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November 20, 2017, 10:53:09 PM

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Author Topic: Mae's Story Search (Lit. F looking for M)  (Read 225 times)

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Mae's Story Search (Lit. F looking for M)
« on: October 18, 2017, 04:58:15 PM »
Status: Currently Closed

Welcome to my little corner of cravings and ideas!

Thank you for taking some time to look at my request thread. Let me introduce myself, I am Maeriel, but you can call me Mae, and I may be new to Elliquiy, but I RP for many, many years and have some games on other websites I've found before this one. I am looking for inspiring stories and some good romance, as it's been some time since I have played the sort. But before we get to the fun stuff, a little over my style, more about it can be found in my O/O's, along with some samples of my writing (and I strongly suggest you browse it to see if I am what you're looking for).

Please PM me if you are interested in a partnership, I'll keep this thread for stories and plots only.

Intentions and Interests

I am not the pure smut kind of player, and though I enjoy the erotic part of romance quite a lot, I like story, character development, the sex that happens because it feels right with the moment and with the characters and that because of it, it flows. Nothing against pure smut playing, it's just not for me and I find myself struggling to feel my character and write a response.

I create a character and like to discover her entire complexity through play. The flaws are what make her real to me, so don't expect the all-rounded perfect at all times kind of woman, they are super boring to play for me. I want characters who grow and who have a soul and that doesn't happen without a good deal of mistakes and a few weaknesses. That being said, I play females, most of the time straight, attractive, but varying quite a lot in shapes, looks and origins. They tend to have strong personalities and be rather passionate in all senses of the word, I believe that some parts of yourself always leak into your characters somehow and that's the part that does, I suppose.

I enjoy world-building and I am capable of populating said world with side-characters and NPCs to fit the story, in fact, I quite like it, I also expect my partner to take part in that too. I'm not into cannon, as unless I am super familiar with it, I feel I need to learn more and end up more passive as an author than I like to be. Also, no anime style characters, sorry, huge turn off.

A note on gender: I don't require my partner to be male himself, it makes no difference to me personally, however, I have yet to have a female partner who could pull off a convincing man, so there's that. If you can, awesome! I'd like some samples, so that I can feel more confident, though.

Post Frequency and Length

This can be tricky. I try to post at least once a day, but my life can get in the way. I usually can at least warn if I will not be posting that day, so you can rest assured. However, I am open to have a slower game with the right kind of writer. I still think at least 2-3 posts a week would be preferable so that I don't lose the momentum.

I tend to write according to the moment/inspiration/interest in the story. I can write a huge post with several paragraphs, but sometimes the moment calls for less and I rather give you a short and sweet 4-paragraph post with enough to react to than a 9-10-paragraph that has little meat, nothing of interest and is dreary to read through. That being said, I generally write more than that, and if the game would be a slower-paced one, a lot more than that, very likely.

I am currently not looking for a partner anymore, as I got a few very interesting replies and I don't like to take more than I can chew. If I can handle what I got now well, I might open this again. Thanks folks ;)
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Offline MaerielTopic starter

« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2017, 04:59:20 PM »

I will be adding more as they come to me, but I am not the best at plots, so bear with me, I might only be putting some flavor of setting and a female character I'd like to play. I am very much open to plotting OOC through PMs (and as I gather some trust, maybe some IM), as I put on my O/O's, I very much enjoy chatting OOC with my partners, but I do not like to enact a planned out story, start to finish. The limitation of knowing exactly what's coming takes the fun and muse out of me, that's not to say I am not open for discussing the direction we want to take in the story and elements we'd like to add and so on and so forth.

Also, in regards to romance and sexual content, I enjoy it as part of the story and as a natural occurrence rather than forced. As such, I don't usually put a particular kink on the story elements, it kinda depends on the moment, on the characters involved and the character development (which is my biggest interest). So if it isn't on my hard no's, I'm likely willing to include it.

