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Author Topic: A Game Show for the 21st century. Apply within.  (Read 1544 times)

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Offline DizziTopic starter

A Game Show for the 21st century. Apply within.
« on: March 19, 2011, 12:28:29 AM »
Welcome to 'New Tenants'
Your house is a new, twenty first century, game show.  Six lucky contestants will compete for a grand cash prize of over $1, 000, 000!  Plus cash incentives throughout the show!  but.  There is a catch.  Upon entering The house, you sign away most of your rights to 'The Landlords'.  The Landlords are our wonderful viewers.  The people funding the show!  Able to watch on their home computers 24/7.  They can choose what to watch and when! This is not a show with voting, nor scoreboards.  You either win or lose.

But, what about in between challenges?  With a 24/7 game show we have to entertain our guests somehow! So our producers have devised a plan.  The show is free to watch, but our viewers, known as 'The Landlords', can pay money and control our wonderful players!  Now, it's not all bad!  The more people pay, the larger the grand prize gets!  And the more the player getting controlled gets!  8% of each dollar used to control a player, goes into that players bank account!  Watch out though.  Deny a task, and half of your money you have earned will disappear!  Deny any task again; and it all goes away and you must start from scratch.

Would you sign away your freedom for a chance to be a millionaire?
Fill out the application form and apply today!

Appearance (Photo's allowed):
Anything else we should know about you?

Alright.  That's the setting for the game.  Here is how I plan on it going down.
Players: Six characters.
Three male
Three Female

you may have up to two characters, but they must be of the opposite sex.
you characters will receive updates via a special watch (which shows how much money they currently have, along as it will beep and update with a task that they must perform/begin to perform within an hour or else they will be punished)

First strike: Half of your account is taken away
Every time your char denies a task from that point on, his/her bank account will be wiped.

As the GM, I will be playing one in game character, along with the host (I will get to that in a moment).  I will also be using a random number generator to give certain charachters random tasks.  (Thee random tasks will not be sexual.  The worst that they will get will be to walk through the house naked for the rest of the day)

Point form of the rules of the game:
* people who watch may pay money online to have the players to anything that will not cause long-lasting physical damage to other players or themselves
*These things range from 'wear mismatched socks' to 'Go into other players room and fuck them up the ass'
* It costs more for more direct actions. (It costs more to tell a player to wear a red sock and a blue sock, than it does to tell them to wear 'mismatched socks')
* Winners and losers are decided on by weekly contests.  (Get to that in a moment)
* a bidding war is started for the losers of these contests (I.E.: the person who gets last).  The winner of the bidding war gets to decide what happens to them (Out of three choices.)#
* Players that lose challenges are no longer in the running for a grand prize, however they are still required to stay in the house.
* 'the Landlords' may not request anything involving unsanitary means (I.E: they cannot control the players' bathroom choices)
* 'the Landlords' may not request anything that will cause any sort of lasting damage to a player
* 'the Landlords' are NPC's to be controlled by anyone. (So, just say you want your character to be told to walk through the house naked.  Have them be told to walk through the house naked.)
* you may play up to TWO characters.  but they must not be the same sex.
* The host is a character who will greet the players, and will be in the house for the game, but not actually active until the competitions.
* Schedule for the competitions will be decided once all six characters are finalized.

#These three choices will be PM'd to a random player that is not in control of the losing character.  they will choose the punishment.

1. To ensure quality of this game I must make a few things clear:  This is NOT a first-come first-serve game.  I am sorry.
2. Please be able to post at least twice a week.  More is preferable.  If you need to leave the game, PLEASE contact me.  We can talk abut why your char has to leave.  Possibly bring in a replacement.

1: Dizzi


Name: Drew Overstreet
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Bio (A little bout yourself):
Born on the beach, Drew was more or less destined to be a surfer.  He learned at a young age and quickly grew to be able to surf proffesionally for a few years before wiping out on a barrier reef, tearing u his knee.  Now; He wants to be in the limelight again, and what better way than to be on a reality show?

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Offline Alienz8mypopcorn

Re: A Game Show for the 21st century. Apply within.
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2011, 03:26:00 AM »
Hey I'm new to these boards so I'm not sure if I should just post my application here, or PM it to you. Either way it's done and ready to go as soon as you give me the go ahead. Definitely interested in applying for this.

