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Author Topic: Blood Falls from the Golden City [M seeking F; Vampire]  (Read 555 times)

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Blood Falls from the Golden City [M seeking F; Vampire]
« on: August 15, 2012, 12:53:47 PM »
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"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold"*

Please PM rather than respond in this thread. Thank you!
The Golden City

Now that is out of the way thank you for taking the time to look at this request, hopefully I can explain to you what I am looking for. In short this is not so much a idea (the idea's are described below) as a framework for a group of idea's. That being the golden and beautiful city of Constantinople at right around the time before the Fourth Crusade. In brief Constantinople was one of the most magnificent cities in the medieval world, one that is often underplayed in history class because of a book written about the history of Rome (which the Byzantine empire is the successor too.)

The theme of the city at this time is a faded glory, the Fourth Crusade was not fought against the Muslim middle east, but against the Golden City itself. This is the calm before the storm, and most of those that live here know it. Nothing lasts forever, and this time is the end of a era. People respond to that in a variety of ways from decadent orgies to trying to desperately hold on to what they have. It has been a Millennium since the city first rose, and it's walls seem to almost be held together by the history around it. While after the Fourth Crusade it would take nearly another 300 years before the city would fall to the Turks, the city would never be the same.

Now I'm sure I have lost a lot of you with this little history lesson (I'm studying to be a history teacher at the moment, I'm sure it shows) so I won't get into any more details as far as that goes. Now while I am a history major I don't need you to be! I don't expect you to know who Anna Comnena is or why she is important. You get cookies if you do know mind you, but it isn't required. Further this theme can be applied in a number of ways, below are two small sections the first are variations of this setting if you want to do something less related to history. The second section is the actually 'meat' of the story, the plots that could be played here. Mind you there are other plots that could be done here, and if you have a idea I would be elated to hear it!

If you came here because of the word 'Vampire' that is in the name of the post, I will explain why it is there below. Just bear with me or scroll down to the plot section either way works.

If you are intrigued please look at the spoiler below before going on. It just has some details about myself in it and what I want in the game.

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  • First of all I have been away from the site for a long while, this is one of my many attempts to get back into posting here. If I have to take a break again I will warn you as far in advance as I can.
  • Quality over quantity along with a decent understanding of English is required. However, just so you know I have Dyslexia so I am not going to destroy you for making a few typo's. I am sure I have made typo's in this post somewhere. I expect a paragraph or more if possible.
  • I play D&D and other type games in real life. Sometimes when I write I take on that 'role' designing the story and the characters that you interact with. I try not to do it so much that you can't create things outside of your character, it is just hard for me to get out of the GM/DM mindset. So feel free to make NPC's and other details up so long as it fits with the story.
  • I have been playing D&D since 1999, and I was doing erotic role-playing on Gaia online back in the early 2000's. I also run D&D games online on another site.
  • I am going to school full-time, and currently do not have a job. Thus I have quite a bit of time for role-playing though that might change if I do get a job. I will warn you if this happens.
  • Finally I am open to have more than one partner using this same idea (not in a group game mind you, just multiple one on one) especially if they use a variation.

Variations of a Theme

Rather than set in the real Constantinople in the Middle Ages, I would be willing to keep the sort of themes described above and move it over to another genre. Some possible ones are listed below.
  • Fantasy Constantinople: If you don't like historical settings this type of city could easily be brought into a fantasy setting. There is no limits to the type of city it might be, it could be set in a established setting from Lord of the Rings, to Dark Sun. I enjoy worldbuilding so if you have any wants as far as that goes I could be convinced. Type of fantasy doesn't matter from medieval fantasy, to oriental, or even something obscure like based around the Aztec's or Africa.
  • Space Constantinople: Set in the far future this ancient city has been a mecca for space travelers for years but it's glory has been fading with the space empire it represents. It has become bloated with decadence and corruption on all levels, with megacorps taking over direct control of it's space navy and trade for a large extent.
  • Post-Apocalyptic Constantinople: This is the last and only stop in [Insert country here], it is one of the few places that has running water left. Some nights it even has power to run the pre-war/plague/teddy-bear uprising devices. However that is going to change very soon, everyone wants a piece of it. There isn't enough to share, and bandits out in the wastes don't play well with others.
  • Another City, Another Time: This could be any city from a small western town as the gold rush begins to die off, to Detroit as the car industry dies off. If you have any idea's please PM me about them. Doesn't hurt to ask. :)


So it comes to the 'meat' of the subject. The plots I have idea's for this setting. First of I all I want to explain the Vampire tag I gave this game. The want to run a game like this came from reading one of my old Vampire: The Masquerade books Constantinople by Night, and since then I have really wanted to play a game set in that city. If you enjoy Vampire: The Masquerade (or in this case Vampire: The Dark Ages or VtDA) and want to play with or without character sheets from that setting I will love you forever. However I know that such a thing isn't too likely so the plots are designed in a way so it could be a generic non-sparkle vampire or maybe even vampires from a book series other than VtM.

