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January 22, 2019, 01:09:08 AM

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Author Topic: GM-style Fantasy based misadventurers. Maybe: Violence, NC, Dom/Sub, Romance  (Read 9379 times)

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Closed until future notice!

Original Post
GM-style Fantasy based misadventurers.  Maybe: Violence, NC, Dom/Sub, Romance

Quick note: I'm happy to play with males or females or anything in-between or separate. 
I am going to be much more selective at this point, and favor will be given to those who want to RP as the GM (as I have many of my own GM plots about ready to go as it is).  Feel free to respond with whatever you wish, but I won't be able to tell you for sure if I'm interested unless i have some idea of what kind of RP you want and your ons/offs for this RP.  (With a few exceptions, one being if you write a long message in reply to this thread.  I look favorably on that for some reason.)
Okay, now moving on!

Three kinds of RPs here.  Either the player is female…
The main characters will be female, my characters included.  The focus is on how things mostly don’t go smoothly.  (In theory, but may change based on request) This means a lot of getting beat up, a fair amount of battles lost, occasional NC, enemies toying with their defeated foes, and occasional capture with torture/slave breaking/escape/rescue subplots. 

Or the player is male…

The player character will be male, and the other characters will female.  Can have a harem, or not.  Maybe the player dominates the other female party members during the adventure, maybe he is toying with one or with them all.  Maybe he is planning on breaking all of his party members or he genuinely likes them and only dominates enemies.  Maybe he plans on breaking the entire party to form broken slaves.

Or we run an arena based RP...
Less of an adventure and more arena based misadventures.  This will be a female player character only RP, and the kinks may vary here as well.  Either through kidnap, slavery, or promise one thing but tricked into slavery.

Either Way:
The RPs will be focused on the “player character” while the GM controls the other characters and moves the plot.  I am open to playing either role or gender, and preferably I get some variety.

As alluded to before, this is negotiable, flexible.  If you don’t want NC, say so.  If you want more NC, say so.  If you want romance, perfectly fine with me.  If you want sex scenes, then we’ll talk.  I don’t mind them but I prefer them not to be too frequent and as a defining part of a romance subplot.  If you prefer virgins, flat chested heroines, certain amounts of blood, submission, high heels, blondes… say so.  I may accommodate, and I may do so happily.  One must only ask, and at worst we won’t mix as RP partners.

I am not looking for a heavy smut RP.  By that I mean, not heavy on the sex, or the NC.  Though I am much more open to high to moderate NC, that is not the original intention at least.  I intend the focus to be on the misadventures.  How they fail in battle, or fail in a quest, how they get striped and humiliated in battle, toyed with or overpowered, captured and tortured, forced to beg or submit, tentacles and forced stimulation of pleasure even when it won’t be taken very far.  And then yes occasionally forced into NC.  And also, I am not saying all these things will be there, they are simply suggestions.

The setting is in the fantasy realm, but this is negotiable, just talk to me about the idea.  And unless I’m really into it, you’ll probably have to GM it.

What I will not budge on:
*GM and player, 1x1 RP.
*Female misadventures or Male domination: Any males in a female based RP will be controlled by the GM, and not part of the main cast.  They can be support, they can be enemies, but not the main party.  And the female party will fail again and again, but get up and continue.  In a male player RP, there will be some dominating of some kind, on friends, enemies, or both.
*This will be a mature RP.
*Attention to clothing.  Torn or shredded clothing is most often better than stark naked.  Please be strategic in the tarnishing or ripping off of another person’s clothing.  If you want to expose the chest, maybe leave the skirt.  If you want to remove the skirt, maybe just lift it up on the waist.  Pull the panties down to the thighs and leave them.  Maybe just tear the front of the blouse to expose the breasts or cut the bra strap to let the girl fumble to keep the bra covering herself during or after.  If she is naked, let her try to cover herself with the scenery, even if she fails to cover herself with a blanket, let her try before overpowering her and stripping her parts at a time.
*2-3 paragraph average.  Can be more, or occasionally less, but 2 paragraphs should be acceptable most of the time.  Though the GM may have more to say, but still.  Sometimes a story is so good the average looks like more, but it shouldn’t raise the standard.  It just has a lot going on for a little while.
*Choices.  The player should have choices that matter and change things, major or small.  The player should be punished for mistakes (indeed, they may want to be punished). 

Something I... mostly... care about.
*RP being played out on forums.  But I will do PM, maybe.  If the idea sounds fun, I'm in!
*I don't like bestiality, but I do like beast-men or humanoid monsters for romance/NC/anything sexual.  Other fantasy beasts is a maybe.  But like worldy beasts, ie, dogs and so forth, not my thing.  I *may* bend this rule, but I sorta doubt it.  But if it isn't frequent, and the rest of the RP makes me happy, I'll go there.

