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Author Topic: Fantasy/Dark Fantasy wants (M for F)  (Read 642 times)

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Fantasy/Dark Fantasy wants (M for F)
« on: March 13, 2011, 04:08:26 AM »
Between two worlds-

In a medieval fantasy land, two countries are at war. The humans to the north who are a monarchy and religious based country, and the elves to the south who are more spiritual and magical based.

   The war has been going on for some time now with neither side fully gaining the lead. During the human offensive into the elven forest lands a young Paladin Captain leads his troops into a skirmish that is quickly thwarted by an ambush from a sortie of Elven blademasters, druids, mages and clerics. The young paladin is injured severely in the battle, and goes down fighting but is left in the mud when his men retreat.

An elven woman (preferably a druid or mage, though if you want to make something else I'm open to ideas) finds him, and for some unknown reason hides him and heals him back to health. The two are mistrusting of each other at first, but quickly become infatuated. Both of them begin to question the ideals and the purpose of the war and who knows? Maybe they can even save the kingdoms from themselves.

(This could possibly be a small group as well, but I think it would work the best as one on one)

The troubled husband

A Middle aged husband in a dead end job and in a painful marriage one night decides to rebel against his wife's increasingly uncomfortable treatment of him and their constant fighting. He goes to a local singles bar and begins flirting meeting one particularly seductive woman. As he is about to go home with her, he gets cold feet and quickly leaves.

 The woman however is a succubus, and she has never before been refused. It now becomes her personal vendetta to stalk, seduce, and tear him away from his life until she can have him as much as she desires.

Off the Record

A young woman works for a local newspaper running a column on the "underground" of the city, talking about illegal trafficking, conspiracy theories, and supernatural claims. She has been searching far and wide for proof of a Vampire existence, and of an organization of them within the city that she is sure of exists, for whatever reasons she has.

   In her search she meets a strange, dark young man who is quite charming to her, but fairly unsettling. He points her in the direction of a lead, although warning her of the dangers. Not heeding his warning she comes across the discovery she's been looking for, but is seen before she can escape with the proof.

 Her life becomes terrifying as the coven of vampires she was trying to seek is now out to kill her. On their first attempt she is rescued by the man she met before, who reveals that he is a Damphyr, a human who is half vampire from his parents. He is sociopathic, slightly unstable, and utterly infatuated with the woman in not just a desire sense, but he is extremely amused at her running from the coven. (Often taunting her by saying "run my little mouse, run!" but rescuing her regardless)

 The woman is strong spirited, but quickly breaks down on attempts at her life. The two form a uneasy romance, as he tries to teach her to be strong and to be brave again as he world is turned upside down.

Offline MayakterraTopic starter

Re: Fantasy/Dark Fantasy wants (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2011, 11:17:37 PM »
A couple others to add...

Life on the run

  This RP is in modern times and involves a man and a woman who are both former contract killers. They sold out their former employer making of with a huge stash of valuables; Cash, jewels, gold.

 Currently they are living their lives constantly trying to stay one step ahead of the authorities, spending their wealth in whatever ways they can that doesn't tie them down, breaking the law, and fighting off hit men or associates of the organized crime groups they screwed over.

Best enemies

  Two young adults who work at the same company have been bitter rivals and enemies for some time. They both do the same or similar jobs for the corporation and competed for promotions, jobs, accounts and just about everything you can. I haven't worked out what tehy do yet, just that it would be in corporate america.

   The competition started out as simply business, but as they have continued it has grown into a personal feud so much that their co workers will actively keep them apart in fear of it breaking into a fist fight.

Low an behold one day they are both summoned into the big bosses office, turns out their valuable skills has made them the prime choice for an international business deal in Venice. The two of them are being both sent as partners to secure the deal.

The Rp involves their severe hate for each other as they are forced to work together, the errors in booking that make them have to share a suite, and their eventual anger turning to lust and sex towards each other despite being rivals and enemies.