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Author Topic: Gypsy-Time Travel-Mermaid-Fox[Open:Male-Female]  (Read 830 times)

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Gypsy-Time Travel-Mermaid-Fox[Open:Male-Female]
« on: November 14, 2011, 03:58:56 PM »
Please do not post in this thread. PM me only. I would like to keep this thread organized.

NEWS: Someone wants to take this story that was dropped?
I am open to any new ideas. It doesn't need to be those stories below!

*Update*  Apologies and Absences:
My on and off link: (more here:

For those who wants a small resume of what I have in those links above, here:

  • If you are coming to write sex non-stop, I am not the one for you. I like backgrounds and a good story mix with describe scenes.
  • I want quality, creativity, open-mindedness and a co-writer. I prefer to build a story with my partner. If you are coming in hope I'll do everything please, walk away or I will tell you.
  • I seek someone who is interested in the story. If you don't want to continue it, please let me know.
  • It's not first come first serve. I go with the flow and follow my muse. If I am not ready to write my part then don't push me or I won't write with you again. There is normally a reason why I take time.
  • Please don't ever use the word "penis" or "vagina" in sex scenes, there is other words we can use.
  • Please do not 'control' my character's thoughts or actions.

More to know-
Characters & Development
I like to have characters with backgrounds and personality. You don't need to tell me right away, but please come with this in mind.

I love teasing and being teased. I like Master and slave play.
I enjoy pushing each others switches. Like battling in bed or to confront some else. I also want to try the idea of being teased in public.

I don't mind straight, but I need them to understand my RL situation.
In a gay relation, I tend to like being the dominant one, or equal.

I like playing with them.
I prefer being the male in a straight relation, but I can try out FxF too.
FxF is not something I search, because I already have it at home ;).

Holding the wrists together, being blindfolded, tied up, light spanking... and other similar scenes... are things I like.

I only like some of it, but I prefer them to finish with liking each other at the end.

-Tiny infos to make it clear if you want any kind of stories about those subjects-
What I see in a vampire:
Can go under the sun.
Sleep is only a luxury.
Doesn't need to be white as porcelain. (it can be from Egypt)
Does need blood to survive, but can eat normal food.
Does not sparkle (please, I have hard time with those love human student typical teenager vampire etc.)
Doesn't fly, but can jump like a cat does (not the position, but the height)
Can read mind and play with weaker ones.
Can't be staked in the heart (it will only hurt as hell), only decapitation works.
Doesn't need to be in a war with werewolf or as I prefer to call shape shifters.
Younger ones are like human babies, they need to take care of their skin under the sunlight. (mostly their eyes)
They can transform into a vampire by doing the typical blood exchange.
I like the Victorian vampires, but I am open to any kind.
If you have questions or want to know more of what I like with Vampires, please tell me.

Control themselves even under the moonlight.
Change into the animal and not half way trough. (unless they are having problem with their gene)
Come in variety of races, colors and species.
Sleep is only a luxury.
Some of them might be youth and wild, but maturity comes with time. Under one year to two.
Can have children without a problem.
Doesn't need to be in a war with vampire.
Alpha exists for tribes around the world. (might be a King somewhere)
The gene; It can be transfer from venom in their teeth or you must have the gene from a mother and a father ShapeS.
Don't lose their consciousness or anything like that when transforming.
Can speak with their minds or show pictures depending of their levels.
If you have questions or want to know more of what I like with Shape Shifters, please tell me.

As for what I want, well I am open to suggestions.
I am open minded, so please ask me anything and will see.

Story ideas in mind (if they are under stripe in means: taken):
"Running Trough Time"
"What is wrong with the horses?" said the master with calm as always.
"Somebody walked right in front or us, sir." the coachman paused, tried to look over the animals then jumped down. "I will go look my lord."
Frederick was in the cart arms crossed on his chest. From his bed to this dark night, his day was a total mess.
"It's a man sir. He is still alive, but very injured by the horses." To finished his day on a lower note.
"Will ask Sylvia to check on him at the mansion." He said going outside his cart to help his coachman placing the weird looking man inside, then they left.
While waiting to arrive, Frederick tried to pass over his curiosity to look for possible broken bones and muscles. He tried to push on the open wounds so the blood could stop.

They drop the man in the kitchen while Sylvia was grumbling stuff half asleep.
Even the master helped her so that less of the household needed to be awaken. Then, Frederick and Joseph, his butler, placed him in one of the domestic rooms where he was looked after by Sylvia the nurse, and Joseph.

-Resume: Someone was running away from the future and ended up in the Victorian time. What will happen?
-We can talk about this one to see what you'll be able to do.
-I am open for straight relation with this one, but I have a preference for men only.

"Demon Genie"
A man discover a ancient Egyptian tomb and find the oldest artifact on earth. He wants to keep it to himself and so he gave the part that doesn't worth much to the other archaeologist... Once home (or in his hotel) he tried to open the little object.... Then a light comes out and shaped the most perfect lady on earth with a sweet smile and a white flowing dress.
Her hair are a mix of earth colors. She looked at the man with innocence, until a smirk come trough and her head lift up a little. She gave the man a peek trough her lashes.
"So finally... some puny human opened my prison! What do you wish child of God?" she ask.

