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Author Topic: M needed [Survival | Dystopian | Apocalyptic ]  (Read 330 times)

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Offline BlondeTopic starter

M needed [Survival | Dystopian | Apocalyptic ]
« on: August 11, 2016, 06:21:31 AM »
These ideas are away from my usual favourite genre (historical) but are not without drama and lots of juicy content. One is of an apocalypse setting, whilst the other is more Dystopian. They are quite lengthy, but please do not be put off I just like to give as much information as I can. However, the ideas are available to edit, they are not set in stone.

That being said, what is set in stone is the sort of male character I am after. I like macho men, and there is no manoeuvrability on that.  I will include what type of man I have in mind for each story, but he is yours to create so please do not think I will poo-poo any ideas you may have.

Rules are pretty simple.

* My O/O's are in my signature, but I do not want to include all of them in one story.
* I prefer story over smut. The sex will fit in to the story when it suits, and not within the first few posts!
* I would like a partner who can post a few paragraphs, although if it is quality writing just the one will do. However, I do have a fondness for long and detailed posts and have no problem hitting the 1000+ word count mark.
* I must admit I am looking for a frequent poster. If I have to wait too long without an explanation, I will lose interest. If you're delayed with a post, just send a message to say. One post a week is not too much to stick to and will be the required minimum.
* Be aware that I have a toddler and am over half-way through my second pregnancy. So my family comes first, and again there is not budging on this. Role-playing is just a hobby for me, a creative outlet, I do not do this for sexual gratification or spend all day every day on here, I just enjoy writing without limitations.
* Please be open to communication! I like to message and talk OOC, whether it be about the story or how our day has been. I like to toss ideas back and forth and love to hear what you’ve got in mind. So please do not be shy.

So here are the ideas.

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Re: M needed [Survival | Dystopian | Apocalyptic ]
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2016, 06:22:42 AM »
Idea One

A person who survives, especially a person remaining alive after an event in which others have died

A person who has committed a crime

The state of equilibrium or inactivity caused by opposing equal forces

Time Line of Events
Time line of events

2020 –  Global terrorism hits an all-time high. Extremism has hit every nation, all western cultures forced back into an almost state of medieval slavery.

2028 – The United Nations (heavily depleted now) fight back.

2038 – The UN takes back control of most of Europe, North and South America.

2046 – With the aid of technology, the UN spreads their control to Australia.

2050 – World terrorism quashed, the UN announces complete control over all continents.

2060 – UN creates and implements a security system in all countries called ‘Prime’. An intelligence programme meant to keep a strict eye on all, to prevent any more world wars.

2080 – The world over now heavily relies on technology. Everything is strictly monitored; all human beings have their fingerprint of their left index finger implanted with a chip. All information, DNA, stats and records are contained within said chip.

2090 – Herrity Apox creates the Apox centre, a Space-Penitentiary where the prisoners are held in stasis.

2100 – The Apox centre is abandoned after financial costs and humanitarian matters. 100 prisoners are left in the Apox indefinitely.

2115 – The UN divides within over the status of Prime.

2119 – A Virus ravages Prime, all nuclear bombs defused and disassembled by head security operatives as a safety measure.

2120 – Anti-establishment rebels fight against UN and Prime operatives.

2125 – A bug is uploaded to the Prime core, the machinery and technology begins to ravage the world and fail. International security failure.

2130 – Civil wars, anti-military movements and intercontinental wars begin.

2150 – All bombs go off on the 12th of June, destroying all countries. Human population diminished to less than 10%.

2235 – The Apox centre fails and plummets down to earth, crashing down into a wild and massively transformed America.

a d d e d i n f o r m a t i o n

So basically, our characters will be hardened criminals that survive the crash of the prison. Now of course, firstly we have each other to survive. Once the initial squabbles and clash of personalities and also dominant egos have passed, next comes surviving. The first plan is for them to come across a crumbling military base and find out all about what has happened. So it is a quest for survival on a planet with feral wild life, hostile environments and survivors who take down any one they do not know. It’s a dystopian world, and our criminals have to find a way to survive.

They need to have been locked up in somewhere between 2090 and 2100. They've been in a frozen state for over a hundred years. Your crime has to have been very severe to be sent to the Apox, so no petty criminals please.  The Apox centre is basically the equivalent of multiple life sentences, keep that in mind when creating your character.

