling you about it...

Offline TreehouseroleplayerTopic starter

Re: Skies of Arcadia RP (Sky pirates ahoy!) - Interest Check
« Reply #26 on: March 06, 2011, 02:08:27 PM »
There are no elves in Arcadia, but that's actually a great picture. Sounds good, provided you can be evil with enough of a nice veneer to work at least publicly as a blue rogue eventually or at least on a crew of mostly nice guys.  How evil were you thinking? "I'll screw over the rest of the group to get what I want" kind of evil? Or "I'll help you as long as I'm getting what I want" kind of evil?

Rollard, yup. If you have any great ideas, feel free to share them with me in a PM. If they work with the vision I have, I'd be happy to incorporate them.

Offline Crowly

Re: Skies of Arcadia RP (Sky pirates ahoy!) - Interest Check
« Reply #27 on: March 06, 2011, 04:49:58 PM »
Name: Adrian Cross
Nickname: "Bard"
Gender: Male, as if the name doesn't give it away.

Nationality: Valuan

Appearance: Adrian is in his early twenties with shoulder-length, straight, black hair. His eyes are a dark green color and always seem to be observing, watching intently. His clothes are of fairly high quality when he's not aboard a ship or outside of civilization; a habit he hasn't ever gotten away from his more refined upbringing. He favors dark blues, greens, and earth tones to bright flashy colors. His build is definitely of a man who hasn't ever had to do much in the way of manual labor. Mr. Cross is bit shorter than the average man, around five foot seven. He's exceptionally well groomed, clean shaven, and takes exceptional notice and care to cleaning and maintaining his nails. I'll try and find a picture at some point but nobody comes to mind.

Background: What you see on the lid is more or less what you get, he's a young adult who's made his living as a traveling musician. He was born to a family of some status and due to his fairly good success as a musician has spared him from being a disgrace. A few habits remain with him no matter how aloof he may seem from his family, such as his inclination towards nice clothing and meticulous grooming habits. No hidden past, no deep dark secret. Has never shot a man in reno just to watch him die.

Personality: Laid back and more interested in having a good time than getting involved in politics and world events. He figures the world has enough troubles as it is and that, for as long as music seems to help, he'll keep playing. In his home city he puts on a good face but out and about in the world status or occupation mean little to him.

Favored Weapon: Magic

Secondary weapon: Probably a black powder pistol.

Favored Magic: Obviously lightning from the yellow moon but I also think wind/water from the blue as a secondary learned one.

Relative Strengths and weaknesses: I imagine he'd be pretty good with support(Read as: Status effects) and to a lesser extent attack magic as a main means of defending himself. Physical attacks/weapons are not his strong point at all.

Notable abilities/talents: Channeling magic through his instrument and through his voice and his quick hands make him well suited for acts of sleight of hand and on some occasions picking a lock.

Inventory: He keeps primarily stringed instruments with him of varying sizes. He doesn't have any real inventory other than what you'd expect.

The following fields are optional, but are fun to think about and to read.

Character's theme song: Sing by Dope Dope - Sing

A quote from your character: "Sing like no one's listening, dance like no one's watching, and drink life like it's the only one you'll get." and "It is better to destroy than to create what is meaningless."

Offline Jefepato

Re: Skies of Arcadia RP (Sky pirates ahoy!) - Interest Check
« Reply #28 on: March 06, 2011, 07:38:47 PM »
Name: Khalid ibn Bassam
Nickname: Khal
Gender: Male

Nationality: Nasran

Appearance: Khalid is a tall, well-built young man with broad shoulders, around twenty years old.  He's handsome in a modest sort of way, with swarthy skin and dark hair and eyes; he keeps his facial hair in a neatly-trimmed goatee.  He tends to dress in light colors, and usually wears loose clothes suited to Nasr's heat.

Background: Khalid grew up in a small desert town not far from Nasrad, where his family runs an inn, as the youngest of four siblings.  He spent a lot of time doing odd jobs, but particularly enjoyed working in the kitchen; once he was older, he graduated to helping his two brothers deal with rowdy patrons and going on errands to the city, and occasionally acting as a local guide for travelers.  Over time he's become quite interested in seeing more of the world, and so he's signed up as a cook with the Osman Trade & Travel Co.

Personality: Khalid is friendly enough -- cheerful, even, but he's out of his depth and knows it, and is likely to be a bit more reserved in public for fear of making a fool of himself.  He's honest and honorable and likes to meet new people, and although it would be a bit crass to actually say so, he really enjoys a good brawl.  He's not a terribly deep thinker or a long-term planner, and for now he's just content to experience the world he's been missing.

Favored Weapon: Scimitar.

Secondary weapon: None per se, but he's at least as good unarmed as he is with a blade.

Favored Magic: Red and Blue.

Relative Strengths and weaknesses: Khalid is a fairly talented warrior, not only strong but faster than he looks.  He's still not very experienced in actual combat, though -- mostly he's learned sparring with his brothers, veterans of Nasr's military -- and needs a lot of seasoning.  He isn't stupid, but he's not especially worldly and has never traveled far from Nasr; he certainly hasn't got much shipboard experience.  He's going to be good with spells that enhance his physical abilities someday, but he doesn't know that yet, since he's only got a handle on low-end fire spells and has never gotten his hands on a Blue Moon Stone at all.  He isn't good at all with offensive spells (at least, not in combat -- fire magic works wonders in the kitchen).

Notable abilities/talents: Khalid is quite a good cook, and not half bad with animals.  Despite not being much of a sailor, he can navigate well by the stars and moons, an important skill in the desert as well as in the skies.

Inventory: Weapons, a Red Moon Stone, and a small collection of spices (getting caught without the makings of a proper Kabal Skewer would be a disgrace).

Offline TreehouseroleplayerTopic starter

Re: Skies of Arcadia RP (Sky pirates ahoy!) - Interest Check
« Reply #29 on: March 06, 2011, 08:57:37 PM »
Both wonderful looking and interesting characters you two.

