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Author Topic: Exotic Non-con fantasy oneshot; futa/monsters/tentacles~ IC Thread started  (Read 11629 times)

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Offline KoyumeTopic starter

In a grand and lonesome mansion, occupied only by herself and her many servants, an arrogant young sorceress has recently cursed herself with a strange affliction; in researching a spell that was supposed to grant immortality, she inadvertently mutated her own body in a less desirable way. Having grown a prominent, masculine member and finding herself suffering from off-and-on waves of seemingly insatiable lust, she became reclusive and depraved, extracting sexual favors from her maids and forcing them to engage in perverse activities for her amusement.

One night, in a particularly desperate attempt to return herself to normal, she summoned a powerful demon, only to find that she could not command him. The demon, presumably amused by her condition and brashness, offered her a pact: he could return her body to normal, or make the condition more comfortable, as she desired, in exchange for initiating a ritual of terrible depravity. Now, to gather the needed "components" for the demon's ritual, the young baroness has issued invitations to her fellow aristocracy, calling young men and women from miles around to attend a magnificent party at her secluded mansion...

Righto, so that's the basic plot; I want to leave a bit of creative leeway for whoever plays the demon to decide exactly what the "Ritual" is, but there should be much eroticism involved.

So basically the cast is:

-The aristocratic sorceress (name to be decided; played by me). Character sheet will be provided later, if there is actually any interest in the game.

-The demon (player needed). The demon will probably be largely omnipotent, possibly a lord of hell or wherever else he might have come from. His exact appearance/powers/personality/motivations/etc are wholly up to whoever is playing him (or her, if preferred), but probably include at the very least shape-changing and the ability to summon other demons/monsters.

-Victims of various shapes and sizes (players needed). These characters are probably made up of the most attractive servants of the baroness' mansion, most of whom probably have nowhere else to go, and the younger members of the aristocratic peerage who choose to attend the sorceress' party.

-Other monsters(?). If a lot of people are interested, and more than one person wants to play a ravishing monster of some sort, then it's almost certainly a good possibility.

For character sheets, I assume you pretty much know the deal, something like:
-Race (if we're getting a little exotic and including races other than humans; assume that the game does not take place in real-world Earth)
-A picture or detailed physical description (or both)
-A brief biography/back story (remember that this is just a one-shot, so probably doesn't need to be too in depth)
-Ons/Offs (both for the character and for the player; be sure to include the things you want/don't want to happen to your character, etc.
-Anything obvious I missed

Other things to expect might be bestiality, bondage (I'm not really in to super heavy bondage myself, but some can be good), and general non-consensuality. Minor notes on my character are that she is dominant and spoiled, used to getting whatever she wants, but I definitely want her to ultimately be a victim as well.
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Offline Blue Leah

I can see jumping in on this. I will fill out a character sheet once I get home from work.


Ok, here's what I've got.

Character Name: Garrett Lomari
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Human
 Lomari spent most of his youth as a member of a traveling gang, acting as a "tactician" who planned everything ranging from highwayman-style road traps to large scale heist. He managed to maintain a good deal of credibility among his peers by taking part in every plan, usually by putting himself directly into the action. However, as time went on and his group began to undergo serious in-fighting and instability, Lomari decided to cut his losses and abandon his trade. Ever since, he has used his penchant for plotting and risk taking to become a successful merchant, and makes ample use of his "connections" to make sure his business continues to boom.

In terms of his personality, he is brash and confident, and never doubts that he can stay one step ahead of others. While he is not necessarily "greedy" in the traditional sense of placing money above all else, he has grown accustomed to being able to buy (or take) what he wants, and does not take too well to competition or challenges from others.

Physical Description: Lomari is 5'7", and has been getting a bit stocky since his "retirement." However, he still makes sure to keep his body healthy and maintained, and a closer examination shows that a good deal of his 185 pounds comes from muscle mass. He wears his reddish-gold hair cropped short, and his eyes are a deep blend of greens and browns.

As can be expected of someone who has spent his life picking fights, he has his fair share of battle trophies. His nose remains remarkably untouched, but the jagged scar and broken lower left incisor underneath it do plenty to make his already sharp features seem more sever. However, most people find their attention drawn to  the tattoo over his right eye: a jet black fox's head, devoid of any feature aside from Garrett's own eye peering out from the center of it. The effect tends to be a bit unsettling at first, especially coupled with the constant sneer caused by his busted lip and tooth.

Otherwise, his body is crisscrossed with faint scars and deep black tattoos. According to him, every tattoo has a story, and he is more than happy to tell these stories to anyone who asks (or hints of asking. Or looks long enough).

Ons / Offs:
-For me, the Offs primarily center around gore, torture, and the like. I have no desire to roleplay Vore, blood / menses play, or gratuitous S&M torture. Also not really interested in barbed anything going anywhere, just as a fairly unappealing mental image.
-The Ons are much broader. I'll try most things out, and am pretty partial to degradation and forced feminization / Transformation.

I apologize that it's so short. I'll have to edit it more as I get the opportunity.
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Offline KoyumeTopic starter

Excellent, one down so far.

