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Author Topic: Lady Miyu's Manor [F looking for Anything]  (Read 2404 times)

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Lady Miyu's Manor [F looking for Anything]
« on: October 27, 2012, 11:12:01 PM »
About Me...

I am a twenty nine years old female from parts unknown... (not really if you wanna know just pm me). English is not my main language so expect some errors from my part. I will always try my best to correct them though.

I follow the rule that you give I give. You give me three sentences you will receive three sentences. You give me ten paragraphs you will receive ten paragraphs.

I can play Dominant or submissive, however I much prefer playing submissive. Give me a good plot and I might consider playing dominant.

Quality over Quantity, I value good quality and you will get good quality from me. Remember the rule of 'You give I give'.

I don't mind getting to know my fellow partners, add me to yim if you wish.

Respect me and I will respect you back, simple...right?

Turn's On
The more * it has the better



Plot Centered Roleplays

Apocalyptic Roleplays

Breast/Nipple Torture



School Settings

Clit Torture




Forced Nudism

Gender Change

Turn Off's
Extreme Torture (Stuff like taking off limbs, braking bones)

Warning: Don't post here, if you want to talk to me pm me or contact me via yahoo.

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Re: Lady Miyu's Manor [F looking for Anything]
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2012, 11:32:35 PM »
The Boss Owns Me
Bondage, Humiliation, Submission, Forced Nudity, Chastity, FxF, Forced Lesbianism, Breast/Nipple torture

Sarah is the new girl at work, she is beautiful in every sense of the word. Male and Female workers fall head over heels in love with her, there is something about her that really just catches the eyes. Sarah has a secret though, she is a submissive by heart. Joining in a website dedicated to find Masters or Mistress to willing slaves she signs in and post a couple of pictures of herself there. She get’s a lot of request but none of them satisfy her, in fact all of them freak her out.

One day while at work her boss calls her to her office. Sarah has no idea what is going on but walks in the office only to see her looking at her profile. Finally her boss confess that she loves Sarah and wants her to be a slave. Taking out a slave contract she hands it to her and tells her that if she doesn’t sign it all of the people in the building will look at her pictures. Blackmailed she has no choice but to comply to her boss wishes. However being straight how she would endure endless torture by her boss?.

I am looking for someone that can be very dominant in this roleplay. Real life gender doesn't matter but the boss has to be female. I would love this to get a bit extreme and the boss being very dominant towards her slave.

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Re: Lady Miyu's Manor [F looking for Anything]
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2012, 11:41:04 PM »
Kidnapping, Torture, Bondage, Humiliation, Forced Nudity

Kathleen is the daughter of the biggest name in the city, her father is the owner of a lot of companies and has a lot of enemies. One night however his daughter is kidnapped by strangers, they want to torture his own daughter and send him videos constantly of her torture. They become more and more rough with her, forcing piercings on her nipples and clit, making her wear a butt plug all day without being able to take it out, leaving her in bondage while she sleeps. The torture continues to get worst and worst, their aim? for her father to watch daddies little girl turn into some slut that only craves cock and then sell her into the slave black market where she would be lost forever. Will her father be able to rescue her or will she succumb to their torture?

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Re: Lady Miyu's Manor [F looking for Anything]
« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2012, 11:54:17 PM »
Taking Ownership
Bondage, Abusive Relationship, Torture,Submission

Lizzy is a girl that is happy with the relationship she has with her boyfriend Matthew (name can be changed). However Matthew is tired of her vanilla girlfriend and wants her to become more submissive towards him. After talking a bit with her she agrees to let him show her what he wants from her. They have the best sex ever with her tied up and him doing the tying. However things slowly start to get out of control, he starts abusing her and starts to tie her up seemly for no reason other than he is going out and doesn't want her to leave the house.

However she loves him and aside from the beatings she receives from him and the humiliation she could not bear to get out of the relationship they have. One friend (female) notices that she is getting more and more bruises and is slowly getting herself more and more locked up on the house. At first Lizzy denies everything of course she loves her boyfriend however slowly her friend convinces her that perhaps this relationship is going down. Would her friend convince lizzy that she is in danger? or will Lizzy continue to fall into the hands of a abusive man.