By the way Jefapato, you don't have to be carrying a moonstone of a color to cast that color's magic. Furthermore, as time goes by, noteable people (ie: the PCs) are able to use each of the other colors to a lesser extent. The more somebody uses magic, the more experience they gain.

Offline Jefepato

Re: Skies of Arcadia RP (Sky pirates ahoy!) - Interest Check
« Reply #30 on: March 06, 2011, 09:20:58 PM »
Maybe not carrying, but I thought you at least needed access to one?  In the video game you can't start learning magic of whatever color until you get the appropriate stone, so I figured something similar would apply (e.g. you can't use a moon's power until you've been exposed to it?).

(Of course, if the PCs travel a lot, it probably won't matter either way for long.)

Offline TreehouseroleplayerTopic starter

Re: Skies of Arcadia RP (Sky pirates ahoy!) - Interest Check
« Reply #31 on: March 06, 2011, 09:30:07 PM »
Huh. I don't remember that to be honest, but I like the idea that you have to be exposed to a powerful enough moonstone before your're able to cast anything significant.

Offline Crowly

Re: Skies of Arcadia RP (Sky pirates ahoy!) - Interest Check
« Reply #32 on: March 07, 2011, 07:16:28 AM »
Dude, nice character Bio, if I may say so. Khalib sounds like an interesting dude. Hah. Also, nice to know someone in the party will know how to cook if they ever get stranded somewhere. >.> Adrian would somehow manage to set fire to cereal with milk.

Offline Rollard

Re: Skies of Arcadia RP (Sky pirates ahoy!) - Interest Check
« Reply #33 on: March 07, 2011, 01:11:35 PM »
I am currently writing up the summary for my fan sequel. It is going to be rather...long-winded, to say the least. I may even have to split it up into multiple parts. Please, bear with me while I get it all typed up. I am going to avoid reading the TC's version of Arcadia until then.

Here is part 1.

After the defeat of Lord Galcian's armada at the hands of Vyse, now known as the King of Blue Rogues, his crew disbanded and he and his companions disappeared, never to be heard from again.

20 years later, a young Air Pirate named Sevyn would be thrust into a chain of world-changing events. He and his childhood friend Nira grew up in a small village that was suddenly destroyed by an invading airship the likes of which no one has ever seen before or since. The two of them were saved due to the timely arrival of Captain Vince Dynarius of the Phoenix Clan, a band of Blue Rogues. Vince raised the two of them to be on his crew ever since, until one fateful day when their base was attacked by the fleet of Gault, the fiercest Black Pirate alive.

Sevyn, Nira, and Vince were taken prisoner on Gault's flagship while the rest of the Phoenix Clan was killed in the attack. Yet through their cunning, the three of them managed to escape and stole a lifeboat as the flagship was flying over the forests of Ixa'Taka.

They hid beneath the trees to evade capture, but they were still in danger of the wild beasts that inhabited the forests and jungles. Fortunately they were found by a young, masked hunter named Snipakuta, who assisted them and led the three to the city of Cetzan, where the citizens of Horteka had moved to after the town was destroyed in a mysterious fire.

Snipakuta was the son of Tikatika, formerly of Vyse's crew, and became a hunter just like his father. Snipakuta lost his mother in the Horteka fire, and his father has been bedridden by a mysterious illness. Snipakuta has been seeing a shaman named Vinera about a cure for his father's sickness. She has demanded an exorbitant sum for this, however, and Snipakuta has been working two jobs to pay for it, one of which is selling the hides and skins of the beasts he hunts. The other is working in the mines of Moonstone Mountain. 20 years ago the Valuan Admiral De Loco had enslaved the Ixa'takan natives to work in these mines, but now they work here to export green moonstones to the rest of the world for a profit. Just as Snipakuta's next shift is about to begin, the miners are attacked by a golem made of emerald. The four of them head into the mines and destroy the golem, but do not come up with any leads as to who created it. Sevyn, Vince, and Nira sell the fragmented pieces of the emerald golem's body and make enough money to buy a small airship, enough for them to leave. The three of them fly away from Ixa'taka while Snipakuta remains there to continue working for his father's sake, and for the investigation of the mine incident.

The three sail to Skyport City, a blossoming city that only 20 years ago was a small port town called Sailor's Isle, to discuss what to do next. They hear from the rumor mill that Admiral Marco of the New Valuan Imperial Armada has obtained a treasure of unfathomable value, and that anyone skilled enough to obtain it could surely buy anything they wanted with it a thousand times over. The three see this as a challenge, and assemble a team of volunteering sailors into a makeshift crew to assist them on the heist. One of these crew members reveals information on an old tunnel in the Valuan mountain range that led straight into the capital. This tunnel was used by smugglers, and so they would use this to smuggle themselves into New Valua and then smuggle out the treasure.

The New Valuan Empire, as they are called, was built from the ruins of the old Valua by Emperor Enrique and Empress Moegi. Their matrimonial union has created a strong bond between New Valua and Yafutoma, but the two continents are separated by the ominous Dark Rift. However, a safe trade route through the Rift was eventually established. One day, however, Admiral Marco, formerly of Vyse's crew, had veered from the normal route and wandered into the center of the Dark Rift. There, they discovered the collossal black moonstone, and ferried it all the way back to New Valua for research. The black moonstone was studied by the New Valuan Department of Research and Development, led by Admiral Wolfgang Lobon. The results were fascinating. It was nothing like any other moonstone, and yet it had many practical applications. It was truly a scientific breakthrough. To honor this achievement, Marco cut out a tiny chunk of the moonstone and had it crafted into a magnificent jewel to be embedded into Emperor Enrique's crown.

