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Author Topic: For Queen and Country  (Read 1971 times)

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For Queen and Country
« on: October 25, 2009, 09:04:09 PM »
((OOC: Just doing something to relieve a bit of boredom while waiting for approval. So, why not start something? I'll post the intro now, but if anyone has questions or whatnot feel free to ask those before replying. Oh, and first, this was designed to be a F/F RP, but I'm open to changes or good ideas.))

For Queen and Country

Reynick returned greeting from the guards he passed in the hall, nodding instead of saluting as he made his was to the queen's apartments. There were less guards in the castle as usual, giving it a rather...comfortable feel, in the knight's opinion. It didn't feel like someone was watching every single move that was made now, permitting those inside a bit of breathing room. Though, really, this was how the castle usually was. King Zarin Royalis was once again off at war, punishing their kingdom's enemies and securing their borders. Like his predecessors the man had a taste for war and he was always off in one or another. He was a hard man, a cold man...Not cruel, but not exactly one many people would call a friend. But he was a master of war, and just what the kingdom needed.

Situated in the north, faced with a year that rarely saw warmth and usually a lot of snow, they were surrounded on three sides by barbarians. North of them, in the Badlands, orc and goblin tribes that loved raiding. Occasionally a chieftain would band enough tribes together to actually cause a war. To the east, drow. They simply hated humans. To the west the Drakimin; a savage, barbaric race of humans that believed in pagan gods, self-mutilation, cannibalism...Everything most dark and foul. They were the ones to cause the latest war.

To manage such a king the Royalis line had to be crazy. But ever since the land was granted to the first of the line, generations ago by the Lord Emperor to protect the northern half of the empire, they had defended it valiantly. Their kingdom might not be the bets place to live, or the easiest...But taxes were low, crime was low (as humans realized by now fighting each other here only helped their enemies), and life was more or less easy in the brief times of peace.

Besides, pretty much only those foolish enough to live up here were people wishing to join the most decorated and resilient army in all of the Empire. of course, there were peasants who took advantage of the low taxes to come and open farms, merchants making new caravan, and all that stuff. And that was how Reynick had started. He had been the son of a farmer, only to be conscripted into the king's army.

Coming in front of two large, oaken doors, he sighed. Knocking three times, he waited...And a few minutes later, a door was pulled open, a maid beckoning him into the queen's waiting room.

"Please wait here a moment, Sir Reynick. Her Majesty will call you in shorty."

"Of course, Elsa."

The maid blushed as the knight smiled at her, and left to return to her queen's side. Most women in the castle liked Reynick. Unlike most knights, who pursued many of them for...physical reasons...Reynick was always kind and courteous. And strangely pleasing to the eyes. He wasn't a large man. He actually a bit on the short side for a knight. While most knight were tall and muscular, bulky even, from all of their training Reynick was more of a medium height, with a build that showed more precision than brute force. Not that many knew just how muscular he was, as he had come to be known for really ever letting his face be known. Out in public, most assumed because of his role as the queen's body guard, he was almost in full armor.

But his face, well...For one he stayed clean shaven, instead of growing a beard like most men. Which many appreciated, as a beard would just look silly on him. He was handsome, but, beautifully so. It was strange, and no one could really explain why eyes were drawn to him. Even some men admitted to it. There was a betting pool going around the castle on if he had elvish blood in him, as that was the only way a man could look as he did. And it explained the lack of facial hair as well.

No one would ever guess the really reason...That Reynick was a woman.

She was Reynick twin sister, and when he fled the family farm when conscription orders came, well...She looked enough like him to pass off as him so their family didn't loose their home. Through the years, through the training, she had kept who she was a secret, and more than once luck had saved her. And, it had taken it's toll on her...

For one she could barely remember her real name. And really, she was far from ladylike anymore. While still having a feminine body, it was toned, strong from all of the training and fighting she had been through. Nothing a man would want...Not that she really seemed to mind anymore. To survive in an all man army, she had to act like a man...Or at least, enough like one not to cause suspicion. Reluctance to get close to women could be passed off as he was just a timid man, or one more focused on the war than other things. But, she was, kinda, looking at women now...No! Bad! Stop that!

With a sighed, she shook her head. This was her life now. Luck had seen her do well enough in battle to be promoted, and saving the king's own life had landed her as his wife's new bodyguard when her previous one died of natural causes. And somehow, they had become friends. Or as well of friends as a knight and his queen can be.

Now, if said queen would just finish her daily preparations...