I am afraid I will not be accepting any gentle and timid characters into this. Look at the setting and the environment, they won’t survive. By all means they can be quiet, but no room for innocence in characters here.

There will be guns among the wreckage, although any guard was evacuated when the Apox was abandoned. But mostly any weaponry will be hand made out of what they can get and what they can find.

Characters attire

Male Inmates
One standard grey all-in-one button front suit.
One standard white cotton t-shirt.
One standard white pair of shorts.
One pair black boots.

Female Inmates
One standard grey all-in-one button front suit.
One standard white lycra cropped vest.
One standard white cotton t-shirt.
One standard white pair of shorts.
One pair black boots.

All jewellery and add-on items are removed; absolutely no personal effects are taken aboard by inmates.
All long hair is to be tied back from face in simple braid.
All inmates are tagged on their right wrist with a cuff that states their serial number, and incarceration details.

Apox Centre

To look at, the best description of the Apox is a mix between a small cruise liner and a type 26 frigate. It is dark grey of colour and everything upon it is run by electronics and computers, nothing is done by key. It comprises of four levels.

Lower deck – loading bay, back-up generators.
C Deck – 500 perfectly uniformed cyrochambers, one on top of the other. 250 cells either side of central stairwell.
B Deck – 500 perfectly uniformed cyrochambers, one on top of the other. 250 cells either side of central stairwell.
A Deck – Command centre. Security room, with monitors on each and every inmate. Computers monitoring every inch of the Apox, with layout and details on the centre. Emergency medical bay, for security personal only. Kitchen and living areas for security personal. Secret weapons locker, containing six Beretta 90Two hand guns, two Benelli M3 Super 90 – 12 gauge shotguns and ammo supply. Everything is only accessible by those with UN personal status and ID chip can gain access to these rooms.

A steel stairwell connects all levels.


3 foot wide and 7 foot high, the walls are padded and with built in restraints about inmate’s wrists, ankles and neck. Metal of structure with a glass front, doubly reinforced for inspection and monitoring purposes.

The type of man I am after for this one is a hardened criminal, keeping in mind that those sent to the Apox were done so for the most serious of crimes.  I am not opposed to playing multiple characters, or just having our two leads.

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Re: M needed [Survival | Dystopian | Apocalyptic ]
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2016, 06:23:41 AM »
Idea Two

PLOT (Skip to below for the short version)

2012. The world is terrified by some now unknown localized weather event, prompting increased efforts to preserve nature by reducing man's impact on the environment.

2019. Mankind perfects clean fuel technologies that have promise to replace all prior harmful fuels.

2021. New legislation significantly increases implementation of the clean fuel technologies worldwide.

2022. Scientists measure a significant global drop in temperature anomalies. Glaciers demonstrate an annual average increase in size.
2024. By this date, clean fuel has become the new international standard. Innovative projects begin to reverse the harmful effects of industrialization on the Earth.

2029. Satellites numerous spot unknown objects within the solar system. Later that year, humans make first contact with intelligent extra terrestrial (ET) lifeforms. The encounter is fatal. By the end of the year, Earth is under new management.

2030s. The alien invaders ransack the planet. Natural resources are sapped. The industrialized ETs pollute the world with strange chemicals. The destruction of the biosphere takes a matter of months. Human population is estimated to have dropped from 9.5 billion to less than 500 million, a significant portion of which are enslaved.

Earth today. Year unknown to them. Population unknown. ETs have abandoned the planet. Their occupation of Earth left the once green world torn and barren. The skies are consistently grey; the atmosphere has been imbued with ash and poisonous fumes. The average human lifespan has been reduced by at least one fourth. Most of humanity's history has been lost and forgotten.

But perhaps the most terrifying of the blights brought by the ETs is the infection. Their work initiated the outbreak of something horrific: a disease of madness, corruption, and rot. Humans, ETs, and other organisms were prone to carrying the infection. Transmitted by blood, it could even be carried by insects. The ETs sprayed the air, slaughtered livestock and wildlife, all in hopes of controlling the disease. But their efforts failed, and when there own kind were being turned into mindless zombies by the thousands, they evacuated Earth completely.

