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June 27, 2019, 03:52:31 AM

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Author Topic: Small-Scale Pathfinder Adventure  (Read 154 times)

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Online Mantis Shrimp PrimeTopic starter

Small-Scale Pathfinder Adventure
« on: June 19, 2019, 04:35:34 PM »

I want to a small-scale Pathfinder adventure. Something simple, but fun.
I have a couple potential plot ideas for this, listed below.

What I'm looking to do:
• I'd mostly like to do something for just 2 players, for sure no more than 3.
• A scenario with a definitive end goal. Not something open-ended or sandboxy. Continuations aren’t out of the question, but for now it’ll focus on a standalone story.
• I'd prefer to start at 1st level. If there's a concern of being too fragile or short-handed, it won't be out of the question to beef up the characters a bit, but I don't want to start off higher.
• Character creation and other rules concerns at flexible. I don't want things like how much you get for your ability point-buys or whatever to be a barrier so they'll be finalized with player input.
• Not too many expectations for smut. I don't want smut-compatibility to be too much of a hurdle here. It won't be off-limits or anything though.

If Interested, tell me which adventure ideas sound most appealing and anything you might like to see in them and I'll follow up with the potential players I feel I'll get along best with.

Now, onto my potential plot ideas:

#1 - The Sage’s Successors
Characters: This story is intended for characters with spellcasting or at least some kind of supernatural power. It’s also geared towards younger characters (early 20s).
Plot: For much of your life growing up along Basilisk Bay, you’ve garnered a reputation as a troublemaker in your community, thanks primarily to your knack for the unnatural. Whether your learned basic wizardry from a passing mage, gained the favor of a whimsical deity, or had a talent for harnessing innate power, it proved a strange and untrustworthy ability among the superstitious locals.
A recent incident led to your community deciding it was high time you got some real discipline. Thus, they sent you to be an apprentice to the bay region’s authority on the mystical and magical, the great sage Trismegistus. However, upon arriving at his lighthouse, you discover the ancient sage has finally passed on. Even his belongings have largely been picked over, robbing you of a sick payday.
Bigger problems raise their head, however, as one of the sage’s old enemies has resurfaced and is hellbent on having their vengeance on his territory now that he's gone. The rival sage was an afterthought enemy for the big T, but they're more than enough to challenge a couple fledglings.

#2 – The Rakshasa’s Treasure
Characters: No preferences. Good opportunity for more exotic characters.
Plot: So there’s like, this swanky rakshasa. And he’s got this  “family heirloom”  he wants you to get for him. It’s secured in some place warded from fiends so he can’t get it himself.
Through whatever backstory shenanigans you care to cook up, you have found yourself liberated from whatever podunk (or far-flung) plane you born, into the C-list interplanar nexus known as the Cocoon Lounge. Unlike more popular, sellout multiversal taverns, it doesn’t connect to every plane out there, just the ones that nobody in their right mind would really want to visit.
Partaking in some well-craved nourishment and worrying only about how exactly you’re going to pay your tab, your are approached by an embodiment of refined arrogance and infernal sophistication: a common housecat.
What, you thought the Count was going to talk to you directly? He has a familiar for that.
Anyway, he offers to spare you a dine-and-dash attempt and a whole lot more if you’ll just do this really simple thing for him, just a minor errand really, not at all a dangerous interdimensional expedition that could earn your enemies everywhere from the Abyss to Bytopia, and he certainly doesn’t intend to betray you once you’ve served your purpose.

And yah, who knows, if  these specific ideas don't appeal but the general concept does, I can  cook up  a few more.

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Offline Voidknight

Re: Small-Scale Pathfinder Adventure
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2019, 07:44:47 PM »
Definately interested, the specific ideas don't ring my bell exactly, Though on the first one I do like the notion of a street thief that's somehow peiced together a working knowledge of magic finally getting caught and sentenced to an apprenticeship

Offline Ixy

Re: Small-Scale Pathfinder Adventure
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2019, 08:17:45 AM »
I would very much enjoy a small group game with a quick, play-by-post-friendly plot that plays like a game and feels like a story. I think that large groups get tangled and convoluted, especially online, and that with a little chemistry, either of these old stories would be great fun.

For story one, I think a witch or an oracle would be fun... The former being generally good-natured but blessed with nothing resembling common sense.  The latter could be the quintessential small-town misfit with a mask of ennui covering their secret desire to simply be accepted by their peers.

For your second idea, it sounds extremely creative, but planar stuff is never my forte and I'd need some guidance.  That said, it's a fantastic premise and opens the door for some crafty and fun exploits.

I hope that this pans out and that you'd consider me for participation.

Offline Achmed the Mad

Re: Small-Scale Pathfinder Adventure
« Reply #3 on: June 21, 2019, 01:10:24 AM »
I like the first story. I prefer playing core races/classes; I think an overconfident human or half-elf sorceress would be fun.