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Author Topic: Heroes of Sandpoint (Pathfinder RPG/E6 Extreme Small Group, interest check)  (Read 15729 times)

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Offline yesiroleplayTopic starter

I lifted that template from another game.  In that one they used it for sexual history and orientation.  I suppose we can do the same here.  "none" or "nothing of note"  are acceptable responses to that.  Or you can narrate an entire sexual biography if you like.

Of course, there are more interesting ways of relating negligible sexual experience.

Offline Blue Leah

Ara Iguma
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Age: 118

Race: Elf
Class and Level: Cleric 1 (Deception and Wards Domains)
Alignment: Neutral
Patron Deity: Sivanah, The Seventh Veil

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150 lbs
Figure: Slim
Skin: Fair
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

--Ara is a bit shorter than many of his fellow elves, and he tends to keep his body fairly slim, almost to the point of androgyny; between his faith, and his preferred means of self-defense, he sees no reason to attempt to bulk up. His sandy brown hair is generally left untouched, so that it unkempt strands hang over his brow and down to his shoulders. His eyes are a crystalline shade of blue, and seem to be constantly drinking in his surroundings.
--Ara is fairly adept at reading people and making them feel more at ease. He is soft spoken, almost as if he is always within a chapel's library, but he greatly enjoys humor and banter with people around him. He regards the world around him as if he is always holding some secret back, like one more ace up his sleeve.

--Very little. The occasional fling here and there, but nothing more than that.
Ara is a relatively young cleric, by elven standards, but has shown himself able to travel under the protection of Sivanah's Seven Veils. He came to Sandpoint to pay respects at the large chapel that houses shrines to many of Golarion's major deities. He has since stayed behind to study with the local priesthood, sharing teachings of his own god while listening and recording the teachings of theirs in the beat up journal he carries around. For him, like many other followers of Sivanah, Truth is a multi-faceted thing, and he hopes that by recording the things he learns, he will be able to uncover (or hide) the many faces of Truth that exist in Golarion.

((I had already started rolling up a character sheet when I saw your entry requirement post, so I just ported this from there.))
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Offline Laughing Hyena

Ausk Na'zull
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Age: 23

Race: Half Orc
Class and Level: 1
Alignment: Neutral Good
Patron Deity: Sarenrae (Fire and Sun)

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 186
Figure: NA
Skin: Mud Brown
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue

Appearance: The half orc stood at near seven feet in height with a lean muscular figure as his shoulders were broad and his frame wide. For an half-orc, Ausk is immaculately clean and shaven as his body hair only comes to his head and other parts that are away from prying eyes often smelling faintly of black root for a pleasant but male odor. His hair is cut short in a military fashion and whilst decently handsome, Ausk prefers to hide his face behind an iron mask when geared for combat or trouble, or with an ivory mask that hides his skull completely. Why he wears the mask is simply put because it makes people more comfortable to speak to a faceless person then one that looks like him and also as part of his penance. He knows what blood he is from and what it has on people and as such he hides that.

Regardless of masks Ausk wears heavy armor when dealing with a task that is to expect some trouble but for social vents he wear silk clerical vestments. Each is of gold with blood red trim symbolizing the sun at both the dawn and it's zenith. Each bears the symbol of Sarenrae and whilst in either garb he keep the sacred weapon of his priesthood upon his waist at all times, though should rules dictate removal of the weapon he will comply within reason. In places of non violence he will peace bond the weapon so that he may put minds at ease.

Personality: Few expect a half orc to be wise but many claim him to have much wisdom for his years. He prefers to remain quiet and listen to a person rather then speaking first. He wants to understand a person first before he makes up his mind on them because he knows from experience that people are not all cut from the same cloth, coming in many colors and not just skin deep.

When it comes to the law, Ausk prefers to listen and examine the law in full seeing just how it could be abused and safeguards against those that might abuse it in such a way. It doesn't matter what the person is as far as positions of power goes, he'd even call out his own church on such things should it occur. If one is doing this for selfish or unworthy ends then to him it is wrong. He on the other hand finds no reason that these same laws could be used for decent purposes if possible.

However Ausk is not blind enough to be direct when he has no advantage. Against enemies in a position of power or in other untouchable ways he plays the part of an errant lapdog undermining their agenda with subterfuge and guile, socially dismantling them to paint them in their true colors. Once that is done, they tend to crumble rather quickly under the pressure when things become so painfully obvious to others. People in power are restricted by those that are superior to them or upon equal footing. Ausk knows this and exploits weaknesses of the wicked.

