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Author Topic: Unlikely Alliance RP  (Read 572 times)

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Unlikely Alliance RP
« on: February 19, 2013, 05:27:36 PM »
Tyrus sat quietly in his cell, he had been arrested on some stupid charge something about staying out to late on a public holiday or the likes, a foolish thing put into place so they could find something to charge him with, cause he had broken no real laws. He knew whom had set it up too. That was easy to figure out, his homeland had recently gotten a new group, which arrived with a large amount of money, this group, took over quickly, buying their way to power, they were a treat, whom wanted to use the resources of the elves for negative things.

Tyrus, a young elven warrior, challenge this group, the tall, somewhat thin redheaded elf, stood up to this collection of multiracial group, but he ended up here in jail. Yet, his mind was very much actively thinking of a way to get out of the place, and get back to figure out how to put the actions of the group and the leader of the group to a dead end. To this end he had managed to wear down the bar of his cell quietly and was planning to sneak out.

Yet, as he did, he head an alarm, and what sounded like some serious fighting going down in a cell that most likely was down a good ways from his own. He figured it would be a good chance to slip out unnoticed, and broke out, but was confronted quickly by a guard whom he caught off guard and knocked to his back.

Offline Saasta

Re: Unlikely Alliance RP
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2013, 11:33:45 AM »
(Sorry for the long delay!)

Marush was not an happy orc. He was the shaman of his tribe from the frozen north, an important man, and now he was locked up in this dank dungeon in southlands. It was a set-up, of course, since the humans didn't mind his kind living in their cities. He had been walking the streets in peace when suddenly a group of city guards had surrounded him, and arrested him for drinking and causing disorder. As he was being chained up he had noticed a pair of well-dressed elves staring intently at him across the street, then riding away in a carriage that bore the Imperial seal. Not a coincidence, he had decided.

He had no time to waste away in this cell. He was an a quest to find the Orb of Sun which had been stolen from its rightful place atop the God-Mountain. Without it the summer would never come, and his tribe would surely perish in the endless winter. He needed to take action.

His cell was more of a small cave, with iron bars barring the entryway and filthy straw strewn on the floor. The guards were cruel but professional, and no amount of bribing or cajoling would make them release him. He would have to call for entirely different kind of friends for help. Even the city, so far from the nature, had its own spirits after all.

He looked around that no-one was watching him, and then kneeled right next to the iron bars. He started singing the origin of iron, detailing how it had first fallen down to the earth when the God-Father had rode across the sky, then brought up from the swamps and lakes by the Tribe-Mother and her daughters, and given to the Smith-God to be made into tools of peace and war. He chanted with a low, droning voice the words of greeting and the words of awakening in the Old Tongue, whispering them again and again until the spirit of Iron woke up.

A small, grey lizard with a hide mottled with rust-colored specks rose from the iron bars and hopped on his hand. It licked its steel-colored tongue and stared at him with its big, unblinking eyes.

'Brother Iron, do me a favor and bend your tail for me.', Marush pleaded, 'Lift your leg, turn aside your head and let me pass!' The small lizard seemed to listen for a while, then hopped off and run to the bars. As it touched them the bars started sagging, warping their form and created a big hole in the middle. The lizard looked back once, then melded back to the bars.

Marush didn't waste time but struggled between the bars. He noticed a ring of keys hanging from the wall, and started opening the cage doors to create diversion. All the shouting and pleading from the locked prisoner made terrible noise, and turning corner he was confronted by an armed guard. The guard didn't even give him a chance to surrender, but raised his cudgel to cave his head in.

Suddenly, the guard fell down, struck behind by a dangerous looking elf.
'Well, you're the first helpful long-ear in this city I've met!' bellowed Marush.

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Re: Unlikely Alliance RP
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2013, 08:52:43 PM »
Tyrus noticed that behind the guard whom had fallen was a orc, his first reaction was of course to either attack or to go on the defense against this orc, given the nation way things worked between most orcs and elves, and how their kind had been at war, for who knows just how long actually. He blinked as he heard the comments by the orc to him, thanking him for the help. He gathered up the things the guard had that he could use.

"Well, I just want to get myself out of here, if you want to help, I figure the odds of us getting out are much higher that way then if we both go for it alone," he mused loud, his thoughts seemed logical, but that didn't mean that if the orc agreed he wouldn't keep his guard up around the large warrior, he figured, or shaman.

"I noticed the guard shifts tend to less at this time of night, I think if we get out and head to the river, then we can use it to slip away perhaps without being noticed by anyone else," he said musing, "then when we get out of town, we can go our different ways, you back to whatever home you came from and me to my home, sound like a plan to you?"

Offline Saasta

Re: Unlikely Alliance RP
« Reply #3 on: February 21, 2013, 06:05:07 AM »
(congrats on getting approved!)

Marush eyed the elf carefully. True, there was little love lost between his people and theirs, but this one probably wouldn't backstab him. In all likelihood he was unjustly imprisoned like just like him.

'Sure, two sets of eyes are better than one' he said and shook his hand. 'But I'm not looking to escape from this city since I have unsettled business here. Some of your kind conspired to throw me into jail, and I plan to find out why.'

He eyed around and noticed a broom lying on the ground. He ripped the bristles off it and rolled it around in his hands. Sure, it wasn't a proper shaman's staff, but it was old wood and still had its spirit intact. It would have to do.

'Lead the way, twinkletoes.' They sneaked around in the dimly lit, fetid-smelling corridors, using darkness and the commotion other prisoners were making to mask their presence. At long last they arrived to a heavy door atop a staircase which was luckily unguarded. As they peered through it they could see the courtyard, with the main gate on its opposite side and an another door to their right leading to the ramparts.

Suddenly, a voice behind them asked 'What the hell are you two doing here?'

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Re: Unlikely Alliance RP
« Reply #4 on: February 21, 2013, 06:15:55 PM »
Tyrus, didn't comment after he explained that two of his kind had thrown him into jail which wasn't surprising rea`lly, he figured that, most likely it was on some false charge, but even if it was on something legit, it wasn't so much his business at the moment. The business at the moment was rather simple survive and get the heck out of the place alive.

Moving though the area, was as easy as he thought it would be. The attention was on other places, making sure everyone else was where they were suppose to be, making sure that there was no trouble or any other attempts, and also figuring out if any one did try a break out in the first place. That is when they figured everything out, which would take time, something they could used to their advantage.

"He heard the footsteps coming, and stopped as he turned towards the orc behind him, "duck," he called out loudly as he threw a hard part of the bar that he had broken and first used to knock out the first guard at the guard, it wasn't meant to knock him out, but throw his attention off him and the orc, and then he figured the orc could handle the guard.