Note that I am likely to play a vampire plot in either Constantinople itself or a fantasy setting. I never liked the idea's of space vampires, thought I could be convinced to have them in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Below are just brief idea's, with not a lot of depth to them. I like to craft stories to suit both myself and my writing partner.

Vampire Plots
  • The First Nights: Either using the VtDA or a more generic version of vampires this story is about somebody who lives in this city who falls prey to the lusts of a vampire who turns her into one of his kind. From there the story could evolve in a number of ways depending on the vampire that sired you. It might be a dark tainted romance story, or a plot based intrigue story. Don't have any specifics in mind for this one yet, I would likely build my vampire around your character if you have one, or build it together with you.
  • Blood Cult: Your character gets caught up in this strange cult that says that they are christian, but venerate a saint you have never heard of. In truth this is a vampire's blood cult and might result in anything from humiliation to having sex with a number of other men, women, or darker creatures. Slowly the cult would take over your life until you had nothing else. Or maybe you get away only to be hunted by a ex-lover from the cult. Again lots of variations that can be done with this one.
  • Hunter?: Two ways this one could work either you are a vampire hunter that is captured by said vampire, or a hunter captures you a vampire and keeps you alive. Depending on how dark you want this one to be it could go a number of ways.
  • Rivals: Lots of angry sex in this one I imagine. This is the basic plot of two vampires that are powerful enough that they can't destroy each other outright. Instead they try to out maneuver each other, and eventually their rivalry turns into a romantic love with them likely trying to fight it or maybe as something they don't even realize.
  • Love at first Sight: Vampires have all sorts of strange passions that run through them, and in this case a vampire wishes to possess something that isn't his. Maybe the daughter of the Emperor or some important civil servant. Or your character might fall in love with mine the first time she see's him depending on what you favor.

Other Plots
  • School Master: Your character would be a noble or some well off person within the city. Thus a teacher would be brought to you, and eventually either you or the teacher begins to fall into lust. However the teacher is simply a commoner so the affair must be kept secret. He might try to take her out of the city as it's walls crumble from outside forces.
  • Is it real?: Character leads a miserable life (or maybe not) though at night they have these strange dreams that grow more beautiful and magnificent with each night. Eventually the question becomes what is real and what is fantasy.
  • Kidnapping: You are taken away from the life you knew, maybe a commoner that catches the eye of some noble. A noble who is taken by some thief, could be any number of things. Very simple almost cliche idea, but with plot and details it could be given life. This could be turned so it's my character or your character. Either way works fine.
  • Fall into Darkness: Your character in this case would be a paragon of virtue either a nun, or some other incorruptible type. Another simple almost cliche idea of a character supernatural or not trying to corrupt this person. Maybe using drugs or other substances to do so depending on your fancy.
  • Sisters/Brothers Keeper (Warning Incest): This one is based around a old story I ran on there where my partner disappeared on me. In effect brother and sister have been separated from one another for quite some time with one of them ending up in a terrible situation such as being in terrible debt, on the run from the law, et cetera. Brother/sister ends up forcing them to stay in their house, and eventually a sexual relationship starts between them. Again depending on the plot or reason we choose that he/she is in trouble that can lead to a deeper and darker plots and intrigues.

These idea's can be mixed together, and as I said I am open to suggestions. So please if you are interested or just have a question drop me a PM! Have a wonderful day and hope to hear from you!

*Cookie for you if you know what poem that is from.
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Re: Blood Falls from the Golden City [M seeking F; Vampire]
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2012, 12:03:01 PM »
Added Love at first Sight, and Fall into Darkness as possible plots.

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Re: Blood Falls from the Golden City [M seeking F; Vampire]
« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2012, 05:19:08 PM »
Added my final idea, Sisters/Brothers Keeper.

This will be the last idea I add to this theme, thank you everyone that has given me PM's about this game. I am looking for one or maybe two more partners before I say that I am full up on games.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! This will also be the last bump for the game.