Experience: The Half Orc is chaste though he has sworn no such vows to restrict him. It is more or less because few would willingly bed a Half Orc considering of his nature. He refrains from such debauchery in all forms preferring to have a woman accept him for what he is and not fear him. As a lover he would be quite attentive and dominant of one willing to bed him should one manage to prove worth the effort.

Biography: "I was the child of a rape. My mother was an unfortunate girl who happened to have been captured in a raid and made a sexual servant for many a year to an orc warlord along with the others. He favored torturing her of course with his touch and his perversions because... well I can't tell you because I barely know my mother. She left me at an orphanage housed by those of Sarenrae soon after I was born. She left me there because the crusaders of my church felled my father and slain him. I do not blame her for such actions. It was my father and he is father in just name."

"My true father and mother is both Sarenrae and the church that housed me. I am a member of their order a missionary and that is not just by simple name. I trained for it. They saw the potential for great good in me and as he had raised me in his house I remained to devote myself to the church. I trained and read and committed the scriptures to my heart. I earned my position the same way they would grant any of her priests. A quest was given along with an oath, I swore my heart and blade upon it."

"Whilst I have yet to prove myself, I am here in the outside world spreading the teachings not just by words but by actions. It is my hopes to bring about others like me into the fold be they of race or origin, and put themselves to a better lot in life whilst serving penance for my 'fathers' sins, tarnishing his legacy along with his clan with my own actions. It is not an easy task and not one I expect to easily succeed in but this is what I have chosen. My form of redemption."

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Offline Ershin

When looking up traits on the SRD that might be neat to take and blend in with my character's personality, I noticed that all of the social traits were fan-made content. At the same time, while double checking this in the Advanced Players Guide, there are a small number of campaign-specific traits that mention Sandpoint which don't seem to be on the SRD.

I was just wondering if it might be safe enough to take from these sources, or if their being fan-made or excluded from the SRD made them restricted content (though I'm expecting the Princess and Rich Parents social traits to definitely be banned).

Offline yesiroleplayTopic starter

Almost all traits come from the various Guides or otherwise from Adventure Paths or from the Gazetteers.  They are all fair game.
The Sandpoint Campaign traits from the AGP are also allowed. 

I'm fine with either of the traits you mentioned.  Though I will limit what you can buy with the extra gold if you take rich parents

EDIT:  All traits from the main traits page are allowed as long as you meet the requirements.  Other traits in the traits database are by GM approval only.
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Offline yesiroleplayTopic starter

Love that pic Hyena.  it brings back fond memories of when I first discovered elfwood. 

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Pill Cobbwicket
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual with male preference
Age: 50

Race: Gnome
Class and Level: Level 1 Alchemist
Alignment: Neutral Good
Patron Deity: None

Height: 3'2
Weight:  30lbs
Figure: Scrawny, thin. In the early stages of malnutrition.
Skin: Caucasian, but worn-in dirt and grime have stained it a darker colour.
Hair: Bright, greasy red, reaching the midpoint of her neck.
Eyes: Green

Appearance:  Pill is a small, filthy figure on the city streets. Just another starving individual clad in dirty rags in Sandpoint. But beneath that greasy red hair burns a mind. Those sunken green eyes carry the sheen of intellegence, of a woman who refuses to give into her situation. Though she reeks of the streets, though her ribs show through her skin, though she drags her feet across the cobblestone, Pill presses on. Her hands and lower arms are pockmarked with small burns from both the hot metal and acids she experiments with. Her clothing is poor; articles pulled from the trash or patchwork creations made from other materials. She is always wearing a flat tan tweed cap. Her pockets are stuffed full of junk and debris.

Personality: Pill is a gives the impression of a desperate, manic homeless women. Her mood swings from cautious optimism to deep depression. She hordes all kinds of objects in the hope that she could use or trade them. Pill is prefers to be alone, tinkering with her makeshift alchemy set or reading books. She has a eye for good qualities both in object and in people. The gnome is a principled individual, refusing to fall down the same criminal path her parents. She doesn't mind doing illegal things that don't hurt anyone, but she will not profit on the suffering of innocents. Pill has a addictive personality, tending to obsess over one thing for months on end. Most of all, Pill is intelligent, and she is smart enough to see the source of her troubles and her eventual doom.

Experience: Pill used to offer sexual favors to sweeten business deals for a while. No actual sex, but any vanilla stuff up to it.  Pill took to using drugs to stop caring about the embarrassing feelings when with a 'client'. After a few 'trades', the local pimps found out and gave her a choice, work for them or quit offering her side deal. Seeing that prostitution was deadlier and paid less than her current job, the gnome quit. She kept the minor drug habit, though.

