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April 24, 2018, 02:05:31 AM

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Author Topic: Tale of Foresight  (Read 779 times)

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Offline NaughtinessTopic starter

Tale of Foresight
« on: March 08, 2011, 07:44:06 PM »
It hasn't been long since I noticed it. My dreams has been telling me a story, a story of which I am apart of, yet I could never get the true meaning, that is, until now...

My name was Detective Lee West, although I go by the name of Lee Maverick most of the time. It was evident that I needed a cover from my real identity. If I were to have anyone in my life, I would have to ensure their safety, and my line of work usually has a lot of enemies. And before you go on asking, no I am not under any government control. I am a Private Investigator, although I kept the rank of Detective for the sake of show. People get more impress by just words, and as long as the pay comes, I don't care.

Now, you might be wondering if I am just a money-hungry man who would work in any case. Let me tell you this: I never once work in a case that is bad for image. I make sure that everything I do is under complete consideration. There was once where I was forced to work for a criminal, and it ended rather messily. I would rather not tell, since the murder is more or less unsolved. The perks of being a detective is that you know how to hide a crime.

Now, the story of which I have done the unthinkable. That kill of the criminal was necessary, not a crime of passion or anything of that sorts. I did that for survival, not for the fun of it. But it gave me something, something I never thought I had. It gave me a feeling of power, as if I was God. But I managed to shut that side of me, to hide that feral side of me that might have been a hazard to public. However, it wasn't always that it could be hidden. And if ever that side of me come about again, I don't know if I could handle it...

Ever since the criminal's death, dreams of me killing others have been on full alert. Some of those in my dreams I don't even know, while most of the time the dreams consist of the criminal. However, a few showed some of those I have encountered in the past. For one dream, I was going to kill an ex-Police Officer, something I never thought I could do. Others found me face to face with a former criminal that I caught. But everything ended the same way, my hand stained in blood. The crimson streaks on my face and hands made me feel so at peace, it was an irony of my life, who never once taken a life during my 12 years of police work. Every time I dream, I would awake not drenched in sweat, but rather calmly. Thus, why I call it a dream, not a nightmare. What does this mean?

So far, I haven't gone through any of the dream forecast. I haven't met any of those I have seen in those dreams, and that is a plus side for me. However, it wasn't until 18th November of this year that the dreams became a reality...

It came to me as a shock really. And it wasn't even premeditated. I came across the Police Officer, or should I say ex-Police Officer, during one of my client's case. I was suppose to tail this guy, and it turned out that the guy had a tail on me as well. Whoever this guy was, he excelled in it, although he couldn't hide himself as well as I could. In the end, I was forced to take a stand. The man approached with a weapon at hand, although if it was meant to kill me or hinder me I didn't have the time to ask. With me always was a revolver, a gun I kept from my time at the Force. Loaded with a full six bullets, I pulled it out just as he approached me through an alley. The light from the gun fire probably scared off any passerby to go through that alley, and I had no choice but to escape by the fire escape. The man dead, I am now forced to take measures that they would not find me. Prison isn't a good place for someone of my 'rank'. Taking away the bullet case, I had to find some sharp object to pry out the bullet in him. A mirror shard would suffice, and, although bloody, it did the work. And I'm glad my usual attire comes with gloves. If not, evidence would be able to get my whole fingerprint.

After the clean up, I escaped through the Fire Escape of an abandoned warehouse. The place left me with some thoughts. I have just committed another murder, and cleaned up after it to prevent any trace towards me. And my dreams were right, they should me exactly how I killed the man. As freaked out as I was, I was feeling calm, more than ever before. I knew of my true calling now. And I know who I have to kill. My future is set by my dreams, and my dreams will be defined in reality. My targets set, only the time and place awaits me. May God have mercy on your soul when your time comes to meet me, the Grim Reaper.