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Started by Acid Lips, March 14, 2011, 04:34:05 PM

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Acid Lips

It is said that there is a castle in England that the devil itself won't enter. It is said that the castle was home to a man that kidnapped, raped and tortured woman and men in order to make them sex slaves, after he got tired of them he would just use them as a sacrifice to a demon that did not exist. Rumors has it that whoever enters the castle will never see the light of day again, whoever enters would be lost for all eternity. There are rumors of scientists entering the castle and they are never seen again, rumors of police entering to search for missing people and never been seen. Rumors has it, that the castle is a gateway to hell itself and that nobody will survive, nobody at all.

In the United States the rumors arrived, but in a different way. The rumors of a haunted mansion, so the people from a news channel decided to do a little contest, endure a entire night in the castle and you will earn 500,000 dollars and a vacation to any part of the world. They knew that of course they needed to scare the people during their stay so they run out so only two people remains. However what they don't know is the true rumors about the castle, the rumors that will prove to be the very difference between life and death.

The contest went out on TV and eight lucky people won the chance to be rich and to go in a deserved vacation. They selected the people based on their fears that they filled up in the questionnaire for the show, everybody had a fear that they could explode, and the people of the channels were making sure to make them so afraid that they have to leave. Now with the rumors in the air, will the participants survive? or will something happen to them? up to you to decide.

I am looking for six people (I will pick the seventh and I already got reserved the eight) for this rp. This will not be first come first serve I will pick the profiles out, only six will be picked. I will be looking at your posting and how well you describe your character. I want this to be a long term rp since I am planning a few good stuff to happen here. I will leave the mystery of the castle for you to find out.

Spot 1: (my character) (reserved)
Spot 2: (lovelygirl) (reserved)
Spot 3: (Liam)
Spot 4: (Dependent)
Spot 5: (AurelieCatena)
Spot 6: (Reserved) (GaGa88)
Spot 7: (TheRomanticPerv)
Spot 8:  (Grunt777)
Primal Fear: ( will be a phobia please describe it)
Bio: (Can be short, I like people to reveal their characters in the rp)

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A great idea, I'm interested. Here's my character.

Name: Alexander Cooper
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Personality: Easygoing, friendly, and a bit careless. He likes to go for new adventures and challenges, to enjoy all kinds of experiences. He is promiscuous, so he usually looks out for pretty girls to have new lovers.
Likes: Open spaces and areas, going out for trips, taking pictures, having fun with friends at parties, and playing sports. In summer he enjoys going to the beach and surfing. He likes to flirt with girls and look for new adventures. Sexually he's very openminded so he likes almost anything as long as it's with a woman.
Dislikes: Small places, having nothing to do, and rodents. Sexually, the only thing he doesn't like are men, because he's heterosexual, and nasty stuff like bathroom play.
Fears: Being locked in small places or in small rooms. His phobia is Taphophobia, but he developed a bit of Claustrophobia as well because of that.
Primal Fear: Taphophobia (Fear of the grave, or fear of being placed in a grave while still alive). Just by looking at a grave or coffin, he feels goosebumps and becomes a frightened. That is the reason why he would never visit a graveyard.
Bio: He was born in a small city where he was raised and educated well. He was one of the most popular guys at school and had lots of girls around him. After highschool, he started to work as a photographer for one of the local newspapers.


Name: Amber Riley 

Age: 24

Gender: F

Personality: Sweet and gentle, the kindest soul you would find on earth, protect you to a fault if you needed her. Not a virgin, but little experience.

Likes: Music and theater, a real artsy person. She loves the ocean, and sunsets.

Dislikes: Snakes and spiders, rats, rude people, and people who think they know it all.

Fears: Noises in the dark, fear of the unknown

Primal Fear: Thanatophobia, fear of death. Amber has stayed up nights scared of never existing ever again.  She has never told anyone, but it grips her and she gets frozen with fear. She tries not to think about it, but when it creeps in, it paralyzes her.

