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Started by NiceTexasGuy, March 09, 2011, 04:45:05 PM

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Okay, I may be a nerd, but I'm not a comic book nerd, so forgive me if I'm not using your favorite character exactly as depicted in issue #43 or whatever.

One of my many current cravings is this:  Nice guy superhero or heroes is/are captured by dastardly (but oh-so-sexy) supervillainess(es) - a la Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Black Cat, Harley Quinn, etc etc or an original character inspired by one or more of these or other sexy bad girls.

The thing I'm looking for is good vs evil.  I'm not terribly interested in Catwoman's love for Batman, or that the Black Cat has the hots for Spiderman, or whatever ... in my mind, these girls are evil and manipulative and if they're interested in sex with anyone, it's each other... or perhaps some equally dastardly villain.  Yes, I'd be okay with one male supervillain, maybe even directing the whole evil scheme.  So while there would be some heavy femdom overtones, it's entirely possible the girls all submit to him, and he directs them to dominate the good guys.

Also, while I'm not looking for campy play, I'm not looking for anything too dark either.  I mean, the girls can be evil, but I have no interest in Batman as some vigilante with a tortured soul.  If Batman is played, he's gonna be a good guy, like in the TV series, but not as campy.

I also prefer that powers be somewhat limited, so no Superman time travel, ok?

Aside from that, I'm pretty open.  We can start with the bad girls finding out someone's true identity and romancing them (though it isn't true romance on her part of course) .... or manipulating some NPC into luring the good guys into a trap ... or whatever we work out.  So please, share your ideas and desires and let's see what we can get going here.

I'm usually decent at coming up with plot and setting on the spot, but would love some input from others.  I'm listing this both under solo and group play.  Solo would be fine, but I think a small group would be a lot of fun, too.  PM responses would be fine, but the occasional response in the forum would make me look less lonely and pathetic.
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