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November 14, 2019, 11:24:01 AM

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Author Topic: Pathfinder Adventures (High in Smut, Extreme)  (Read 945 times)

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Offline Waldham

Re: Pathfinder Adventures (High in Smut, Extreme)
« Reply #25 on: May 05, 2019, 04:22:13 PM »
Annia Tiborra (Chaotic Good Human Female (Unchained) Rogue 3 Phantom thief)
Annia is always ready with a compliment or a supportive smile. Yet despite her increasingly cynical outlook on life, she retains her faith in her friends.
Background :
Born a man and originally named Anril, Annia grew up on the streets of. Anril's mother worked for a gang of outlaw artists and thieves, an occupation dangerous in any city but especially risky in the back streets of the city. She raised her son with an appreciation of freedom to speak and love of art, while her gang taught young Anril how to pick locks and pockets. Although he proved an adept pupil of thievery, Anril always felt awkward in his skin and avoided making friends as a result. In art and literature, Anril increasingly found himself identifying with strong female figures rather than their male counterparts-and for most of his life Anril would carry the conviction that he had been born into the wrong body.
When Anril was 12, the ruthless lawkeepers of the city attacked the guild. As the attack commenced, his mother gave him an address to memorize, and told him, " Go there and tell the person who answers the door that you're a half-wilted rose. I'll meet you there if I can, but ifl don't arrive by dawn tomorrow, she will provide for you." Anril knew what his mother was saying, for growing up in city makes one a realist if nothing else.
After a parting hug too brief even for tears, Anril fled the guild into the city and he never saw his mother again.
Arriving at the address, the young refugee was taken in by a orphanage for the next 6 years. While the disguise was intended to throw off pursuit, Anril (who now went by the name Annia) discovered that she felt right in this new persona. She spent her adolescence in an orphanage, where her sense of humor and knack for using sleight of hand for embarrassing practical jokes (such as smuggling pornography or other illicit materials into the possession of those who would be most scandalized at being caught with it) ensured she not only was constantly passed over for adoption, but always earned the least pleasant chores.
Annia discovered his future was far more moldable than he ever realized after meeting a Shelynite who migrated between sexes as other people might migrate between nations. A variety of alchemical concoctions has minimized his masculine traits and allowed Annia to grow into womanhood as any young woman would.
Annia increasingly took to solo excursions into the wilderness around the city, looking for adventure and excitement. For a time, she increasingly became a thorn in the side of a local gang of bandits called the Blackadders, but when she heard rumors of a group of green adventurers having gone missing in the hills to the southeast of the city, she hastened to the rescue.
Annia hired a Varisian tracker named Vor Alshar to aid in locating the missing adventurers, only to realize too late that the whole thing was a ploy engineered by the Blackadders to lure her into an ambush, and that her guide Vor was in fact the bandits’ leader. He led her into a narrow gorge the bandits had been using as one of several hideouts, but things didn’t quite go as planned when they sprung the attack. Annia led the bandits on a perilous chase along the upper edge of the gorge, resulting in several bandits falling to their deaths before Annia managed to throw off pursuit by dropping down a narrow cave opening. She found herself in a longforgotten Shoanti tomb haunted by an ancient sorcerer’s ghost, who had become frustrated at how the Blackadders had despoiled the gorge she had dwelled in while alive.
Knowing she needed help to escape, Annia agreed to a risky ploy—she allowed the ghost to possess her.
Free now to travel beyond her burial site while Annia harbored her, the ghost emerged from the tomb and used her magic to destroy the remaining Blackadders. True to her promise, the ghost (Annia never learned the ancient sorcerer’s name) released her from possession and even allowed the woman to take a magical item from her remains as thanks. Annia returned back to the city.
The Blackadders were disbanded, in any event, and while Annia takes pride in having made the lands around the city a bit safer, the adventuring bug continues to gnaw at her and she’s eager to set out again. The ghost helps still Annia through her left hand.

On's: All physical characters except obese and overweight. Anal and vaginal sex, the bondage, domination, multiple partners, oral sex, sex toys.
Off's: I hate the mutilation, scat, gore, ennemas.

Non-Consensual. No problem.
Monsters.  No problem.
Magic. No problem.
Mind Control.  No problem.
Magical Items.  No problem.
Pregnancy.  No problem. (Lamashtu  ;D)
Multiple Partners.  No problem. (a limited number of available places, of course)
Enslavement. No problem. 
Body Modification. No problem only if it is not digusting.
Drugs/Poisons.  No problem.
Purposeful Sex.  No problem.
Bondage. No problem.
Pain. No problem if there are no mutilation.
Humiliation, Degradation. No problem.  only if it there are not scat, ennemas.
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Offline PerpetuallyAnnoyedClericTopic starter

Re: Pathfinder Adventures (High in Smut, Extreme)
« Reply #26 on: May 05, 2019, 04:30:14 PM »
Horrin and Annia look interesting.

I am hoping to have times to get things sorted out either later today or some time tomorrow.

I was going to be a Drow and Follow Lolth!

I am only allowing Paizo content and am not allowing evil characters.

If the forgotten realms pantheon exists here, Latina, you could follow Eilistraee instead.  :) 

It is set in Golarion.

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Re: Pathfinder Adventures (High in Smut, Extreme)
« Reply #27 on: May 06, 2019, 05:09:57 AM »
Color me interested. I'll have profile up this afternoon, but looking at either a human or half elf swashbuckler/bard with some swash to her buckle.