The GM will largely guide the plot, letting the player enjoy playing the game more genuinely in the roll of their character.  Their character is the focus after all.  Brainstorming of ideas to get started is reasonable, but not required if the GM wants to just wing it.  However, the player may request some elements.  And the GM should incorporate the player’s side quests if any into the RP as much as possible.

For the main cast, the player should have choices.
*This can be a discussion Player – I’m into red headed warriors, blonde mages, and rogues with flat chests.  GM – Okay, how’s this?  High heels okay?  Player – Sure.  And maybe make the mage an elf?  GM – No problem.
*Or this can be, the GM will supply various examples, and the Player can choose them.  Negotiating may also take place at this point, if necessary.  Player – I like this character, but can we get an anime picture?  GM – I’d rather not.  If you supply one I’ll use it beside this one.  Player – How is this?  GM – Fine by me.

Here are all my characters. 
Feel free to comment or tell me which ones you like if you are interested in any of them, or we can cross that bridge later in the planning stage.  Don’t just mention their name, say the Warrior Claire or something, so I know where to look.  And don't get too attached to the character as a whole, I can easily exchange bits and parts or rewrite to fit the theme, plot, or your personal preference/suggestions.

Character Sheet – Explanation of Base Stats

Base Stats:
   Special Abilities:

   Name: (name or nickname or alias)
   Class: (The name of your class.  Ex.  Warrior, Infiltrator, Necromancer)
   Base Stats: (See below.)
   Weapons: (Sword, Bow, Whip… Healing Magic, Fire Magic, Holy Magic)

(Image): Can be placed anywhere.

   Personality: (Feel free to be brief)
   Background: (Where do they come from, what is their motivation, again, brief)
   Special Abilities: (Pyrokineses?  Regeneration? A special kind of magic?  Supernatural evasion?  Immunities or Resistances?  Nothing special?)
   Weaknesses: (Body Weakness: weak legs, bad balance, low stamina, sensitive breasts, inability to resist pleasure. addiction to pain, low pain tolerance… Limits to powers. Must concentrate, can only use so much, grows tired from use, can only be used in certain conditions…  Susceptibilities: Weak to fire, weak to hair pulling, weak to physical strikes, gullible… Debilitating Fears… spiders, dark, loss of virginity, pain.

Limits are well and good, but you still need a solid weakness.
Weaknesses are required, special abilities are not.  Try to keep a good balance.

   Base Stats: (Either choose from presets or describe your stats freely)
   (If mixed, put dominant role first)

Warrior: Strong, Tough, but not agile.
Rogue: Agile, Quick, Precise, but weak and fragile.
Mage: Physically inept, but powerful with magic.

Warrior/Rogue: Balanced stats.  Balanced strength, agility, toughness.
Warrior/Mage: Strong and good with magic, but not as much as a pure class.
Rogue/Mage: Agile and good with magic, but not as much as a pure class.

Technical: Not fit for combat on any front.
Warrior Base Stats

   Name: Jewel
   Class: Zen Sword
   Base Stats: Warrior
   Weapons: Bastard sword held in one hand or two


   Personality: Cold and untrusting.  Only trusts after a time at which point she becomes loyal to them.  Seeks a purpose in life.
back.  Unforgiving in battle.
   Biography: Grew up in a small village where monsters were a constant threat.  Learned to fight in a militia but left when the town was eventually destroyed.
   Special Abilities: None.
   Weaknesses: Fear of the dark, can’t swim, fear of being on a boat.

   Name: Violet
   Class: Knight
   Base Stats: Warrior
   Weapons: Greatsword

   Personality: Loyal to her King and focused on her duty.  Has a high code of honor and can forsake personal feelings for her duty to her kingdom.  Follows her orders without hesitation and will face any battle for kingdom or ally.
   Biography: Trained as a warrior, but had to go to great lengths to prove herself as not being male.  And was beaten up in training often.  Despite having ability, the men treated her poorly and she was sent on various suicide missions to get rid of her.  Little does she know, her supposed comrades are out to get her, and eager to show her her place as a female.
   Special Abilities: Fearless.
   Weaknesses: Blinding loyalty to her kingdom and comrades, will do almost anything they command.  Broken spirit: trained to only want to serve.  Sensitive skin, easily both angered and aroused with a gentle caress of her skin, particularly her chest and shoulders.  Denial: ready to deny that which is inconvenient.

   Name: Avina
   Class: Warrior
   Base Stats: Warrior
   Weapons: Sword and Shield

   Personality: Calm and brutal.  Eager for battle and bloodshed, and calm in battle.  Favors brutal techniques and doesn’t hold back on foes.  Aggressive, and picks fights with others frequently, but loyally guards her friends.
   Biography: Raised in a camp of barbarians, she learned to fight brutally from a young age.  Left to find vengeance, found it, and kept traveling.
   Special Abilities: Highly Resilient to typical physical harm.  Cold resistance.
   Weaknesses: Weak to Fire and Heat: sweats and tires in hot environments.  Overconfident in battle and refuses to retreat, she fights when she should withdraw.  Vulnerable to poisons.

