Desires and then some. (Mainly looking for Men at this time.)

Started by LiliPep, March 07, 2011, 08:39:50 PM

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Note: I prefer roleplaying with men that can give me at least two paragraphs per post. I need detail in order to enjoy it and to be able to have enough to work with in order to provide the same in return. I traditionally am a sub, but if you persuade me, I will consider changing that. All of this is subject to change and I am more than happy to tweek all of it to suit my partner and I together.

Looks can be decieving Taken
This will be based on a plot about a man who is part demon. He has just started to accept his demonic side and tends to keep to the forest rather than civilization. He is able to turn into a man at will, but when his emotions get the best of him, he loses control. He comes across a young, carefree woman in his human form and as she shows signs of caring about him he pulls away, afraid of losing control and his demonic form ruining the way she see's him.
This can vary in many ways. If you want it be be more sexual perhaps his demonic form turns into the lustful part of him or stuff like that.

Sci-Fi Based
I would be interested in any sci-fi plot. Just run it by me!

Duct Tape
(No this is not bondage, just a clever title)
This is a Star Wars based roleplay where two friends/siblings/aquaintences grow up together and are suddenly separated somehow. Years later they meet again, but not under the same circumstances. She was taken in by the Jedi council and became a Jedi Knight. He was trained to become a sith lord (howso we can discuss). How they reunite and how they react are up on the drawing board for further discussion. This can go in many different ways.

Can you claim what you can't see?
This is also a rough sketch. This idea goes toward a secret club that you must be invited or something of the sort to attend. The catch about the club is that when arriving, every person must be wearing a mask. The masks can reflect different things if we wish and the purpose of the club is up for discussion. Perhaps our characters know each other, or are both looking for some relief away from real life. Depending on what we create the club's purpose to be, the options are infinite!

You know what, I would like to do just a straight real life type romance. This does not mean I want the standard roles that we come up with for simple roleplays. I would like it long term and feel more realistic than meet-sex-and such-done. Any thoughts would be awesome because these are my only requirements

I was planning on all of these to be decently long term and will add/make changes as necessary. I know the descriptions are short, but I like creating the plot with my partner, rather than having everything laid out ahead of time.
PM or comment if interested.
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For my O/o's check out My Roleplay Preferences link below my Avatar.


Cleaned up initial post and added 'Can you claim what you can't see?'.
For my O/o's check out My Roleplay Preferences link below my Avatar.


Sent you a pm for the SW Idea with a small idea of my own.