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Author Topic: Idea Proposals (F needs M)  (Read 1485 times)

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Idea Proposals (F needs M)
« on: March 16, 2011, 01:39:00 PM »
Hello, thanks for having a look inside. I have a number of role play ideas primarily with historical era settings and I thought I’d dip my toe into the water by proposing them here.

If the premise of any of the ideas is of interest to you, please take a look at my role playing preferences found in my profile and/or my Ons and Offs

Idea Proposal #1

Shades of Innocence~Taken and in play with Silverfyre

My Character~

Lydia Blackstone/Vickery
Need~Male Character(s)
Setting~circa 1750
Plot Idea~
Lydia Blackstone is the primary suspect in the murder of Lord William Crowell, an act to which she does not confess. . Her only hope is to flee. With enough money to secure her passage to America and not much more, Lydia flees England and arrives in Virginia. The year is 1750.

This is the story of her struggle to survive in a strange, new place and the man or men she encounters, along with their own story. She sheds her last name, taking on an alias in hopes to keep her identity a secret. The primary male character would be a man that she meets shortly after arriving in Virginia. There are numerous possibilities as to what kind of character he is and what role he plays.

It’s also the story which will lead to the truth about the murder.

Lydia is a young woman, early twenties who has had a sheltered, pampered, safe and comfortable life in England. She has many innocent aspects about her, but she is not quite as naïve or as some would think. Her new life in Virginia is nothing like her life had been in England.

I’m very open as to how the story develops, what kind of character(s) she plays with. There might be more characters needed, but I'd like, if there are multiple playing characters for the men to be played by one partner and I will play any additional female characters.  I’d love for it to be something that weaves together the past in England with her present in Virginia. I’d like for it to be a collaborative effort to create a story that revolves around the mystery of the murder, the plight of Lydia and whatever relationships (friendship/romantic/sexual) she encounters in America along with whatever character ideas someone else would bring to the story.

~I'll be adding a few more idea proposals to this thread.
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Offline AlizaTopic starter

Re: Idea Proposals (F needs M)
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2011, 09:50:52 PM »
Idea Proposal #2~

The Emerald Room~Taken and in play with SoleLover

No longer active.

My Character~

Vivian Brannon
Need male character
Setting~the 1920s in NYC
Plot Idea~
Along with the celebratory mood that followed the ending of World War I, Americans faced a decade of prosperity, frivolity and leisure like they had never known before. But, there was a good measure of corruption and mystery that permeated those years as well. I’d like to create a story that explores the pleasures and the dangers of the prohibition era. I’m envisioning my character as a single woman by choice, bent on following a life of pleasure and decadence of the era. Set in New York City, she is carefree and uninhibited for a time, frequenting a speakeasy known as The Emerald Room and mingling with others there. It’s all fun and games until she inadvertently learns a dangerous secret about the owner of the club. The story would develop around the lifestyle, the decadence and the dangers of knowing too much.
I’m looking for a male character to play the role of her love interest who, along with her, becomes involved over his head in the underground world of the twenties. I don’t have a specific character profile in mind for this. I’d like for my writing partner to create a character that suits the general genre of the storyline.
If you have any interest in this idea and you’d like to discuss anything about this idea, please send a pm to me. I prefer someone who enjoys working with moderate to lengthy posts from me and enjoys writing the same as we create the story together. I'd like for our role playing preferences to mesh well.
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Re: Idea Proposals (F needs M)
« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2011, 08:32:41 PM »
Idea Proposal #3~ On Hold

Title~Noble Ambitions
My Character~

Lady Hillary Talbot

Setting~ England circa 1815

A widow sets out to tarnish the reputation of the man she feels betrayed her late husband. Conflicts ensue. Passion flares.
Plot Idea~

Lady Talbot is determined to spend the rest of her life if necessary in bringing about the downfall of the conniving, deceitful earl who she feels betrayed her husband, causing circumstances that brought about not only shame to her husband's name, but his untimely death.  As the widow of Joshua Rainemont, Earl of Talbot, she feels duty bound to ensure that she sees to ruining not only the reputation of her late husband’s betrayer, but to make his life a living hell. While there had not been a great deal of passion or love in her marriage, Hillary held Joshua in high esteem and feels compelled to right the wrongs that linger.
Her ambition is to make sure that the betrayer's noble heritage is tarnished. All she needs is someone she can trust who will believe her and who is willing to assist her in her schemes. She sets out to find such a person. Her plans may or may not be thwarted by the man she seeks to ruin.
I’d like to play this with someone who enjoys historical pieces and is not averse to writing a romance, along with the expected sexual interludes.  I’m envisioning the leading male character to be either the man, also of the nobility, who assists Hillary in bringing about the downfall of the earl, for reasons of his own, or the leading male could be the man she sets out to ruin. I’m open to ideas and would like for anyone interested to be free to create a character that suits.

If this strikes an interest with you, I’d love to discuss it via a pm. 
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Offline AlizaTopic starter

Re: Idea Proposals (F needs M)
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2011, 09:30:42 PM »
Idea Proposal #4~

The Garnet Key~Taken and in play with BenIgna.

No longer active.

My Character~

Hannah Grayson

Setting~circa 1875, Texas

I'd like to try playing something that is set in the American Old West Days, with elements of romance/conflict, mystery and possibly some mystical aspects.

