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Author Topic: Eeyores Epic Endeavours (Seeking F)  (Read 715 times)

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Eeyores Epic Endeavours (Seeking F)
« on: March 17, 2011, 05:51:21 PM »
I am going to use this thread to hold all my stories.

They shall be labeled by what sort of type of story they are. If you don't like particular types of stories, skip down to the next.

All pictures included simply served as inspiration for the ideas.

If interested in any of these ideas, please send me a PM.

Doujin Inspired Stories:  All links NSFW.

Click link. Read Doujin. Interested in playing out such a story? PM me.  - Daddy/Daughter roleplay. Looking to expand it beyond the Doujin. - Mother/Daughter/Son Threesome. Looking for Mother/Daughter and possible extras.

Cuckold Story 1:   Life for Sarah and her husband seemed ok on the outside. But on the inside, there was something lacking. She loved her husband, but sex with him just didn't do it for her anymore. She was still young, and attractive, and knew her supervisor at work had the hots for her. She had been unashamedly flirting with him too and, she had decided, it was time to give him what he wanted. Her husband was leaving for the weekend on a business trip, leaving on early Friday morning and coming back on Monday night. That gave her a few solid days to enjoy a new lover - her supervisor. The plan was simple - have him drive her home on Friday during lunch to get a report she had left, and then seduce him while in her home. She was certain he'd go along with it. If he went along with it then they had all weekend to enjoy each other until her husband came back. But it wouldn't end there. Another week later and her husband is working late. Just enough time to have another tryst. Only this time, her husband comes home early, spotting the strangers car in the driveway, he sneaks around to see who is in his house, only to see his wife getting fucked in the livingroom. Both aroused and enraged, he speeds off to return at the normal time, seeing if his wife will tell him anything. Then he lies about another meeting, setting up a camera to catch her in the act, while watching from the backyard again. That night in bed he confronts her, forcing her to admit it, and go over every detail with him. He is more aroused then he has ever been and has sex with her, more powerful then ever before. Then he tells her he wants her to fuck more guys, in front of him, letting him join in, filming just might be the spice that saves their marriage.

Cuckold Story 2: Jill and John are married and go on Johns company vacation to a beach resort, where the company has the whole place to themselves. Despite Jill's nervousness, she is excited to meet everyone and their wives. Jill, being a drop dead gorgeous woman, certainly draws the attention of other guys and as the night and alcohol wear on, everyone becomes a little more open in the pool and hot tubs and on the beach. Some of the women end up topless and there is some heavy petting going on. Even Jill gets topless in the hot tub with some of the guys while John feigns tiredness, pretending to be asleep on one of the loungers. He watches with increased arousal as Jill lets another guy fondle her breasts and he is pretty sure he knows where her hand is under the water. Debauchery ensues.

Cuckold Story 3: The honeymoon was in the most beautiful place on earth: Tahiti. Peaceful, serene, sunny, and warm. Their cabana on the beach was perfect for getting away from city life to enjoy themselves. After a long night exploring each other, they enjoy a relaxing day on the beech, enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean gently lapping away. After a late lunch, its some 'her time' and she goes to the spa for a full body massage. The masseus is not what she expects, a hunk of a man, muscled and toned, wearing a pair of white shorts, with large hands. Their firmness and strength soon has her moaning in pleasure and, admittedly, wet between the legs, her nipples hardening under his touch. When those hands go to places they shouldn't go, she can't help but melt under his touch, truly getting a full body massage.

Cheating Story 1: Recently engaged to her now-fiancee, Sarah has finally settled down. A pool party with friends at their house to celebrate, and sexual tension has peaked with perfect bodies in bathing suits. Her and her fiancee and his best friend settle down to watch a movie later that night, all a little tipsy. Her fiancee passes out asleep and she can't shake her own arousal at hearing another group of friends having sex in the nearby room. Excusing herself to the bathroom, she goes to investigate, peeking in through the door at her two friends in the throes of sex, wishing she could join them. A few moments later, she feels some one press up behind her, his erection clear against her bikini bottoms. Instead of moving away, she pushes back, and soon feels strong hands on her breasts. Unable to contain herself, she gives in, drawing him back to the couch where her sleeping fiancee is oblivious as she lets out her frustrations on his best friend. But his best friend isn't about to forget the night and will use it to blackmail her into more nights together.

Cheating Idea 2: Mark drove through the blinding snow, trying to keep to the road as best as he could in the worsening conditions. His sister-in-law sat in the passenger seat beside him. He had just picked her up from the airport and was taking her to his parents cabin for the holidays. His brother, of course, was caught up with business and would be arriving later...much later  now, given the severity of the storm-sans-blizzard. Mark, of course, knew that his brother had cheated on his wife. Their relationship was a rocky one at best. And Mark harbored secret feelings for the attractive woman, wishing that she would see the light and seek a better life for herself. Lost in such thoughts, he hit a deep snowbank and came to a stop. They were stuck - out of cell phone range - with snow falling deeper around them. They would have to spend the night together, huddled in the back of his Jeep, seeking ways to keep warm. Will suppressed feelings finally bubble to the surface?
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Re: Eeyores Epic Endeavours (Seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2011, 07:09:16 PM »
Major update and reorganizing.