Recently, the New Valuan Empire received a visit from a mysterious guest that claimed to know well the secrets of the black moonstone. He met with the Emperor, and with the leaders of the New Valuan Armada: Supreme Commander Decius Garcian, First Admiral Marco of the Homeland Defense Division, Second Admiral Fernando of the Diplomacy Division (as well as the nephew of the old armada's Alphonso), Third Admiral Nekona of the Tactics And Espionage Division (and the sole woman of the group), and Fourth Admiral Wolfgang Lobon of the Research And Development Division. Exactly what transpired in that meeting was never revealed to anyone.

Vince and his crew made their way through the tunnel without a hitch and arrived in the capital city of New Valua. Whereas the old Valua was divided between the rich and the poor, the new empire had the city's wealth distributed as evenly as possible to each and every citizen. It was quite a change from the old, to say the least. They made their way through the city and located the warehouse where the black moonstone was said to be currently situated. But what they found there instead, however, was the testing site for a new weapon that Dr. Lobon's team was developing: a bipedal war machine identified by the code AU-79, also known simply as "Magnum". Every part of the machine was armed: its right arm was a gatling gun with a chamber in the center large enough to fire grenades out of. its left arm released shots of plasma, which it could store for more powerful blasts. It could also release the plasma as a stream of flame. Compartments in its shoulders could open up to fire salvos of heat-seeking missiles. In its head a powerful laser cannon was embedded. And then there were the rocket thrusters on its feet that could allow it to fly short distances, giving it some mobility.

With an arsenal such as this, Magnum quickly dispatched the entire crew that Sevyn, Vince, and Nira had hired after they were spotted. But this machine was a prototype, the first of its kind, and thus its design was rather rough around the edges. With some quick thinking, the three of them were able to outwit the machine and disable it. Their victory was short-lived, however, as the guards were released on them. In their dash to escape, Vince was lost in the confusion. Sevyn and Nira were much more fortunate, for a hale mercenary they came across allowed them to flee from New Valua on his own airship. The mercenary introduced himself as Blaze Coronus, and his ship the Solaris. He was from the desert kingdom of Nasr, and that was where they would be headed. As upset over the loss of their crew as they were, Sevyn and Nira had no choice but to go along with him.

They arrived in the Nasrean town of Aranaya, near which was recently discovered the tomb of the ancient king Pyrus. The people that had been exploring the tomb had not been heard from in a week, and so Blaze offered to investigate for a price, agreeing to split it between himself, Sevyn, and Nira if all three of them came along, which they did. They descended into the tomb to find that the entire archaeological team was slain by the tomb's recently-awoken guardians. The three of them defeated the guardians and found a well-preserved map of Glacia, The Lands of Ice, the continent of the purple moon. A long-dead Nasrean king holding a map pointing to a mountain, which the map identified as Mount Aegis, was something too suspicious to ignore. The trio collected their pay, and sailed south to the Lands Of Ice.

They arrived in the town of Campton, the base of operations for people exploring Glacia. There, they showed the map to the explorers, and they set out for Mt. Aegis. The map led them to an opening in the side of the mountain, wherein was a massive crystal shrine of sorts. Like Pyrus' tomb, this place too was protected by ancient guardians, which killed half the exploration team before the trio was able to subdue them. What they turned out to be guarding were a man and a woman, encased in crystals of ice. Destroying the guardians had caused the ice crystals to melt away, and the two of them slowly awakened.

They could only remember their names, the man Frigidus and the woman Polara. How they got there was anyone's guess at this point. They were taken with the surviving crew back to Campton. The next morning, however, Campton fell under attack by the New Valuan Armada. Nekona had been spying on the escapees Sevyn and Nira this entire time, and simply chose this moment to strike. Dr. Lobon had come along as well, bringing with him a new "toy" he invented to massacre the explorers for harboring Air Pirates. Sevyn, Nira, and Blaze rushed in to stop him. Polara even stepped in as well, demonstrating a powerful affinity for magic to help destroy Lobon's invention. However, the four of them were still heavily surrounded by New Valuan forces; they and the surviving explorers had little choice but to surrender.

They were taken to a massive prison rivaling even the old Valua's Grand Fortress. Sevyn, Polara, and Blaze were each detained in separate cells, while Nira and Frigidus were brought before someone representing the mysterious guest that visited the admirals earlier. Whoever he was, he had gained much influence in the empire since then. The representative told them that the one whom he was representing had Vince in his custody as well, and that they were going to visit him whether they wanted to or not. Sevyn, resolving to save his friends, tricked the guards into letting him out of his cell, and he freed Polara as well. Together, they sought to find Blaze and escape the prison.

During their escape, they came across the still-deactivated Magnum, and Sevyn unwittingly reactivated it. Magnum's AI had been reset, and it identified Sevyn as its owner. It then began to follow him and Polara, using its weaponry to protect them from threats. Their group now consisting of three, they made their way to Blaze's cell, only to find it empty. They fought their way out of the prison to find themselves at an airship dock, where they were suddenly assailed by a different model of the sort of machine that Magnum was. This one was identified as SE-34, or "BlackHawk". It was a more refined variation of Magnum's model, and much more stable. Even Magnum stood little chance against this automation, but as things were looking bleak, BlackHawk was suddenly destroyed by cannon fire from a ship that approached the dock. It was the Solaris, and Blaze was aboard. He was never captured at all, but instead wrestled his way out of the guards' grip and followed behind the armada in his ship. Sevyn, Polara, and Magnum climb aboard the Solaris and locate a strange-looking airship that Nira and Frigidus are escorted onto. Despite it not looking like anything anyone has ever seen before, the mysterious ship somehow seems familiar to Sevyn.

The Solaris follows the ship, and it descends into a strange energy tunnel leading down below the clouds. The Solaris takes pursuit, and its inhabitants are surprised to find that they were even able to descend below the sky at all. They descend into a world covered in eternal darkness, a world known as Deep Sky, formerly the surface of Arcadia. And yet through the darkness they see a massive citadel lit up by thousands of lights. As they approach, its architecture looks alien to all of them, but they continue their pursuit of the strange ship with Nira and Frigidus on board. It docks by one of the buildings on the outskirts of the massive city surrounding the citadel, and the Solaris discreetly follows suit.

