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Author Topic: Magicaddict's Moderately Diverse and Occasionally Kinky Ideas (M for F)  (Read 408 times)

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Magicaddict's Moderately Diverse and Occasionally Kinky Ideas

The below is a selection of some of the hooks that I have out there for people to consider biting.  If you straight-up like one or more of the ideas here, or you like part of them and feel that there could be a match with things you have in mind, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Please also see My O/Os for an idea of where some of these hooks are coming from.

Mostly, these are story over smut hooks, but where this is not the case, it will be clearly listed.  I am not remotely averse, however, to taking a smut over story hook and working with you to turn it into a story over smut one, if you think you've got a good idea we can work with.   

These will remain a work in progress, to be added to over time.

Children of Midnight
(Modern Supernatural Setting, Romance, Mutual Attraction, Long-Term)

This idea grew out of one of the writing prompts I was given in my introduction.  After writing it, I realised it was a half decent hook for a supernatural investigation RP based on a plot I wrote a long time ago.

"Go ahead."
"Good evening M12.  I am sorry for contacting you."
"So am I." The voice on the phone had no idea how much.  "I assume that there is good reason for contacting me and not someone else?"
"A dozen others were tried before you.  All are missing, unresponsive, or have turned up dead in the last six hours.  This is as much for your protection as it is for our benefit."

He was out.  That's what they had agreed all that time ago, after Vienna.  He had served well, and his obligation had been met in full.  He was free, they said.

"Location and scale?"

The voice is all business, deadpan and free of emotion.

"Wray Castle, Windermere.  Category three, with human casualties."
"What's the mythos?"

Was he free?

Was he bollocks.

You were camped out with your camera under the stars, capturing what was supposed to be the glory of the supposedly haunted Wray Castle on the banks of Lake Windermere by moonlight.  Otherwise known as a pointless exercise in faux-spirit photography and an excuse to be freezing your toes off. The atmosphere was nice enough, but there was nothing to sWHATTHEFUCKWASTHAT????

Your camera snapped away on instinct.  It wasn't you pressing the shutter - you were frozen in place, transfixed by...whatever the hell that was.  Run.  Get out. MOVE!

You were grabbed, held tightly and close, a smell of leather and musk, a male voice whispering "Stay quiet. Don't move.  Don't let it sense you."  Struggling was useless.  The arm holding you felt so strong. 

Eventually, he let you move, and you sprang away, terrified of everything.  "That...what..."

The man was tall, and reassuringly human looking.

"...that was something you were not meant to see.  I'm going to need your camera."

This, in case you cannot tell, is a highly trope plot of innocent but feisty mundane inadvertently stumbles upon supernatural shenanigans, and doesn't know when to leave said shenanigans, and the world-weary investigator she runs into, well enough alone.  There is the potential for a boatloads of sexual tension, awakening of her desire and re-awakening of his, both seedy and epic locations, freaky demons, romance and occult goings on. The subtext to the modern day world is, at present, mine, and I would be happy either to world-build with you, or to go with the setting I have in mind 

The Acrobat's Progress
(Low Fantasy Setting, Romance, Mutual Attraction, Long-Term, Potential for Multiple Characters)

It had been an easy decision, fleeing home to get away from father's drunken beatings and mother's passive acceptance.  To get away from a big brother that could do no wrong and was heir to the family farm, an elder sister that drew all the attention and would probably marry someone above her station, and a younger brother who was a constant pain and was already showing signs of father's tendencies.  It was possible they wouldn't even notice you were gone.

The Fabulous Fiorelli Brothers Flying Circus were the chance you had been waiting for.  As they camped just outside your village on route to the larger towns further south, while they did not set up the entire venture, they did string up a few cheap demonstrations to entice the provincial villagers.  The fire eaters, jugglers, clowns and wire artists, all perfectly capable on their own or with a rope slung either slack or taut between a couple of convenient trees, wowed the villagers with their exotic talents and dangerous smiles, a show better than the village could have hoped for, and for which they were happy to pay.

While everyone else watched bemused at what was going on, however, you only had eyes for the acrobats. 

There were no trapezes or elaborate set-ups, just a flat strip of land where they could tumble, but this did not stop them.  Your love of dancing had led you to seek them out, thinking you would find kindred spirits, but their grace, poise and elegance were above and beyond anything you could have dreamed of.  It made you feel quite ungainly at first, but then again, you thought, they weren't born doing this.  They learned, and if they could learn, so could you.  The thought of a life free of your family, doing what you loved at the very height of elegance and perfection 

It was simple to pack a few things and follow in the circus' wake a few days after it had left, and you had caught up with them before they reached Borrowdale Town.  There you sought out the acrobats again, and presented yourself to them, asking to join them.  A provincial, fresh-faced village girl seeing a new life, who clearly had about as much of an idea what she was doing as a merchant who bought a second pig in a poke.  Some found your naivety amusing, others found your assumption that this was something that could just be 'learned' ignorant and pathetic.  None found it endearing, and the Ringmaster, the elder Fiorelli, was in the process of sending you packing when someone stayed his hand.

You didn't know who this man was, but he moved like an acrobat, and he seemed perfectly happy to take a punt on you...

I make no bones about the fact that I was inspired to try something like this from the opening scenes of Victor Frankenstein (hence the image), and the sumptuous yet dark and grimy stylised setting of the circus. 

This is a take on an instructor x trainee premise, using a travelling circus in a low- to mid-fantasy world as a backdrop, enabling playing about with some of the familiar acts while not having to absolutely conform to a rigid ideal of what is possible and what isn't (potential for real magic, exotic animals etc.).  What I am looking for is a partner to play the young woman (likely between 16-20 years of age) seeking to become an acrobat, opposite myself as the head of the acrobatic troupe. 

While smut might happen, this would be no means be the focus of the story.  Instead, it would be a relatively slow burn, focusing on the relationship between YC and MC, with the full intention for romance to slowly blossom after a rocky start.  There would be multiple characters present within the story, and while I am happy to fill these in where they would be pertinent, you would be welcome to play as many of them as a) you saw fit, and b) would feature heavily enough in the story to merit it.  Lots of trial and error training, slow progress to success in adversity, the transition of YC from away from a dysfunctional family and into a close-knit one united by something other than blood, potential for conflict when father dear comes knocking, and growing sexual tension between the trainee acrobat and her trainer (which may or may not go down well with her colleagues).  I think it could be rather fun. 

Pretty much all aspects of setting, names and places are negotiable.  I have an original yet generic low-fantasy setting in mind, but if you have another that you already have developed and think might fit, it would most definitely be on the table.  Likewise, if you like parts of this, but not other parts, let me know and we might be able to chop and change it wholesale. 

Scouting Ahead
(Fantasy Setting, Battle of Wits/Power Struggle, Mutual Attraction, Anywhere from Light to Extreme, One-Shot)

During the War of the Second Dragon, the armies of Artur Hawkwing and Guaire Amalasan inadvertently came so close to each other that they had no choice but to fight.  In heavily wooded terrain, the forward scouts of the two armies found themselves running into each other, and with tens of thousands of soldiers on each side coming up not two hours behind them, there was little option but to turn and run to report. 

Except, that is, for those who all but actually ran into each other. For those unlucky pairs, there was no choice but to fight - the war reduced to two people, desperate to survive an opponent every bit as cunning and capable as they are.

Unless you are a WoT fan, I had no express need to keep to that exact setting (though am perfectly happy to do so if you are). 

What I am interested in is playing the role of a male forward scout of one army, with a partner playing the role of a female forward scout of the opposition army.  We encounter each other in way too close quarters to simply turn and walk away. 

I like the idea of two people whose job it is to be alert, aware, fit, quick and highly capable running into each other, one potentially getting the drop on the other and taking them captive (or even just managing them to bring them under their knife), the intimacy of the situation meaning there's little chance of escaping, the dilemma between hating the enemy in general but finding it progressively harder to hate this one individual, mutual physical attraction for each other, and all of the tension that can be bundled up in all of that. The politics of the story is less important - it is more about the conflict being reduced down to just these two people, who do the same job, and do it well, but happen to do it on opposite sides.

In my mind, I see the scene starting with the two scouts separate to each other, one catching a hint of something (a scent, a noise, a sense, whatever) a hair before the other, using it to their advantage, and the unluckier one finding themselves in a difficult situation (captured, or a knife to their throat, or a knee in their back, or whatever) as a result.  Verbal combat and power games begin, firstly in the attempt to avoid dying, but steadily becoming a more and more attractive option than killing. Where it leads depends on what pans out.

I am flexible on the setting - if you have another world, original or fandom, that you prefer, as long as it isn't something completely out of my comfort zone, I'd be happy to consider it.

I would be happy to play the role of the captor, trying to handle their captive and not get taken in amid the attraction they feel, or the captive, trying anything they can think of to weaken their captor's position amid their own growing attraction - if you have a strong preference, I'd be happy to consider that as well.