   Name: Kara
   Class: Barbarian
   Base Stats: Warrior
   Weapons: Broadsword.

   Personality: Aggressive and Playful.  Eager to join battle, be it a bar fight or a battlefield, and thoroughly enjoys combat.  Wants to have a lot of fun in and out of combat, and is always ready to try new things.  Very competitive, and takes any game very seriously, while maintaining her sense of fun and humor.
   Biography: Raised in an ancient matriarchal clan of bloodthirsty barbarians blessed by their ancestors to have prolonged life and everlasting energy, applicable only to the females, she learned brutal forms of combat favoring a one handed sword so the other hand would be free to grab or inflict further damage.  She left on a typical pilgrimage to experience life before she returns to join in eternal conflict and war.
   Special Abilities: Over a century of experience.  Inexhaustible stamina. Regenerates health.
   Weaknesses: Can easily be goaded into anything by making it a challenge or a dare, within reason.  Weak to all magical attacks.  In exchange for blessings, orgasms happen very easily and last longer.  Also suffers highly increased sensitivity and decreased stamina until she can go a day without having another one, which can be difficult when she is more sensitive.

   Name: Lyra / Una / Feena
   Class: Fae Warrior / Fae Mage / Fae Rogue
   Base Stats Warrior / Mage / Rogue
   Weapons: Scythe / Staff and Nature Magic / Punching Daggers

   Personality: Three sisters who are constantly together and have a short hand amongst themselves.  Lyra is aggressive and loves a good challenge.  Una is eager and adventures, wanting to travel and see new things.  Feena is mellow and happy simply going with the others, but is protective of Una.
   Biography: Born fae of the forest, and constantly searching for fun.
   Special Abilities: Shared pain: Can spread pain among one another, with Lyra having the highest pain tolerance and often taking most of the burden.
   Weaknesses: Shared pleasure: when one is stimulated, they all are.  Weak to Fire.  Synergistic life force: Feel weaker and tired when separated, distant sisters no longer share pain or pleasure.  If one or two of them die, the third may bring them back at the cost of a long term stat drain in endurance, which comes back after some time.

Rogue Base Stats
   Name: Angel
   Class: Rogue
   Base Stats: Rogue
   Weapons: Twin Chakrams

   Personality: Eager to find that which is lost.  Treasure or secrets.  Loyal to her friends and allies, and fearless in the face of danger.
   Biography: Raised as an orphan, Angel’s early life was spent stealing and running from guards.  Eventually left the life of crime and became a treasure hunter.  Loves searching and discovering new things.
   Special Abilities: Exceptional Agility.  Can dodge projectiles easily.
   Weaknesses:  Pain saps her strength, and she can’t resist pleasure for long.  Afraid of losing her virginity without consent and is paralyzed when physically exposed.

   Name: Ellis
   Class: Archer
   Base Stats: Rogue (but with no evasion skill).
   Weapons: Bow.

   Personality: A naïve traveler searching aimlessly.   Very gullible and innocent, and far too often takes people at the word or makes bad trades with merchants.  Can easily be manipulated and taken advantage of by friend or foe.
   Biography: A simple hunter who grew bored living on her own and ventured out into the world with little knowledge of how it worked or what was out there.
   Special Abilities: Sensitive hearing.  A light sleeper, wakes up when the animals grow quiet, or at the creaking of a door.
   Weaknesses: Severely incapable in melee, can’t even dodge and instead braces herself for impact.  Often gullible and innocent, or overconfident in her luck.  Virgin, and not even aware of sex (first experience may cause her to love, hate, or have mixed feelings of it, depending).

   Name: Cassandra
   Class: Archer Princess
   Base Stats: Rogue
   Weapons: Bow.

   Personality: Lonely and lost.  Unsure of what to do next or where to go.  Is wary of trusting others but eager to not be alone.  Keeps her true identity a secret, and instead seeks to join any group of people who will take her.  Offers to pay any price but really has nothing to offer.
   Biography: Born into a royal bloodline, and picked up archery for fun.  Was treated well, but a takeover got her living on the run.
   Special Abilities: None.
   Weaknesses: In the beginning, a novice archer who improves as the story proceeds.  Afraid to be alone.  Very quick to anger and prude.  Fear of being seen naked and will put every effort into keeping her cloths on at all costs.  Paralyzed when insects or spiders are crawling on her.

