Combis current roleplay requesition initially including awesome alliteration

Started by Combicon, March 14, 2011, 04:22:58 PM

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I've been in the mood for a roleplay for a bit of time, so I've come here! Partly to try and worm my way back into using the forums more than I have been, and partly for the previous reason I just mentioned.
I'll probably have quite a lot of stuff on this page, be it plot ideas, pairing ideas, and even picture ideas!

Posting done! Feel free to post on this thread, or send me a pm or something.

I'll probably also make this prettier sometime soon.

  • Liquid Courage - [crush & friend or brother & sister]
    A guy is invited to a party which his crush also happens to be attending (if he knows this or not, and this is the actual reason he turns up is up to you). While the party goes pretty well, by the end of it his crush is quite drunk; and being the gentleman he is - offers to take her home (or help her to her bedroom, if it's her house). When at the destination, she asks him to help her a little to get out of the dress she's wearing; and drunkenly tries to bed him. He could be nice, and refuse - leaving her in bed, where a closer friendship starts, or he could go along with her request - where she might not regret her drunken choice.
    If you'd rather the guy who 'instigates' the events, then she could catch him peeking as she is changing.

  • The Little Black Dress - [father & daughter]
    The father tells his daughter that she can't go to a specific party as it's late at night, in a 'bad area' and with people she doesn't know and/or trust. The daughter - as most would - decides to sneak out to the party in that little black dress that she had been saving for such an occasion, and heads off to the party. All goes well - several guys hit on her, all of whom she shot down; nothing unusual for a girl of her age and looks. At the end of the party though, as she makes her way home - perhaps a little tipsy, she gets raped - either by one of the party goers whom she rejected, or a guy on the street who liked what she was 'offering'. When she finally manages to compose herself after the assault, she knows she can only call her father - the only guy she feels she can trust now.

  • The Birthday Party - [father & daughter]
    The father and daughter have had a pretty good life, living in a large house just outside of the city. The job that the father does means he gets paid quite a bit of money, allowing them both to have a very comfortable life. As they live on their own, they've grown quite close). The father respects his daughters decisions, as she's always been quite mature for her age - and they have been able to talk about mostly anything. There was one rule that he had put in place was that anything that happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom - so long as she wears protection. She has a large 18th party; inviting all her close friends, her boyfriend, etc, and after awhile, the party heads upstairs into her bedroom. This party ends up with her being handcuffed / tied to her bed, where she falls asleep - having not being untied by her friends. The next morning (after everyone has left), her father - having expected the party to have contained alcohol - enters her room to clear up the cans of booze. As he doesn't see anything, he starts to think that his daughter has become a lot more mature, and turns to leave - only to see his daughter tied up to the headboard of the bed, completely nude; the sheets only hiding what was below her waist.

  • A new Patient - [doctor & patient]
    A female patient would be brought into the hospital; a suicide attempt. Although the medics were able to remove any sharp objects from her person, they haven't given her a full search yet - which would have to be carried out.
    I had imagined this one being long-term (most of my roleplays I don't usually set a designation for) - in which the patient and doctor could start a relationship in the hospital (which could be a mental health one, or regular). I'm really quite interested in this, and probably could tell you more, but nothing is set in stone as much as the others, so I dont really want to write it here.

  • The Princess - [Person & Royalty]
    You wake up one day, in a bed that wasn't your own, the scents around you you had no memory of - even the air felt different against your skin and in your lungs as you awoke. The birds that you can hear sound a lot stranger than the ones you are used to hearing, and the only other thing you notice, is something you can't put your finger on - how quiet it is  - theres no cars, no hustle and bustle of the city - nothing. Opening your eyes you notice the woman that you took home from the bar last night (or took you home, you can't rightly remember), something seems different about her - she holds an heir of mystery and power, maybe you just never noticed it before. Looking around the room you notice that its been decorated incredibly lavishly. Not with flat screen televisions or Picasso's, but with tapastries, couches (With satin pillows) and even some marble statues. You aren't sure if this is some kind of getup, or if this is real, little do you know that she was the soon-to-be ruler of this land; the princess. And either you had stumbled into her world, or she had stumbled into yours, and brought you back with her.  (I was expecting her to have either come into the future somehow, and met your character in a bar, you both got tipsy and then headed to where she was staying in the future world, while they both were asleep got transported back to where she actually lived).

  • The Cult - [person & cultist]
    This one I was imagining actually being quite extreme (for me anyway), in which a group of people would start abducting victims / buying victims / coercing victims to come willingly into joining a cult - the indoctrination of which is quite unusual. OR The people who want to join the cult have to go through an unusual indoctrination, where the abductees/victims help them get through thi.
    I was wanting it to include stuff like bondage, wax play, caging, knifeplay, blood play, maybe some rape, and perhaps even some


Most of these can be swapped, put together, and generally mixed up to make interesting combinations!

Father & Daughter
Grandfather & Granddaughter
Brother & Sister
Twin & Twin

Teacher & Student
School doctor & student
Student & student

Master & Slave

Strip-club owner & stripper
Strip-club patron & stripper
Employer & future employee
Photographer & model
Tattooist / piercist & customer

Boyfriend & Girlfriend
Cheating married person & old friend

Angel & Human
Guaridan Angel & Protectee

Rape victim & helper


I'll be adding them here later when I can be bothered to either look through the current ones on my old request thread, or upload them. :D