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Author Topic: Vampires and psychology and prison rape? Oh my. M/M  (Read 677 times)

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Vampires and psychology and prison rape? Oh my. M/M
« on: March 14, 2011, 10:50:13 AM »
Maybe it's because I recently rewatched Let the Right One in or maybe I'm just pushing myself but I'd like to stop being a hater and give vampires another go. I have a weak idea but I'm hoping to build on it.

Idea Number 1: So, essentially it would be human x vampire, but the human can possibly be turned some time during the rp. All depends. In any case, this human would be a little older. 30s/40s/50s. I leave that up to my rp partner to decide. He's essentially a self-hating paedophile who willingly works for a vampire who is frozen in the body of a 16 year old boy. (He was turned the day he turned 16). These two have an understanding. Because I'd like to play a vampire who is somewhat dependent due to the rising difficulties of keeping his killings under wraps, he'd require this human male's help in getting the sustenance he needs. He would be killing people for him and collecting the blood. They would also be living together and pose as relatives to minimize suspicion. As a reward, he would be able to look and touch but the problem would lie with the distinct lack of satisfaction. He'd be struggling internally with his desire to have blatant sexual relations with this vampire (not because he's a vampire but because he's underage) and in doing so, cause major tensions.

I'd prefer to play the vampire because I'd like some control over the relationship. =P

Very weak idea but I'm hoping we can spice it up.

Idea Number 2: This deals with the idea of psychology and sort of has some Hamlet-esqe elements to it. There's a teenage boy who is haunted by a male figure who only he can see. This male figure initially began to appear at night to frighten him and taunt him but grew increasingly bolder as they progress. He becomes physical and outright molests him. It would get to the point where he'd be touching him in public and eliciting all kinds of scandalous responses in front of his peers and such. But the question of whether it's an actual being or whether this is all the making of a very troubled boy is up for me and my rp partner to decide. TAKEN

I initially wanted to play the role of this male entity but now I'd rather play the kid who's being plagued.

Idea Number 3: Basically, he's a vampire. For Jonah, I'm seeking a werewolf companion. In his world, the war between vampires and wolf-kind is ongoing, which would make this relationship even more interesting. Basically, in this world vampires are obviously stronger but anyone can get their arse handed to them if they're outnumbered. I'd say Jonah is lonely and forever challenging conventions and generally being a pain in the ass so he'd be hated by both wolves and his own kind. I think he'd purposefully seek out a particular werewolf as his companion so it would start out as kidnapping and non-con which would lead to loyalties eventually being challenged. Almost like a stockholm syndrome of sorts where the wolf would begin to adore Jonah and choose him over his wolf brethren. This would make them both outcasts, forever on the run and protecting each other. Essentially, the bond would be unbreakable. Also, the wolf would probably come to recognize Jonah as the alpha since he'd be the one making most decisions and such. I'm seeking something very plot-heavy and romantic so if you can deliver, yaaay. :3 TAKEN

Idea Number 4: He's working undercover for the FBI and going all out. Convicted of assault and battery, mandatory psyche evals, jail-time, the whole nine yards. He's also a Fitzgerald, meaning when it comes to dealing with hardened Italian criminals in NY, he's fucked. This would deal with several grim things as is expected when it comes to crime. Prison rape is ideal. A bromance between cell-mates or an officer and the undercover inmate or inmate/inmate is optional. I'd be playing the undercover guy, obviously. What role you play is entirely up to you. An agent, a prison guard, an inmate, a psychiatrist, your choice. :]

I sometimes forget to check the forums so you're better off messaging me on aim or sending me a pm. If I'm not online, shoot me an offline message and I'll definitely get back to you. Thanks. (:
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Re: Vampires and psychology? Oh my. M/M
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2011, 04:16:14 PM »
Updated with a 3rd idea. o;

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Re: Vampires and psychology and prison rape? Oh my. M/M
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2011, 01:50:31 PM »
Updated with idea number 4. o;