What remains of mankind is forced to scavenge what little water and nourishment they can - always wary of the ruthless zombies that plague the dark world. Society has receded into a few small, scattered communities. Farming is virtually impossible in the dead world, and while people manage to survive on foods preserved from mankind's former glory days, the supplies grow thin, forcing many to leave their villages in search of better lives. Those that live alone in their own homes have turned welcome mats into fortresses, unable to trust their fellow humans out of fear of being robbed.

Armed bandits, too, carry out raids in search of supplies - some have even turned to cannibalism, just like their zombie counterparts.

As the uncounted years drag on, hanging on to life only becomes more difficult. Children are born into this desolate world, but they have little hope of living long lives. It is difficult to track their ages, as the days, nights, and months all seem to blend together. All that is known is that the air seems to get colder as time goes by. Soon, only a scarce few are left alive that remember the days of the green Earth. They pass their nostalgic stories on to the youth, and the young ones grab hold of this hope: hope that there is some way to reclaim the once beautiful world that was lost.

Perhaps there is a sanctuary out there - safe from the destruction and madness. Maybe a better place can be found. With the conditions getting worse, groups begin to form in the communities that move to find preserved lands. They gather weapons, food, and water, and set out into the deadly world, littered with the remnants of cities, the skeletons of forests, and the rotting monsters that are...

The Infected.

Mankind invented clean technology, seeming to save the world from pollution. However, the world was then invaded by an alien (ET) force which drained the Earth's natural resources. The ETs either caused or brought with them a disease that turns any infected animal into a zombie of its former self. This includes insects; the ETs began wiping out insects, further ruined the planet, and eventually decided that Earth was too costly to keep occupying because of the infection. The ETs abandoned Earth, which is now barren and nearly lifeless. What few humans remain now live in small communities, but since the weather keeps getting colder and supplies are running low (farming is not really possible), groups of adventurers are now going out in search of preserved pieces of the old world so that they can have better lives. However, they will likely face zombies (ET, human, and other animals), bandits, and possibly human cannibals in their travels.

Incident - 2030
Present day - 2075 (unknown to the world)

__________ && __________

More information

Barrowside This is the community where we will start this role play, and where all characters need to start. It is a large, barren stretch of land. Guarded by high walls and deep trenches that run the perimeter both inside and out. The population is the highest of record, sat at 1200. Everyone is put to work, there is no such thing as unemployment. There is also no such thing as money. Everyone lives on monthly rations, with tokens being handed over as a wage. The housing is a series of concrete cabins, and they differ depending on status and rank. There aren't any shops, however there is a trading market once a week. Mostly people will exchange a piece of carpentry for perhaps a book or more rations.

The System The System is most described as like the Military. They control and run the Barrowside community, they are both security and law. The System hold and own all forms of Gun, ammunition and any form of heavy duty weapon.

Housing This all depends on your rank or position within Barrowside, and also your professional and Marital status, whether you have children (which is limited to two).
Level 1 The highest rank (Senior System personal)
Level 2 Scientists, Engineers - Any skilled profession that is deemed important
Level 3 System Security, Enforcers (police) - Any form of muscle or security
Level 4 Medical, Any other System employees,
Level 5 Carpenters, Blacksmiths, Construction, Teachers, Trainers, Mechanics, anything deemed low priority skill

A - Unmarried/Single without children
B - Unmarried/Single with children
C - Married/In relationship with or without children

The Infected They are called The Infected, The Plague, Zombie-Cunts, Walking Dead, basically anything, but are officially called The Greys. Their skin goes grey and their eyes red and black in colour. They are slow but can only be killed by decapitation, bullet/arrow to the brain, basically any sever form of head injury. One bite is fatal.

Marriage Between the ages of 18 and 21 you are married off, and this is non-negotiable. Intent on repopulating the earth, and to have readymade replacements of vital staff, arranged marriages are the norm. Rarely does a marriage produce love, and you are never married outside of your level.

Right, so the type of man I am looking for here is someone strong and more of a manual job. So soldier, ravager (someone sent out in hunt for supplies etc), anything in keeping with this.

Now our characters can either be married, or have fallen in love outside of their marriages. Affairs are an offence, and they cannot be together. Either way, our characters will leave Barrowside and head out to a rumoured freeland.
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