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Re: For Queen and Country
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2009, 03:21:35 PM »
A rather haggard looking woman would move out of the Queens chambers, with Elsa rambling in hushed and brisk tones behind her.  A quick closing of the door would silence the woman's prattlings, as she would huff a sigh of relief at the momentary escape. 

She was dark haired,  deep brunette tresses that fell in soft waves down past her shoulders to the mid plains of her back.  Pale skin that when flustered or embarrased would easily carry the paints of blushing hues.  Her face was slender and narrow,  her lips plump petals painted in pink hues,  but it was her eyes that called the most attention.  Almond shaped,  her eyes were as dark as midnight and seemed to carry a weight to them, when settled upon a person they swore she was looking into their very souls. 

Only recently had she come to be in the castles employ,  and it seemed she was in charge of the lady Queens laundry, as she held tucked against her hip a basket of linens perhaps from a bed.  She wore a simple dress,  of tan and navy blue, leather shoes upon her feet.

Those dark eyes would turn from the shut door behind her, which momentarily gave her rest to settle upon said Knight standing in waiting for the lady Queen.  A frown appearing upon her face, as blush blossomed upon her high cheek bones, and dark lashes lowered to further slit almond shaped eyes.  Almost seeming angry with the knight for having been standing there in her private moment of solace. 

Shifting the basket upon her hip as she straightened her posture, regaining her composure.  "  forgive me Sir Knight, I did not realise you were standing there...Im sure miss Elsa"  the name said with some contempt "  will be out to bring you to the lady Queen in a few moments" Her voice was like silken honey but whispered of wildness beneath the politeness.

Bowing her head as she would offer a curtsy,  she would begin to move around the knight and towards the chamber doors. 

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Re: For Queen and Country
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2009, 04:25:03 PM »
Reynick was quite surprised to see a woman she didn't know step out of the Queen's chambers. She had personally gone through and screened every maid serving Her Royal Highness. No one without her approval was supposed to be allowed in these rooms...and Elsa, at least, knew that. What was going on here? Still, seeing that she was in this woman's way, Reynick stepped to the side, shaking her head when the woman apologized for being in her way.

"No apologies needed, I was in your way...I'll get the door for you, miss."

While she didn't doubt the woman's resourcefulness to handle a door while carrying a basket of laundry, Reynick was one of the few knights that still honored the Old Code, instead of going on masculine power trips. Opening the door out into the hall for the maid, she gave her a light bow as she walked by, but before the maid could get away she spoke up.

"Before you go...What is you name? I do not recognize you, and I know all of the queen's handmaidens."

Her tone was light, and a small, kind smile was on her face. But her ice blue eyes didn't share in the smile, instead having the dull look of someone who had seen one too many battle, seen a few too many deaths, and certainly no happiness or pleasure...

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Re: For Queen and Country
« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2009, 08:42:12 PM »
The voice that spoke to her was smooth, and caused her to glance back in a certain amount of surprise.  A dark brow lifting in her curiosity when  the knight would offer to get the door, so perhaps chivalry wasn't dead after all.

"  Thank you but there really is no need "

But it appeared there would be no stopping said knight from opening the door,  and of course then the questions would come. No doubt he was suspicious of her,  a new face in the castle serving the queen was more then good cause to be suspicious.

"  Azalia "  pronounced A-say-lee-ah.  " of course you wouldn't recognize my face, as I have not been here long,  I was sold to this castle by my uncle Count Tegan...apparently I am to be domesticated and learn to do the chores of a woman with humility, humbleness and grace."

Those almond eyes would squish into a squint, her lips puckering like she could just spit with anger,  her last words dripping with obvious disdain. 

"  As he could not teach me this he put me in the Queens care to be raised,  a lady,"

A brilliant smile would spread across her lips as she would lean close to Reynick then.

"  He is sadly mistaken if he thinks just because i behave for the Queen, that i shall behave enough for him to saddle me off to any of his stuffy old cohorts.....I won't stand for it, I tell you, I won't. "

Stepping back from him as she shifted her basket upon her hip, she would laugh softly.

" They'll sooner find their swords plunged through them then any part of them plunging into me" 

Perhaps that was vulgar of her to say, but it was truth, she cared not for the attentions of men. With a nod of her head, she would offer a good natured  smile that made dimples appear within her cheeks and her dark eyes to spark with that inner mischief.

" you know my life story now sir Knight,  if you have more questions Ill be down at the laundries....I had better get a move on before miss Elsa finds me gabbing with you.....she'll box my ears for sure"   

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Re: For Queen and Country
« Reply #4 on: October 29, 2009, 05:28:01 PM »
((Sorry for the delay.))

