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Author Topic: Looking for long term story partner (Multiple stories inside)  (Read 1370 times)

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Looking for long term story partner (Multiple stories inside)
« on: February 10, 2012, 01:54:38 PM »
Hey everyone!  I finally found the time to sit down and create a proper prompt page.  I love these girls dearly, and enjoy playing them, some I have played for years, others I have not yet played but eagerly looking for someone to step up and try to tame these wild little hearts.  Also, by no means think that I limit myself to just these ladies.  If presented with a great idea you hunger for, I am open to creating a new character to fit your need.

Please note, none of these story lines are short one timers.  I invest a great deal of emotion and history into them and these tales will be involved and a grand adventure is promised!
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Re: Looking for long term story partner (Multiple stories inside)
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2012, 09:28:58 PM »
~*~Not of this World Fantasy~*~


((Creator's note:  This is my favorite character I have ever created.  I have fallen in love with her, her world, and all the people that inhabit this little world.  And this world is NOTHING like in the Avatar cartoon.  She has created with others the most beautiful of stories.  Instead of a description, I will simply place the intro post I use for her because if you cannot tell... I love secrets...))

Dark clouds skirted quickly over the cold grey sky, a thunder storm would be coming soon.  It was strange for this time of year for, although it was slowly becoming the colder season- harvest season- this part of the year was usually dry until the winter when the snow came.  The city of Gespa was small in terms of people and how metropolitan it was compared to other cities, but it was the crop center and harvesting hub for the entire country of Ivalice.  Most of the people in Gespa were Terratians, people granted with increased power of the earth- they were better farmers, ranchers, masons, and builders than other citizens of Ivalice and could be told apart from the others by the green markings on their skins.  It was a quiet Sunday afternoon, more quiet than usual.  Granted Sundays were meant for spiritual repose and rest between six days of grueling field work and manual labor, but on this day not a person could be seen in the taverns and inns, shops were closed and houses empty, even the brothels were unusually quiet.  The caravan was in this day and had won the attention of the citizens of Gespa.
When the caravan arrives, it signifies the arrival of exotic cloths and materials, spices, and jewelry.  It meant needed items for the farm, for the stores, and for Gespa's citizens own needs.  But one thing that everyone had waited for, had kept the money for harvesting for, were the auctions.  The caravan was a collected group, entirely made of Unmarked men- men born with no markings that would make them suitable for any trade.  For as you see, dear reader, that there were different classes of people in Ivalice.  The Terratians were those of the earth and made their living in the earth and were set apart by green markings on their face.  The Aeronians were people of the skies, able to harness the power of the wind and use it to work their machines, and help empower the farms of the Terratians, one may discerne a person of that class by white markings on the face.  The Spritists with their red markings were the teachers, priests, and many times rulers of Ivalice and the cities inside.  Lastly, the Aquarians- also called the Mother People for all races were borne from the sea, their faces marked in blue, were masters of the water.  Excellent seamen, fishers, and ships architects, they were sucometimes called the Mother People- for water was the creation of life.  These four types of people- never segregated and always equal, helped one another out and made life complete.  As the Spiritists taught, the Aquarians traded fish for fowl and crop while showing the Terratians how to irrigate.  The Aeronians helped the Aquarians to harness the wind at sea while the Terratians gave the Aeronians the strength to use this power on land.  It was a well oiled cycle of profitable power and balance and everyone in the world took advantage of it.  Everyone except for the Unmarked.  Like a birth defect, the Unmarked were people born without a calling of their own.  The skies did not want them, the waves of the ocean curled away at their sight; these people had no markings on their faces and no strength in the element that created the World.  So these people did the jobs that others refused- cleaning the trash, begging on the streets, mercenaries, and the strength behind the slave trade.  Slave sellers and auctioneers where Unmarked men and women that sold their own kind- fellow Unmarked- to rich men and women with beatiful markings on their faces and full purses in their pockets.