The city up close is beyond belief, built with technology that appears centuries ahead of the rest of the world. But the four are not welcome here, for they are attacked by the city's inhabitants, whose skin is black as the darkness of Deep Sky itself. Still, they push on and fight their way to the man holding the hostages, encountering him in one building. He introduces himself as Kozmo Eschaton and his race the Kaguron, and politely warns them that he will have to take action if they do not leave. Wanting Nira back, Sevyn ignores this, and Kozmo counters by attacking the party with powerful dark magic never before witnessed by anyone in the world above. But between Sevyn and his allies, the four of them manage to overpower Kozmo and put him at their mercy, demanding to know where he took Frigidus and Nira.

They are interrupted, however, by an intimidating figure that Kozmo identifies as his master, and the master of the entire Kaguron race, Lord Kuron. It was he that visited heads of New Valua, and he that knew the secrets of the black moonstone, for he is the leader of the Kaguron, the civilization of the black moon, long banished from the skies of Arcadia. Kuron assails the group with frightening sorcery hundreds of times more powerful than Kozmo's, and it is Sevyn and company that are overwhelmed this time. Blaze stands up before Kuron and tells the rest to leave. Sevyn has no time to hesitate before Magnum and Polara pull him away to make their escape. Despite Blaze's strength and fortitude, it is extremely unlikely he could survive Kuron's frightening powers.

As the remaining three flee for their lives, Sevyn remembers more of the day his village was attacked. The ships he remembered looked exactly like the ones here, and Kuron looked exactly like the man that had killed his parents. No one had believed his stories. But now, Kuron was in pursuit of them, and they stood no chance against him. They returned to the Solaris and took off as they were pursued by Kozmo's flagship, but the darkness of Deep Sky allowed the Solaris to evade them, and ascended into another energy tunnel at the top of Deep Sky.

The Solaris emerged in another part of the world, and on the other side of the Dark Rift. They were in Yafutoma, the continent under the blue moon, and King Daigo had disappeared a few years back. Without his leadership, Yafutoma fell into civil war, being divided into two territories called Hazukaro and Mitashi. The group found that the Hazukaro region was the safer of the two, and so they travelled there, hoping that the Kaguron would not find them. What found them instead, however, was an assassin that tried to kill Sevyn in the night. Sevyn fought back and apprehended the assassin, and demanded to know who else was trying to kill him. The woman said that her name was Sezutki, and that Samahan, the leader of the Mitashi region, had hired her. Sevyn demanded to be taken to Samahan if Sezutki wanted to live, and she complied, revealing that Samahan and his personal guard had gone up to Mt. Kazai for undisclosed reasons.

Sevyn, Polara, Magnum, and Sezutki journeyed into Mt. Kazai to find Samahan's bodyguards slain, with Samahan himself nowhere to be found. What they found instead was a powerful monster of some nature guarding something. The four of them overcame the monster and found that it had been protecting an ancient sword, now rusty and dull, that looked nothing like any sword anyone had seen. The handle had six impressions in it that suggested something had once fitted into them. Sevyn held onto this seemingly useless sword as he conferred with the others what to do next.

Samahan may be still alive, and he would likely send more assassins their way should they remain in Yafutoma. They agreed to leave before they made any more enemies, Sezutki coming along with them for she owed them for sparing her. The only way out of Yafutoma was through the Dark Rift, and so they reluctantly decided to travel through it via the route that the trade ships had been using. But the interior of the Dark Rift was perplexing, and they eventually got lost. The Solaris then came under attack by another mysterious airship that seemed to constantly phase in and out of reality. Its captain called itself "Shade" and the ship "Phantasm". The Phantasm shot the Solaris out of the sky.

Sevyn awakened to find himself alone, a silver temple of some sort stood before him. The rusty sword he carried with him reacted strangely, and he felt a strange compulsion to present it to the altar at the center. There, an apparition of a majestic warrior appeared before him. It said that his name was Garanos, the hero of the Old World. It was he that fought the Kaguron in the distant past, banishing them to Deep Sky after the Rains Of Destruction had fallen. The Kaguron have since conspired to bring back the black moon and conquer the civilizations of the other moons. To stop this from happening, Sevyn must restore the enchantments of the Lunar Sword, which he now holds, and use it to slay the descendants of the six dark sages, who betrayed the people of the six moons to join the Kaguron. If there are no more descendants, the ritual to return the black moon to the sky cannot be completed. Garanos merges his soul with Sevyn to lend him his power.

Sevyn is not entirely sure why he must do this, but if it gets him closer to avenging his friends and family, he will do just that. He leaves the temple and, to his surprise, finds the Solaris waiting for him. It is neither Polara nor Magnum nor Sezutki that are aboard, but Vince and Nira, who had managed to escape thanks to him interferring with Kozmo. They stowed away on another Kaguron ship and found the empty Solaris in Deep Sky, which still managed to work, but is in need of repairs. Together they return to the skies once again and find themselves near Ixa'Taka.

They return to Cetzan to repair their ship, and go to pay Snipakuta a visit, but he is nowhere to be found. Both he and the shaman Vinera had recently disappeared, with Snipakuta saying that he had gone to find the cure for his father's illness himself. They venture off into the jungles to follow his trail, and come to find him captured by a tribe of warrior women known as the Ixa'ness. Vinera had become the shaman of the village now, and she revealed that she had no intention of curing Tikatika. The three fight against the Ixa'ness, freeing Snipakuta and forcing Vinera to surrender, where she tells them about a panacea that the ancient Ixa'Takan king Montezun used to cure all manner of ills. There may be a chance that he was buried with his panacea, so Sevyn plus three track down the temple of Montezun, eventually having to fight the enraged spirit of the king when they try to take his panacea. They recover it, and at the same place they also find a shrine with a green moonstone gem the exact size and shape for one of the impressions in the handle of the Lunar Sword. When placed in, the sword looks sharper and less rusty, and even emits a faint glow. A portion of the Lunar Sword's power has been restored, and so there must be five more, one for each of the other moons.