Reynick listened in silence as the maid told her story, which was honestly more than she had been expecting. A name would have been enough, one she could pass onto some of her contacts around the castle to learn more about her, and more than likely have her delegated to duties further away from the Queen. Honestly, who had approved her going into the Queen's chambers? Elsa at the very least should have known better...Thankfully, though, this Azalia person didn't seem so bad. She just wasn't so sure of someone with such...personality about the Queen. Especially after the swords comment...

Still, something about her brought a faint smile to the knight's lips, and she just nodded when told where to find her. More questions would have been nice...But they would have to wait for another time.

"I will remember that, Miss Azalia. But I wouldn't want to put you at Elsa's wrath. Have a good day."

Giving the maid a slight bow, she would close the door after she left, and would return to waiting for the Queen. Today was going to be a rather short day, actually...A meeting of nobles was today, and those of non-royal blood were not permitted to attendence. That included her, even if she had the Queen's bodyguard on personal appointment of the King. No, instead the Royal Guard would have their hand at protecting her. Sometimes, Reynick wished she hadn't been so quick to save the King that day, earning his favor and this position...She would much rather be on the front lines...

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Re: For Queen and Country
« Reply #5 on: October 29, 2009, 10:08:45 PM »
As Reynick would bow to her, she would give awkward smile and curtsy in return.  Departing with quick rapid steps of her slipperd feet to be way out of the line of fire of Elsa,  who would no doubt chew her out like an old bull dog with a bone.

So then that was the night that everyone always talked about,  the Queens personal guard.  She would make a noise of amusement but no ill will lingered there.  Reynick indeed seemed pleasant enough,  though she would wonder why he never settled down with a wench.....there plenty of pretty ones all swooning for his attention.

She guessed it was because he enjoyed the heat of battle too much,  war was his lover,  a soft laugh escaping her.  She would not be found swooning for Reynick, even as she meandered into the laundries she could hear maids giggling and gushing over the interactions with said chivalrous Knight. 

"  oh hush up you ninny's"    A rather annoyed Az  would snip towards them.

" he is just a man,  not like he's  the king or something"

The maids would all turn to look at their grumpy newest member of the keep, brows lifted as eyes would drift up and down her form. 

First Maid: " and who died and made you head girl?"

Second Maid: " shes probably just jealous because she has had any interactions with him"

Third Maid: "  poor thing,  Reynick  has better things to tend to then worry about maids"

Az would be standing there, her face scrunched up in frown  as the conversation was turned to wild gossip.

" yes because im just dieing for him to spend time with me.."  she would retort with tones dripping in sarcasm.  Tipping the contents of her basket into the vat of washing water, as she started rolling up her sleeves.

Second Maid:  " good luck on that one deary, you'll have to get in line.."

Third Maid: " like she stands a chance,  no my moneys on Elsa.."

Rolling dark eyes exasperatedly,  sinking her hands into the water she would let the hens cluck and crone as they would.  It made little difference to her what they said,  she would quietly serve her time here before making a break for it.

Humming softly she would wash the Queens linens, she may have been a spirited one but she did have respect for those who had respect for her. Thus far, the Queen and she had not spoken so she could not determine what kind of woman she was.  Everything would be revealed in time, but she truly wasn't here to cause trouble, trouble just always seemed to find her.

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Re: For Queen and Country
« Reply #6 on: October 30, 2009, 12:25:02 PM »
It didn't take very long for Reynick's free time to start. The Queen soon exited her chamber, and light, polite conversation ensued as they walked to the meeting chambers. The Queen hated these kind of meetings, as many nobles were still stuck up and stubborn to accept the authority the King had left in the hands of a woman. For all his faults, one thing that could not be said of the King was that he was bad towards his wife. Sure, at times it may seem like he preferred the field of battle to her bed, and sure he often forgot to include any messages to her in his weekly reports back to the castle, and he wasn't the warmest of men...But he would never strike her, never harm her, so he was too bad of a husband.

Passing the Queen's safety off onto a pair of Royal Guards, Reynick started back for her room. She might as well get caught up on some sleep, maybe hit the sparring circles after that...Hopefully the knights who didn't mind fighting in full armor with real blades...Not only did it hide the fact she was a woman, but it was the closest she could get to the rush of battle, here in the castle...