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Re: A Game Show for the 21st century. Apply within.
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2011, 03:53:58 AM »

Name:Alexandria 'Alex' Young
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Personality: Bubbly and outgoing Alex is a people person, she isn't the smartest person in the world but she's charming and funny and has very few guiles. She is honest and sweet, caring to a fault at times. She can be extremely loyal and is not generally the type to backstab or hurt anyone else. She is rather vain caring too much about her appearance, is a little too interested in fashion and is a terrible flirt. Her major flaw is she is easily hurt and her temper when pricked(a difficult thing to do) she can be rude and short, refusing to deal with that person being rather immature in her handling of the situation but with the attention span of a humming bird even grave offences don't upset her for any length of time.
History: Alex only wanted one thing in life. For people to notice her. She started modeling when she was 13 but there was little interest in her small town. now 8 years later shes won a handful of pageants posed for several photo shoots and has failed miserably at being the actresses she'd always imagined she would be.
Growing desperate after the 6th bad audition in a row she heard about the game show and with few morals or limits to hold her back she applied with enthusiasm figuring even if she lost the game the exposure would help her land the role she's been dreaming of and if she won she could lead the a life in a style she could easily become accustom to.

Offline Alienz8mypopcorn

Re: A Game Show for the 21st century. Apply within.
« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2011, 04:31:04 AM »

Name: Bridget Bulgaris
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Anything else we should know about you? Bridget Bulgaris was born to a wealthy mother and father who owned a chain of bars. These bars were exceedingly popular and many people in the local areas chose to go there for their "partying" needs. However, one summer someone was shot and killed in the bar when Bridget was 17, and the bars were made to close due to lax security standards. After a lawsuit from the victim's family, their stockpile of money was gone. Bridget, who had been raised from birth on caviar and vintage wines, was suddenly reduced to typical grocery stores and a paycheck to paycheck life. She had never even suspected that she would have to work when she grew up, and so, didn't even know how to pursue finding a job. Not to mention, no one wants to hire an 18 year old with no experience. For 4 years she searched, unable to find a job that could handle her uppity, snotty, personality, and then this game show began accepting applicants. She figured with this, she could learn how to follow orders AND raise a little money...killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

Offline Duchess

Re: A Game Show for the 21st century. Apply within.
« Reply #4 on: March 19, 2011, 04:48:38 AM »
oh interesting...brb with character

Offline ShadeOfGray

Re: A Game Show for the 21st century. Apply within.
« Reply #5 on: March 19, 2011, 12:43:42 PM »

Name:  Zack Barrister
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Appearance (Photo's allowed):   6'1", Skinny, mostly unkempt black hair and a chic pair of glasses.  Mr. Despair is a good match. 

Anything else we should know about you?

Quite the introvert and space case.  He tends to feel very passionate about all his interests, from cooking to debating to loving.   Still, he doesn't take himself too seriously and likes to drop jokes whenever he can.  He sometimes likes to push people's buttons, but that's his way of trying to get to know them.

Zack spent most of his education years with his head in books, trying to maintain his grades in very demanding classes. 

Now just your average pharmaceutical worker, after long years in higher education and long investments into careers.  Zack suddenly found himself with little social life to speak of.  His place of employment was not very frequented, and so he found himself working alone most of the time.  Since he had to move to attain his position as well, he had left most of his college friends in another state! 

As the weekly grind wore on him, he started to spend much of his time in bars.  This usually resulted in him drinking by himself, as he was a rather quiet and introspective personality.  Desperate for a change and for a better future, he applied.  The money was just a bonus.  It was a method to force himself back into the game as it were, and if all went well, he might just gain some more self confidence.

Offline Acid Lips

Re: A Game Show for the 21st century. Apply within.
« Reply #6 on: March 19, 2011, 02:10:38 PM »
Name: Nonami Mizuda
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Appearance (Photo's allowed):
Anything else we should know about you?: She was born in Okinawa Japan a small town in the most populated island in the entire planet. Ever since little she always was one for challenges, she always loved to take on a new challenge and complete it, by any means necessary. She is the type of girl who will say no to any challenge given to her to the point that she even moved to the states on a challenge. Now one to look for something to do she enters this show knowing that if the people around the world put her challenges she would have to do it. With her parents death still on her mind she hopes to win in order to start fresh and go back to her hometown to take care of some stuff. She is not afraid to get dirty if asked and will be a fierce competitor for sure.

Offline Sanai

Re: A Game Show for the 21st century. Apply within.
« Reply #7 on: March 20, 2011, 01:37:50 AM »
Name: John Hawyer
Age: 24
Gender: Male

John Hawyer is the son of a powerful bussinessman, James Hawyer. He is highly intelligent and driven, coming into his own as a skilled bussinessman in his own right. However, his relationship with his father is highly strained and in a final act of rebellion, he has signed himself over to this show as part publicity stunt, part defiant act against his fathers controlling nature. He will do anything to suceed and to prove he is more than just his fathers heir.