   Name: Kat
   Class: Sentry
   Base Stats: Rogue
   Weapons: Javelins, thrown or in melee.  Bow (for distant targets only)

   Personality: Serious and untrusting.  Fights to defend the woods and those who live within.  Embarks on journeys to help various forests, but is willing to help people as well, often employing an animal’s help.  Thinks little of people, but warms up to them if they appear to help other innocent beings of show a love of nature.
   Biography: Raised by elves, but didn’t fit in so she left and lived on her own.  Learned various skills and grew in tune with nature.  Feeling a forests distress made her angry, so she quickly decided protecting them was her vocation.
   Special Abilities: Animal empathy: with eye contact she can entice animals and insects to aide her.  One animal at a time, can’t make them a companion through this ability.  Nature Sense: knows the state of distant forests.  Flexible, unaffected by certain tortures or holds.
   Weaknesses:  Fragile, one good hit puts her on the ground.  Burning nearby living plants causes her to literally feel their pain.  Pleasure will paralyze her and she won’t be able to resist despite wanting to.  Dependent on weapons.

   Name: Rita
   Class: Assassin
   Base Stats: Rogue
   Weapons: Katana, Crossbow

   Personality: Mischievous and Unpredictable.  Trained as a cold blooded assassin but still maintained her playful but somewhat twisted sense of humor.  Enjoys playing games with people and being an impulsive liar.  Likes to have fun, but has a serious business side as well.
   Biography: Trained by a proud family of assassins, she happily continues the family business.
   Special Abilities: Poison resistance.  Heightened sense of smell.
   Weaknesses: Sex Addict: Constantly distracted by skimpy outfits, can’t resist sexual harassment to allies, enemies, or civilians, often stirs up trouble when unnecessary.  Sensual/Sexual contact: too addicted to be able to resist it.

   Name: Andrea
   Class: Scout
   Base Stats: Rogue
   Weapons: Twin Heavy Daggers

   Personality: Curious and Mischievous.  Likes to explore new places and discover new things, as well as involve herself in everyone’s business and while she likes to help, she also likes to meddle.  Her meddling is generally harmless and in good humor, but she doesn’t concern herself with who may be offended by it.
   Biography: A Snow Elven scout who was banished for a practical joke that went seriously wrong.  She was hurt at first, but quickly found a love for seeing new things and helping others in their quests, at the price of her mischief.  Hopes to find a friend who loves travel and tolerates her mischief for the long term.
   Special Abilities: Sensitive eyes and ears.  Light body: silent footsteps, nimble climbing, good sneaking, and doesn’t sink in snow.  Cold resistance.
   Weaknesses: Eyes and ears might feel pain from overstimulation.  Her lightness is easily manipulated by enemies.  Her skin is very sensitive to heat (makes her sweat), cold (chills her skin, but otherwise does no harm to her) pain (particularly crushing), and pleasure (particularly her nipples).  Unless in a cold environment, she always feels too hot.

Mage Base Stats
   Name: Amy
   Class: Priestess
   Base Stats: Mage
        Weapons: Magic Rod, Healing and Support Magic.

   Personality: Kind, but timid.  Desires to do good and spread good.  Loves to help out but often panics when she needs to make a decision.  Better at following orders.
   Biography/History: Born a noble, she left to start a life of piety.  Trained as a priestess and left on a pilgrimage to spread kindness and peace.
   Special Abilities: Can exhaust all magic power to render herself invisible in order to hide.  Magic returns after resting.
   Weaknesses: Physically inept.  Healing magic is exhausting for her, limited in use.  Nervous when given important tasks.  Being confronted about her flat chest.  Her powers are tied to her virginity.  After sex, consent or nonconsent, she has to revirginize at a temple.  Asking for the process will cause her embarrassment, and she’d rather never need to.

   Name: Rose
   Class: Sorceress
   Base Stats: Mage
   Weapons: Whip, for grappling and slashing.  Offensive Magic.  Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Sleep Magic.

   Personality: Flirty and Insincere.  Likes to toy with others and learn how to manipulate them.  Seeking powerful magic and adventure.
   Biography/History: Born a slave and raised one, in secret, she eventually master her magical gift and broke free.  In search of more power and an exciting journey.
   Special Abilities: Animal empathy: with eye contact she can entice animals and insects to aide her.  One animal at a time, can’t make them a companion through this ability.
   Weaknesses: Her magic requires her to stand still until set. More powerful spells require more time.  Physical contact disrupts her concentration.  Being roughed up makes her defenseless.  Running out of magical energy makes her defenseless.  Sensitive to both pain and pleasure.

   Name: Nuyn
   Class: Sorceress
   Base Stats: Mage
   Weapons: Magic Staff.  Fire Magic specialist.  Auxiliary magic (dispelling, enchanting, seeing distant things… anything else nonoffensive). 

