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June 23, 2018, 08:57:59 AM

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Author Topic: Puppy play (Human pet, looking for female character)  (Read 1775 times)

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Offline FlowerTopic starter

Puppy play (Human pet, looking for female character)
« on: May 06, 2012, 05:59:31 PM »
Hello! Thank you for taking the time to look at this request for a short termed third writing partner. It is important for you to know that this story will be written by Cream and myself, Dancing Flower. If you would like to take a look at our writing background, I have linked our profiles for your ease of finding out more about our writing background and quality.  It is important to note, we are looking for a person who will be dedicated as much to the plot as to sexual encounters since there is a delicate balance to be maintained in the story.

Requirements for Our Partner

Cream and I both write in third person, and it is required that our future co-writer follow this trend. We do not mind if your character’s personal thoughts are written in first person. No one is perfect at grammar, but we would prefer for posts to be at least legible. No chatspeak is allowed at all unless for creativity purposes such as your character is sending a text message. Cream and I love detail so we would like a partner who can post at least three paragraphs or more without feeling stressed or uncomfortable since two or three sentences does not work for us as writers or readers. We would like a partner that can at least post once every two to four days. Please send a PM rather than answering in this thread to both Cream and myself if interested.

Name of Story: Kneel

Content: Puppy play, romance, extreme, MFF sexual scenes possible.

Plot Summary: Though we would prefer that you read back on the story that we have already written, we can more or less sum it up in a short manner.  David, Cream’s character, is involved in a fetish community that adopts pets.  The pets are of the human variety, and the most common of the three are trained to act like dogs, cats, or ponies.  David is a collector of the canine variety.  Addie, his current pet and Dancing Flower’s character, is his second attempt at owning a pet.  His first attempt was a failure, as he was not entirely sure exactly what it was he was looking for when he asked for one.  He was more precise with his second choice, and he took a lot more time to figure out what it was he wanted.  He chose Addie, who was considered the runt of the litter not only because of her size, but because of her seeming lack of ability to perform in the famed puppy shows.  But David found a beauty in her, she seemed to pull off the look of puppy more than anything he had seen before.  David paid nearly twice what they had asked for her, because he had requested special training.  He wanted her to be able to read and write, even if writing was something that she nearly never did.  He wanted to ensure that she came innocent, so she was not allowed among her male counterparts.  Upon receiving Addie, he immediately knew that he had made the correct decision.  He decided that he wished to break the norm of what the puppy shows looked for, which was tall, beautiful and blonde. More or less, what one might see when they look at an ad in a magazine or commercial. Those types of puppies were usually often foul in temperament and believed they deserved special treatment because of their looks.  Instead, he wished for Addie to be submitted to change the perception of what an award winning puppy should be.  She had an undeniable beauty to her, but furthermore her attitude and overall demeanor embraced everything that the owners of the pet collecting community wanted.  He wished for the shows to be more about the personality of the puppies as opposed to a pure beauty contest.  He is now looking to train her amongst others she will be competing with in the shows, and this is where you come in.

What We're Looking for: We are looking for your character to be a mix of the cliche and what David is looking for with good personality traits.  She would be rather tall in build, perhaps around 5’9.  She would be blonde with either blue or green eyes.  The type of girl you could put in a nice dress and put into a beauty pageant.  She would also have a playful personality and be friendly with other puppies. The reasoning behind this type of selection for a temporary companion is the desire to have Addie feel comfortable around the type of puppies she will be competing against, as far as a physical aspect is concerned.   

Instead of simply writing the character on our own, we decided to add a third mind to help to shake things up a bit.  We are not at all looking for something that is destined to turn out sexual.  In fact, there is absolutely no promise that it would turn into a sexual scene at all.  We wish the game to write itself.

We are looking for a short term partner, and if you are interested in the idea then as we said, throw us a PM.  We will then ask for you to give a character description, and a post showing us how you would go about playing the character so that we would have an idea of how you intend to portray the character and the mindset. 
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Offline FlowerTopic starter

Re: Puppy play (looking for third character MFF)
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2012, 08:59:29 AM »
edited: I made a wee error in the link. It's fixed now.

Offline Cream

Re: Puppy play (looking for third character MFF)
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2012, 09:52:52 PM »
We are looking to fill this position within the next month or so.  So if you are worried about having to whip a character up ASAP, there are no worries.  We decided to put this up early to give people time, and to find the right person.

So feel free to send us a PM if you have questions or anything of the like. 

Offline FlowerTopic starter

Re: Puppy play (Human pet, looking for female character)
« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2012, 10:07:36 PM »
Still looking for a person to fill the need for a third character. :)

Also: added a picture of Addie