Just a note, but I do not intend to GM any of these plots, that doesn't mean I expect you to, I just prefer co-writing to GMing anything, as it puts a lot of pressure on my shoulders. Together is more fun ;)

If you do not like anything I put here, but read through my first post and my O/O's and think we are a match, don't be shy to suggest something else we could write together on PM. I value a good partnership above all. ;)


Beneath the Surface (Taken)
Genre: Modern (Modern Fantasy maybe?)
Pairing: Rookie Cop (MC) X Experienced Partner (YC)
Story Elements: Mystery, Unwanted Partnership, Inappropriate Attraction and Romance, Crime, Stumbling into Supernatural elements (maybe?)

Premise: Latin-blooded young officer Teresa Garrett got the promotion and transfer she had worked hard for after single-handedly solving a string of murders in the small town she resided in. Moving from there to a bigger city, being young and a woman caused her to be immediately disliked by most her colleagues, most of all by her partner, who had just returned from a long period undercover and didn't want a partnership, much less one so soon and so hard-lined.

Terry is an intelligent, driven woman, who works very much by the books, but has a keen intuition and a rather passionate disposition. Besides that, she seems to hold several secrets about her past which have shaped her into the woman she is, her file restricted only to the highest echelons. As strange murders start happening in the dark of night, the unwilling partners are called to investigate, spending more time than they'd like around each other. She follows the Law very strictly, he knows the world is not quite so black and white...

Can they reconcile their differences and work through the building attraction? What will happen as his loose handling of the rules shatter her ideas of duty and normalcy? What will they stumble upon as they follow the trail left by the murderer?

Teresa is a character I began playing in another story that didn't quite go forward and I don't think will be continued, but I enjoyed her very much and I'd like to give her a real go. The reason why the experienced detective didn't want a partner, what secrets he might hold, whatever his story is... it will be up to my partner, I don't like to direct much on that end, but I am totally up to discussing ideas. That being said, Modern is a theme I don't play with in quite a while and I have only ever done it involving some supernatural elements, so I'd be interested in that too.


The Ronin and The Fox (Open)
Genre: Eastern (Low Fantasy)
Pairing: Assistant/Servant (MC) X Ronin (YC)
Story Elements: Slow-burning Romance, Mystery, Crime Investigation, Betrayal, Intrigue, maybe some good old adventuring

Premise: In the powerful nation on Entsukawa, the Shogun Kuzumamoto has become wroth with a criminal wandering his provinces, going by the name 'White Fox'. The masked thief has been stealing from the aristocrats and evading the authorities for a while. When an exiled Ronin returns home, his old Daiymio is not happy, but sees in the Fox chase an opportunity for an agreement that would be rather advantageous for himself.

Sending the Ronin after the infamous criminal along with one of his servants to assist him, the Daiymio is pretty confident whatever the outcome, he will be satisfied. If the Ronin fails, he gets rid of him, if the Ronin succeeds, the Daiymio gathers favor with the Shogun for taking that thorn off his side. Win-win.

Needing to be in the province, the Ronin sees no other option but to accept the mission and investigate the provinces to try and find the daring and elusive White Fox. His assistant is a rather quiet young woman, who would probably look rather beautiful were she not wearing shapeless peasant rags and paying no mind to her appearance. She is beneath his station and coming along to help him deal with the menial tasks that a man of his station, even a Ronin, should not be dealing with, for a woman is not supposed to fight. She is also there to keep an eye for the Daiymio, he knows, but that is the least of his concerns.

No matter the advances he makes, White Fox seems always to be a step ahead, and he is always too late to catch the masked man.  Something isn't right, the man is just too good, almost aware of the traps he sets and the advances he makes. Foul play is afoot. Will the Ronin discover what is happening? And what will he do once the truth comes to light? Does he trust the Daiymio to keep to his word once he succeeds? After all, the glory of the catch is his, not his Lord's. Or will he be a victim of the low-fighting ninjas who lurk the shadows without honor?