Also here's my character sheet:

Florence De Galie*

Age: 20

Gender: Female (currently hermaphrodite)

Race: Human

Occupation: Baroness, Witch

Brief bio: Florence is an only child, the natural heiress to her father's title and property. With her vast wealth, now hers as a result of the early deaths of both her parents, and secret talent for dark sorcery, she has lived her life wanting for virtually nothing. She tries a great deal to avoid the intrigues of her fellow aristocracy, and has a well-deserved reputation as a beautiful and intelligent, but mysterious and reclusive, baroness, who spends much of her time in leisure and eccentric activities rather than with worldly concerns. She has a fondness for tomboyish sports, such as fencing and horsemanship, and through weekly lessons with private instructors she has become both an adept duelist and a skilled equestrian, with a collection of fine and well-bred horses.

Florence is not a large woman, standing barely over 5', but she has the trim and firm figure of a young duelist, qualities most of her feminine peers tend to lack, while retaining an uncommonly full and shapely bosom. Though she is sometimes self-conscious about her height and good looks, she has cultured an aura of eloquence and command, and is accustomed to getting what she wants, whether through bribery, intimidation, or charm. She has long, straight black hair, often worn with an Alice-band, ribbon, or other ornament, fair skin, and reddish-brown eyes.

Ons/Offs: (See my personal ons/offs I guess, for starters) Before her magical mishap, Florence had little interest in sexual pursuits at all, only giving vague thoughts to eventually finding a handsome boy for marriage. Since her change however, while she has not lost interest in the masculine form, she finds herself disturbingly attracted to other girls, and has become quite dominant in using her more attractive maids and other female servants for her pleasures. As a female, she is technically still a virgin. As far as what happens to her, virtually anything goes (again, see ons/offs), particularly rape or otherwise non-consensual things at the hands of strange monsters.

* Galie is pronounced something like [Gal(as in pal)-yay]
« Last Edit: March 08, 2011, 07:55:30 PM by Koyume »

Offline KoyumeTopic starter

Ok, here's what I've got....

It's certainly not too short, no need to worry about that, particularly since this is supposed to be a one-shot. He looks great, but the only issue I can think of is: assuming he's one of the "victim" characters, how do you see him getting involved in the story? (As a merchant I mean)

Also it would have been better if you'd posted the character sheet as a new post, both so the thread stays as noticeable as possible and so I don't double post.

Offline clodivs

Since you wish a demon...
« Reply #4 on: March 08, 2011, 07:26:06 PM »
-name: unpronouncable, though he will go by the name H'lo K'yteh among the mortals
-age: undefined
-Race shapeshifting cthulhuoid demon (If you're not familiar with Cthulhu, think of davy jones from pirates of the caribbean)
-description: H'lo's 'normal' form is cthulhoid, and it's his most comfortable form, but he has absolutely no qualms about shifting to other forms as occasion allows/permits, and his repertoire is practically limitless.  The only practial limits he has is that any form he takes will have tentacles incorporated in some fashion.
- H'lo Kyteh resided in deep slumber for long ages, by the way the mortal world recounts time.  He was awakened relatively recently by a strong sorcerer who enjoyed indulging in powerful rituals, but was never able to siphon off enough power from the man's rituals to regain a body and power.  When the sorcerer's daughter, however, made a horrible botch of an immortality spell, H'lo was able to jump in and take control of the energies she failed to adequately control.  While this in itself wasn't enough to give him the freedom he desire, he was able to twist the spell to endow her with a prominent penis, and impressed upon her mind the notion that the only way she could free herself of the curse was to properly summon him.  He closely watched her when she prepared the summoning to bring her (what she though would be) a demon who could cure her, and manipulated it further to bring her more pliant to his suggestions.  Now he had her convinced that if she just enacted the depravity he outlined, she would be restoring her body.  In reality, he had much different plans for her flesh, plans she would never have acceded to did she understand the true ramifications.
-Gender: H'lo generally identifies was male, but often appears in other forms to further his ends.
-Ons/Offs: he's a bloody inhuman demon who has no real conception of mere human morality.  Nothing is beyond him.
-Anything obvious I missed: No, not really.

Offline KoyumeTopic starter

Splendiferous! I'm well familiar with Cthulhu and the creations of Lovecraft, and H'lo should do just fine. I guess we just need a few more victim types, ideally at least one of whom will be one of Florence's maids. I'm thinking of calling the game "House De Galie", any objections or other ideas?

Offline Blue Leah

Sorry about the post problem. I wasn't sure of the approach, so I chose to err on the side of caution.

As to involving him in the story, he could either have been hired to help host the gala, or he could be considered a merchant who has bought his way into "nobility." Either option would give him reason to want to schmooze with big names.

Offline KoyumeTopic starter

Not a problem at all, but in the future I'd err on the side of 'more posts' instead,  :P (Since every post brings the thread to the top of the first page, and having a thread noticed = having people join = having the game start sooner.)

Either of those ideas is just fine; I'd say just pick the one you prefer and we'll make it work.