   Personality: Peaceful and loving.  A natural spirit who constantly shows compassion and kindness.  Is very open about everything, and likes to carelessly flirt with others, but mostly just for fun with no real intention.
   Biography: Raised in a tower of mages, Nuyn found herself often standing apart from the others who seemed very tied to the material realm.  Nuyn spent her time on enlightenment, and happily left after graduation to see the world.
   Special Abilities: Immunity to Fire.  Telekinesis.
   Weaknesses:  Limit to magic: Can only use so much between periods of sleep.  She can gather her energy with simple idleness, but sleep more quickly restores her magic.  Wakeless sleep: will sleep through anything once she’s down for a straight six hours.  Weakness to Pain, pain immobilizes her and it disrupts her magic. 

   Name: Serenity
   Class: Geomancer
   Base Stats: Mage
   Weapons: Nature magic.  Wind, Plant, and Earth.

   Personality: Upbeat and funloving.  Enjoys simple things and is very optimistic and friendly.  Constantly encourages her friends and tries to cheer people up.  Very kind, and likes to play practical jokes on both friends and strangers.
   Biography: Raised by her forest loving parents who lived a secluded and simple life in the woods, Serenity grew to love nature and animals.  She left her parents when she was 15 to see the world for herself, with their blessing.  And for the past two years, she has been seeing the world and loving every minute of it,
   Special Abilities: Beast Affinity: Animals and beasts of natural and magical origins naturally love her, unless they are intelligent enough to have a mind of their own, and even then, unless they have a reason not to like her, they tend to.
   Weaknesses: Magic Limit: her magic is strongest near natural areas, but can spent extra energy to maintain her magic somewhere barren.  The result of which is that she has less energy in places away from plants and trees.  Goblins and Ogres and the like, hate her immensely, the inverse of her Affinity with animals, Goblins tend to ignore more dangerous foes and target her.  They don’t intend to kill her, but to make her feel immense pain or rape her.  Ideally they want to capture and torture her in a variety of ways.  Nervous when far from nature, and easily frightened.

   Name: Vanessa
   Class: Necromancer
   Base Stats: Mage
   Weapons: Necromancy.  Dark Magic.

   Personality: Wicked and Selfish.  In search of more powerful magic and ancient undead beings who don’t shatter in the sunlight.  Often agrees to help for one reason, but has ulterior motives.  Trusts very few with her true self or true intentions.  Has dreams of immortality.
   Biography: Abandoned as a child for having magic in a magic hating land, she had no one but her magic to comfort her.  Grew to be self-reliant and slow to trust, seeking to help undead who have always been kind to her.
   Special Abilities: Can summon undead to do her bidding.  Limited in summoning many weaker summons or a single powerful entity.  Undead have free will, but listen to her and protect her.  Friends with undead who don’t have a good reason to oppose her.  High resistance to cold.  Can see in the dark.
   Weaknesses: Her necromancy is destroyed in the sun.  Feels the pain of her summoned beings, but isn’t damaged by it.  Sensitive to bright light and heat.  When her summons are defeated she loses her energy, one single strong undead or several weaker ones, and she collapses on the ground and has to catch her breath to continue fighting.

Warrior/Rogue Base Stats
   Name: Mira
   Class: Blade Dance
   Base Stats: Rogue/Warrior
   Weapons: Long sword, two secondary short swords

   Personality: Calm and calculating.  Thrives on challenge but of an intellectual tactical kind.  Often places herself in the center of combat and enjoys the fray.
   Biography: Born into a clan of warriors and trained as such.  Left in search of a purpose to apply her skill to that can make use of her tactical abilities.
   Special Abilities: None.
   Weaknesses: Focuses on one enemy at a time and is vulnerable to being flanked.  Reliant on her weapons, causing her to panic but with some diminished evasive ability.

   Name: Valarie
   Class: Blade Dancer
   Base Stats: Rogue/Warrior.
   Weapons: Twin swords and an assassin’s compact dagger hidden in her outfits.

   Personality: Unforgiving and Seductive.  A mercenary of ruthless precision, is well known for completing missions that require stealth and guile.  Enjoys disguises and going undercover and assassinating targets that she has to use her skills and body to get close to them first.  Has a distaste for enforcers of the law, and enjoys more straight-forward and dangerous combat mercenary contracts as well.
   Biography: Raised among a clan of mercenaries, she was taught how to fight and how to assassinate.  As a woman in her clan, she was forced to fight for entertainment in fights to the death.  Upon victory she won her freedom and sought out contracts on her own.
   Special Abilities: None.
   Weaknesses: Claustrophobia: fear of enclosed spaces or cages.  Talks a big game, but desperate not to actually have sex.  Already had her virginity taken from her by mercenaries, and was often sexually abused when encaged, and is terrified of that ever happening again.