As she passed the stairs down to the maids' quarters, though, she paused. She still wasn't sure about that new girl...She turned and headed down the stairs, heading for the laundries. Catching a maid that was about to pass, she asked where Azalia was, before finding the girl.

"Well, it's glad to see you are not ruining the Queen's linens...Given your mood at her rooms, I wasn't sure you'd not sabotage them, to get back at Elsa."

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Re: For Queen and Country
« Reply #7 on: October 30, 2009, 10:36:51 PM »
There seemed to be a hush in the room as Reynick entered,  quiet whispers and giggles given as eyes watched him pass.  That should have been a hint to Az but being absorbed in her own thoughts she wouldn't hear the approach until that smooth voice spoke from behind her.

Dark eyes would widen in surprise, as she would jump slightly to turn and glance at the knight. 

"  Is that what your so worried about?"  she would ask and laugh softly shaking her dark head as she would ring out the linens and place them into another basket to be put out to dry. Never did she let the linens out of her sight for there was always a chance another would take them and contaminate them with poison if she wasn't careful...then she would be blamed. 

"  I assure you I am harmless, though being who you are I doubt you will take my word for it.  I'm sure Elsa can find something else for me to do if it bothers you so much Sir Knight"

Those dark eyes would play over the armored being,  so slight in build and yet well toned no doubt.  Wait a minute....why was she looking....a frown would curve the corners of her lips downwards as she would look away.  Cheeks pinkening slightly as inwardly she would be harassing herself for investigating him like that.

Scrubbing the linens furiously along the washing boards, a bit of spray would fly off and drop to the floor.  Her clothes becoming slightly dampened in her carelessness, but the Queens linens would never look so clean as they did now.

"  I didn't think you would come looking for me so soon,  or have you been given the day off?" 

She didn't know the Queens schedule really, she just knew her tasks and when they were to be done at what times. The last of the linens would be placed into the basket and  picking it up to balance upon skirted hip she would offer a smile again.

"  if you have more questions Ill be happy to talk and work at the same time,  if you have time that is..."   Waiting for his answer before she would head out to hang the linens to dry......nothing was more boring then having to watch linen dry...conversation would at least keep her entertained for a while.

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Re: For Queen and Country
« Reply #8 on: October 31, 2009, 03:59:40 PM »
Reynick just crossed her arms over her armored chest, simply nodding when she was asked if that was what she was worried about. Of course it was. Assassins were clever at times...The sheets could be coated in poison, or if Azalia was an assassin, she could leave surprises in the bed when she put the linens back on. But she noticed how the maid didn't let the linens out of her sight...That was a good thing, at least. It didn't clear her, but she was at least responsible.

"The Queen is in a meeting of nobles...I'm of common blood, I'm not permitted inside."

She followed the maid as she left to hang the linens to dry. Of course she had questions...She would spend the entire day with this maid if it meant being positive she was no threat to the Queen. If she truly was safe, just with a sparky attitude, well...She had a feeling she and the Queen would get along just fine. Her Highness loves breaking norms and causing bits of trouble for fun...

"You mentioned before that you were sent here? Care to give any more details on that?"

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Re: For Queen and Country
« Reply #9 on: November 01, 2009, 05:06:36 PM »
Though eyes watched, nothing was spoken but in soft murmurs, the maids of the room looking with great interest upon the scene of the two.  Still it was not so outlandish that the knight take interest in the new face of the castle, it was all business of course. 

As they would walk outside she would offer  a nod "   ah that explains why you were so quick to join me again."

Setting the basket down upon the grassy lawn,  stopping before the ropes rigged up for clothes lines. She would start dispensing the linens and pegging them to the line to let the free flowing winds do their task.   

A smile curving her lips as she would breath deep the fresh air as the light air currents would tease and toss her hair, like a taunting friend. 

" Aye, I was sent here, "  she would reply bending down to the basket at her feet to retrieve another linen to be put up.  A slight stiffness entered her muscles as Reynick sought more information about her past....had she not already given enough?

"  Count Tegan,  my uncle,  owns  a large plot of land just on the western border that divides the lands.  "   she would start her explanation, but her words were guarded.

"  My parents died when I was young, my Uncle and his wife took me in and raised me as their well as taking over my Father's place as Count." 

A frown formed upon her face as she would continue to pin up the laundry and adjust it to settle right to dry evenly. 

"  Not very many people are fond of my Uncle,  he is a very harsh man but he does what is needed to be done.  Those lands are my dowry,  as part of my parents will,  however he has been enjoying ruling the land greatly and doesn't want to see that power go."