« Last Edit: March 09, 2011, 12:51:28 AM by Koyume »

Offline Blue Leah

The character's a plotter and very success oriented, so I can see him more being hired as a supplier for the "event," then trying to worm his way in and land some contracts amongst the folks there. Makes for that fun "more than I bargained for" moment.

I look forward to the game!

Offline KoyumeTopic starter

I look forward to the game!

As do I, but people are being pretty slow to realize how much they want to submit themselves to their regal mistress, or succumb to the rugged charms of H'lo K'yteh.

@Exiled and clodivs: How many players do you two feel we should have? Could we start with just the three of us?

Offline clodivs

How many players do you two feel we should have? Could we start with just the three of us?

I admit that some more would be better, and I can wait a while to see if more come in, but I think we could probably start with three.  The plot can certainly be kept open enough that more noble victimsguests could arrive to the party late.  Plus, you did mention the servant staff who could be NPCs.  Right now, I can't commit myself to controlling a number of NPCs, though.

Offline Blue Leah

Hm. I think three characters might be cutting it a bit close, especially given the roles of two of them.

Offline Kunoichi

Hmm, maybe I could toss in a maid or two...

Offline KoyumeTopic starter

Hmm, maybe I could toss in a maid or two...

Please do~  :-*

Offline Kunoichi

Like I said, it's just a maybe. ^^; Please don't feel like you have to wait on me if more people sign up as maids or other submissive types, alright?

Offline KoyumeTopic starter


I'd like everyone to keep in mind that this game is a one-shot, as in a relatively short game, as opposed to a long running story; one way to think of it is as an opportunity to try out things you're not sure if you like or not.

Offline schnookums

Looking for more victims perchance?

Offline KoyumeTopic starter

Looking for more victims perchance?

YES! Very much so; if you're interested, please feel free to join us. Just type up a character sheet and you're in.

Offline schnookums

Name: Sionn
Age: 20
Race: Anthro Fox (Vixen)
Gender: Female
Description: A red furred vixen with the traditional bushy tail, dressed in a more simple dress then many of the other ladies invited to the party, as if she were trying to be modest.
Background: Sionn is not actually an aristocrat, coming from slightly more common stock then that. Indeed, she was a master thief, and it was those skills that led her to this event, having suspected that the invitees might not be close friends of the host and therefore offering her a chance to bluff her way in and see about acquiring some choice goods for herself. Of course, given the true nature of the party she was in for a bit of a surprise...

Ons/Offs: I like the more exotic as far as partners go...very very big fan of bestiality lately, I will admit. Magical critters are fun too. Pregnancy play is also a big thing, but that might be difficult (or not, given the magical nature of things.) Definitely like to mix up with oral and anal to go along with more vanilla as well. Offs...well, I'm lukewarm about mind control or similar things. No bathroom play, can deal with a bit of blood but no harm that wouldn't eventually heal cleanly for my character.

Hope this is okay, since you said non-humans were alright, but if a furry isn't desirable I could do a human with the concept as well.

Offline KoyumeTopic starter

Glad to have you on board. I have no problems with furries myself; if anyone else does they should speak up soon.

We're in pretty good shape, but I'd really like at least one more, ideally a maidservant.

Offline clodivs

I'm kind of amused that the idea of anyone having anything against furries comes after an amoral shapeshifting tentacle demon has already been lounging about in the room for a while.

But that's just me.

Offline Blue Leah

He may be a tentacle-covered ender of worlds, but he isn't technically furry. Scaly, maybe?

Offline KoyumeTopic starter

True enough, but I'm pretty sure his point was more just that it would be silly to discriminate against an anthropomorphic animal while accepting something much more abominable.

Offline Blue Leah

Lol. I was joking around.

Offline Kunoichi


Age: 69

Gender: Female

Race: Lesser Demoness

Occupation: Maid

Miya's Picture

Brief bio: A lesser demoness summoned into service by the mistress of the house, Miya is under a tight contract that requires her to carry out any command her contract-holder gives her.  She's rather enthusiastic about this contract, however, because it is the first request for service she's ever gotten from anyone.  With the contract-holder being such a powerful sorceress, as well, she expects to gain plenty of experience over the next few decades, and possibly even level up into a proper Demoness by the end of the century.

Ons/Offs: As a proper servant of the Underworld, Miya pretty much has no limits (though please see my Ons and Offs for my own limits).  And of course, as one of the maids of the mansion, plenty of things are allowed to happen to her...


Age: 121

Gender: Female

Race: Dark Elf

Occupation: Maid

Silfy's Picture

Brief bio: Silfy first came to work at the mansion while the current owner's parents were still alive.  She was there when the young sorceress was born, watched over her while she was growing up, and still maintains an affectionate, almost motherly view of the young woman, even in the face of the... changes that have taken place, following her magical mishap.

Ons/Offs: As her master has recently had cause to find out, Silfy is quite the closet exhibitionist, easily turned-on by being given an audience in any given sexual situation.  As far as offs go, however, she's not really a fan of pain, or of most of the other, more extreme fetishes out there.