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Author Topic: International crime thriller needs heroes, villians, victims. w/ pics inside -->  (Read 839 times)

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Offline rick957Topic starter

Have a look at the cast of this international crime thriller ... From newest to oldest, here's the group that you could be playing with:

(complete with hokey, cliche character descriptions! -- just imagine the movie-trailer-guy with the uber-deep voice reading these ...)

Roo as Adelaide-Camille Durand

~Joined March 2011~

This aloof society girl lived for her career as a psychiatrist, until the perfect man swept her off her feet.  But when his dark secret finally came out, she got dragged down into the realms of organized crime and sexual slavery.  Will she find a way out -- or will she learn to like it there?

Aragem as Rachel Linston

~Joined March 2011~

She was a naive runaway, out to prove her cruel family wrong.  Her youthful beauty was her ticket to fame, until it drew the wrong kind of attention.  Now her body's for sale to the highest bidder, and she's about to learn what real cruelty is all about ...

Writersblockade as Marcus Pennington

~Joined August 2010~

He's a no-nonsense bad-ass who wanted a shot at underworld glory.  Can he outlast his rivals and become the next king?  Or will he turn out to be someone else's pawn?

Destiny Ascension as Jennifer Bishop

~Joined July 2010~

She came through for her country and her company when it counted ... held her own with the best of them out on the battlefield.  But now she's deep undercover and forced to make life-or-death choices she's never faced before.  Can she do what has to be done and live with the consequences?  Can she keep her cool long enough to get on the inside and overturn the evil empire from within?

Chelemar as Anne Reneaux

~Joined December 2009~

They thought they got away with it when they took her lover down, but all they really did was start her on the long road to revenge ...

... and as Miho

They stole her youth, used her, and abused her ... Until one day, she started to like it.  Now she's almost grown-up and takes the pain willingly.  They think they own her, but little do they know -- she lives to serve only her secret master ...

Larrinia as Maximilian Komerov

~Joined December 2009~

He played the hero and gave his all, but they turned their backs on him and left him to rot in the gulag.  Older and wiser, he won his freedom.  Now he'll have his revenge -- no matter who he has to go through to get it ...

RedEve as Tatiana Bohuslava

~Joined October 2009~

She's a natural-born killer with ice in her veins.  The path of her criminal career is littered with the corpses of men who got in her way.  She never gave them a second thought, not even the ones she let into her bed.  Then she met him ...

... and as Rosie Collison

All she wanted to do was serve her country and make her bosses proud, but she had no idea of the kind of hell she had gotten herself into ...

Rick957 as Constantin Grushenkov, et al.

~Joined October 2009~

He was the greatest enforcer of them all:  only the Don was more powerful, and no one was more ruthless.  He took over the Russian Mafiya and reshaped it into the greatest criminal empire the world had ever known; then he disappeared into the shadows.  The story was that he wanted out -- but no one had seen him, and no one knew for certain.  After all, no one in his position ever got out -- not alive, at least ...

Okay, ready to join?  :)

Player requirements and things you should know: 

1) You should feel comfortable doing a lot of reading, because some of us do long posts, IC and OOC ... especially the GM does ... 

2) You should be willing and able to post
at least once a week
for at least two months,
several times a week for the next month.
Posts can be any length over five sentences. 
More is better; those are just minimum expectations. 

3) If you have a high sensitivity to "godmoding," you may not like this games, because although I don't allow godmoding, I have a looser definition of it than many people do.  I encourage players to make decisions primarily for their own character(s) and to write from their character's perspective, but I also encourage them to be as proactive as they are comfortable being when it comes to initiating actions and plotlines. 

I encourage explicit sexual content as long as it only takes up a relatively small portion of the overall proceedings; mostly the game is about writing a good story, or at least that's the goal.

That's all folks!  Easy right?  Totally inexperienced players and old pros are equally welcome.

Check out the game here.  Don't be bothered by the large amount of old material, because almost none of it will affect you as a player.  I'll make sure you know everything you need to know, and that won't be much, I promise.  Most people play either criminals or law enforcement-types, but many kinds of roles are possible; this old post describes some alternatives.

PMs are best, but you can also post here if you prefer.  Hope to hear from ya.  :)
-- Rick, Killing Kind GM
... Always Wanted a Voice Like the Movie-Trailer-Man
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Offline rick957Topic starter

total rewrite bumpage.