I've seen your list of sexual content and see no problems incorporating them and if not all, nearly all are on my on's list. there aren't any that are on my off's list, so all good.

Again, I'll put up a background (particulars are open to adjustment to fit the needs of the game and include other party members.) lter today.

Ok, a brief bio. It may be a bit rough, but it's not quite finished.

Name: Tari GGravante
Age: 20
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade) 2/Bard (Arceologist) 1

Description and background
Physical Description:
Tari could be best described as a striking woman of unusual beauty.  A mass of rich chestnut colored hair falls about her face and shoulders in curly locks; framing a lightly tanned face that’s dominated by slightly upturned moss green eyes and graceful, softly pointed ears. Soft pouty lips under a straight nose and a firm, almost stubborn chin completes her visage. An athletic figure with a combination of soft curves and firm muscles are accentuated with generous C-cupped breasts, a slender, toned waist that flares out into softly rounded hips and rear. Long, lean legs and well worked arms complete the image. Tari is most often seen in a low necked blouse, vest and weapon belt over close fitting breaches that are tucked into thigh high, turned down boots. The final touch is a wide brimmed hat with a thick plume on the left side, set at a jaunty angle.


Tari is a complicated and sometimes conflicted woman. In her heart, she’s a fiercely loyal and passionate woman; prone to flighty, even girlish behavior with a decided bent toward the baudy with those closest to her. To the outside world, she displays a distant, even ruthless image that only heightens the mystery that is so much a part of her allure. If you’re a friend, if you reach that lofty position, you’ll never find a better companion in all of your days. If you’re an enemy… well, enjoy what few days your life may have left.

After her many adventures, of life’s experience and facing dangers that might chill the blood of more than a few, Tari has learned two important lessons; live life with all you have, and never pass up the opportunity to annoy someone. Prone to bad puns, witty comebacks and irreverent comments at the most inopportune moments, it can be hard to resist her unique style of charm. Equally at home in a tavern, the decks of a ship or the arms of a lover… Hey, women can wench too… they just call it something else… Tari sometimes has more energy and curiosity than might be healthy for herself or those around her… but she’s just so damned cute while doing it!

Her first option is to always try to talk her way out of trouble; often relying on her attractiveness and charms, she’s none-the-less  averse to the use of force when necessary and even savors the test of arms against another. The dance of the blade and speed a natural place for her talents with the blade.

Through all of her incarnations, there are some things that hold true at all times. Tari clearly has a strict code of conduct… a strong basis of morals and principles that she never crosses; it may not always be clear what that code is, but it’s never in doubt that she’ll follow them to the grave, if necessary. She is always willing to sit down across from an enemy with a good drink for a civilized conversation, as long as the rules of civility are followed; only to do her utmost to best the same opponent the next morning and she’ll rarely turn down a good mead.


The youngest child of wealthy merchants, Tari lacked for little in her youth… except for freedom. Betrothed to a noble’s son at the age of 14, Tari’s life seemed set in stone and her future planned out without any thought of what she might actually want… so she left.

Well, left may be a little bit of an understatement… she escaped with all the subtleness of a rampaging griffin and made sure to take as much with her as she could in the process! Sadly, at 16, her experience in life was sorely lacking and her limited resources were quickly exhausted; her father’s men hot on her trail… So she did the only thing that she could think of.

No, she didn’t join a circus… she joined a ship’s crew leaving on the morning’s tide and literally yards from the grasp of her pursuers!

Tari learned much on her year long voyage on the open seas… one of them being that officers were as happy to bed a girl as a cook… and that if you played the game well, you always came out on top. When she stepped back on shore again, she had a firm foundation on the finer points of swordplay and the love of the Dance, as she called it… and a knack for nimble fingers that she had picked up from a less… upstanding crew-mate.
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Offline Masked Insanity

Re: Pathfinder Adventures (High in Smut, Extreme)
« Reply #28 on: May 06, 2019, 12:08:30 PM »
I can add a bit more background later tonight (3-4 hours, give or take), if you have not made a decision by then.

Offline Phaia

Re: Pathfinder Adventures (High in Smut, Extreme)
« Reply #29 on: May 06, 2019, 01:10:59 PM »
Would you allow Samsaran as a race?
I was thinking either a witch/cartomancer -fortune teller as a profession.
Or a Magus Bladebound/Kensai!

I favor the witch but there does seem to be a need for a damage dealer!


Offline PerpetuallyAnnoyedClericTopic starter

Re: Pathfinder Adventures (High in Smut, Extreme)
« Reply #30 on: May 06, 2019, 03:46:38 PM »
I have sent out a PM to those I was able to accept (if you didn't get one, sorry :-( ).  I would have liked to take more, but based on past experience trying to do a large group will end poorly for me.  If there is attrition I will return to this thread and try to PM those who have previously expressed interest.

I want to thank everyone for their interest and do apologize if I wasn't able to accept your character.   :-(  It was a hard choice with all of them, and it really does make me feel bad to have to decline when someone put in the time and effort to make an interesting character.  Apologies.   :-(

Offline Phaia

Re: Pathfinder Adventures (High in Smut, Extreme)
« Reply #31 on: May 06, 2019, 06:26:33 PM »
Good Luck to those  chosen and have fun!


Offline Crasey

Re: Pathfinder Adventures (High in Smut, Extreme)
« Reply #32 on: May 06, 2019, 08:02:54 PM »
Aw shucks, I was still in the process of working out a character to propose. Totally understood, though. And I know the pain of having to make choices like that. Respect and godspeed!