Turning she would face  Reynick with those dark eyes of hers, stormy with emotion as she would fold her arms.

" He is trying to marry me off to his head knight,  a beastly vile snake of a man"  A shuddering cringe rolled through her as the very thought of him disgusted her.  "  He wants me to marry him so that he will still have power and say while I am shoved off to the way side." 

Anger roiled through her,  looking mad enough to spit again.  "  In any case,  I declared I would not ever marry the neanderthal,  and the bishop refused to  over see the marriage when both parties were not willing.  Thanks be to the gods"  shed flash a glance at Reynick and look away. "  to god...that he was a very spiritual and virtuous man,  for he would not even accept bribery.."

Turning she would start fussing with the laundry once more,  "  so in a fit of rage he gave me over to the kingdom saying I will learn my place as a dutiful daughter, niece and future wife....or if, once my term is done here and I am still found lacking....I will be sold into slavery to the Drakimin" 

A dark laugh would escape her lips as she would shake her head, fingers smoothing the edges of the linen.  "  A harmless threat said in a fit of rage"  she would muse.

The parts she had left out however was that her family was the one to be rumored to be in contact with the Drakimin. Not necessarily that the family was conspiring with them to over throw the King but that the family had blood ties with them.

The story went that Count Treyon, Az's father, had often had lots of trouble with the Drakimin attacking his lands, burning his crops etc. He had called upon his younger brother Tegan to help battle until the kings aid could be sent.  There was a very vicious and bloody battle that ensued and for a while there was a time when Count Treyon was rumored to be dead.  Three months time passed and the battles continued,  Treyon was thought to be truely dead but upon the begining of the fourth month the Drakimin retreated.

It would seem odd as the Drakimin had been within inches of victory,  they had laid seige to the keep and had breached its outer walls when a great wail of horns errupted from the trees.  Mysteriously,  the Drakimin retreated, and from the forest Treyon appeared with a wild eyed, pale haired woman at his side.

When later questioned, he would tell that the woman's name was Liona, and that she had found him upon the battle field and nursed him back to health within her hut that was hidden within the trees.  There was alot of speculation as the woman behaved in odd manners, it was said she was of the Drakimin,  a princess of them. At least it explained the ceaseing of attacks made upon the peoples there, and the woman was always kind if not spirited.  Her only down fall was violent out bursts when ever another showed interest to her love,  spoke ill of her or her family, or showed disrespect. 

Years passed and none questioned it anymore, though they all had some kindling of understanding of who this woman was.  She bore their Count a beautiful daughter,  and life was grand but something changed.  Revolts began to occur against this Countess said to be of the barbarian peoples...though why was anyones guess.

The riots began, the people started to war amongst one another, some against and some in protection of their fair Countess and Count.  It was not long after that that the Countess and Count were found murdered within their chambers, leaving behind their wailing baby girl to the world.

That was when Tegan had stepped in,  the Drakimin in supposed outrage began attacking again until it was made known that the daughter had survived.  Again the attacks ceased and all was quiet once more,  though nothing more was ever heard about the daughter. 

That daughter, now stood before Reynick but there was a problem the baby girl in the tale was said to have the pale blonde hair of her mother along with the wild eyes, while this woman had dark hair.

"  As I said before, I will serve my time here.....perhaps if I am found to be in the Queens good graces she will grant me the power to choose my own husband at my leisure...if not then I shall simply not return to my Uncles...let him have my dowry and lands."

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Re: For Queen and Country
« Reply #10 on: November 02, 2009, 08:50:05 AM »
Reynick had payed the soft murmurs no mind as they walked outside, and as they reached the lines, the knight stopped and stayed back a bit so as not to be in the way. She just watched the maid as she spoke, picking up the little clue she needed...The tensing as she asked for about where she came from, the guarded tone of her story, mentioning "gods" instead of "God." And she knew a bit about the rumors around the late Count Treyon and his family, the rumors of relations with the Drakimin. As a soldier that had spent a lot of time stationed in the west it was hard not to. Of course with the new count in charge the rumors were kept to whispers, some of the veterans expressing concerns that recent Drakimin hostility was a result of the murders...Hostility that had erupted in the latest and still ongoing war.

If Azalia thought Reynick cared at all about the rumors and whispers though, that she could be related to Drakimin tribals, but the knight really didn't care. The Queen's safety was all she wanted. And she had some interesting run-ins with the tribals anyway, to change her opinion.

Unfortunately, as sincere as the story sounded, she wasn't quite convinced...