As they return to Cetzan to bring the panacea to Snipakuta's father, they hear that the city has been routinely attacked by Black Pirates since Sevyn and friends first came to visit. No doubt it is Gault's crew that has been harassing the Ixa'takans since they came looking for them. The four travel to find Gault's new headquarters on the same island that the Phoenix Clan once occupied. They fight their way into his base and avenge their crew by killing Gault, making the skies much safer to travel in the process.

They then begin to make Gault's base back into their own, and as Vince and Nira talk about their escape, they mention a building that they had seen when they were travelling back to the skies, and the Kaguron ships heading towards it. Sevyn wonders if Polara and Magnum and Sezutki are still alive, and thinks that this may be their best lead. They take the energy tunnel back down to Deep Sky and infiltrate the strange facility. What they find is astonishing: not only are they alive, but Blaze was kept alive as well, and they were all being detained in different parts of that very facility. They rescue the four of them and escape, and see that Kozmo's flagship is heading the same way they are. Worried about its intentions, they follow it at a safe distance.

It leads the eight of them to a suspicious outpost located on an island near New Valua. As they dock at the outpost and exit the Solaris, the island's defense system activates, and destroys their ship in the process. Undeterred, the eight of them proceed into the island, which turns out to be a laboratory of some sort where Admiral Lobon, under Kuron's supervision, has been utilizing the black moonstone to develop new technologies. When alerted to their presence, Wolfgang unleashes a deadly new invention of his on them, but they manage to destroy it, taking the black moonstone shard it was using for power. They are stopped again by Lord Kuron, who prepares to kill them with his unnatural arcane powers, but Kozmo suddenly turns on him and creates a path for the Air Pirates to escape, and escape they do, right onto Kozmo's flagship, with Kozmo himself accompanying them.

Kozmo has the ship take off before Kuron can reach them, and uses all of its firepower to destroy the island, and the lab with it. Kozmo has done some soul searching in his time as Kuron's subordinate, and has decided that killing off the civilizations in the skies is wrong, and that he wants to join their side. He resolves to help the others restore the Lunar Sword, and they will travel Arcadia in his own flagship in order to do so.
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Re: Skies of Arcadia RP (Sky pirates ahoy!) - Interest Check
« Reply #34 on: March 07, 2011, 07:08:24 PM »
Wow, that's quite a lot. I've already skimmed through it, and will do a thorough reading later but I want to be careful to not accidently steal any of your ideas. :)

So we have two characters so far, looking forward to seeing the rest of the character sheets. Post or PM if you have any questions.

Offline Jefepato

Re: Skies of Arcadia RP (Sky pirates ahoy!) - Interest Check
« Reply #35 on: March 07, 2011, 07:52:29 PM »
Huh. I don't remember that to be honest, but I like the idea that you have to be exposed to a powerful enough moonstone before your're able to cast anything significant.

It's probably easy to forget, because you get all six Moonstones pretty early on in the game (I think the sixth is when Fina joins).

Of course, 100 years later, it's probably a lot easier to get one's hands on a foreign Moonstone, what with all the nations actually being in contact.

Dude, nice character Bio, if I may say so. Khalib sounds like an interesting dude. Hah. Also, nice to know someone in the party will know how to cook if they ever get stranded somewhere. >.> Adrian would somehow manage to set fire to cereal with milk.

Thanks.  Badass chefs are a truly underutilized concept niche.

...I wonder.  Since schools of fish swim/fly through the air in Arcadia, how do people go about fishing?  Do sailors just rig up large nets and sail through the school at high speed?

Offline Crowly

Re: Skies of Arcadia RP (Sky pirates ahoy!) - Interest Check
« Reply #36 on: March 08, 2011, 06:44:55 AM »
The flying past with a net thing ought to be easier than catching Lightning Stardust/ Captain Shakespeare style. I was thinking legendary wordsmith Shakespeare and my men were all thinking SHAKE. SPEAR. It's a win win for both parties.

Also, Bad-ass chefs ARE underutilized. The only one that comes to mind was the Chef Villain from The Tick. And Swedish Chef. That dude was awesome.

Offline Sasha

Re: Skies of Arcadia RP (Sky pirates ahoy!) - Interest Check
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There are no elves in Arcadia, but that's actually a great picture. Sounds good, provided you can be evil with enough of a nice veneer to work at least publicly as a blue rogue eventually or at least on a crew of mostly nice guys.  How evil were you thinking? "I'll screw over the rest of the group to get what I want" kind of evil? Or "I'll help you as long as I'm getting what I want" kind of evil?

 Oh ...I would go with ....I'll help as long as I get something out of it kind of evil ....doubt I go so far as screw over the whole group . What fun would that be ...I not one to play a drama momma character anyways .

 I just kind of feel a bit on the outskirts is all the concept and the characters posted are wonderful . I just don't really know the game you are centering the RP around . So I still thinking on things as there is no way I can be cannon . So doing a little more research .

Hugs .....

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The flying past with a net thing ought to be easier than catching Lightning Stardust/ Captain Shakespeare style.

Probably.  Of course, anyone on deck who doesn't know well enough to duck is likely to catch a fish to the face in the process.

(Perhaps this is how newbie sailors are hazed.)

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Name: Juan Vasques
Nickname: Johnny
Gender: Male

Nationality: Valuan but has lived his whole life on Sailor's Island

Appearance: Dark hair tied back into a pony tail with blue eyes.  He stands about about 5'6'.  He typically wears a blue and white striped sailor bandanna, tan trousers and vest, and a dark blue tunic. 