   Name: Shana (And Kain)
   Class: Demon Slayer (and Demon Lord)
   Base Stats: Warrior/Rogue (and Warrior +immense strength and toughness)
   Weapons: Longsword, spare daggers.

   Personality: Dedicated and Loyal and Fearless.  Is focused on tasks and takes care of her friends.  Once convinced of their loyalty, she trusts them completely and expects their trust in return.  Is often serious, but can loosen up if someone tries to get her to.  In constant search of greater training.
   Biography: An elf trained to slay demons by a sacred order, she prepared for the killing of demons for most of her life.  Was finally ordered on a mission with two other trainees, against Kain (see picture).  Kain killed the other two and toyed with Shana, battering her within an inch of her life but deliberately leaving her alive with a laugh.  Shana eventually recovered, and swore to continue the hunt.
   Special Abilities: Minor regeneration.  Grows more powerful when her blood is spilt.
   Weaknesses: Less effective against non-demons.  Overconfident in her abilities.  Being bloodied causes her to enter a less rational and higher risk taking frenzy.  Tires after frenzy.  Marked by Kain: demons smell her taint and will primarily target her.  Prefer to overpower her, snatch her, and take her away from battle to toy with and humiliate her.

   Name: Priya
   Class: Succubus
   Base Stats: Rogue/Warrior
   Weapons: Scythe

   Personality: Adventurous and Curious.  While she does enjoy manipulating others and on occasion, breaking them to her will, this succubus is more interested in exciting adventures and thrilling battle. 
   Biography: An immortal succubus who enjoys roaming the surface world rather than hiding in shadows.
   Special Abilities: Charming touch, can be resisted, but often charms mortals who are easily influenced by pleasure.  Ecstasy, releases an aphrodisiac pheromone.
   Weaknesses: Weak to Holy attacks.  Releasing pheromones is automatic when she is pleasured, and may affect allies or enrage enemies.  Enemies become addicted to her and constantly want more or seek her out for more later.

Mage/Warrior and Mage/Rogue Base Stats
Name: Lia (Possible sister of Elena, but not required)
   Class: Valkyrie
   Base Stats: Mage/Warrior
   Weapons: Halberd, Holy Magic (healing, protection, offense)

   Personality: Careless and Determined.  Has a great desire to seek justice, but is very absent minded.  Often forgets things or spaces out.  Tries really hard to be compassionate.
   Biography: An outcast Valkyrie based on her absent mindedness, she left and decided to seek justice on her own.  Lost her celestial immortality and became mortal, reducing much of her power to what it is now.
   Special Abilities: Doesn’t grow weary.  Doesn’t need to sleep.  Immune to holy magics.  Highly durable wings.  Can throw her halberd and summon it to her hands again or appear beside it.
   Weaknesses: Weak to unholy magics.  Weak to thunder magic.  Physically fragile after her magic armor wears off or shatters.  Fear of enemies learning her wings are her weakness.  Pulling her grabbing her wings saps her strength instantly until they are let go.  Pulling both of her wings firmly is highly stimulating and will cause an immediate orgasm. 

   Name: Elena (Possible sister of Lia, but not required)
   Class: Valkyrie
   Base Stats: Mage/Rogue
   Weapons: Twin Chakras

   Personality: Calculating and Decisive.  Readily makes decisions on who should die and who should live, and freely judges others.  Kills with no hate, but with no compassion either.  Doesn’t see in terms of good and evil.
   Biography: A wandering Valkyrie who has no overall goal in traveling rather than “patrol” in which she does justice where she sees fit.  Often causes trouble with local authorities who obey the law, and often makes enemies.
   Special Abilities: Doesn’t grow weary.  Doesn’t need to sleep.  Immune to holy magics.  Highly durable wings.  Can throw her chakrams and summon them to her hands again.
   Weaknesses: Weak to unholy magics.  Weak to thunder magic.  Physically fragile after her magic armor wears off or shatters.  Fear of enemies learning her wings are her weakness.  Pulling her grabbing her wings saps her strength instantly until they are let go.  Pulling both of her wings firmly is highly stimulating and will cause an immediate orgasm. 

   Name: Nikki
   Class: Shadow Dancer
   Base Stats: Rogue/Mage.
   Weapons: Dual bladed chains, Shadow Magic

   Personality: Eager for battle and challenges.  Thrives in difficult situations and bloody combat.  Has a dark humor and little patience for imbeciles.  Can develop a softer side to her friends, but prefers a half rivalry.  Not flexible for other people. 
   Biography: A daughter of an infamous necromancer.  Was roughly trained, killed her father and escaped.
   Special Abilities: Dark whisp-like blinking teleportation  in short bursts and moderate recharge.
   Weaknesses: Weak to Holy Magic.  Shadow Magic is limited to infrequent blasts.  Mobility is required for her magic to work, as her magic is infused in her attacks.  Fear of being tied up.  Addicted to pleasure and pain in pleasurable areas, struggles between giving in and resisting.