Looking for someone to play both, the female friend and the abusive boyfriend.

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Re: Lady Miyu's Manor [F looking for Anything]
« Reply #4 on: October 28, 2012, 12:03:41 AM »
The End it's Here!
Zombie Apocalypse, Incest, Survival, Plot

It is a wonderful new day, people go to school and to work. However something is wrong, cars aren’t moving and there are screams and agony on the streets. Lizzy is asleep dreaming of hot guys and girls, YC wakes up early and makes coffee for himself and his sister. Since their parents are away in a business trip he is left in charge of her younger sister. However when he turns on the tv there is nothing but static, looking outside reveals the truth, the apocalypse is here and he needs to get out, he needs to survive.

He loves his sister in more ways than just a sibling love so he could not bear if she dies on him. Waking her up without trying to make too much noise he explains to her what is happening. At first she doesn’t believe him, however on looking outside she is left dumbfounded. Now both siblings but survive and try to keep their emotions for each other in check.

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Re: Lady Miyu's Manor [F looking for Anything]
« Reply #5 on: November 04, 2012, 04:33:08 PM »
Daddies Girl
Daddy(mommy)-Girl Dinamic, Bondage, Spankings, Humiliation, Forced Nudity

Jessy was a girl that was raised without a father, she always hated the fact that her own father abandoned her. Growing up she found out about a fetish dynamic called Daddy-Girl relationship, a grown adult taking her of her and treating her as a child. She knew sex and sexual things would be part of it however she loved the fact that she could find a daddy and find out how it was to be raised as a girl.  She placed an add on an online bondage site and never expected anything however soon a message was received and she was surprised to see it was his high school teacher.

The next day she met with him in a dinner and discussed everything, she poured her heart to him and they both left with him thinking if he would take her. Two days later she received a phone called saying to her that she would need to move in with him. The next thing she knew was that all of her clothing were being burned and all her belongings were burned as well, he wanted her to rely on him fully and she would trust him with her life.

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Re: Lady Miyu's Manor [F looking for Anything]
« Reply #6 on: November 05, 2012, 12:14:07 AM »
Gamer Girl
Plot-Centered, Romance, Drama

There is a rumor going around the world of gaming internet that there is a certain woman that is very well known across some circles of games. She has the screen name of Shadow Cat. She has beaten every single person on a game and got to the top of a championship however she was never photographed or even recorded. Yc is just your normal every day gamer, he knows about Shadow Cat and even played with her a couple of times. However one day he meets a woman in a college class he is, the woman is wearing a shirt from a game and at the top it says 'Grand Champion'. The girl is very lonely however as lonely as she is beautiful.

However you try to talk to her and she always brushes you off, you never see her at all during daytime and only the class you have at night. You soon find out why, she has an terminal illness that makes her very allergic to the sunlight. You now know why she is keeping herself away from everybody, she is just waiting on death to come claim her. What would you do?

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Re: Lady Miyu's Manor [F looking for Anything]
« Reply #7 on: November 05, 2012, 02:15:04 AM »
The Meeting
CBT, Bondage, Forced Anal, Forced bisexualism, Forced nudity, forced feminization, Chastity, spankings, piercings

There is a online fetish site where people go find their lust fulfilled. There is a powerful mistress there called Mistress Moon which is the talk about of the entire site for her expertise and her parties. Yc is a new member of the site (male or female) and place a profile there putting your heart out as you want to find a true dominant woman. Weeks go by and finally one night you receive a message from Mistress Moon.

“I been looking for a good slave to add to my ranch of slaves. I saw that we live in the same city, you can ask anybody who I am around the site and they will tell you. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. Meet me at the plaza in two days from now at eight pm. I will see if you truly are as submissive as you say you are”.

The message said nothing else, you tried to communicate with her during the two days and never got an answer back. You decide to risk it and go to the meeting place at the appointed time. What you see there makes your jaw open, there was a woman with a man on a leash, the man was naked aside from a chastity belt on his cock. “Hello slave, I been waiting for you…”.