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Author Topic: GANGSTA'S PARADISE - hooker game [striclty EX and preferably NC]  (Read 675 times)

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Offline LauraEhmanTopic starter

A hooker's adventures in the dark side of life

-Is Kitty there?-asked a man's voice, deep and raspy like he was talking from the depths of a well.
-Speaking, dear. How is your day?-she answered using her high pitched, priggish but still promising voice. The voice men liked so much. The same voice she used for singing when her clients wanted her to sing one of those silly hits originally performed by those rich and fake chicks. Kitty was not an educated singer, although some years ago she was hoping for a singer career. She craved for the life of an adored celebrity, but her talent and mostly her luck denied her that. Still, she loved to let her voice fly freely sometimes, and certain clients required her to sing for them before the other kinds of actions. Singing "Ups I did it again" or "Bad romance" kind songs made men horny.
-Good. Got your number from Leroy. Are you free tonight?-the next question arrived, seemes the guy at the other end of the line was not really the man of speeches. Actually Kitty did not mind that too much. Sometimes she was tired to play the role of the seductive honey-bunny even via phone. Straight to the point meant spare time. And this one is from Leroy again. He proved to be an effective flesh broker, though the last couple of clients were all beyond normal limits. Rough sickos. On the other hand, paid well, very well.
-Maybe. Depends on what you want, baby. One shot ride or something... err... more experimental.-she let her voice bur seductively.
-Whole night job, I drop a party. Interested?
-Well... depends. Any special service you need?-she asked back after a short break. She liked the idea of being rented for the whole night. That always meant food, drinks and occasionally drugs. Drugs were good, made the happenings of really depraved evenings much bearable.

-Mandatory items: excessive spermplay, gangbang, realistic sizeplay, urine, deepthroat and gagging, stretching, humiliation & degradation.
-Pick your extra choices: bestiality - dog(s) & horse(s), orgy, lesbian, bdsm, pain & torture, excrement, others...]

-Ohhhh... okay, we may make the deal. But this is going to cost you a lot!-Kitty took a deep breath as her mind twirled around: "This guy is another crazy sicko, fuck, this could be hell of a night!". Despite the wickedness of the things were just mentioned Kitty felt her pussy tickle.
-How much?-came the rough bark.
-One thousand, plus medical expenses if something unexpected happens...-she replied immediately without thinking. She learnt how to be a professional. Bad tactic to elongate the negotiations, horny guys hate to wait, and there are thousands of hookers who would happily take the opportunity.
-Deal. Be at eight in front of the Howling Moon Bar, you'll be picked up there.
-Anything else?
-Have a rest. You will need your strength.-the voice said followed by the phone's beeping. The negotiation was over.

Descriptive and graphic, very detailed. Create alive and rich environment, create authentic atmosphere. Good in roleplaying (characters creation and personality expression), prefers a lot dialogues and conversations. Don't want to influence the playing of other players' character(s) (the way characters think, feel and act are all up to their players). Foot fetish freaks are highly welcome and preferred!
I believe 3-4 players is the upper limit for a smoothly running game.

Guests and hosts of the party (both males and females, preferably wealthy gangsters/corrupted politicans/businessmen or relatives to them.
Dozens of staff and non-player guest characters played by any players (waiters and waitresses, guards, musicians etc.) - their role is to serve as atmospheric elements.
Other hookers who were also invited to the party for entertaining the depraved guests.

As the party itself and all characters are part of the underworld some nice plots can be applied to the story, ideas are welcome.
One possible complication:
Someone (one of the wealthy guests) is killed during the orgy. As this is and underworld related event police cannot be called, so the host isolates the area and no one can leave before the case is solved. Meanwhile another murders occur (a bit like Agatha Christie's 10 little Indians) turning the orgy step by step into a mass murder scene (horror elements can be applied too). For this scenario a game master is needed who controlls the plot and lead the flow of events.

Feel free to reply in this thread or via PM.
What character(s) would you play? (gender, role in the story)
What are your preferred and your turn off kinks (please, show interest only if you can deal with the hardest kinks)?
Would you prefer a game with plot behind or would focus only onto the action?
What kind of plot ideas you might have?
If plot is included would you take the role of the game master?
What kind of a party is this? Just a regular orgy for friends and business partners or have any specific occasion (someones birthday, signing of the decade's business, the death of a rival mob etc.)?
Any idea where the game should take place (and old castle, a used up warehouse complex, a rusty old factory building, a nice countryside villa with large swimming pool etc.)?

Offline Ophelia Jaxon

Re: GANGSTA'S PARADISE - hooker game [striclty EX and preferably NC]
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2011, 06:48:05 AM »
Opal's not really a call girl, nor does she work doing anything special in clubs, but she is one of those woman who has been down on their luck for long enough that desperate times called for desperate measures. The first time she stood on the corner of a somewhat busy street corner, everything when great. $25 for a blow and $50 for the full package. She didn't know she could charge more. It was fine. Good even. Her clients were nice and first. Then they started to develop into lowlifes.

A few times she'd found herself in hospital from getting the shit kicked out of her. She was no longer a girl down on her luck...She was a a cheap hooker. Half the time she left with no money, but she did find a regular. One with lots of pent up frustrations just waiting to be let out on someone like her. He paid well too. He was probably a lawyer or something for her always looked so immaculate when they met, and brought some extra clothes. He was a fan of his fists and sometimes there was a splash of blood.

After meeting him about four times he came up with the proposition. Go to a party, she would be paid $500 for just one night. She didn't even ask any questions, just nodded her bruised face. He told her he would give her an extra two hundred if she stayed off the game until then, he didn't want her showing up battered. That was fine with her.

My Turn on's are anything hard core. I like about everything and the more extreme the better.