The Ghost of Solstice Present
(Fantasy, Original Setting, Mutual Attraction, Light to Dub-Con, Longer Term)

You don't want to know me. I didn't ask you to.

This involves a character I have played both successfully and unsuccessfully in the past. Practically (and when played in relevant systems, mechanically), he is quite self-sufficient, but as a roleplay device he comes alive when interaction is forced upon him from the outside. I dare you.

For several years, the village of Lickey End has enjoyed a solstice gift from, it seems, the land itself.  On the evening of December 20th, the night before the celebrations, a dressed, gutted and trussed deer has appeared hanging from the mayor's porch.  No-one has seen who left it there, and no discernable tracks have ever been found. Reciprocal gifts have been left in the hope that communication can be established with the mystery benefactor, but no contact has ever been made.  The food, ale and wine that has been left in the snow has gone unclaimed, year on year. Some suggest that it is fae, or spirits, neither of which require our sustenance.  Others suggest that payment should not be made for a gift given freely, lest the benefactor thinks that a price is being assigned to their work.

The daughter of a trapper and fur seller, you were sixteen when the mystery gifts started to arrive, and the solstice feasts took on an altogether more celebratory air.  Now you are twenty, you are approaching your majority with disconcerting speed, and before you have to be a good daughter and marry as well as you can (the Lord's eldest, most honourable and most utterly boring son has cast his eye on you, which would be a major step up in rank and a guarantee of a secure future), you are itching for the opportunity to live free of obligation, if only for a short time.  You have long wondered as to the nature of the mystery benefactor, but amid all of the crazy speculation, have been uncertain what to think. In your mind, you know what you wanted it to be, but have long dismissed that as a girlish fantasy - mysterious men who hide their acts of kindness behind secrecy and intrigue are the stuff of bard's tales, and of wholly improper dreams.  There must be another explanation.   

This year, you got to find out.

This year, Bran (the innkeeper's son, and such a churlish arse at the best of times) and some of the other young men of the village got drunk and decided to find out, once and for all, who was leaving them their solstice feast.  You know, because looking the gift horse in the mouth is an excellent idea.

Joining in with the zeitgeist, you stayed up with the 'hunters'.  You weren't really interested in catching whoever was responsible - you just wanted to see who it was, and perhaps put your fantasy (and that of a few of the village's young ladies) well and truly to bed. There would never be a better opportunity than this.

On the evening of the 20th, crossbows, nets and spears at the ready, an entire posse was trained on the door of the Mayor's house. Even then, they nearly missed it.

The false dawn was in the sky before, seemingly all having been taking a leak at the same moment, a fallow deer appeared on the mayor's doorstep without any of the young men, or anyone else staying up with them, noticing who put it there.  Confusion, and consternation, abounded - how the hell did that happen? No tracks! Was it a ghost? A spirit?  Providence itself?

Alarms went up from the far end of the village.  It was very much a person.  One of the young men claimed, as if it was a matter of pride, that he had caught the individual in the leg with a crossbow bolt. It hadn't been enough to bring their quarry down, but there must be a blood trail - follow the blood trail!

Not a hundred yards outside the village, the blood trail simply disappeared.  The young men, fuelled by alcohol and bravado, tried tracking, but none of them really knew what they were doing, and soon gave up, happy that they had winged him and shouting in the forest that they'd be there for him next year.

You, the daughter of a woodsman, recognised a well-broken trail when you saw one, and had taken note of the footprints in the snow as you all ran towards the site of the initial engagement.  Their shape was human enough, and distinctive enough that you reckon you could find them again if you were able to spend the time doing it.

You could find him.  A mystery man, who hid his acts of kindness behind secrecy and intrigue.  Wild horses couldn't stop you from at least trying.

Whoever he is, he was likely seriously injured, and in the depths of winter, the blood loss put him at serious risk of death.  As dawn brakes on solstice morning, with food, wine and bandages, you set out to pick up the trail your peers so ignorantly missed, and find out who this person really is.  You have enjoyed the gifts he has provided every solstice - now you are going to provide one to him, and potentially save his life in the process.

The scene involves your character tracking, and subsequently encountering, the person that was shot in the village the previous evening.  Themes would include the end, or possibly the perpetuation, of fantasy when reality is encountered, the potential for sexual tension (there is always the potential for sexual tension), and the conflict between caregiver and reluctant receiver and how any latent sense of duty may cause it to develop.

It could be quite episodic, with multiple 'chapters' based around repeated meetings (if the character is sufficiently interested to come back based on what she finds out).