Background: He is the son of a Lower Valuan family who managed to leave for brighter shores.  His father, Ricardo, and mother, Anita, settled on Sailor's Island and slowly built a life for themselves.  Ricardo learned the craft of sailing and trade, and Juan has decided to follow in his footsteps.  He is encouraged to find his own way with his own crew and see more of the great big world. 

Personality: He is resourceful, calculating, and a bit happy go lucky.  These qualities helped him and his family suvrive to live their now good life.

Favored Weapon: Spear

Secondary weapon: Dagger

Favored Magic: White (as hard as this may be to find)

Relative Strengths and weaknesses: He is a skilled user of a Spear but his real penchant is for plotting and navigation. 

Noteable abilities/talents: He has discovered he has a natural ability for finding his way through problems.  These may be finding a way around an impassable reef or finding a hidden treasure trove of treasure or salvage. 

Inventory: Spear, Compass, Mapmaking materials, protractor, sextant

The following fields are optional, but are fun to think about and to read.

Character's theme song: will be updated when I can find something appropriate.

A quote from your character: "Just check that outcropping out.  I know something's there."

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Oh ...I would go with ....I'll help as long as I get something out of it kind of evil ....doubt I go so far as screw over the whole group . What fun would that be ...I not one to play a drama momma character anyways .

 I just kind of feel a bit on the outskirts is all the concept and the characters posted are wonderful . I just don't really know the game you are centering the RP around . So I still thinking on things as there is no way I can be cannon . So doing a little more research .

Hugs .....

No problem, I understand. It's hard to convey the gestalt of the setting, but if there's anything I can clarify or explain for you, I'd be happy to do so.

Re:Fishing - That all sounds about right to me.

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I'm pleased to see this here.  I don't spend nearly enough time there, but I'm the administrator of the LiveJournal Skies of Arcadia community, CrescentIsle.  Admiral J's rank was granted by Emperor Enrique of Valua.  :)  I'm not sure that I'm keen to jump in at this moment, but I will be watching with interest.

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And here is the second half of the summary. As both halves are just a summary, some details were omitted. You may ask me about any of them.

With a new band of Blue Rogues consisting of Sevyn, Vince (who had relinquished his role of captain over to Sevyn), Nira, Snipakuta, Blaze, Polara, Magnum, Sezutki, and Kozmo, with their new base being the island that had been Gault's as well as the old Phoenix Clan's, they sail out in Kozmo's Kaguron warship (can't remember what I named it) in search of the method to restore the Lunar Sword to its former glory.

Blaze suggests that they start looking in Nasr, for he has connections to the royalty there. In fact, he is one of two heirs to the Nasrean throne, the other being his brother, Flare Coronus. The two had never gotten along very well, and Flare was the more clever of the two, so one day he tricked Blaze into giving up his birthright, eliminating him as being eligible for the throne. Flare now rules over Nasrad, the city subject to his whims, while denying ever having a brother. Blaze got the party to come to Nasrad for him to settle the score, and together they stormed the royal palace to confront Flare. As crafty as he was, Flare stood little chance against his burly brother in a fair fight, and so he confesses that he hid away the birthright in the palace vault.

In the vault they also discover information about an important relic hidden away in Volcana, a canyon of molten lava. They find this place through a newly-discovered passage to Deep Sky, and sail through the canyon to find an altar much like the one where Sevyn found the green moonstone gem in Ixa'taka. But the shrine is being guarded by Admiral Fernando's air fleet, the New Valuan Empire having known about this place before. Sevyn and his crew fight their way through Fernando's fleet and shoot down his flagship, but he does not give up there. He confronts the party on the altar itself, but the party manages to defeat him by sending him plummeting into the molten river below. On the altar, they find a red moonstone gem, which fits perfectly into another slot in the Lunar Sword's handle, and another fragment of its shine is restored.

Those in Fernando's air fleet that were not shot down had surrendered, and after some interrogation they revealed that the New Valuan Empire was told by Kuron about the Lunar Sword. They were aware of the legend as well, but they could not remove the moonstone gem without the sword in their possession. The surrendering party was also forced to reveal the location of another altar: in the mountain range of New Valua.

They sailed to the New Valuan mountains away from the capital city, and found the town of Resubar, made up of New Valuan citizens who had grown tired of the Emperor's tyrannical and nonsensical rulings. Enrique apparently had a change of heart for the worse around the time the black moonstone was discovered and brought back for research. Empress Moegi tried to stop him, but he ordered her to be locked up, and now rules New Valua alone. Worse yet, Resubar was found by the Armada and occupied by their soldiers. Sevyn and his crew find that this was due to the town being located close to the massive underground tunnels, big enough to fly airships through, where the moonstone altar was said to be located. The crew sailed into the tunnels and came across Admiral Lobon in his flagship, outfitted with his insane inventions and searching for the altar. They were able to shoot down Lobon's ship and find the altar for themselves, obtaining a third moonstone gem for the Lunar Sword.

Back in Resubar, an imperial rebel working undercover as a New Valuan soldier revealed that he found information regarding the location of another moonstone gem altar. Samahan had discovered it quite some time ago when he took over half of Yafutoma, and so he built a tower around it. Their next stop would be Yafutoma, but this meant they had to travel through the Dark Rift again.

As luck would have had it, they ended up encountering the mysterious Phantasm ship in the Dark Rift a second time. This time Kozmo's warship was more than a match for this enigmatic vessel, but after defeating it in aerial combat (or so they thought), they became trapped in the center of the Dark Rift, with a mysterious castle floating in it. After exhausting all their other options, they finally docked at the castle to take a look inside.

Inside they find a strange maze of illusions, with each of the crew's fears manifesting themselves at different points in the labyrinth. At the end of the maze they confront this mysterious Shade, who claims to be the personification of the Dark Rift, and that the end of Arcadia will begin with his death. After they complete Shade's final challenge, a battle with him, he disappears without another word, and the entire castle vanishes around them, as though it was never there to begin with.