On this dismal day, with a chilling northern wind that ripped through the town and threatened to pull the very rainbow colored awnings from the many wagons that made the caravan.  The caravan had formed a half circle in an empty field outside the village, where a make shift auction block was created.  Behind the caravan; the oxes, horses, and livestock belonging to the slave traders were on one side and the animals to be sold on the other.  As anxious men and a few women- children were never allowed at auction- waited, a tense murmur lurking through the crowd, a short, rotund Unmarked man with salt and pepper hair and goatee, a bald spot due to stress growing on his scalp, waddled around camp and nailed the list of auctioned items to be sold at auction that day.  Unlike his usual self, the balding man did not greet the patrons and shake hands with his usual, and most profitable customers.  This time, with a well defined frown on his plushy red lips, he turned away and waddled back into the hidden enclosure of his people's own camp.  But no one seemed to notice; they were too busy pushing and shoving their way through to see what was on the list today.  Six sheep of both sexes, two male oxen, three female cows with one pregnant, and four work horses of prime ages were the animals to be sold.  Under the animal's list was the list of human slaves to be sold: a family of four consisting of a field hand, a cook, and two young children who were skilled in sewing, cleaning, and other house work; three strong bucks for the field, an experienced nurse maid, and two teenage girls who could cook.  Then under that list, in bright bold ink was the special for this trade.  Usually special slave sells were former palace guards or champions of gladiator rings or beautiful exotic girls trained all their lives to please a commanding master, still Unmarked but carried with them special abilities that would grant a higher price.  But usually what the special sale was was listed on the parchment, giving potential buyers an idea of what they might want to buy.  This time however all the paper said in bright big red letters was, "Once in a Lifetime Sale!"
The auctions went by quickly, the animals and people going at a lower price, since nervous and eager, they bidders at the auction were waiting for the surprise sale.  After the last girl was sold, the balding rotund auctioneer, who went by the simple name of Simeon, raised his hands indicating for the group around him to wait.  He hobbled off the steps and away from the auction stand and walked into the back of the last caravan.  There was a group hush, and it felt that the storm would come sooner, drawn to the electricity amongst the crowd.  He walked out of the caravan, leading another person with him.  Although the person was covered in a cloak so the head and body was hidden, it was plain to see from her lithe features the person was a girl.  A person paying attention to detail could see that around the girl's wrist were soft silk ties to bind her hands, not the rusting metal shackles that were the jewelry of choice for every other human sold this day.  Never looking at the person, Simeon lead the girl back to the auction block.  Her barefoot steps were smoothe and fluid, and the crowd could sense an odd power of grace in her.  He led the girl up the steps and she stood, staring straight over the crowd, her face still masked by the cloak.  Simeon turned to her and sighed, shaking his head as if he was debating whther or not to sell the girl at all, as if for the first time, the slave seller felt guilt.  He patted the girl's hand and she turned and nodded toward him and there was an exchange of words meant for only themselves.  Simeon then turned to the crowd and raised his hands and spoke to the audience before him- a large mass of the richest men and women in town.
"Men and women of Gespa!  Gallan merchant, traders, and plantation owners!  This beautiful creature you will only find once on the auction block!  Come, gather round and bless your eyes upon this girl!  Thank me, my valued guests, for I could even offer to charge you just to set your eyes upon her!  This girl can read and write, and speak multiple languages!  She would be a perfect teacher for your children, highly educated, and also a perfect handmistress for M'Lady.  She also on top of it all, is highly skilled with a bow, and well taught in the Holy Ways.  But men, do not get me wrong!  This delicate virgin with supple breasts and soft skin will keep you warm at night and has a perfect womb for mating."  Now the audience was anxious and edgy, ready to see what was under the cloak.  No Unmarked slave was so highly talked over, so highly skilled and educated.  Who could this creature be?  Simeon turned and placed a hand on the girl's cloak and let it rest there for a moment.  With a large sigh he yanked it off the girl and thre it aside.  There was an eruption of noise from the audience and for a brief moment Simeon was taken aback by the noise.  For the people in the audience looked past her blonde, lightly curly hair so fair it was almost white, except it was heavily streaked with numerous hues of blue, purple, and green- unlike any hair they had ever seen.  They looked past her pale skin, the lightest and palest so much so it shone.  They looked passed the large round lilac colored eyes that were set in a round face with no blemishes or markings.  They looked past her elegant body with thin, lithe arms and hands, almost overly curved frame, and the muscular legs of a runner who sprinted with weights.  For all they could see was a mark- a blue crescent moon with a star in between the moon's points, on her forehead.  The girl was an Aquarian.  No slave had ever been a marked human before.  Her face was expressionless and serene, yet those lilac eyes carried the sadness of the sea after the wake of a fierce hurricane.  Simeon let the voices die down before he rose his hand to speak.  A few left, gesturing to themselves to ward off curses, others stayed, and said a silent prayer for the girl.  But there were others, the majority of the group, that whistled in delight, licked their lips, and rubbed their hands together with glee.  What a blessing such a creature would bring to the household!  Simeon raised his hands and the hyped up crowd grew uncomfortably silent.  The auction was about to begin, and Simeon would start the betting at twice the normal amount for any prime slave he sold.  "Ladies and gentlemen, begin your bets.  Starting price: ONE THOUSAND DINARI!"   

