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October 17, 2018, 01:39:01 PM

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Author Topic: Modern Slice of Life Requests  (Read 280 times)

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Modern Slice of Life Requests
« on: September 01, 2018, 09:54:34 AM »
Hi everyone,

Thanks for showing interest! This thread will be dedicated to more or less slice of life games in a modern setting. Generally, they will be m/f or f/f. I am open to most any character, although may have preferences. Real life gender does not matter to me. Communication is important, so we should be planning and discussing as we go, hopefully finding new kinks, environments, and situations to explore.

My posting rate can range from every couple to every few days, although from time to time I can get busier. I like to give consideration to what I write. My posts are at least three paragraphs long and often more, although I don't like to inundate with information. I do like to write detail and enjoy coming up with new places and people to write about. I care very much about a character's interior thoughts and motivations, so how he/she is reacting to what is happening in any given moment. This doesn't necessarily mean extensive backstory, but how he/she is thinking. Some backstory and involvement is very nice.

I respond to the same. If you are interested, please PM me, but also show me your thoughts and ideas, and I'll check on any posts you'd like to see your writing style. I don't like to reply to requests with just one liners or vagueness, please do the same: give me your ideas to get the dialogue going.

Please check out my O/Os if you're interested.


NOTE: Right now I'm kinda exhausted by RL stuff since August and have a number of games. I'm mostly interested in the last one, below. I'm always up for talking, though!
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Re: Modern Slice of Life Requests
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2018, 09:55:41 AM »
A Summer Rental

Scenario: A young college-age woman, or possibly a grad student, rents a room in the summer cottage occupied by two much older men. The area is idyllic, dandelions floating in the air, fireflies at night, walks down the country road. Our young lady is working on her thesis, or a novel, or something of that nature. She's a bit of a naughty girl, vivacious and expressive, goes skinny dipping in the pond in the back, that sort of thing. She winds up sleeping with the two gents. Maybe it's to pay the rent, maybe she's just liberated and enjoying herself.

Further Idea: At some point I found out the great American writers Saul Bellow and Ralph Ellison were housemates for a while; we can play with the idea that these two guys may be similarly well known.

Looking For: I am looking to play either side, maybe leaning toward playing the young woman, but I'm open. Really looking for ageplay here at a relative extreme. I want them to be virile and interesting types of old men, however. Maybe they're jealous of each other at first, maybe not. Expecting this may not be a long-term game, maybe medium-term, but want to kind of enjoy the characters and let them develop.

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Re: Modern Slice of Life Requests
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2018, 09:56:42 AM »
Title: In Too Deep

Scenario: A senior in high school is falling in love... with both her best friend and the father of her best friend. While initiating the first steps of love with her classmate, she winds up being seduced (accidentally?) by her classmate's father during a pool party the family is putting on over the summer. What to do? She likes them both, but is struggling to figure out what the hell is going on.

Parameters: Interracial, lesbian sex, hetero with age gap, hiding, shame, emotional play, romance

Setting: Modern, nice, middle class suburban America. The home of the 'Krausses' and other locations, perhaps a furtive engagement with the father in his car, kissing and fingering with the daughter in the back of the bus on a trip for the lacrosse team/cheerleading/debate team. This can potentially go long, of course.

Requirements: MC is a pretty, effervescent black girl, you would have fun lifting two characters, the father and the daughter. I'd like them to be white. Race can be brought up playfully and enjoyed, but I'm not into invective or anything remotely of that nature. I am very happy to create and play other characters throughout and co-create all scenes.

Posting: I like getting into a character's experience, what he or she is thinking and feeling, which makes the smut pop more, and for its own sake. For this one, the shame and joy of her self-discovery is important, as are the intrigues of trying to hide what is going on. For your part, I hope you'd enjoy doing the same for your two characters. What happens when things can't hide anymore?

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Re: Modern Slice of Life Requests
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2018, 09:58:33 AM »
Name: Better To Burn Out

Content: Light Consensual, Character Driven

Synopsis: A young woman, at the end of her rope, visits one of her artistic heroes only to discover he is as lost as she.