Before I go deeper into this plot, I must remind you that I do NOT enjoy anime/manga-like play, so even though this is eastern themed, expect something more Legend of The Five Rings, The Last Samurai kinda thing, please. As a second disclaimer, I have very little experience playing in this kind of setting, so bear with me, please, I am stepping out of my comfort zone into tales that look nothing like what I have played in a while, it's a recurring theme on this first Story ideas thread.

This character is loosely based on an orphaned character of mine who was abandoned twice by the same GM :P I very much loved her and would enjoy having a real story develop fully with her. The mystery part of play is not only revolving around White Fox, but also the Ronin. Why is he a Ronin? Why was he exiled? What was the reason for his return, such an urgent matter that he'd take such a troublesome task to be able to stay? There is potential for intrigue, deep romance and drama as the mysteries are slowly unveiled.


The Shadow of the Moon (Taken)
Genre: Supernatural/Post-Apocalyptic
Pairing: Ex-con turned Lycanthrope (MC) X Soldier (YC)
Story Elements: Survival, Enemies Forced to Work Together, Plague, Possible Cure, Morality x Greater Good, Supernatural Elements, Sexual Tension, Possible Romance

Premise: Violet Hendriks had run out of second-chances a long time ago. Larceny, Grand-theft Auto, Fraud, Gang Affiliation, Money Laundering... her rep sheet was rather extensive, from her stay in juvie to probation and then later on, to conviction. 4 years into her sentence, all hell breaks loose. A plague wipes out most of the world's population. In the chaos, the convicts are abandoned to their fate. Sealed in a cell without any hope for survival, two days in, electricity and the generators both have gone out. Her cell pops open and she runs to freedom.

Running was what she had to continue doing, for the world outside was brutal and dangerous and things people judged myths and fairytales roamed the land, exposed now that the large crowds had dwindled and life turned savage. Vampires, lycanthropes, witches and others are very much real. Her life became a nightmare in which nowhere was safe, but Violet was a survivor, and she was very much willing to face this gruesome world.

In an unfortunate change of fate, as she got together with other survivors on their way to a still standing military base, Violet was chased by the large, rabid wolves of old. Scratched by one, she narrowly missed death as an armored military vehicle rolled through. Her ordeal was far from over, for though her wounds were dire and she wasn't expected to make through the night, in the morning she was completely healed and it gave the local military leader an idea.

Strapped to a bed and studied like a lab rat, Violet was trapped in a horror movie. What the medics didn't count on was her shifting into a fanged and clawed monstrosity and tearing them into ribbons. Meanwhile, YC is a soldier in charge of the compound's security and finds himself having to retreat as the place gets attacked and overrun by the enemy.

What happens when the soldier stumbles upon the naked con, panting on the ground from exhaustion, covered in blood and the scene of the gruesome massacre she wreaked? Will they set aside their differences to escape the facility? And if they do, what then? He is only a human, she is something more, a hunger and instincts she has no control over yet...

Yet another orphaned character and yet another post-apocalyptic scenario, yup, I know, but I love them. I kinda loved how much of a badass bad girl Violet was and took some inspiration from the setting she was in, combined with a sort of World of Darkness meets The Walking Dead. We don't necessarily need to put zombies in it, but I'd like the idea of the plague and her regenerative abilities and natural immunity being a factor. It could be something kinda like The Last of Us. Will his sense of duty and honor rub off on her? Will he see the person underneath the layer of armor a hard life has built around her? Will the soldier be able to sacrifice her for the greater good at the end of their journey through this rather fucked up world?

Alternatively, it could be a rather short story too depending on how they get along, but I feel there is a lot of room for strife, personal issues, character development and all that goodness.


