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September 24, 2017, 08:00:35 PM
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Author Topic: A world worth Fighting for! (Medieval FxF RP)  (Read 98 times)

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Online 7th DerpTopic starter

A world worth Fighting for! (Medieval FxF RP)
« on: September 08, 2017, 04:15:56 PM »

I'm currently finding myself to be in quite the mood to try for a RP I once had going one time and wanted to recreate it here. This one differs from my Modern based Alien RPs and will instead put us in a more medieval type of setting, one that also harbours some of the fantasy creatures from Elves and Witches to possibly Demons and Angels. Depending on how you like the plot to go. So for anyone that's more interested for a RP set in a time other than Modern, then I hope you're willing to read on. I will also put in quite a bit of a spoiler in the Plot regarding MC, so apologies if you wanted it to remain a bit of a secret. But I just feel I never get the chance to get anywhere at time that has led my ideas put to waste otherwise.

Some rules/expectations I'd like to go over first before I go into the plot:

--Writing and post length--

To begin with, just so I can be honest and up front about it now, is that I'm not what you'd call an expert writer. At least I'm not mega perfect at it and am more adept at drawing anyway. So this is kind of there to serve as a warning to anyone expecting brilliant writing from their partner that I may not be able to provide for you. And that way I won't have to feel like I wasted both of our times because my writing may have ruined your enthusiasm. Other than that, those still wanting to RP with me can know I myself won't expect you to be at your best all of the time. Take some worry of you guys.

As for the post length, that is the only part I will be a little strict about. I like to read a story. Which means I like to know what is happening, what your character is doing and what they're thinking. I can't get into a RP very well when I feel like I'm just reading a bit of dialog and... that's it. A character, or even a RP itself, doesn't feel like its worth investing time on when I feel like there's nothing really happening. So I ask to be able to make replies somewhat worth it, but not as overboard where you think you have to give me a massive wall of text to describe every little detail. Just a good 2-3+ paragraphs is alright.


I'm quite active. Even if it comes at random times thanks to my distorted sleeping pattern. But from my end I can usually get a reply out every day, multiple replies a day sometimes. But from you, you don't have to reply as often as I. I can get that sometimes we get busy at any given time, so at most I'm willing to take partners who often reply from once a day up to once a week.

But I will point this out that's part of the communication aspect.

TELL ME WHAT'S HAPPENING. Don't just go radio silent on me please. I hate that when people do that. Some of us are absolutely craving for a RP we search for, so we put everything into them when finding a partner. But it's a jerk move to just up and leave for any reason but not say anything. I'd much rather have people do that where they'd at least give a reason if they wish to drop a RP, be it my writing, how the RP is progressing, is there anything you want changing on what's to come because you don't like the current setting? Just PM me. That's all I ask for that. I get very discouraged when the RP or a conversation in the PM just stops but they still come online very regularly. And I DO check that.


Lastly I'll quickly get through to some of the things I'm willing to add in the RP. Any suggestions you have are welcome for discussion, but bare in mind that I may not me interested in some of the kinks you're into.

-Rough/Hate sex, Switches: I like a power struggle between the characters, the plot I'll be putting below will require it. I've grown a bit stale with the Dom/sub routine that I'd like there to be some rivalry going on between the characters. Ones where nether of them are willing to back down or show the other their weakness.

-Drama/Cheating: Not limited to full on affairs where one cheats with another for a long period of time. There can be moments of one night stands with the minor characters, a blunt confession of a crush, or even some conflicting feelings one has between two love interests before making up their mind on one. I'm also allowing moments of close calls of being found out. Awkward moments if they are caught or  almost.

-Romantic build up: This is one mainly aimed at out main characters. Rather than just being about them meeting and banging on the first night. I want this to me on the realistic side where it takes time for anything to be set in stone, as the characters in question will be at each others throats for the time being until they can learn to get along. Only then can we start having them show some interest, maybe a moment of catching one in a suggestive position/clothing. Something that can stimulate some thoughts they'll start to have on the other.

-Interracial/Interspecies relations: There's just something I like about this. Anything to add in more conflicting feelings when it's for a person of a different race. Which is what this RP will be about also.

-The Plot (Finally!)-

The world is split into two factions. The Humans and the Elves, two of the greatest kingdoms ever to have existed in the world among the masses. Before, they and the many other types of beings used to share the world. Living together that has kept peace among them for a long time. Until some time ago, the Humans and the Elves waged war against each other, one side claiming the other are responsible for acts of the highest crimes. With a story spreading that the Elves attempted to assassinate the Human king to take over their lands and that the Humans secretly trained up an army to wipe the Elves out completely. A story split in two, one side only believing their own and creating conflict for hundreds or years.

Now, as the world lands now, the Humans have gained a vast amount more land at the cost of the ever decreasing forests where the Elves reside. Acts of slavery from the Humans, kidnapping and selling them to the rich. The Elves hunting any group of human that dares enter their territory in the woods, earning them the rumour of them being blood thirsty monsters. And even though this war it primarily between them. Some others of different races are effected too that only a few lucky settlements have a community of mixed race among them. But they are very few and far between.

MC, an Elf not like many others, shares a mysterious past no one in her tribe knows about aside from the elder and her single Mother. She's a decent huntress with exceptional skills surviving out in the forest and knows her way around very well. Mostly used to a bow, she has like all Elves a good aim and only resorts to a hidden dagger for close combat. Not the most viable option, but preferring to hunt light, she can't afford to carry a heavier weapon. Not that she can very well to begin with considering she lack the physical strength as well. She's a hotheaded individual that is known to talk back a lot within her tribe even to the elders and hates being bested by others as it is. So a Human doing so would really piss her off. Nearly all her live, or all of it really, is spend in the forest. Only heading out of the safety from the Tribe to dispose of threads entering the woods or even seeking out small camps Humans have build and driving them out. Eventually, while on a scouting mission, she can find a Human ether by herself or in a group. Intent on taking them out. Except that there was much more at stake than the Humans live. Her own too is put at serious risk when a third party interferes and almost kills MC and YC, leaving them to die alone and far from any safe place to go. So who are these people that attacked both and Elf and a Human? A strange occurrence that may need both of them to take on and find out what is happening here.

Please PM me if you're interested and would love to hear your input on it. And don't just put in that you're interested, I know you are so don't hold anything back you'd like to ask or throw in an idea of your own for this kind of RP.