This time, Sevyn and the others are able to find the way out of the Dark Rift, emerging on Yafutoma's side. They are almost immediately attacked by a pair of twin assassins named San and Chan. When they are defeated, they reveal that they are part of the Tenkou, Yafutoman Air Pirates. Sevyn has the twins take them to the one who hired them, as he did with Sezutki, and they are lead to Tenkou Island, where they find King Daigo, who has been hiding there ever since Samahan usurped his throne. Sezutki was a Tenkou as well, but she had left to be hired out by Samahan before she could complete her training. Daigo offers to help take back Yafutoma on the condition that Sezutki finish her training, which she does by completing a series of tests on the island. Daigo fulfills his end of the bargain by attacking the city of Mitashi, providing a distraction while Sevyn and the rest infiltrate Samahan's pagoda. On the top floor they defeat Samahan and his personal bodyguard, and find the altar where the blue moonstone gem was kept.

Their mission victorious, Daigo resumes his rule of Yafutoma, proclaiming Hazukaro and Mitashi to be one again. The Lunar Sword still has two missing gems, and so Sevyn's band sets off to find them. They encounter Admiral Nekona's flagship patrolling the skies, and through cannon fire they persuade her to offer them intelligence. She reveals that there is another part of Glacia, the Lands Of Ice, that can be found in Deep Sky, directly beneath the part of Glacia they already explored. Thus, they set off to Deep Sky and find Lower Glacia, exploring it to find a city full of thousands of people frozen in ice crystals. These crystals will not melt, no matter what they try, but they do find one person who is not frozen: Frigidus. His memories returned, he tells them that the frozen people are of the civilization of the purple moon, who had froze themselves when the Rains Of Destruction fell. He and Polara, however, were stationed at Mt. Aegis to be released from their icy prisons when the time was right, and that they would know what to do to unfreeze their brethren. Kuron told Frigidus all of this, and he also said that he needs for them to give him the Lunar Sword. When they refuse, he tries to take it from them by force using his ice magic. They fight him off, and he flees, leaving them to discover the altar where the purple moonstone gem is kept.

With five of the six gems in the Lunar Sword's handle, they set off to find the last one in Deep Sky. Exploring on Kozmo's warship, they locate a grand city built on the sunken continent of Soltis. They land there, and are surprised to find that it is populated by the people of the silver civilization. They had been in hiding since the end of the Old World, and are currently being watched over by Lord Zerimar, their leader. There, he tells them the purpose of the Lunar Sword.

In the age of the Old World, all the continents and islands rested on the surface of Arcadia, surrounded by a sea of water. There were seven moons presiding over the planet, each with its own civilization. Each civilization had its own ruler, and the ruler of the black moon civilization was a powerful sorcerer named Levireo. His powers were without peer, and so he believed himself to be the rightful ruler of Arcadia. But the other six civilizations would not listen, so he devised a plan to turn the civilizations on each other. He appointed a person from each of the civilizations with great magical potential to betray their own kind, promising them unlimited power in return. These six traitors came to be known as the dark sages, and they used their cunning to spark an all-out war between their civilizations, culminating in an arms race that resulted in them building titanic weapons called Gigas. Things had looked hopeless for Arcadia until three heroes had appeared to warn the Elders of the silver civilization of the treachery that had took place: Garanos the brave warrior, Polara the noble sorceress, and Daccat the cunning rogue. Together they helped the silver civilization create their own Gigas, Zelos, and used it against the one who had started the war, Levireo. They summoned the Rains of Destruction to end the war and the corruption of man, taking Levireo with it. But even as he lay dying, the mighty sorcerer still had full control over his powers. With one final command, the black moon shattered, its essence covering the land in a veil of darkness. A dark rift formed in the skies, while the surface of Arcadia was no longer inhabitable. The Elders of the silver civilization used their powers to lift the islands into the skies above, while the Elders themselves ascended to the stars. Levireo's essence was diffused into the dark sages as well as his successor Kuron, who acquired so much of his power that he ceased aging, while the essence that dwelt in the sages would pass on to their descendants. This essence dwelling in them could only be destroyed by the Lunar Sword, for Garanos had used it to strike the fatal blow against Levireo in the final battle. Only a blade such as this, imbued with the power of the six moons, could accomplish such a feat, and only one of Garanos' bloodline could assemble the sword. However, if Kuron were to get his hands on the sword and use it to kill the descendants of the dark sages, their essence would flow into Kuron's, making Levireo whole once more. Kuron was able to kill Garanos, but his successors still lived on, though the Lunar Sword would not be safe. Daccat took the sword and hid it, along with the six moonstone gems that belonged in its handle, around the world, so that one day a successor strong enough would find the sword and make it whole again. Polara would be encased in a crystal of ice on Mt. Aegis, to be found by the one who would reassemble the Lunar Sword.

Garanos' legacy included many brave heroes, many of them Air Pirates, including the Blue Rogue Dyne and his son Vyse, who had a son and daughter named Sevyn and Nira, respectively. Sevyn was the son of Vyse and Aika, and Nira was the daughter of Vyse and Fina. Shortly after Sevyn and Nira were born, Vyse had a run-in with the Kaguron, and to protect his children, he had them adopted to two families living in a small village, and he changed his identity to Vince, who eventually came back to raise his own children under the guise of their captain in the Phoenix Clan. It was also no coincidence that Sevyn would go on to lead someone from each of the seven moons: Snipakuta of the green moon, Blaze of the red moon, Polara of the purple moon, Magnum of the yellow moon, Sezutki of the blue moon, Kozmo of the black moon, and Nira of the silver moon.