   Name: Judith
   Class: Magic Archer
   Base Stats: Rogue/Mage
   Weapons: Magical Bow, Arrows, and Dagger.  Deals magic damage.

   Personality: A confident and adventurous Magic Archer who thrives in adventure and challenge.  Loves fighting against evil and protecting the innocent.  Dreams of a grand adventure with undead, dragons, magic, tyrants, allies, and tough decisions.
   Biography: Trained by her mother, a magic archer who fought for the good of the people, killing raiders and warlords and travelling to help other villages.  One battle finally proved too much for her, and her Violet carried on the family business.
   Special Abilities: Can infuse arrows with magical properties, elemental arrows, seeking arrows, or flash arrows.  Her weapons shine brightly when enchanted.
   Weaknesses: Panics when surrounded, fear of being handled by a group of men, fear of magic resistant enemies.  Uncomfortable in taverns full of grimy men.

   Name: Julie
   Class: Water Nymph Fighter.
   Base Stats: Rogue/Mage.
   Weapons: Tonfa.

   Personality: Enthusiastic and Eager.  Ready for any adventure, as long as friends are involved.  Will often say yes to people’s suggestions, ready to try anything new, and will always follow a friend into any battle out of loyalty.  Has little personal space issues, and happily climbs all over people due to her short, light frame.  Can forget others have personal boundaries, physically and emotionally.
   Biography: A water nymph traveler is a very rare thing, as it requires them to leave the place they are most powerful, the water.  To compensate, Julie has learned to fight with weapons, but prefers quick blunt weapons and dislikes the sight of blood.
   Special Abilities: Waterkinesis, can even control other people’s magic water and use it against them.  Healed in water.  Swift swimmer.
   Weaknesses: The sight of blood causes her distress, but she can still fight.  Grows very weak when dehydrated or while being underneath an especially hot sun.  Weak to Thunder magic, and will be knocked out by even a moderate thunder spell, anything weaker will drain her considerably.  Will recover, but it takes time or water to do so.  Weight: being so small makes her quick and nimble, but also easy to bat around.  Cautious of heavily armored enemies, as she can do little damage to them without water.

   Name: Dawn
   Class: Elemental Blade
   Base Stats: Warrior/Mage
   Weapons: Sword and shield, Weapon enchanting magic.

   Personality: Rebellious and hotheaded.  Seeks to kill evil mercilessly and encourage others to stand up against tyranny.  Constantly seeks evil, and finds fighting evil, both on the field and politically, a thrill.  Is loyal to allies, but constantly seeking a fight.
   Biography: Daughter of a magic warrior, she personalized her magic to enchanting, and focused more on the physical aspect of fighting afterward.  Was part of a guerilla warfare rebellion, and has since been in the business of fighting the unjust.
   Special Abilities: Can enchant personal weapons with fire, ice, thunder, poison, holy, dark, and nonelemental magic.  Will constantly fight and struggle until dead or completely overpowered.
   Weaknesses: Grows angry when she has to let something go, when it is for the good of her mission or otherwise.  Will always struggle against evil, she would rather die than surrender or bow to an enemy.  Her constant struggling will probably get her chained down when captured.  Vulnerable to Mind affecting and control magic.

   Name: Penelope
   Class: Dark Knight
   Base Stats: Warrior/Mage
   Weapons: Greatsword, Dark Magic, Absorb magic

   Personality: Impatient and Sultry.  Has an addiction to draining the energy from other people with a touch or kiss to any friend or foe that falls for her charms.  Always eager to do something, and she is tasked to wait somewhere, she’ll find someone to flirt with.  Follows the command of anyone who will lead her to danger, or to repay someone who saved her life.
   Biography: Imprisoned as a young girl and used in tests by magical witches, finally absorbed the dark magic and was pitted against other prisoners to see who was superior.  She was finally let go without warning, but plans revenge on any witches she sees.
   Special Abilities: Absorbing health or energy on contact. Healed by Dark Magic.  Anyone who has sex with her is drained of life on climax, effectively killed, while giving her tremendous energy.  It is involuntary and can’t be controlled.
   Weaknesses: Holy Magic.  Isolation drives her mad.  If she doesn’t drain a small amount of energy everyday she suffers withdrawals.  Weak to Cold.  Prisoner post-traumatic stress and fear of being a prisoner again.

   Name: Kiera
   Class: Death Eater
   Base Stats: Warrior/Mage
   Weapons: Multi-Blade.  Fire Magic.