"There's always the chance the Queen will like you...She always is seeking to spice things up in the castle. However...I was under the impression the daughter of Lord Teyon and Lady Liona had stunning, light hair and eyes like her mother's. Strange then, you have dark hair..."

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Re: For Queen and Country
« Reply #11 on: November 02, 2009, 03:45:38 PM »
As Reynick pointed out that her hair did not match she would offer sigh, shoulders sagging slightly under the weight of whatever was bothering her...perhaps her dark history.

" look Sir Reynick,  I care not to be gawked at and whispered least more so then need be....there is already suspicion of who i am though it was meant to be kept quite.  The dark hair is just a wig.." 

She would admit finally in defeat,  she knew there had been holes in her story and that anyone with half a brain would have been able to see through them.  Gazing upon Reynick now,  she would wonder what else the knight would desire to know when she had thusly spilled everything about herself.

Regaining her composure she would draw herself back up, lifting her chin proudly despite her stained past that had many unsure of her and her family. 

"  If I was going to do anything to the Queen, do you not think I would have done so before you knew of my presence here?   it would have made more had the element of surprise after all"

This was probably not a very good thing to talking about with the first knight,  but Az didnt seem to be normal either.

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Re: For Queen and Country
« Reply #12 on: November 03, 2009, 03:10:16 PM »
A wig? Well, if Azalia was so worried about keeping her identity a secret, there were better ways of doing it than using a wig...which could be pulled off...Methods like dyes and other hair colorings. Though really, the best thing she could have done was just not getting a position so close to the Queen. Because now that Reynick had to dig, in a castle where everything seemed to have ears, well, who Azalia was the daughter of was bound to get out.

"I see...Might I recommend some dye? That would work better than any wig."

At the maid's comment of having done something already if she were here to harm the Queen, Reynick smirked a bit. Well, that's what the smart assassin would have done, but she had seen enough to know assassins were rarely smart. One had decided to just charge into the banquet hall with a sword one night and charge the table. Though, she was still trying to figure out how he got that far...Whatever the case, he didn't even make it to the table.

But still, Reynick smiled a bit, this time truly instead of just politely.

"You have a point. I was simply doing my job. But in apology for pushing a touchy issues, do you require any help?"

It really wasn't uncommon for Reynick to be seen helping out around the castle when the time was available. Helping maids and servants carry things, helping get items up ladders and balconies, one time she had even insisted on cleaning up a mess she had made herself, instead of making the maid she had bumped into clean it up.

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Re: For Queen and Country
« Reply #13 on: November 04, 2009, 09:15:32 AM »
"  It most likely would Sir Knight,   but.....I do have a fondness for the pale hair my mother gave me....I have no ill feelings towards it...just everyone else seems to."

A shrug of her shoulders given as she would  look at him and smile.

"  you don't seem to be the norm either....I can't put my finger on it but there's something different about you.  Aside from your  mannerisms and such...."

Those dark eyes would scrutinize the face that gazed at her, there was something not quite right here.  For now she would dismiss it,  looking back at the laundry it would still be a while before it would be dry.

"  no I think Im alright here,  besides isn't it  a woman's job to clean and such....not a knights"  she would muse gazing back at him.

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Re: For Queen and Country
« Reply #14 on: November 06, 2009, 12:52:32 AM »
Reynick just nodded a bit. She could understand the girl's fondness for her hair. She could remember when she had to cut her hair, to pose as her brother. At the time it had been one of the worst things she had ever done...Now, though, well she liked her hair short now. Maybe it was just how this life was changing her...She knew now she would never fit in as a woman or lady. Not with as attracted as she was too battle, how she was more comfortable in armor than a dress, with a sword and shield than a needle and thread...Really, the only thing keeping her from being a man was her body and her mindset.

Even then, she was changing in her head as well...Issues involving war and battle aside, she realized her eye was drawn more and more towards women...But she was snapped out of her thoughts when Azalia commented on her not being of the norm either.

"It really is sad when seeing a knight actually fulfilling their duties is comsidered out of the norm..."

When her offer of help was turned down then, Reynick just shrugged.

"True, but aren't knights here to serve as well? Either way, it was just an offer to apologize for the prying." The knight just shrugged before continuing, "If that's the case though, I'll be on my way. Days off are few and far between, I intent to enjoy it."

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Re: For Queen and Country
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A smile would curve cherubian lips, and soft laughter would come from her. 

"  well a knights duties differ from a maids greatly,  you don't see us maid's running about in armor and swinging swords do you." 