Summary: Sadie Colquitt, who has crossed into her mid-20s, feels spiritually and emotionally lost in her life. She has a no-account job waiting tables, a merry-go-round relationship with a boyfriend for far too long, and her own artistic pursuits feel like they have dragged to an early death. On a whim she decides to hit the road to visit one of her longtime inspirations. Hitting the road? Trying to locate a hero? What could go wrong?

Sean 'Doc' Chassier was the longtime lead singer of the band Limousine, a once ironically titled rock band that perhaps toured too long and grew a touch too famous before it all broke apart. This was years and years ago. Chassier then went it alone, releasing strange but well respected solo albums before more or less fading away, though he did write some screenplays, books of poetry, and one or two novels that weren't that well regarded. Lately he feels lost to the world, growing older, having lost too many people and misplaced the heart of who he is. When a young woman shows up at his door, what happens? Do they accidentally find in each other a kindred spirit?

Looking For: I like to get into my characters lately, know where they come from, what kind of coffee they like to drink, whatever makes them feel a bit real. I don't mean this in a suffocating way. I tend to write 3-5 paragraphs in my comfort zone. Given other obligations you should expect a post every day or so. Real life gender does not matter to me.

Notes: The above names (and band name) are placeholders, as are the images below. I want him to be a kind of more rocked out Leonard Cohen-type figure, or Bob Dylan, a good songwriter who was an even better lyricist. Might have some William S. Boroughs in him, or Hunter S. Thompson. He would be still famous but declined from the public eye. And... he is at least 50 that would be on the low end. I've been interested in Suicide Girls a bit lately and so I'd like her to be a bit tatted out and alterna-, but exactly what her personality is (spunky more than shy, etc.) can be discussed. If, in general, you can throw in bits about popular culture and all that jazz, that would be awesome. I figure this will be a pretty slow burn - I do want them to get together at the end, but it will take a while to get there.

Also... I had intended on playing her, but I am open to either if that's the way to sell you. I think they are both potentially very interesting characters.

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Re: Modern Slice of Life Requests
« Reply #4 on: September 01, 2018, 09:59:05 AM »
Title: The Road Trip

This is a slice of life, fairly narrow-cast idea for a story. Exactly what happens is up for discussion, but I'd like to keep the gist of the principle characters as is, more or less.

Scenario: San Diego or Los Angeles. A young woman (pictured), tatted out, a free spirit, has been nailing her landlord for a discount. What started as a way to make up for overdue rent has moved into a friendship-with-benefits. He is a much older Chinese-American man. The story is a road trip up north, perhaps to Seattle, for old family reasons. His estranged wife's mother's funeral, or his estranged wife is sick or has herself died, or another reason. He has asked his tenant to join him in the trip, not initially expecting to invite her in, just for company.

Notes: He may be second generation or moved when he was very young, but is very 'American'. I do want to play with cultural expectations at the end of the ride, but he and his tenant share a lot of cultural similarities. I'm looking for attention to character, the differences in background and generation and the affection that has strangely built up between them.

Expectations: I'm really gravitating to wanting three to four solid paragraphs at minimum. Players who can embody their characters are highly appealing, which means filling in the details of their lives some. Posting wound normally be one a day. Smut is very important and I wouldn't want to skimp or race past it; character can often make the sex much stronger.

General: I am up for brainstorming and discussion. I realize this hits a rare breed of story - an older yet still robust Asian man (in his fifties at least) hitting the road with an inked up alterna-blonde with a question, perhaps, of what he wants (and she wants) as they near their destination. Posted in One Shots because I don't see it as open-ended, although it's not just one 'scene'. I have a preference for one character but would play either. Player gender does not matter to me, but I do like to check to see if styles mesh.

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Re: Modern Slice of Life Requests
« Reply #5 on: September 01, 2018, 09:59:54 AM »
Name: On a Spree

Scenario: Two girls just graduated from high school or back for the summer from college go on an absolute tear one long weekend when their parents are away. Skinny dipping in the country club pool, wrecking cars, fucking with guys they know, maybe heading into the city and winding up messing around with some staid suits there at a conference. Just fucking shit up.

