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Author Topic: Royal Demons Duel (MFMF, FF, MM)  (Read 854 times)

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Offline MayakterraTopic starter

Royal Demons Duel (MFMF, FF, MM)
« on: March 13, 2011, 01:04:35 AM »
The Royal Demons Duel [MFMF&FF&MM]

I guess I'll start with the juicy part first-

The rp will involve two male demons, and two female slaves. The demons are royalty, lords in the Feudalism system who are both leaders of the same kingdom of control so to speak. The two demons have been close since they were very young, and have recently become rivals trying to claim political dominance in a newly acquired region, but more on that below.

The two males each have a personal slave (female human, vampire, etc) who is both a concubine and a secretary. They settle their disputes by dueling, they each stand on opposite sides of the room and order their slave to pleasure the other. They take turns giving orders trying to get their slave to cause the other to orgasm first, and whoever does... has to yield.

   On top of that, the two female slaves are also lovers, but this is forbidden by their house so they have to try their best to keep it a secret.

On top of that the two demons are ALSO lovers, but for the same reasons as the slaves, they have to keep it secret.

Now on to deeper explanation...

   There are two sides to this particular world, the first side is a plane of existence called the “Infernal Abyss”. The Abyss is a hell like plane of chaotic, constantly changing landscapes and supernatural existences. It is here that demonic creatures and beings originate and still live in their own worlds and countries, however it is a harsh place to live with constant violence, death, and landscapes that will just as soon consume a being as to nourish it.
    For this reason most “part mortal beings” have moved to the mortal plane, or the world as it exists in 2011. Vampires, were-people, succubi, incubi, witches, warlocks etc all exist in the mortal world posing as normal humans and living in secret to escape the chaos of the Abyss.

  This occupation is far from unorganized or un ruled however. Part mortal or not, almost all these creatures still have needs that must be met by things only existing in the abyss, foods, relics, medicines, and services all still must somehow make their  way to the demonic pilgrims.

  For this reason a series of Abyss gates were created. These powerful creations make a direct portal between the two worlds and are the #1 source for supplies to be passed between the worlds. There are about 10-12 of them scattered around the world, and 6 of them in the US.

   These gates are run by the gatekeepers. Gatekeepers are full blooded demon royalty, Lords of houses of demons and devils all with political power and control. The political system of the demons runs much like Feudalism with loyalty being pledged to a certain house, and then to a certain kingdom.

The part mortals living in our world all are united into guilds based on their race and city. The vampires coven, the werewolves guild, the warlocks alliance... etc. In each city the guilds all pledge loyalty to a single governor, who is loyal to a gatekeeper. If the governor wishes to give alliance to a different gatekeeper he must have the approval of 75% of the guilds in his city.

 In this story, the two males are both keepers of the 3 most powerful gates in the US, all of them in the western states. These three gates make up the Drux'zr kingdom. Druz'zr was controlled by an alliance of two powerful families who attempted to join into one by spawning two offspring to be mates. Unfortunately they both spawned males, and through political turmoil both of the houses Lords died before they could spawn any more offspring, so the control of Drux'zr passed to the two male demons. They have ruled it together as equals their entire lives, and have established a mass of wealth, power, and influence.

Recently however, the Lord Gatekeeper of the Abyss gate in Detroit has died of mysterious circumstances with no heir. His area of control spans nearly 7 states and represents a huge portion of the east and south area of the US. This has created a huge opportunity for Drux'zr to come that much closer to controlling the entire country.

    When they work together politically they are easily able to sway not only the governors, but each individual guild to be loyal to them and claim the regions that were all formerly under the deceased Lord.

  However despite their joint rule demons desire power. Behind closed doors the two males are bitter rivals, as each one has a claim of “dominance” to each region, which means little else aside from being a claim. With these new regions being acquired they have taken to deuling after each acquisition in order to determine who can claim it over the other.

Their duels involve using their slaves to pleasure the other demon at the same time, they themselves cannot touch each other, only take turns giving orders to their slaves. Whichever of the demons orgasms, must yield claim to the region they are fighting over and in addition give up his slave for one night.

   Unknown to the demon lord though, the two women slaves have been alongside each other almost as long as the demons have. The women have become passionate lovers, but both understand that as slaves they are not allowed any contact, loyalties or love aside from their masters direction so for this reason they keep it secret. Its easy enough as they have free reign to move about the demons estates and  properties to not only take care of official business, but to sneak in rendezvous every once and a while.

 A deeper secret than that though, the two males have had a lust for each other for many years now. Secretly they live out their lust upon one another, because despite their power in the mortal plane, they are both pledged loyalty to the Legionairres of the abyss who provide supplies and rule from the other side. Since they are both full blooded demons, they require even more than the part mortals nourishment from the abyss and could easily be caught, shamed, tortured, killed or worst of all... turned into a human and banished.

The RP will call for two males and two females... basically the lines of interaction sexually and verbally will cross in every which direction, so everybody involved will be playing a bisexual character.

Interests? Questions?

Offline Fightingfaithless

Re: Royal Demons Duel (MFMF, FF, MM)
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2011, 10:45:46 AM »
I would be very intrested in playing the part of demon.

This plot is very well put together and I just love every part of it! If the character of demon isn't taken I would be all for it. I already have a pretty good picture of what my character may be if the part isn't taken.

Offline MayakterraTopic starter

Re: Royal Demons Duel (MFMF, FF, MM)
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2011, 06:59:08 PM »
Cool! We just need two ladies for the parts of the slaves now.