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June 17, 2018, 11:16:11 PM

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Author Topic: MM roleplay wanted already have a start  (Read 435 times)

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Offline curiousjamesTopic starter

MM roleplay wanted already have a start
« on: April 25, 2010, 07:55:28 PM »
I would love to continue this with someone I already have the first post up but my partner has bailed on me please message me if interested.

Danny was rich some might say loaded his dad owned a fortune five hundred company but by god his father maid him work hard for his trust fund and his allowances. You see Danny  unlike all the rich snobs he went to school with comes from a family that pulled itself out of the gutter and into fortune. Danny's father was hell bent on instilling a hard work ethic upon his son the irony of having a great work ethic and probably never having to use it was more then evident to Danny it was however lost on his father.

After graduating from oxford University and topping his class Danny's father rewarded him with a multi million dollar boat with all the trimmings virtually a home away from home with two serving staff and an expert captain to drive it for him. He handed Danny the keys to it the berth number engraved into the key ring read one six nine his father looked him in the eye and said "son I'm proud of you more then you know you have worked hard and proven yourself a man I want you to take this and have a year off go out sow your oats find out who you are party go crazy hell just have fun" he took a deep breath and said "after that year its go time my boy some one has to run my company when I'm gone and allot of people depend on it including as you know many charities.

Danny couldn't believe it after all his hard work he was finally getting a reward he could think of no one else to take along but his close friend Seth. After Seth said yes they packed there things and directed there captain to take them to the Mediterranean sea.

The week before in Rome was crazy the night clubs and drinking was more then fun but the pare decided it was time for a wrest and so they find themselves floating just out from the coast of Malta the boat gently swaying at anchor the breeze just enough to make the warm day pleasant. Danny decided to give the crew a week off to spend in Malta as one of the serving women had relatives there and he had enough boating knowledge to handle any troubles. Danny grew tiered of sitting out in the sun and trying to beat back the strange thoughts and some might say desires that kept flashing into his head. He got up and ventured into the cabins noticing Seth's door open a crack he thought he might see if he was awake maybe he would want to play Xbox or watch a movie. What Danny saw did nothing to quell his rampant thoughts Seth lay out on his bed sleeping naked breathing deep and twitching as if dreaming Danny took in Seth's body with his eyes unable to move away they tracked down to his groin where a hard cock stood out at an angle hmm what is he dreaming about Danny pondered as he stared at the cock before shaking his head and moving away. Damn what am I a fag Danny admonished himself as he walked to his cabin and fell onto his bed rolling on his back he Seth's naked body flashed into his mind again as his cock gave a little twitch. Before long Danny's cock was hard and he couldn't stop his hand from wondering down to stroke his long hard shaft as he did he looked up realizing his door was not closed properly but thought nothing of it as his friend was asleep. He continued to stroke his cock for what felt like forever to him his hand alternating grip from soft to hard running up and down his eight inches until he explodes into a sock he hastily picked up his head falling back as he lay there panting and drifting of to a fitful sleep full of disturbing dreams.