Biography: Pill was born to Hod and Zlifen Cobbwicket, a pair of wandering gnome con-artists. Her life was spent on the road as a witness and occasional accessory to her parent's misdeeds. From an early age Pill got the feeling that what they were doing was wrong. She found any excuse not to participate. Instead she played with local children or studied at libraries and churches. They never stayed in one town for too long, making Pill's childhood a lonely one.

Their journey ended in Sandpoint. Her parents tumultuous relationship finally snapped and Hod took off in the night. Zlifen was heartbroken by her husband's abandonment, and lost her taste for traveling. Instead she set down roots in Sandpoint and got involved with the local Thieves guild. Zlifen and Pill's relationship soon soured too as the daughter grew more disgusted with her mother's actions each passing day. She found a job as a Picker, a task that suited her personality. Pickers collected junk and other items that their owners didn't want and sold them to people who did want them. Pill started to build an independent life, avoiding her mother as much as possible until Zlifen was crippled in a dispute with other thieves.

With her mother unable to leave the house, Pill became the breadwinner. The gnome could feed herself, but not the both of them. Their meager savings was soon spent. Pill was running out of options. Even her brief venture into prostitution left her with nothing but a minor drug addiction. The pair missed too many rent payments and were kicked out to the streets. They squatted in an old factory while Pill tried to find a way out of the downward spiral.

Pill was self aware enough to know where she was heading. The addiction, starvation and poverty would consume her. She would die cold and alone in an ally, or a drug den, or in a man's bed. She was sick of scrambling for work, sick of living hand to mouth. She had to gamble, take a big risk with big rewards. Something that wouldn't hurt innocent people and would offer a better death than that of a strung-out Junkie.


Offline yesiroleplayTopic starter

Nice.  These characters are looking good.

Offline meikle

Blackwell [Sheet]
Gender: Female
Orientation: Gay as gay as gay as can be
Age: 23

Race: Human
Class and Level: Fighter 1
Alignment: Neutral
Patron Deity: Desna (a little luck goes a long way)

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs
Figure: About what you'd expect for someone who is physically fit and 5'8" tall and 140 or so pounds
Skin: Pink!
Hair: Dark enough that it might as well be black; almost always in a pony-tail
Eyes: Blue

Appearance: Blackwell (which is her family name, and what she chooses to go by) is fit and healthy.  She is toned, and when her body is on display (rare as that is), it is clear that she has the strength to back up her domineering attitude.  She wears her hair pulled back into a pony-tail; she eschews makeup (though her lips as a distinct shade of red all on their own.)  She's a fairly stern attitude most of the time, and it shows on her face.

Personality: Blackwell is smug; she is self-assured and generally self-satisfied.  She is content with her place in the world, and she trusts in herself.  Unfortunately, people often take this kind of attitude for being stuck-up or narcissistic -- yeah, maybe Blackwell's a little bit of those things, too.  That's not to say she can't get along with others; she can be friendly enough, and the friends she has, she values.  Everyone else, though -- well, Blackwell can be pushy, and she's motivated enough that when she wants something, she's willing to see her way through to getting it.

Experience: Blackwell follows Desna, and Desna's teachings expose the virtue of experiences.  Blackwell isn't shy about sex (why should she be?), and she's done a fair bit of it in her time.  Enough to know that she's not missing out if she never takes another man to bed, and maybe that elfs really are just the cutest when they're drunk on red wine and hidden away in her bed.

Biography: Blackwell is a second generation native of Sandpoint.  Her grandmother was pregnant when the community at Sandpoint was first established, and her mother was all of nineteen years old when she gave birth to Blackwell.  Her father was older, a once-soldier who had taken to shipbuilding in the Sandpoint docks to settle down.

Blackwell is an only child; her parents coddled her as best they could, giving her all a child could want (at least, as far as their wealth allowed.)  Her father was responsible for her familiarity with weapons -- though Blackwell had her way most of the time, she had no say in that matter.  "Small towns are easy targets," he'd say.  "You think it's peaceful now, and if Desna's smile lingers on Sandpoint, maybe it will be -- but you can't live on luck."  Blackwell didn't really buy it, but she went along with the training happily enough.  The Late Unpleasantness, which saw dozens of locals murdered, including some of Blackwells friends, was enough to change her mind.  She trusts her father's words now: she prays to Desna for blessings of luck, but she knows how to fight and kill when the time comes.