This has the potential to go on for quite a few meetings, and be quite a slow burn. While I have an original setting in mind, and would be happy to provide pointers on the pertinent points of this, I would be equally happy to fit the scene into your choice of setting (if it doesn't raise my red flags), or to consult on building a world in which the scene could occur. Watcher is a concept more than a character, and within reason, he can be applied to any circumstance.

The village, and any names mentioned, are from my original setting, but are no more than place settings.  If they do not match with your perception of your chosen setting, they are eminently negotiable.

Teacher's Star Player
(Modern Day, D/s, Teacher x Schoolgirl Pairing, One-Shot, Smutty)

A student/teacher roleplay focused on physical education, physical effort and kinky british costuming, mainly centered on my personal kinks, and so more smutty than most.

You are one of the stars of the sports teams at your finishing school deep in the British countryside - you captain the track team and the gymnastics team, because you're simply so much better than all the other girls in the class.  You're fitter, stronger, faster and more able than anyone else - the only downside is that you know it, so you don't ever bother trying when you're in competition with the other girls.

You, along with seemingly every other girl in the class, have set your sights firmly on the gym teacher - he is DEEPLY gorgeous, and you want him so much it hurts. You have been looking for a way to make him absolutely yours for some time now, he's been caught looking away on more than one occasion, but none of the girls mind, because they're all hoping that one day he'll do more than clandestinely glance, and actually start staring at them.  They all want him as bad as you do, and the flirting would be intense, if it were not for the fact that it's so hard to do that when one of their peers is outdoing them hands down all the time, and that appears to be what impresses him.

You also know what he likes - in his lessons, you've done arm wrestling, thigh wrestling, played tug of war, mercy, every test of strength you could possibly imagine, and at one point he even had you wrestling each other; you've seen him praise those who 'try their best'. The other girls know too, and have absolutely mortgaged the farm trying to beat you in the past to impress him - you've had the odd sort-of struggle, but you've never been beaten, and have left a string of other girls' sore joints and pulled muscles in your wake.

When he summoned you for a private lesson, you thought you were going to seal the deal. However, to your initial surprise, he told you that was actually a disciplinary lesson.  While hugely impressed with your ability, he said he is not remotely so with your effort.  Unless you can show willingness to put everything you've got into something, you're going to disappoint him immensely, and will be thoroughly punished for your laziness.  If you can prove your commitment, however, he rewards as much as he punishes, and thinks there is the chance of the two of you being able to work together very closely, on a far more regular basis.

He has designed a series of tests to see how hard you are willing to try to succeed - the difference this time being that the opponent isn't one of the girls.  It's against weights, gym equipment...things that you can't beat, only perform well against.  He doesn't care whether or not you succeed - all he cares about is how hard you try, and he will be quick to punish any laziness whatsoever.

The thought is enough to make you weak the knees. Showing how much of a good girl you can be for sir? A proper chance to show off your very best efforts? The feel of the cane when he is inevitably unsatisfied at first?

Oh. Hell. Yes.

One session of straining your guts out, and if you impress him enough, he's going to make you his in every sense of the word. You'll be able to parade round the school, knowing that you've got what everyone else wants, and there's not a blind thing they can do about it.  For that, you're willing to be his submissive little gym bunny and strain your muscles like they've never been strained before.  It'll be in private, so there's no-one but him to see you or hear you - you can be as noisy and as obvious as you want.  Every grunt and groan, every growl, gasp, moan, squeal, puff and pant will bring you one step closer to the prize you want, and you have absolutely nothing to lose. The best things in life, after all, are worth the struggle.

The scene will involve your character entering Sir's office well and truly ready for the hardest workout of your life. You have your PE kit (which you know he loves so well) ready to change into - if you get to do so in front of him, all the better.  Whatever challenges he has set for you, if it's going to make him your personal trainer, you are ready and willing to drive yourself to hot, sweaty, horny exhaustion at his feet.  It's not going to be girly or pretty, it's not going to be quiet and it's not going to be demure - it's going to be girl-power mode.  It's inelegant, it's unladylike, it's loud, proud and utterly determined, and it will have him well and truly hooked.

The motivation for 'performing' for sir is entirely negotiable.  I'm not big on heavy non-con, and will not consider anything that forces someone into sex entirely against their will, but coercion, blackmail, or choosing to perform in return for getting an outcome you want, I'm happy with. Let me know your ideas.

How much sex is involved is also negotiable. This can be purely a 'performance' for Sir to watch, or can become an entirely sexual encounter.
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Re: Magicaddict's Moderately Diverse and Occasionally Kinky Ideas (M for F)
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Two new stories added - 'Children of Midnight' and 'The Acrobat's Progress'.