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Author Topic: crypt's solo interests M looking for F  (Read 655 times)

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crypt's solo interests M looking for F
« on: March 15, 2011, 03:26:22 PM »
Ok  I few rp ideas that i have been wanting to do for awhile but feel free to talk with me about the details of each rp either here or in pm. As I'm not always the best of completely elaborating my ideas, or give them more depth i just have general sense of what i want.

New guy at collage meets a teacher, maybe a foreign language teacher,  who takes a great interest in him. Constantly badgers him about his poor work, even though he is doing well, becuase she not sure how to express her emotions for him . She plans for weeks on how to get him and show how she feels toward him and eventually requests that she visit her  during her office hours.( can be furry or humans )

*pokemon trainer (female)   she is attacked by her gone insane father beaten and almost raped. After he her mother had argument about your future and he accidentally hits her so hard she fall down the stairs and broke her neck.   She runs away from her father and home with her pokemon. ( could be almost any pokemon just suggest a few or more and I'll see which one I'd like to play I could be multiple)She has always been attached to him/them, but she grows more attached to him/them as days go by when they are in the pokemon forest.* (currently taken )

pokemon trainer (male) He is lonely male has no girlfriend or friends. But with his pokemon(same as above could be almost any pokemon and more then one female pokemon) he feels at peace with expressing anything, even love. Through several trials his pokemon began to respect him and feel for him, even sense his sexual frustration.  Then one day that all changes and he finds mate or mates in his pokemon. ( i have few ideas how this could happen but feel free to suggest or ask me what mine are)

half-Brother and half-sister meet each other for the first time. When their mutual mom dies  and they talk to each other at the funeral. They become good friends both of them big nerds and into many of the same things as they spend more and more time to gather they began to feel something more they are scared of the feeling should they become more then that ?( can be furry or humans)

twins have lived to gather forever since as long as they have been alive. They know each other like the back of their hands. They have never been closer to any one in there lives. Not to say they haven't tried to have bf or gf but ever time they all ways never live up to their ideas. of the perfect person for them. There idea of the perfect person has always been each other but they have neither acknowledged that they actually are madly in love with each other becuase its always been taboo. (could be m/f or f/f and/or furry) Also I have many sits i think could have set off that maybe they should be togather but fell free to suggest your own.

pokemon x pokemon  (pick your pokemon ) They know each other but haven't become friends yet until one fateful day when team rocket or other such team decides to take as many pokemon as they can from the forest leaving one of them without a family and is only saved becuase the other saved them. Then as one of the sole survivors of they forest they get to know each other become friends and eventually more then that.( possible becuase of her going in to heat)

mom and son  A story about a really attached mom who lost her husband a long time ago in the war. She can't let her boy go and spoils him rotten with what ever he wants. One day he says he wants to go to collage and maybe meet a girl it breaks her heart. She can't let him go so she formulates a plan and seduces him and makes love to him. This event and many causes the boy to slowly grow many feelings of love toward her.

dad and daughter similar story as the one above except his daughter is the one who starts talking/asking to her dad about sex but she's only grown up knowing what he's taught her home schooled and tv and maybe internet but not much else.  He takes this to his advantage not having anyone to vent his sexual energy and his already huge love for his daughter. She has always been fond of her father so she trusts him and loves him.

Best friend's Know each other since elementary, they did so much together when they were younger. But he started growing a little distant from her as he got a girlfriend but she treated him like crap and even cheated on him behind his back and denied it to his face. When he started growing distant she realized her feeling for him. So one day she decides she's mad up her mind and is going to tell everything to him everything shes been keeping from him. He will admit that he felt for her too but he couldn't get himself to tell her the truth and by the time his gf asked him out he thought you and him would just be friends forever.( could be furry)
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Re: crypt's solo interests M looking for F
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2011, 08:40:52 PM »
Updated with new plot interests