Dying Breed (Open)
Genre: Supernatural (Modern, maybe WoD - old)
Pairing: Kinfolk (MC) X Werewolf (YC)
Story Elements: Romance, Companionship, Revelations, Discovery of the Supernatural, Darkness, Hunt, Clashing Realities

Premise: MC lost her parents when she was 16, but there was no one else for her to be raised by. Having had loving parents and bitter by the idea of having to go through life without them, instead of entering the whole adoptive system, she clung to her simple student job and requested emancipation. Until she was an adult, her life was supervised to see if intervention was necessary, but MC never gave the government any reason to impede her independence and when time came, she joined medical school and got into college using her modest inheritance and the fruits of her labor.

Since that tragedy, MC became more of a loner, aside a couple of close friends from college, she never truly let anyone in. It was not to say she was particularly lonely or unhappy, which was a strange thing to her work colleagues, but as time passed, she began to wonder if that was exactly what she wished from life. Little did she know, the world and her were not as mundane as they seemed...

Werewolves and other legends are real, and she happens to have wolf's blood running in her veins, a fact she may not have been aware of, but that was bound to change, for someone else noticed it. It may have been a casual encounter, in a grocery store, at a bar, at her pediatrician office, crossing the street... but he felt it, smelled it... A fleeting moment, but he didn't leave it at that. Never having seen her in local gatherings, he knew she was a lost one. Werewolf lines dwindling, a kinfolk was not one to roam this dangerous world unguarded. But how to tell her reality is not as she believes it to be?

Before he could actually come up with a plan, she leaves town, heading up to the lake cabin her parents left her and even in her tightest moments, she just couldn't bring herself to sell. The place was modest and had seen better days, but she worked on keeping it preserved and enjoyed her solitude to work on her hobbies, on the house repairs and especially to enjoy nature.

Finding it even harder to come up with a way to approach her in such a setting, he followed her for the day, from a distance, watching as she ran around the lake, as she headed over the pier and into the placid waters... But he was not the only one. Other eyes had fallen on the wolf blooded female, and now on him. Falling first on the Werewolf, the enemy was fierce, but the bloody fight ended in a stalemate. Off to lick its wounds, the enemy left the wolf behind, injured, bleeding, and eventually unconscious.

MC happened upon the injured animal and was afraid to approach. Without any training in the area, she couldn't tell whether it was a wolf or a dog, but it looked well fed and beautiful and she judged it domesticated. Loathe to leave a living being like that behind to die, she risked taking it home and treating the wounds to the best of her ability as a pediatrician. Unwilling to risk herself much more than that, she made a warm comfortable corner for him to sleep with water and some leftovers in her porch, while she would be safe inside the cabin in case it was truly a wild beast.

Would he leave her now, knowing she had been discovered by others? Would he reveal himself right away or play the stray now that he was part of her world? Would he see it as an opportunity to approach her, play the concerned owner after his lost furry companion? And when, inevitably, she is drawn into his fantastical world, full of darkness and old traditions, what will it be of the two of them?

Aaaand another wolfie one, I'm kinda feeling wolfish for some reason. I've played Werewolf: The Apocalypse for many years, but it's been about as many since I played it last and I kinda miss the drama, mysticism, the fierceness and the passionate stories. This story is loosely based on the backstory of a Fianna Kinfolk I once played in a java chat over a decade ago, she had been discovered late, but I never got to play that out, she entered the campaign already being part of the Fianna, but yet to be given a Warden. Now this can be set in WoD or loosely based on it or not at all, I don't mind which, but I kinda like the idea of stepping into (old) new territory for me by playing a more slow-burn, almost slice-of-life-ish story until the revelation comes and the plot changes into this world of the supernatural.

The werewolf could be however you prefer, but I'd rather if the revelation doesn't come right away, so that there is some building up. Maybe the wolf stays and plays the pet for a while to get more insight into MC, maybe she wakes to the pet gone and a man 'looking for his dog', maybe he leaves and continues to watch from afar or comes up with a manner to enter her world differently. I don't know. What kind of enemies there are are also up to discussion and MC might even have something that is more supernatural awaken in her by the presence of the Werewolf. There's a lot of room to work and I am kinda inspired by this idea.

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