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Author Topic: MessrMoony's plots and schemes - Seeking like minded individuals! (MxM)  (Read 902 times)

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This is a current list of ideas, plots and thoughts that I have for RP's. I would like them to be MxM, though I do not mind what the gender of the roleplayer is, so long as both characters are male. I am currently looking for dominant character's to cater to my submissive character's.
Feel free to message me about any of these or if you've got a new idea.


'Intimate Enemy'
'You'd be so perfect with me but you just can't see, You turn every head but you don't see me.'

He seemed so normal at first, just a regular who liked art and good coffee, but then he started showing up else where, leaving notes, messages and photos of Gen in his apartment, and suddenly he didn't seem so nice...
He was beautiful. Too beautiful for anyone else. Thats why he had to take him. Had to claim him for himself before someone else did.
It had taken several months to prepare for this moment and as the lights were finally switched off in the coffee shop, the young man stepping out the back door into the alley with a weary sigh as he locked the doors, he prepared to make his move...

Idea: A chance meeting at the coffee shop where Gen works ends up with one man becoming too obessed with the quiet guy behind the counter. He makes it his mission to befriend the man and then take what he wants by force if neccessary.

This is just rough idea so it can be expanded, but it would invole non-con between the characters, violence, physical and verbal abuse, stalking, etc.


Real person Role play

Worth so much more
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/ (Original older character or whoever you prefer so long as they are at least 30+, no older than 50)

Idea: Takes place around 2006 when Jensen is around 26.
Jensen goes to a bar with his friends and ends up getting drunk in an attempt to forget about his feelings for his co-star Jared. Drowing his sorrows about how he isn't good enough for Jared at the bar doesn't quite cut it and Jensen finds himself in the arms of an older man, who takes him under his wing and shows him he really is worth something.

This would most likely involve shcmoop, possibly be slightly romantic, with an older, caring male who could either seduce Jensen with false nicities, or be genuinely caring toward him.


'Daddy's boy'

Nate gets a phone call from his 'sometimes lover', an older (25+, but no older than 40) good looking, successful business man who comes to New York twice a month for conferences.  Cue rough, passionate sex, slight bondage, daddy kink, dirty talk and anything else you can think of. Am open to this being a one shot, but would prefer it to be something a little longer with a developing plot line which revolves around the two realising that their feelings for each other are deeper than just casual sex.


Double Standards
'It's all fun and games till someone finds out..'

Hogwarts RP.

Idea: Heaven had always been a little too nice for his own good. When his fellow house mates find out that he is sympathetic toward the other houses, they take it upon themselves to teach him a lesson, until a good samaritan decides to help him..

Shcmoop, violence, verbal and physical abuse, after care, bullying, blood
This can take place after the attack or the attack can be written in but basically I'd like two opposing houses coming together in a sweet moment someplace in the castle. As Heaven is in Slytherin' the other character can be from any other house.

Pm for more details, questions, etc


I'm not THAT kind of guy
'Take me down take me slow...'

He really isn't. He doesn't mean for it to happen, it just..happens.
When quiet, introverted musician Chris agrees to come to a club for his friend's 23rd birthday he had no idea just what type of club he'd be going to.
Heaving bodies gyrate in time to a thrumming base line and no amount of alcohol in his system can prepare him for the hand that slides up his inner thigh. But he just can't seem to push it away, not even when that hand dips into his jeans..

Idea: After almost having anonymous sex at a club on his friend's 23rd, Chris can't seem to get the stranger out of his head. He wasn't able to see his face in the dim lighting with his back pressed against their chest, but he remembers those large hands pressing up against his body and he knows he wants to find out who they belong to. Chris decides to head back to the club a few nights later to see if he can find the mysterious person from a couple of nights ago, determined to find out who they are.

Would include public sex, frottage,etc.

This could go lots of ways, so I'm totally open to ideas as to what happens as the story progresses.


Heh, if you've managed to read this far and are still interested, feel free to leave a comment or drop me a PM to sort out details, ask questions and so on and so fourth, i'm willing to be pretty flexible with these ideas, though I do ask that my characters remain the submissive. Please feel free to check out on On's and Off's for more info on Gen and Heaven as well as my likes/dislikes, etc.  :)
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Offline MessrMoonyTopic starter

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  • Stolen kisses are always sweetest.
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The ideas box.

Just a little place where ideas, thoughts and general frippery goes. Anything that isn't part of my main cravings above shall be posted here.

(Currently I am looking for someone to top in these RP's, as I prefer to play as a male sub.)

Boss/PA (MxM)
At 35, he is the golden boy in America's corporate world, being one of the top CEO's in a multi-billion company. When his PA ends up taking maternity leave he is forced to find himself a temporary PA to take over her duties. What he doesn't count on however, is 22 year old Jay taking on the position and being alarmingly attracted to the younger man.

Notes:Just something I really like the idea of. This secret office romance between a high end CEO and his assistant. I'm looking for someone to play the CEO, but details could totally be changed, so long as the CEO is the dom.

Guy figures out that his boyfriend gets really turned on by his deep, rough voice, and takes shameless advantage.

Notes: What it says on the tin. Looking for someone to play the deep voiced, sexy boyfriend who takes totally advantage of his partner's apparent voice kink. Dirty talk galore!

Guy starts falling in love with his best friend but when he tells his friend, said friend backs off because he comes from a highly religious family that says its wrong, even though he admits that he too is falling for his friend. Lots of persuasion, kissing and reassuring in what I hope would turn into a rather sweet romantic piece.


Night elf/ Blood Elf (MxM)

Blood elf gets caught in Night elf territory and is captured by a male night elf (can be any class) who takes it upon himself to punish the Blood Elf. Dub-con at first but eventually becomes fully consensual.

Blood elves. (MxM)

"I thought you might look good in a corset.."

"Ugh, thats all very well, but is  tying me up really neccessary?"

"Just in case you decided your dignity was worth saving right now."

Blood elf commander decides his lover would look really rather good in a corset and commissions one for him before tying his arms above his head and doing as he pleases to him.
Completely consensual. (Even if my character is a little grumpy and reluctant to begin with.)