Glancing over the laundry to ensure no one was tampering with them, even though Reynick was facing her, she had to make sure for herself.

" Knights are here to serve, yes,  but in ways that we humble ladies can not possibly do" 

She would shake her head at the nonsense of it,  it always bothered her that work was thus divided between the sex's, when both were capable of doing so.

"  By all means  do go enjoy your day, Sir Reynick,  I shall perhaps meet up with you later for dinner....if miss Else would allow."   The woman's name once more said with a bit of dread and bitterness.

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All Reynick could do was shrug when Azalia asked about seeing maids running around in armor swinging swords. She had a point, but at the same time, she wasn't part of an order that actually used to practice chivalry and other such codes of honor. Knights really had fallen from the times of her father's stories, from tales of heroic actions and kind heroes. Now all that knights could claim to be were glorified soldiers. There was no honor, they just received a title and better armor for impressing the right noble or killing the most enemies on the field of battle.

And at the comment of knights not serving in the way humble ladies do...Well, she had to keep a smirk off of her face. If only people knew...Then again, if people knew, she'd be imprisoned and likely either beheaded or burned at the stake.

When Azalia said to do enjoy her day, Reynick just nodded, but another comment about the Queen's chief handmaiden paused her again.

"I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. Elsa is only a harsh mistress when the Queen's business is on the line. With her indisposed of for the day, you should fine she's lightened up a bit. But good day, Lady Azalia, I will see you around."

Giving the maid a light bow, as maid or not she was still the daughter of a nobleman, the knight turned and walked off. A bed was calling for her.

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Dark midnight eyes would trail after the retreating Reynick, smiling softly as she lifted a hand to itch the dark haired wig that covered her own illustrious pale hair. The wig was dreadfully hot, and itched something fierce, but for now she would keep it as her cover until she couldn't any longer.

Turning back to the laundry, she would sigh softly,  playing her hand over the linens to check their states of dryness. Moving back a few steps, she gathers her skirts and plops down upon the grassy hill and awaits for the laundry to dry.

Later, after finishing the laundry,  and a very long winded conversation with Elsa,  the nights festivities would begin. Seeing as the nobles were all present, of course there would be festivities...drinking, dancing, fine dining,....

Thus,  Az would be preparing for the night,  setting the tables,  finishing up the decorations and doing every odd bit job Elsa had for her. By the time everything was ready, Az would feel like she ran laps around the entire castle grounds at least a thousand times over.

Drifting outside a servants passage, she would be in dire need of some fresh air,  heaving a sigh as she would watch the switching of the guards.  Sometimes she wished she could be a man, things would be so much easier for her then. She could do what she wanted, when she was unfair sometimes.

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((Sorry this took so long to get up...))

It was a change of pace that Reynick really hadn't been expecting. When the meeting ending, her duty of protecting the queen was not handed back over to her, and the group of Royal Guards stayed with her. Apparently the festivities planned for the night were still part of this monthly meeting, and as such, technically, in the fine print of some by-law a scholar had to probably write in the night before, a common-blood soldier such as Reynick couldn't attend as the guard of a royal. While it was a surprise, and truthfully Reynick wasn't sure she quite approved of this, she had no choice but to accept it and the further day off it gave her.

But she was quickly discovering just how boring the castle was when she was not on duty...She could only sleep for so long, and the only knights brave enough to duel her were out looking up rumors of poachers in the king's forest.

So she was on the the castle wall, leaning against the battlement as she stared off over the cliff the castle was built on, over the city below to the sunset. If nothing else, living this far north gave some rather beautiful sunsets...She was still in full armor, despite having the day off, sword and shield on her back. She was just enjoying a chance to be alone for a bit...No maids hopelessly trying to flirt with her, no nobles insulting her...

Where she was, though, was right across the courtyard from the servant's entrance, and she was in full sight of Azalia.

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Midnight orbs lit up with delight at the visage of Reynick leant against the battlement, an impish smile curving plump petal lips.  Uplifting her skirts so they would not trail upon the ground to cause noise disturbance,  the woman would sneak with surprising steal upon the battle ready knight. 

She was not stupid enough to come within striking distance, as it was already a bad idea to be sneaking up on a knight charged with protection of a Queen....that already suggested Reynick was a deadly being.

" Sir Reynick!"   she called out to surprise the poor soul, laughter lining every word as she sought to surprise and perhaps startle the day dreaming knight.

