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October 15, 2019, 03:59:14 AM

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Author Topic: Steffy's Magic Shop - Book of Spells: A guide to BBcode (Please No Posting)  (Read 2994 times)

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Offline CourtneyTopic starter

Steffy's Spellbook

An Occultist's Guide To BBCode And Forum Magic

(Updated: August 28th, 2019 - 3:40p.m. CDT)

This an index of coding tricks learned at:

Steffy's Magic Shop

It is meant to be used as a quick reference guide only, and we ask
that no one posts here. While many cool tricks are out there, this
guide will only include coding magic tricks performed at
 Steffy's Magic Shop. If you have a suggestion you would like
to see here, please bring it up at magic shop, linked above.
Prizes may be awarded at random by Wizard Steffy if you are
extra creative in your presentation!
Thank you!

Maintained by:
Steffy's Magician's Assistant & Apprentice Courtney

(Yes I'm aware that spells out S.M.A.A.C. That's usually the sound heard shortly after
Wizard Steffy figures out I screwed up a spell or didn't give enough information on one).

February 10th, 2019:
The past couple of months, I have been going through a series of personal crises, fitting for a poorly written Hollywood B-movie or regular daytime TV. All is well for the time being, and I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, but if your tip hasn't shown up here, that is why.
Hugs and kisses,
Apprentice Courtney.

September 6th, 2018
Note: See something in the Magic Shop that I missed?
Assist an assistant and send me a pm! 

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Offline CourtneyTopic starter

Re: Steffy's Magic Shop - Book of Spells (Please No Posting)
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2018, 06:56:28 PM »
Index of Spells

Helpful Note

Hi! Your friendly neighborhood shop gurl here with just a brief, but hopefully helpful note! While many of the links below will lead you to a magical place where actual code is shown that you can copy and paste, many just display the actual trick without the code. Awww ...  :-(  But wait! There is a trick to help with that! Take a seat, and fix your pretty little eyes on the top bar just above the post, you should see a button that says:

Pressing that magic little button will act like hitting the reply button, with one cool exception: the code from that particular post will show up in your reply window!

That being said, please be courteous of other people's code. While everything at the shop is yours to copy and paste at will, outright copying someone else's code from outside the Magic Shop should only be done with their permission. It's their hard work, so please, ask them first!

Text Spells

Imagic (Image Magic
  • Image posting info for Mediafire users here & here - (Apprentice Courtney)
  • Code for floating images and also magically making your images work like links - (Wizard Jaclyn)
  • Magical image cascading - (Wizard Jaclyn)
  • Graphics & Photo editing tips & tricks. - (Wizard Jaclyn)
  • Link your image to another Image - (Apprentice Courtney)
  • Browser embedded photo editor's. - (Wizard Al Terego)
  • Width. Curse thine enemies to be extremely thin, or extremely fat! - (Wizard Al Terego)
  • Steps for making any image look like it was taken on a cellphone - (Wizard Al Terego)
  • Image padding alternative - (Wizard Jaclyn)
  • Does your character need an ID? Here's an IDea. - (Apprentice Courtney)
  • Advanced Wizardry to align multiple images and captions. - (Wizard Al Terego)

Dark Magic
Coding Tips & Tricks
  • Find out how to do
    here. Great spell for keeping things hidden. Also known as spoliers - (Kit Cat the Magic Shop Cat)
  • Find out how to do
    How to pet a cat

    Stroke: With the grain of the fur, not against
    Avoid: Nose and paws
    Effects:Typically results in purring, but your results may vary
    here. - (Apprentice Courtney)
    • Spoilers can be
      multiple lines
      as well
      (Wizard - Al Terego)
  • Learn how to display your code here - (Wizard HockeyGod)
  • Learn how to
    here. - (Wizard Al Terego)
  • Spoilers are so marginalized! Demand spoiler margins now! - (Wizard FourStellar)
  • Simian Magic: Grease Monkey & Tamper Monkey - (Wizard Peripherie)
  • List of browser add-ons and compatibility - (Wizard Jaclyn)
  • Learn how embed YouTube videos. - (Kit Cat the Magic Shop Cat (Partial credit to Wizard Steffy))
  • Magically link to a location within your post using anchors. - (Wizard Amelita)
  • Invisible Pixels! They're useful! - (Wizard Al Terego)

White Magic
Everything Else
  • Table Magic
    • Here - (Wizard Amelita)
    • Here - (Wizard Amelita)
    • Calendar Trick: Here - (Wizard Jaclyn)
  • Thread Format Template Magic - (Wizard Jaclyn)
  • Fancy Divider Designs - (Wizard Jaclyn)
  • Does your character need a business card? (First half of post) - (Wizard Jaclyn)
  • Browser crashes getting you down? Never lose a post again:
    • Form History Control add-on here. - (Wizard Al Terego)
    • Instructions on how to use it here. - (Wizard Al Terego)
  • How am I linking everything here to specific posts? - (Wizard Al Terego)
  • How to edit "My Thread" (yours, not actually mine) - (Wizard Jaclyn)
  • We all have our favorite colors to write in. Keep in mind, some people may use different themes than you (white background vs. black background). With that in mind, here is what your favorite color may look like in other themes. - (Wizards Jaclyn & Al Terego)

Wizard Wisdom
Notes From Wizard Steffy's Desk
and Wizard Patrons.
  • As mentioned above, respect other people's code
  • A guide to picking the right section for your thread
  • Make the effort: Formatting matters!
  • Don't want your true gender showing, or maybe you do? Change it here.
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