Content: F/F between them, maybe m/f, maybe m/f/f, and so on. A level of crazy we'd like.

Setting: Modern, some large American city with extensive suburbs, LA or Chicago, etc.

Tone: A romp.

Requirement: Player gender doesn't matter. I'd want to discuss how this all shakes down. What got in their britches. Posts every two or three days, give or take. Really attracted to character depth despite the wildness.

Another One For Good Measure
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Re: Modern Slice of Life Requests
« Reply #6 on: September 01, 2018, 10:00:23 AM »
Name: The Slump Buster

Content: M/F, light, personality-driven, age-gap

Scenario: Kerry is in a tight spot. Things have been bad. Rotten. Worse than rotten. Working as a dealer at one of the casinos on the Vegas strip, she's found many of her dreams have been falling apart. She's a mother of one, she finally kicked her boyfriend out, she's getting busted for rent, her mother's health is going down the drain. It's hard to keep a smiling face, pushing these cards around, when everything is falling apart. And then, one late weeknight, an older man is just killing it at her table. Just insane. He's a nice, friendly man. A bit rough around the edges. Not very attractive, as the case may be. Rough nose. Chubby. Maybe as old as her dad. Looks like he might own a fishing company or something. Might be an accountant in a small western city. Their chit-chat gets a little personal at times, and she carefully steers away. But when her shift is about over, she finds herself asking: does he want to go back to her trailer? Maybe some of his luck... maybe some of it will rub off on her...

Setting: Las Vegas, wee small hours.

Requirements: I can play either character. Really looking for personality, here. Smut, yes, but story building up to it. The sex should matter to both of them. He may have some secrets of his own. Looking for some romance between two disparate adults at a strange time in their lives. Looking for posts at least three paragraphs long, interior thoughts, dialogue, posting every few days.

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Re: Modern Slice of Life Requests
« Reply #7 on: September 01, 2018, 04:00:46 PM »
Name: Use of Force

Content: m/f, interracial, social transgression

Scenario: A black cop/police detective falls hard for a sensual guttersnipe, she falls for him. He's straight-laced, maybe even married, has even processed this girl a few times - before 'processing' her in another way. Just... something happened. They got into it, hot and heavy. And now they meet up, out in the wild of the streets, in the slagged-out suburbs where she lives, wherever, and they fuck. He's too square for her, she's too messed-up for him, and no one can know...

Setting: Modern city.

Requirements: Looking for anybody to play either character. I'd like to get into themes of transgression on either side. He sure as hell can't let the others in blue know what's going on, much less his family. She'd get horribly abused by her friends if they ever found out. But they just can't stop.

Notes: I'd like to start after they've started fucking, but we can discuss. A variation could make the older cop a woman and flip the genders. I'd be up to making it a white cop, black girl, too.

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Re: Modern Slice of Life Requests
« Reply #8 on: October 04, 2018, 03:52:08 PM »
Name: A New Kind of Connection

Content: f/f, toy play, fetishes, solo and then together

Scenario: Boredom has lead two women to find each other on a private webcam site. Each is married and/or in straight relationships. Almost by accident they start making sexual requests of each other and before long the veil of technology gets them to explore kinks and desires they didn't even know they had. They thirst for contact with each other, cooking up creative tasks during humdrum days, new things to buy, harnesses, suction cup dildos, new naughtiness, masturbate for each other on command and more. They are going crazy together, hiding this from those in their ordinary lives, until they finally want to meet up somewhere in between.

Setting: Two different cities, yet not so far apart...

Notes: Detail is wonderful, getting into their regular lives, contrasting these private moments vs. the doldrums of what has lead them here. Loveless marriages, too many responsibilities. I'd love to even explore how they hide their nifty new toys from their husbands and kids along with how this is fulfilling a part of them they never knew existed. The guilt but also the joy. I'm great for some age difference and interracial pairings.
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