" It appears to me that we both have the rest of the night off, while such festivities are going on"   The chiming amused voice would continue when Reynick had regained himself,  "  I think we should go to town, party it up a bit ourselves, what do you think?"

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Reynick didn't jump or appear startled as much as Azalia might have hoped, simply glancing her way a second after she called out and offering the maid a small smile. She was, unfortunately, used to having her moments of peace and quiet sudden;y and abruptly ended, the sudden yelling of her name didn't surprise her anymore. Few things did, really...Yes, she led a rather dull and stressful life.

"Good evening, Lady Azalia."

Standing up from leaning against the battlements to look at the maid better, she listened as it was suggested that they both go into town for their own party. An offer she was sure any other knight would readily accept, Reynick had to sigh and shake her head.

"My apologies, but I cannot go. My place is here in the castle, whether the queen needs me or not...I know some other handmaidens who were given the night off are planning on going to the city though. Perhaps you can go with them?"

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Well that wasn't very fun, there was little to no reaction from Reynick,  that slightly put her out but not as much as when Reynick would turn down her offer.  Lower lip jutted out slightly as hands would be moved to her hips, drilling fingers against them  as he would refuse the offer of fun.

" I'd rather poke out my eye then spend any more time with those clucking hens,  all they talk about is you and the other men of keep and just bleh"   She would make a gagging motion, before shaking her head. 

"  alright since your being a stuffy upright knight,  what say you to staying here then and having our own party."   Came her next offer towards the knight who seemed hell bent on being boring and all work no play. 

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She'd rather poke out her eye than go to the city with the other maids? Well, that was...extreme. But the maids were still talking about her? Really? And here she had thought just by ignoring any advances they made things would just go back to normal. Well, maybe not normal, but at least they would leave her alone. Apparently not though...Oh well. It was for their own safety. Not to mention her own safety...It was too dangerous for her to get close to anyone. If they found out her secret, as was inevitable if she let someone get close to her, well that would be the end of her. Women couldn't serve as knights. She'd be put to death, and since she was posing as her brother, it would be found out he had deserted his conscription papers. He'd be found and killed, and chances were so would her parents for allowing this to happen. No, she...she had to keep her secret.

Besides, she was still a woman. If she returned any of the interest these young and...beautiful...gorgeous even...maids sent her way, it was just, wrong. She was ashamed with herself for the way this lie she had herself wrapped up in seemed to be changing her. These maids were beautiful, and just...

No...No. She couldn't make excuses.

When the offer came for their own party here, Reynick smiled a bit, sighing inwardly as she looked over at the maid. Azalia had been the last one she would have thought would be interested in the queen's bodyguard...After all, she was of nobility, and everyone knew Reynick was an extremely lucky commoner. If Azalia got into a relationship, or any type of closeness with her...Didn't she know that would just add on to the looks she got and the suspicions around her? Reynick had to admit though, she didn't want to spend the whole night out here on the walls.

"Our own party? Well what did you have in mind?"

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When asked what she had in mind, Az's mind would have to work in fast forward as she hadn't actually thought that far ahead.   Seeing as it was both their night off, a little drinking and feasting seemed to be in order, both of which  Az could easily nick off from the cooks without anything being found to be missing. 

"  well how bout about our own little feast for starters,  I haven't eaten yet "  shed offer with a smile.  "  Though I'd rather not have to sit outside and eat,  how bout my room?"

Az had no intentions to be hitting on Reynick, she simply found him a refreshing change, friendship at most was what she desired with the seemingly lonely Knight. 

"  I have a chess board up there,  we can have a few games, see who's the better strategist hmm?"  shed ask in light teasing tones.   Shed await for his response, no doubt there would come some other mumble of why he couldn't participate in such things.  She hoped he'd accept other wise it was going to be a very boring night for herself. 

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Reynick smiled faintly when the maid said that she hadn't eaten yet. She had to be the only one then that wouldn't duck into the kitchens at any time they passed by to swipe a quick bite for them selves. The cooks new the maids were rarely given time to eat during the correct times, so a bit extra food was always on hand. And they simply pretended not to notice it as it disappeared.

"A feast for two? In your room? Well, a noble maid and common knight...Something seems a bit scandalous about that."

She just gave Azalia a grin though, showing she was joking. The noble maid was the only one who showed no interest in her, and she wasn't so full of herself to think these comments meant the maid liked her. She lacked the...Well, she just didn't seem like she really was after her for a relationship or anything.

"Well...I suppose there would be no harm in that. Shall I meet you there in...ten minutes?"