Because of her somewhat spoiled upbringing and her comfort with force, Blackwell has always been something of a bully.  As a child, she was used to being coddled at home; away from home, she learned to put her abilities (and strength) to use.  She's used to getting her way even if she has to force the issue.

Presently, Blackwell might be getting a bit more involved with the criminal underclass in Sandpoint.  She's strong and self-motivated, and crime lends itself well to that.  She doesn't mind spilling blood to get her way, and that lends itself well to working with those possessed of less scrupulous morals.  Blackwell isn't a monster, though -- she knows right from wrong, and though she pushes against that line now and again, she certainly prefers to stay nearer the right side.

Offline yesiroleplayTopic starter

Very nice.

Hyena, are you still interested?

Offline Laughing Hyena

Absolutely. Im working on the sheet as we speak. The background I haven't gotten to quite yet.

Offline uoheinrich

A boy... Pathfinder.... Time to make a corruptable Paladin!

Offline Laughing Hyena

Meh. Corruptible paladins are too easy to play.

Offline yesiroleplayTopic starter

I'll be deciding on players tomorrow, and I'll give most weight to engaging backgrounds and interesting characters.  Some weight to post history, and the least weight to filling the roles of the standard party of four.

All the characters I've seen are fun.  I'll probably take them all.

Offline Laughing Hyena

Character is done. Have to adjust the sheet for currency spent, house rules invoked and such but otherwise Ausk is ready to go.

Offline Ershin

Jaillen Doe

Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual, female preference
Age: 19

Race: Human
Class and Level: Bard 1 (Archivist variant? Possibly druid instead? Undecided)
Alignment: Neutral Neutral
Patron Deity: Irori

Height: 5'0"
Weight: 115 lbs
Figure: Average
Skin: Fair
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

Appearance: Short in stature, though kept in shape by a good diet and the exercise regime one obtains through the daily chores of a person who works in an inn as grand as the Rusty Dragon. Her head is topped with long, brown hair that stretches to her waist. A leather collar is the one item of clothing she constantly wears no matter the occasion, to hide a scar obtained in her childhood.

Personality: Jaillen is usually quiet, content with listening to the tales and opinions of others and taking them into consideration before acting. Considerate towards others' needs due to her years spend under the roof of the Rusty Dragon. Generally prefers to be around others, somewhat nervous when left alone with a tendency to rub her neck when  she is.

Experience: None, save imagination as Jaillen sometimes spots attendants of either gender going to and from the Pixie's Kitten, while never having stepped foot inside the building herself under strict orders from Ameiko.

Biography: Seven years ago, a small, druidic community that resided in the heart of a dense forest was attacked by a warband of vicious, bloodthirsty Gnolls. The creatures were cruel, efficient, slaughtering many of the adults that could fight back before an alarm could be raised, attacking the commune from multiple sides so that none had the chance to rally their fellows, few enough of them as there were. In mere hours, the warband had assumed control. The humans who had fallen in the initial assault were rounded up, their meat stripped from their bones and treated in such a way that it would last the cannibalistic hyena creatures quite some time.

The children and those adults incapable of fighting were kept as labour, more or less going about their normal routines under the thumb of their new masters, though feeding the bellies of their oppressors once their supply of flesh run out, lest they join their loved ones, was always kept a priority, along with tending to their every whim. A small number of 'lucky' children were kept as pets, free from the responsibility of the others in exchange for being treated as animals by the more powerful monsters.

A year passed and the number of humans in the village dwindled, a rescue had never arrived as the commune was far enough away from main trading routes that few missed them when they lost contact with the outside world. Many had died from exhaustion or to sate the bellies of their masters. With so few left to free, it came as a surprise to the Gnolls' leader, a fierce creature with steel plates bolted to his hide and lower jaw, when a rescue party arrived in much the same manner as they themselves had so many months ago. Among them was Ameiko Kaijitsu, today known as the proprietor of the Rusty Dragon Inn, performing one of her final missions before returning to her home of Sandpoint. As the warband's chief, his right arm now ending in a hideous stump, sounded a retreat, he took a number of the children he had conditioned to be fiercely loyal with him.