Plot Idea

~A father's long held secret needs to be revealed to his only child, a daughter, before he dies. His secret is one that has been passed down from his grandfather to his father and then to him. Having had no sons who lived to adulthood, and now facing his own death, it is time to tell his daughter all about the family key. He lives long enough to tell her of the existence of the key and to tell her that it will ensure the safety and success of the ranch. He even describes the garnets that are embedded into it, but a sudden heart attack strikes him down before he can tell her its true significance or even of its whereabouts.

The story would begin roughly a year after the father’s death. Unconventional as it is, Hannah has taken over managing Grayson Ranch, but she is struggling due to the financial straits left by her father’s haphazard management. She’s always been more at home on the ranch with the cattle and horses than she has ever been on a dance floor in the company of men.  But, the time has come for her to make some changes in order to save her beloved family ranch. She reluctantly admits that she needs some help. Willful, stubborn, brassy and bold, she is not about to back down from the challenge of saving the ranch.

Since her father's death, she has had little time to dwell on the information her father told her about the key and relegates it to the back of her mind, dismissing it as the ramblings of a dying man.

Open for a male character~

I have in mind that the primary male character will have knowledge of the Grayson family key. Other than that I am very open to how he has the knowledge, who he is and how is to be portrayed, along with how the relationship develops.

I’d love to discuss this, via a pm, with someone who has an interest in creating a story that could come from this idea.
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Offline AlizaTopic starter

Re: Idea Proposals (F needs M)
« Reply #4 on: May 23, 2011, 10:47:50 PM »
Idea Proposal # 5~

Divergence~Taken and in play with Changeling

No longer active.

My Character~

Rebecca Pearson

Setting~Post World War II, America

I’m looking to play a role that is a bit of a departure from my usual “nice woman” character.

Plot Idea~
It’s 1945, World War II has ended, men are coming home and the women they left behind are there to welcome them. One of those women, Rebecca Pearson has been devotedly writing to her fiancé all the time he has been away. She felt an added sense of duty to write to him because she was the closest thing to family that he had.  She is expecting him to return to her and that they will soon be married and beginning the life she has dreamed of for so long.  His last letter arrived in August. He promised he would be home by late September, but he warned that he would be traveling quickly and that he would not be receiving or sending any more letters before his arrival.  She marked each day off on her calendar, growing more excited with each passing day. Her excitement gave way to worry when the end of September came and went. Her worry turned to panic as mid October arrived.  When a letter finally arrived, it contained two sentences, two short sentences that changed Becca’s life.
“This is my good bye to you. I am starting over.”
He signed it formally without a trace of affection for her.

Stunned, enraged and crushed all in a matter of moments, Becca was left with nothing but memories of a love that was lost. That, and a very bitter heart.

As the years pass, Becca remains bitter and cynical. She has sworn off ever falling in love again. She’s not lived her life in seclusion thoug, far from it. After a year of feeling sorry for herself, she came to realize that she had to find an outlet for her angst. She began writing. Within four years, she had become a well published novelist. Each novel told a different story of betrayal, vengeance and heartache. One thing her readers could count on was that the happily ever after conclusions of each of her books came with a dark twist.

After the background is established for my character and the male character, the story would jump ahead to six years after the letter arrived. She is now comfortably well off and living a life that many would envy. No one knows how very black her heart has become.

In some twist of fate, their paths cross or maybe at first, they just almost cross at this juncture of their lives. What will they feel? What might happen between them now? Will her life echo the plots of her novels? What has he been doing for six years and why did he choose to start life over without her?

I’d love to hear from someone who would like to play the male character. There are lots of possibilities as to why he didn’t come back to marry her-whichever way chosen would obviously speak to the nature of his personality and character.  His reason for not coming back to her might or might not be revealed to her right away.

A pm to discuss it would be appreciated if you have any interest in this.

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Offline AlizaTopic starter

Re: Idea Proposals (F needs M)
« Reply #5 on: June 10, 2011, 03:13:29 PM »
Idea Proposal # 6~

Title~ Lady Crimson

Story based around this image~

My Character~

Lady Olivia Griffon

Setting~ England mid 1800s

Plot Idea~

Taylor’s Gentleman Club prominently displays a new piece of erotic art for its member’s enjoyment each month.  The face of the woman is never revealed in the paintings.  It is not a well kept secret and is evened gossiped about in London’s best homes.  It is said that gentlemen place wagers on who can be the first to identify and bed the woman in each painting.

The latest painting depicts a luscious, crimsoned haired beauty, lounging seductively on a chaise. It is titled “Lady Crimson.” Her long red hair should make it easy for the men to find her in London. The portrait even offers a clue. There is a tiny birthmark just below her left shoulder.

Lady Olivia Griffin is a beautiful widow who has returned to London after spending the last three years in her country home. She had married young to a much older man who had been selected by her father. As far as arranged marriages go, hers had not been unpleasant. Her husband had been kind and indulged her with jewels and clothes and comforts.  He had not had many demands upon her body and she had dutifully performed as a wife should.

After his death, she sets out to live a life of her choosing.  She sees no reason for that life to include another husband. She would, however not mind finding out if there is more to what goes on between the sheets. She chooses to move to London as a sophisticated widow who teeters between respectable and risqué behavior. 

Her re-entrance into society causes a stir. Whispers abound that she could be the red haired beauty from the latest portrait. She neither confirms nor denies the gossip.

I’m looking to play this with someone who would be one of the gentlemen who sets out to determine the identity of the woman in the portrait. He crosses paths with Olivia and is almost convinced she is Lady Crimson.  The story will play out as a fun and sexy romp, a cat and mouse game, between the two of them.

If you’d like to discuss this, please have a look at my preferences and my ons and offs and send a pm to me.

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