The final moonstone gem was in the silver city, but as they had gone to retrieve it, the city fell under attack by a fleet of Kaguron warships. Sevyn headed to the altar alone while the rest tried to fend off the attack, but unbeknownst to them, Kuron himself had slipped past their defenses and confronted Sevyn just as he had completed the Lunar Sword, wresting it out of his hands and raising it against him. Vince, or shall we say Vyse, arrived in time to save his son, but Kuron and his forces left with the Lunar Sword in their possession. Sevyn and his crew had lost the upper hand, but their leader remained resolute despite the recent turn of events. They had to retrieve the Lunar Sword, but they knew they would be shot down should they fly within a mile of the Kaguron Citadel. According to Zerimar, a more discreet entrance could be reached by flying in from directly above, but the Citadel was so grand it reached the top of Deep Sky. They had to find out where it reached in the skies above.

The entrance turned out to be in New Valua, and their passage there would not be easy, either. They were attack by Admiral Marco's flagship on the way in. Though they defeated him, they landed in the capital city to find that it had been suffering from frequent attacks by a terrible monster. Sevyn and the rest followed its trail, which led them all the way to the Grand Palace, its entrance guarded by an upgraded version of SE-34 BlackHawk. They dealt with this new machine, and proceeded on to find Emperor Enrique in the destroyed throne room. The jewel in his crown, cut out of the black moonstone, had caused him to come under the madness of Levireo, turning him into a tyrant and a beast that terrorized his own people. Enrique could not control this, and begged for Sevyn to kill him. When he refused, the Emperor took the form of the horrible beast again, and they were forced to fight it. Defeating the beast freed Enrique from the influence over him, but it also put him in a comatose state. They found and released Empress Moegi to rule over New Valua in her husband's absence, and put the shattered empire back together.

With Moegi's help, the crew was able to access a lift that descended into Deep Sky, right into the Kaguron Citadel. There, they were eventually able to locate Lord Kuron's headquarters, but Kuron himself was nowhere to be found. Instead, they found Admiral Lobon, who had brought out yet another machine with which to kill them. The crew was able to defeat him one last time, however, and Lobon fell with his creation. With him and Fernando dead, and Marco and Nekona shot out of the sky, they realized that the armada's supreme commander Decius would be coming after them soon. They investigated the Citadel some more and found the Deep Sky coordinates of the location where he and Kuron were meeting for some reason.

These coordinates led the crew to a massive dais in the middle of Deep Sky that seemed to radiate some unholy energy. There, Kuron had gathered the descendants of the Dark Sages in this very place: Vinera of the green moon, Flare of the red moon, Samahan of the blue moon, Frigidus of the purple moon, Decius of the yellow moon, and even Zerimar of the silver moon had been led there as well. Before anyone could stop him, Kuron took the Lunar Sword and sacrificed all six of them, the dark essence within them being released and combining with the unholy power of the area around them, the exact spot where Levireo had been slain, to make him whole again. The Dark Rift flowed up into the stars, and it became the black moon, orbiting Arcadia as it did in the Old World. Now Kuron had only to reach the black moon itself and channel its powers from the core so that he would become the new Levireo.

Reaching the black moon was possible for the Kaguron, for they had completed a mothership capable of interstellar travel. Sevyn and his crew needed to destroy it before it reached the black moon, but it was so massive that even their ship's cannons did little against it. However, they were not the only ones that realized what sort of trouble the world was in; the remaining New Valuan Armada, the air fleets of Nasr and Yafutoma, the airships of the silvites, and Air Pirates from all over Arcadia banded together to take down the Kaguron Mothership. Yet their combined firepower could still not bring it down. Sevyn and his crew took one final effort: to board the mothership and destroy it from the inside. They landed and began wreaking havoc aboard the ship, fighting the Kaguron soldiers manning it and even retrieving the Lunar Sword. They eventually encountered Kuron, and engaged in a battle so destructive it all but destroyed the mothership. By this time it had established orbit around the black moon, and it came crashing down to its surface.

Kuron was assumed dead after the battle, but the black moon had to be destroyed, lest Levireo be resurrected through its dark powers. The crew returned to Kozmo's ship and took off to fly over the surface of the moon, eventually discovering an opening that led them directly to the center. There, they found a massive palace built out of pure black moon energy, much like the castle they found in the Dark Rift, and inside they found Kuron, still very much alive, though he now had Levireo's whole essence within him, and with the powers of the black moon he became Levireo himself, and Levireo became the black moon itself. Sevyn and the others fled, returning to the Kaguron Mothership to start it up again, using all of its firepower to destroy the black moon. But Levireo, in his nigh-infinite power, took the essence of the other six moons to form himself a lunar body: arms made of the red and green moons, legs made of the purple and silver moons, wings made of the blue and yellow moons, and a head and body of the black moon. With the power of the Lunar Sword, Sevyn, Vyse, Nira, Snipakuta, Blaze, Polara, Magnum, and Kozmo fought the newly resurrected Levireo in the greatest battle Arcadia had ever seen, and would ever see.

Levireo was eventually vanquished once and for all, and his influence over Arcadia vanished with him. Deep Sky was no more, and the floating islands returned to the surface of Arcadia, surrounded by an ocean of water instead of air once again. When they flew the battered Kaguron Mothership back to Arcadia, Sevyn and his crew of Blue Rogues disbanded, with the exception of him, Vyse, and Nira. Snipakuta saw to his father's full recovery, and would become a hunter as great as he. Blaze became the ruler of Nasr, as he was the only remaining heir. Polara joined her civilization as they awakened from their icy slumber to live again. Magnum went to serve in the recovering New Valuan military as Emperor Enrique eventually awakened from his coma to resume his rule alongside Moegi. Sezutki became an honorary Tenkou in Yafutoma for all her efforts. Kozmo would lead and reform the Kaguron to become a peaceful race, using their technology for the better of mankind. Truly, a new era of Arcadia had begun...
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Are you still recruiting players?

I loved SoA! It is one of the few video games I actually ever finished.

If you still have openings I am interested.

(PS. I could play male or female depending on what is needed)