Typical Form

Under the Armor

   Personality: Loyal and Bloodthirsty.  Gets antsy when not in combat for extended periods of time.  Mostly driven by her desire to cause and feed on death.  Often vows to serve others in order to find direction, otherwise she can’t maker decision on what to do or where to go.
   Biography: Born a demon and driven by her hunger.
Special Abilities: Immune to fire and dark magic.  Can repair her armor by expending magical energy and hours of concentration.  Dark vision.
   Weaknesses: Weak to Holy.  Weak to Ice.  Shockingly insecure without her armor, very timid without it.  Sensitive to bright light.  Afraid of holy ground and temples.

   Name: Isabella
   Class: Bard.
   Base Stats: Technical.
   Weapons: Flute.

   Personality: Enthusiastic and Cheerful.  Eager to go on an adventure and collect interesting stories.  Will do almost anything to join a group of adventurers on an exciting quest.
   Biography: Born to a family of tavern owners and grew enamored with a bard in a local tavern.  Grew fascinated by his adventures and began to travel herself.
   Special Abilities: Skill with many musical instruments.
   Weaknesses: Absolutely helpless in battle.  Hides in a spot where she can watch, but useless when caught.  Terrified of being captured or killed, will beg incessantly when captured, which may just cause more trouble for herself.

   Name: Illia
   Class: Slave
   Base Stats: Technical
   Weapons: None.

   Personality: Damaged.  A slave in the midst of being broken and on the brink of wither complete submission or recovery.  Your choices may change everything for her. 
   Biography: A child born of a noble’s rape of a servant.  The child was born, and at the age of fourteen taken.  She was considered a shame, and a risk, and was broken to be a slave by unproven methods.
   Special Abilities: If recovery: Loyalty, willingness to throw herself in harm’s way for her savior.  Cooking, and with the special ingredient too.
   Weaknesses: If broken: A dependence on whatever method is used to push her over the edge, pain, pleasure, servitude…  Can be broken by enemies if she isn’t guarded well.

   Name: Sheena
   Class: Guide
   Base Stats: Technical
   Weapons: None.

   Personality: Cautious and Happy-go-lucky.  Often denies the possibility she will fall into danger based on her track record of getting out of it.  Very confident, but remains cautious.  Is generally cheerful and fun loving, and loves to go drinking with her group.  Often says to seize the day and take chances, and rely on improvisation if their daring does land them in trouble.
   Biography: A traveler with no combat skills, who gets by on escaping or hiding from conflict.  Has seen much of the world and happily guides other travelers or adventurers, for a price.
   Special Abilities: None.
   Weaknesses: A love of drinking and a low drinking tolerance, not the greatest mix.  Panics in tense situations, and readily begs when no other options seem viable, to captors or conquerors.  Prone to making bad decisions under duress.

   Name: Claire
   Class: Noble
   Base Stats: Technical
   Weapons: None.

   Personality: Cultured and Innocent.  Knows little else but how to be a noble.  Her personality will change drastically based on what happens in the adventure.  Whether it be trusting and focused on her quest, or abandoning her quest or learning how to wield a sword.
   Biography: A noble tied to an important quest or conspiracy.  Can you protect her until she can complete it?
   Special Abilities: Has many loyal followers.
   Weaknesses: Completely inept in all combat situations, unless trained.

Optional Preference Sheet
Either explain to me how you want the RP to run in regards to your ons/offs, mood, or preferences, with focuses on what elements or kinks, or try this shorthand.  Place *’s on what plot elements or kinks are more important to you or you want none of.

(not my exact preferences as I explained mine already, just an example, fill in your own preferences, don’t use this as a template)

Method 1
*****  Me as the player
*****  Female Main character
*****  Plot
*****  Misadventure Frequency
*****  Combat Action
*****  Damaged Clothing Frequency
*****  NC frequency
*****  NC by Beast-men
*****  NC within party members
*****  Tentacles
*****  Capture Frequency
*****  Duration of Capture Misadventure
*****  Torture during Capture
*****  Romance
*****  Dom/Sub Romance type (with me as the sub)
*****  Small Chest character (just 1, specifically NC to them)
*****  Small Chest humiliation
*****  Scat (none)
*****  Character death (none)
*****  Over the top blood and guts (none)
*****  Other character subplots  (switch character for specific misadventure)
*****  Other character subplot frequency
Method 2
Me as the player*****
Female Main character********
Misadventure Frequency********
Combat Action******
Damaged Clothing Frequency*****
NC frequency*****
NC by Beast-men********
NC within party members*****
Capture Frequency***
Duration of Capture Misadventure*****
Torture during Capture********
Dom/Sub Romance type (with me as the sub) ********
Small Chest character (just 1, specifically NC to them)********
Small Chest humiliation*****
Scat (none)
Character death (none)
Over the top blood and guts (none)
Other character subplots  (switch character for specific misadventure)********
Other character subplot frequency**

Also please tell me if you prefer Player or GM roles. Or have no preference.  Respond to this thread or send a PM if interested!
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