Bio: The pretty girl that never thought she was pretty. She grew up in a middle class neighborhood, the youngest child of three. The year of her graduation, her parents were killed in a plane crash coming back from vacation. She set out to fend for herself from then out, working a few odd jobs here and there. The money could really help, so she's putting her fear aside to try to win.
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Acid Lips

ok lovely, and I like your character Liam. Accepted

Acid Lips

I seen your posts, and you are in Dependent I like your posts so yea. Nice profile and as soon as we have two more we can start.

Acid Lips

lol I seen your posts in the 'Hallway house' or something like that, they are good ^^


I am very much interested by this story (I do not know the game, I did not even know there was a game with this title, so I shall probably be totally impermeable to private jokes on this topic.)

Name: Adèle Louve de la Renardière
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Looks: Slender, athletic, well-toned. Long curly black hair. Small round glasses. Her suitcase is packed with very fine, classy outfit for every occasion, but she usually wears comfortable and sturdy leather clothes.
Personality: Adventuress, curious of everything in particular if mysterious and vaguely historical/ancient, always up to a challenge, interested in all esoteric sciences although not a performer by herself, courageous to the verge of temerity.
Likes: Challenges, adventure, puzzles, reading, sport.
Dislikes: Flirting, sex, boredom.
Fears: Chains, cages, rape, and more generally, all situations where she loses control of her body.
Primal Fear: Scared by small, swarming, carnivorous animals (like rats, crows, ants, snakes, ...) when they are numerous and swarming.
Bio: Member of an ancient noble French family (the Louve de la Renardière). She has studied archaeology at La Sorbonne, Paris and has specialised herself in the exploration of tombs, particularly Etruscan tombs and Roman catacombs. She has been born and has lived in France for most of her life, but has travelled around widely, in particular since during and after her PhD thesis. Her mother tongue is French but she speaks English fluently, and has a reading command of a dozen of ancient languages (Latin, Etruscan, ancient Greek, ancient Egyptian, Coptic, Old French, Old English, Celtic dialects, ancient Scandinavian languages, etc.)

Acid Lips

Interesting character, I seen your posting and I think you are very good, accepted.


Acid Lips

I think we have enough for the rp, I will make my character then post it in the character thread, I will also make the ooc and the in game thread now. Give me like a hour and I will have everything set up


I hope it's now too late for me to throw my hat in to ring for a spot. I knew I shouldn't have spent an hour looking for a fear...

Name: Bryce Harper
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Personality: Adventurous, outgoing, a little arrogant, and a daredevil, better known as an adrenaline junkie.
Likes: Sports, athletic activities, sky diving, motorcycles, women, being the center of attention, living on the edge, and, of course, long walks on the beach.
Dislikes: Dull, boring moments, people who steal his thunder, and people who have a need blow things out of proportion.
Fears: Spider. If he sees one, he has to kill it or he freaks out, and won’t stop till its dead. He once stayed up until 3:00 AM trying to kill a spider that he missed earlier that night.
Primal Fear: Athazagoraphobia, a fear of being forgotten or ignored
Bio: A spoiled rich kid about sums up Bryce’s lifestyle. He was born into money and eventually inheritted money, having everything handed to him on a silver platter. Bryce looks for adventure whenever he can get it, which is why he was rather excited when he was chosen as one of the people who would enter the haunted mansion, despite the fact that he had no need for the money.

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Acid Lips

Nice, approved. post character on the character section.


If you still have a slot, I'd be interested.

Name: Kevin Jones
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Personality: Cold, Calculating, a pillar of strength in many ways, but lashes out at anyone who gets close.
Likes: Fighting, Sex, Violence, Alcohol, loud music and spicy food.
Dislikes: Explosions, Friends, Family, Arabs.
Fears:Drowning, and suffocation.  Also has a fear of being confined.
Primal Fear: Claustrophobia - fear of confined spaces.
Bio: A former soldier, he spent ten years of his life serving his country.  He was riding in an Amphibious assault vehicle, when the vehicle lost power and sank.  He was stuck in the vehicle for several hours, and was the only one to survive the accident.
Appearance: He typically wears civilian clothes these days.  MMA shirts and offensive phrases.

((As an after thought, I used this picture, without knowing that the actors name was Kevin. o.o;))
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