During the final clean-up, Kaijitsu found a small girl, no more then twelve or thirteen winters, shivering in the corner of one of the buildings that the beasts had claimed, what remained of a tattered dress stained in blood and a thick, iron collar chaining her to the room. She had been one of the 'pets', and witness to her owners more cruel activities. Forced to watch, but never subjected to them herself. When the collar was removed, the skin beneath was almost entirely worn away, her flesh raw and blistered. The de facto leader of the village claimed her broken, and with the small number of surviving people who now needed to rebuild and fend for themselves none were willing to look after such a creature, despite her parents having fought valiantly against overwhelming odds. And so none objected when Jaillen, as they identified her, was taken by Kaijistu back to Sandpoint.

While a nervous wreck when she first arrived at Sandpoint, six years on Jaillen's mind has made a full recovery. She now works as a maid in the Rusty Dragon, her saviour permitting her a permanent room in the building to call her own. Most of her free time when not tending to guests or helping the other members of staff is spent listening to the tales, whether tall or truth, from travellers and adventurers of far off lands, and mighty beasts laid low, or of a one-armed Gnoll, arm replaced with a horrible blade (or flail, depending on the teller) and a small band of psychotic, murderous youths at his side.
When these tales begin she instead makes her way to the Curious Goblin, glancing through one of Chask Haladan's vast collection of tomes.

Offline yesiroleplayTopic starter

Love the background and especially love how well you incorporated the trait into it. 
There's an arcane duelist bard in the works via PM, so if you're not thrilled with the bard idea one of the other options might be more appropriate.  Though a few bards might work well together if you started a band or something.

Offline Laughing Hyena

Anyway may I talk to you some more YIRP? What was the house rules on traits again by chance?

Offline yesiroleplayTopic starter

Feel free to IM me on Yahoo!

The rules were no 3rd party traits.  Only Sandpoint Campaign traits from the AGP or the traits on the main traits page (not the traits db)
OR in lieu of the two traits, you can take one of the background feats from the Rise of the Runelords Player's guide.

Offline Laughing Hyena

PM me your YIM if you want but in light of the choice since I dont have the Runelords Players Guide I'll take my two traits.

Offline Ershin

Love the background and especially love how well you incorporated the trait into it. 
There's an arcane duelist bard in the works via PM, so if you're not thrilled with the bard idea one of the other options might be more appropriate.  Though a few bards might work well together if you started a band or something.
Ah, really? Sorry, I was unaware of that. Though nothing's really set in stone vis a vis mechanical aspects of the character. At the same time, the variants are sort of different enough from each other to be distinguishable, so hopefully a little overlap won't cause too much trouble. If it does, I would be perfectly fine in picking another class.
PM me your YIM if you want but in light of the choice since I dont have the Runelords Players Guide I'll take my two traits.
Actually, the Rise of the Runelords players guide is available as a free, downloadable PDF on Paizo's website.

Offline yesiroleplayTopic starter

Two clerics, a fighter, a bard, and an alchemist.  And possibly another bard.  No sorcerers or wizards, which isn't a bad thing but I find it odd.

Anyway, I'm going through the characters now and will get back to each of you.  I was going to 4-6 players so I won't be cutting anyone.  If you haven't done a full character sheet, go ahead and work on it.

Edit:  for those of you familiar with the Rise of the Runelords adventure path, we will be using the starting scenario for this game.  Not much after that will be familiar to you.
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Offline meikle

E6 seems a bit brutal toward casters -- capping off at 3rd level spells and all, but especially 'cause of the daily spell limits.

I feel like characters who rely less on magic have a better chance in the situation (but I've never actually played with E6, mostly because I get houserule crazy when I try to play with D&D and go off track.)  This concludes my summary of why I think we don't see any sorcerers or wizards.

Should I have to account for things like rations on my character sheet?  Never certain whether a particular GM needs that stuff to be covered unless I ask!

Offline yesiroleplayTopic starter

yeah, but third level spells are pretty impressive actually.  And infinite prestidigitation is just cool.  of course bards get that

Anyway.  Normally I won't be keeping that careful a track of ammo or armor unless
1) there is a clear dramatic advantage to having you run out AND I feel it plausible you've used up your supply
2) the adventure you're on is a survivalist type scenario where resupply is difficult or impossible.

Offline meikle

yeah, but third level spells are pretty impressive actually.

Yeah but they run out quick.  And when they do, the fighter keeps on stabbing!  I would imagine that makes Cleric a pretty good choice for E6 -- they still get their magic, but are decent without it, too.

Anyway.  Normally I won't be keeping that careful a track of ammo or armor unless
1) there is a clear dramatic advantage to having you run out AND I feel it plausible you've used up your supply
2) the adventure you're on is a survivalist type scenario where resupply is difficult or impossible.

Shiiiny. :)