-We can talk about this one to see what you'll be able to do. I'll be the demon genie in this one.
-I am open for straight relation with this one.

"The book world"
Somewhere in the corner of a central library, there were not a person to be seen as it was only older books way up almost at the top of the library. It was the silence that was mostly disturbing around there and the dust could be smell on the first stairs. You could see the sun passing trought the windows and making the dust looks like fairies. Then a "toc-toc" sound suddenly could be heard. The last book shelf started to move slighty making the 'toc-toc' sound more pronounce. Some books were moving until the book shelves fall on the wall and books were flying... sheets where flying out of some of them and the book shelf in front of the moving one fell down on a table. Everything flew around until a big crack sound like thunder ended the mysterious moment. Then everything stopped before dropping lifeless on the floor. Silence came again, but not only that, something grew taller in the middle of the mess and it moved to stretch...

"Where the... Where am I?" the thing said while looking around.
It was a man about 5.10 almost 6" with really long greenish brown hair all tangled. He was trying to find something that he might recognize. His confused eyes were green with a brown circle. Then he realized he wasn't somewhere he knew.... .

-We can talk about this one to see what you'll be able to do. I describe my character coming from a book.
-I am open for straight relation with this one.

"Dragon's lair"
He knew it smelled fishy the minute he took the job, but saying no all the time will not bring food on his table. An old granny had came to his office in the morning and she assure him-
"Mister please, I assure you my necklace is in that old mansion! Some kids stolen the jewel from me and I saw them hiding it in that dark and dangerous place. I'll pay you good if you go and get it for me." She look down like she was trying to see something on her fragile body. "You see, I am not in condition to go there."
He remembered sighing, then with a smile he said-
"I will madam. I will find the jewel for you. Tell me everything you know and where they went."
"It is, in fact, not a secure place." He didn't try to push the doors in case everything would fell on him, he, instead, slided between them in the small gap. He looked up at the ceiling and once inside, tried to see if everything was okay for him to enter safely. He noticed that there was no ceiling anymore a good thing for him. He walked in feeling secure, but still on his guard just in case the floor wasn't. He took a glance at the stares... they were probably beautiful in the past, but today... just a few steps where still untouched by a miracle.
"Well I should get starting. It's not by staying in the lobby that things will be done before nightfall.*
He then follow what the granny said and went further into the mansion.

-We can talk about this one to see what you'll be able to do. I'll be this character that is actually a dragon in hiding.
-This is in an alternate universe. Style steampunk, Victorian with electricity.
-I am open for straight relation with this one.

"Gpysy treasure"
Simple plot, but it can have multiple obstacles.
A gypsy that was abandoned by her/his pair wanders alone until she/he is attacked by wolves. A prince that was passing by his there to help her/him. But was all this a lie? An arrangement to put down the king?

-We can talk about this one to see what you'll be able to do. I'll be the gypsy (she/he).
-I am open for straight relation with this one, but I will prefer guy/guy relation.
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Re: 3 stories: Time Travel-Demon Genie-Dragon's lair[Open:Male-Female]
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2011, 07:26:05 PM »
List of original characters.

Japanese god, fierce and beautiful. He can play both sex very well. His animal is an arctic fox. People were offering him goodies to protect their lands of the cold. He doesn't want to say his age. He his not one to accept sacrifices, but he likes when people give him compliments and are there to satisfy his needs. He doesn't look very strong, but his magic is.

Nowadays he feels alone and not a lot of people are praising him. He wants to move on.

Dragon child. Karl have his human form most of the time since he cannot be seen. He almost got caught once and it was to be used in the military. His world is trashed. He was born in the apocalypse era. That was when the time of magic was killed by the mechanic time. Everything magic is rather used/enslaved or killed/drained.
Even if he is stubborn, straightforward and cares only about himself, he can be kind to women and very protective of some very special persons. His goal is to have magic back in the world again.

More in development.

She is a wild mermaid that is to curious for her own good. Even if she knows that during the full moon she can have fun with magic and shape shift into anything she wants, their was always the mystery of the two legged people. She wanted to know more about them to be able to create the perfect form during the full moon. She wanted to know how they were feeling the sand between their tiny finger..., but she didn't know that not all of these creature are good... Some were even killing the ocean to feed by millions.
She is sweet, curious and wild. She is part of the Atlantis City, and she his bound by the magic there. She is not allowed to speak of this place to any who wants to do bad in anyway, conscious or not.
She likes all sorts of shiny things.

More in development.
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Re: Gypsy/prince-Time Travel-Demon-Dragon-Mermaid-Fox[Open:Male-Female]
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2011, 10:54:52 AM »
I added a new story to my bank.
The gypsy treasure.
Pm me if you are interested. (:

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Re: Gypsy/prince-Time Travel-Demon-Dragon-Mermaid-Fox[Open:Male-Female]
« Reply #3 on: November 29, 2011, 05:59:52 PM »
A story was dropped and I was wondering if it might interest someone else.
The first post is here: