Dom M Seeking sub F characters for D/s RP involving minor mind control

Started by Behemoth, March 13, 2011, 09:22:02 PM

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Hey all!

I’m looking for two or three people to play the roles of several female characters in a D/s roleplay. I will play a Dom male character who gains the ability to excrete supernaturally powerful pheromones that makes women attracted to him (the minor mental manipulation) and hence, susceptible to his advances. It’s not ‘real’ mind control, but instead much more subtle than that.

The story will be set in a modern workplace and will involve the Dom male character abusing his newfound abilities to have sex with women that would normally not be interested in him, or be totally out of his league.

This story will involve several female characters, so ideally I need someone willing to play multiple different female roles. The story wont just depict erotic scenes, there will be interaction between the characters and a focus on the female characters not fully understanding their loss of self control.

Erotic content:

  • D/s
  • Semi Non-Con*
  • Group sex
  • Public sex (sex in a workplace and other ‘public’ places)
  • Lengthy oral sex
  • Facials/cum play
  • Humiliation

Also, check out my On/Offs here:

*Note: The women are mostly willing, acting on primal instinct, but not really understanding why they’re so aroused, but may still do things they wouldn’t normally do

Please post here, or PM me if you’re interested. Female and male writers are welcome.