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Re: Looking for long term story partner (Multiple stories inside)
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2012, 09:35:27 PM »
~*~Not of this World Fantasy, contd.~*~

Krystalys Goldehorde

((Creator's notes: This is my first character I EVER RPed with ages ago when AOL had the Red Dragon Inn rooms back when i was in high school))   

The crimson shade of Krystalys' hair fits her all too well.  She is a fierce, raging young woman that has devoted her life to a single goal: revenge.  Born in origins unknown to her she was left for dead before a cliff of dragon caves with only a sword beside the newborn infant.  Taking pity on her with all their wisdom, the dragons raised her as their own, and when she reached maturity she was like a dragon in human skin- her language, eating habits, lifestyle, and demeanor were all draconic even to the point that due to her growth her eyes changed from human like orbs to draconic- eyes the color of glittering emeralds with black slits for pupils instead of the round dots in a human's.  The only tie she had to prevent her from being a total savage was were the mountain elves that lived nearby that gave her clothes, taught her how to hunt and fight. 

But after one of those hunts she returned and found her entire clan decimated.   Scales cleaned from skin, blood drawn from veins.  Hearts, brains, all important organs removed leaving just skin and bone.  She had no where else to go, no one to turn to- the elves hid from her fearing Krystalys was cursed.  So on her own she picked up her sword and ventured out, set to burn the world to ash in her journey for revenge.

 That was five years ago, and still no clue, no direct path.  A mercenary for hire Krystalys is an efficient, yet expensive, killer.  With no home, no lover, just her horse and her sword, she still travels the world, hungry for death.

The Bride of Martel

 The Bride of Martel.  A nameless woman was life was destined from birth to be sacrificed to the God of War.

 Centuries ago the God of War- Martel- was already known then for his rages and his anger.  But there was one creature in all divinity that could calm his ferocity.  His wife- Miora Rae.  But one day in the midst of one of his rages, Martel killed her.  As a goddess, although her body was dead, her soul still lived and thrived in stasis within an empty shell.  So Martel made an agreement with the humans of the planet.  Every 100 years a physical reincarnation of his dead wife would appear- a child born as an albino with the symbol of Martel- an Ouroboros- on her wrist.  Immediately after birth the infant would be wretched from her mother's hands never to be seen again, and sent to the Head Temple of Miora Rae to be raised in the goddess' likeness.  Her every care tended for she never stepped foot outside unless draped in heavy cloth.  Raised with the wisdom of a goddess, she had not an ounce of common sense.  Unable to feed herself or dress herself and never allowed to touch anything with her bare hands, naive to everything of the world, she is a cloistered pearl in alabaster walls, never knowing there was something greater out the front door.

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Re: Looking for long term story partner (Multiple stories inside)
« Reply #3 on: May 23, 2012, 09:46:34 PM »
~*~Modern Fantasy~*~


 Angel has always been a woman with a secret.  From the scars on her back to the odd colors eyes with irises a paler blue than the sky and pupils of Mercury, Angel has her secrets.  But through her years she has learned to swat away at those probing questions about her life and create sweet gentle lies that put the inquisitors to peace.  She has an answer for everything, and responds each time with a bat of her large eyes and a gentle, disarming smile.  Her current residence is a second floor loft apartment she shares with her black cat Isis over the coffee shop that she too owns.  Nestled between the Historic District and the more modern club and bar Depot District in the heart of a colonial New England beach town, Angel's coffee shop serves old families, new couples, study groups and rest seekers.  She loves this little life she has, for it is the only life she has left because she cannot get her past back.  Angel has come to accept that no one can get back what the Living God takes away...

Pandora Dexter Paisley

Pandora Dexter Paisley was your average college kid in Texas.  School in the mornings, work in the evenings, studied all night and partied hard on the weekends and slept until noon on Saturdays before eating a breakfast of cold leftover enchiladas and flat Big Red.  An English major with a focus on International and Historic Mythos, it didn't help as much as she thought it would going to the same school where her grandmother held a Dean position.

 Life was average, life was boring.  Fall midterms were approaching and Pandora felt the pressure and stress as every other average college kid.  Yet something unaverage happened.  Never she thought sitting around the university fountain with her friends could cost her so much.  She was joking.  It was a simple joke, a joke ended too soon when some jerk running to class knocked her into the water.

"Asshole..." She sputtered as she wiped the soaking hair from her face and secretly wondered why none of her friends were coming to her defense, or her aid.  She looked up and found she was not in a town she knew and looking back to the pool, a reflection she did not recognize stared right back.

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Re: Looking for long term story partner (Multiple stories inside)
« Reply #4 on: May 23, 2012, 09:54:35 PM »
~*~Science Fiction~*~


"Do you know of the killer named C.A.R.M.A?  Right before she kills you can hear her...  you can hear that sweet little laughter of hers.... that happy little song she sings.  Her happy smile is the last thing her victim sees before ...  It's as if she finds glee in it..."

Meet Classified Active Renegade Manipulation Assassin C.A.R.M.A.  C.A.R.M.A. #6 to be exact. 

 Created as the final experiment in a series of six, she was the brainchild of a top secret military experiment in order to create the super soldier.  Each C.A.R.M.A. was born with highly honed military intelligence and a strong set of fighting skills that are enhanced by their superhuman strength.  They are capable to change their color of skin tone, hair color, as well as eyes and nails.  Able to cloak into any scenery and have a mastery of numerous languages, C.A.R.M.A.s are the ideal assassin units for any top secret project that needs to be done quickly and quietly and under any foreign political and media radar.  Well at least they were.  Although each C.A.R.M.A. was supervised with a strict diet and exercise regime and had all the best doctors, trainers, and teachers... all died.  Except for #6.

  Whether it was her strong will to live or her eagerness for vengeance against those that desired her to be used solely as a perfect weapon, #6 refused to die.  So she did what no other C.A.R.M.A. had done before- fight back.  In doing so she destroyed the lab and all in it and ran.  She ran as far as her pale legs could carry her.  And when she could not run any more, she walked.  Exhausting herself she crashed outside a gas station outside an old town.  She could feel her body die and break down.  Was her fate to be like her five siblings?  No.  Hell no.  She would not quit now.  So with the spare change she had picked up from the road on the way she bought the only thing she could afford- an old Cadbury Cream Egg that had been sitting there since Easter.  She tore off the wrapping and popped the entire thing in her mouth and felt rejuvenated, and her strength renewed.  That was when she realized how the other five had died and how she could keep on living- sugar.  They had all been on a strict diet while in the labs, no room for sugar which caused a breakdown of glucose in their bodies.

 Years passed and C.A.R.M.A. had settled in a comfortable suburban area of San Francisco close to the beach.  Using her military born intelligence and tact she worked her way into owning her own bookstore with a loft apartment on the second floor.  An ardent techno fan she reverts back to her C.A.R.M.A. skills and brightens her world in pastels, finding pleasure in the warehouse raves around the town.

 But not is all safe and pleasurable in her world as it may seem dear reader.  For there are those alive that are still aware about the lone C.A.R.M.A unit living amongst normal humans.  And they want her back.

Commander Contessa Darcy

 Commander Darcy is the direct descendent to C.A.R.M.A. #6-  with only almost 1,000 years between them.

 Needing more room to grow, with the nagging desire to spread out and colonize space, people of Earth built strong space ships and explored the stars.  Soon the Neo-Republic was born out of the need for military and political consolidation in such a vast and endless spance of darkness.   "The Pub" as many citizens called it, was named for what the city held.  Neo-Republic centuries ago was the first real city made in space after people started to decide to colonize space instead of simply waging war within it.  The Pub, like all floating Space Cities, looked like a floating island, with a bubble on the top the covered the land inside.  One on end of the large city-which was several miles in diameter- it would take a good hour to cross from one end to the other- was a large man made outcrop of mountain.  People were invited to climb the mountain for exercise and sport, but at the back edge of the mountain was where the bubble ended on one side.  On the other side of the mountain was a series of docking stations for various ships from tiny Raptors and Vipers to larger cargo tanks.  The Pub was the central Hub of Space Government.  Space was ruled by an Interplanetary Union- although each planet had their own ruler- King, Emperor, or President, and space cities their own governor, the IU as a whole was ruled by a joint voice of the rulers of the own separate planets, forming the Ruling Congress of the Orbital Bodies- the RCOB. Neo-Republic was the place where the RCOB met at a minimum of twice a year.  The Pub was also the large city where all three branches of government and made group decisions for the benefit of the people of space.  It was also the central headquarters of the IU military.  Modeled after the historical ancient Washington DC from what was once known as America, it was the most powerful space city in the universe.  It also was the city that became home to a small breed of people called "Jumpers"- refugees that accidentally jumped into a wormhole from another place and time and came through into this present time.   

 From a long, long line of military family, Contessa was educated from high school through university in space military academies.  She has a Bachelors in Airspace Military History and a Masters in Military Psychology with a focus on Military Therapy.  She is the head of the Relocation Program- a military sponsored development that rescues Jumpers in their ships from space and delivers them to the Pub and, through a long process of therapy, medical attention, the program will assimilate them into modern culture.

 Seemingly all business, all work and no play, Commander Darcy also had a secret wild streak to her.  For after all the C.A.R.M.A. genes did pass through to her...

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Re: Looking for long term story partner (Multiple stories inside)
« Reply #5 on: May 23, 2012, 11:01:04 PM »

Lucie Pevency Muire

"Dear night lights that protect my sleeping babes, burn clear and steadfast, tonight."- J.M. Berry

 Ahhh poor Lucie...  A bright, intelligent young woman in Edwardian England, Lucie was born to high ranking parents who had strong opinions about the deep caverns that divided class by class and the propriety and distinction of the upper class.  The Lord Muir is a member of Parliament, and Lady Muir hails from old class and money.  They raised sweet Lucie with the thought that in her life there was no room for play and frivolity.  While her comrades- she had no classmates for she had governesses all her life- played with their parents in the park or enjoyed escapes of peradventure, Poor Lucie was taken from deportment class to piano class to art class and then chauffeured to teas, dances classes, social events and other duties of those in upper class society.  There was no time for magic, no time for mystery, and absolutely no time see what happens when one turns off the lights...

The Little Savage

Poor woman! the hunters thought.  We must do something.  Follow the wolf packs, they will lead you to the food.  Hunt with the wolves, the hunters knew.  Yet when chasing after a pack of wolves, their coats of steel and iron, a lone figure stood out.  A woman, naked as the gods created her, with hair whiter than winter's snow, rode astride one of the largest of the pack.  Who was this woman?  Were the legends true?  The wolves of the Olde Ways that kidnapped mortal babes to raise as their own?  Something must be done!
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Re: Looking for long term story partner (Multiple stories inside)
« Reply #6 on: December 11, 2012, 12:02:07 AM »
Hey everyone!  After a few months of not having computer access, and no money to buy one, I now have a new job and a shiny new laptop!  I am open to play once more, please take a look at all my characters and find one of your liking!

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Re: Looking for long term story partner (Multiple stories inside)
« Reply #7 on: April 04, 2013, 03:42:14 PM »
Work has calmed.  Life has calmed.  I want to play.  All the above are open.  Please try one out! <3