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Started by Rayne, May 10, 2012, 01:27:15 AM

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Below is a list of current cravings. I only roleplay over forums and since I have gotten a few replies and have several plots now running I am currently just looking for more simple, smut, basic sort of rps, like the Heat and Karma plots below, or any of the images/kinks.

A Shepard x Garrus Plot
  ((Could be talked into a male shep and Tali plot, maybe))
Light, maybe bondage... they could be into that, who knows?

Basically I decided that if EA won't give me the happy ending I want I'll just roleplay it myself on here with a partner. I knew the end was going to be rough, I knew people were gonna die. I was ok with that. All I wanted was to see my Shepard go off and live with Garrus somewhere afterwards. Like they said, somewhere warm and tropical to raise a turrian human baby ^_^ So I was thinking this rp could pick up right after the final battle, except with some changes. Basically instead of those three choices in the game the ending sees the reapers destroyed for good, without also wiping out the geth or the mass relays. The roleplay could focus on Shepard and Garrus helping Earth, Palaven, or a colony planet rebuild from the devastation while adjusting to civilian life together. If we wanted to add in some action there could be small pockets of indoctrinated groups left to take out, or they could be part of the police task force in  the area. Pretty much those details can be talked over in the pms and worked on. All in all, I just want a light romantic roleplay where the game gets its happy ending.

Speaking of happy endings, I was thinking about Disney movies and how they all have their cute, perfect endings. They're always romance stories... but of course aimed at children. I want to roleplay some of those stories with a more mature theme. For instance Beauty and the Beast- perhaps to break the spell the beast must impregnate belle. Or perhaps the curse can no longer be broken by the time she shows up, yet a romance still occurs. Then there's the idea of Tarzan- a man who knows little of social norms and instead does whatever he wants. When he sees a woman he liked he doesn't wait to hear yes before he steals her away and has her. Then there's The Little Mermaid- a naive girl falling in love with a prince who might not be as perfect as he seems. All of these I'm thinking of working in bondage and dom/sub sort of kinks.

Content: Bondage to extreme, exotic
Scenario: This is a broad idea, but pretty much my character is a furry of some sort experiencing her heat- the height of her desire and fertility, and she's looking for a man, or maybe already has a man, who's happy to screw her brains out till her needs are satisfied.
Perhaps its a modern day world with all sorts of races and she's a waitress/secretary/etc sleeping with her coworker. Maybe she has a long term boyfriend she is meeting back home. This could be either very short termed, one nighter, or worked into another rp idea.

On a cold winter's night she breaks into his house. It isn't the first time she has stolen- but it is the first time she gets caught. However, this man has a different idea for justice. No cops are involved. Instead he forces her to spend the night - or maybe stay a little longer than that. Basically a burglary evolves into a master/ slave situation.
Or it could be he forces her to stay one night, but then entices her into staying longer and its more of a romantic roleplay. Either works. Also kind of interested in the guy being a vampire but open to changing details.

Craving NSFW 1 - Basically want to do an idea with a very kinky farm. Was thinking the girl could either end up at a farm looking for summer work or sent out of the city as punishment by her parents. I was thinking perhaps the farm is secretly a front for filming porn and other erotic situations, like the image above. We could do things with stocks/bondage, the farm owner and farm hands, and even bestiality, depending what you're interested in. Basically this is a farm setting open to all sorts of possibilities. I know this sounds like something she's forced into, but I'd kind of like it if maybe a farm hand seduces her on the first night and then talks her into progressively crazier situations. Could use aphrodisiacs to help it along, but basically I'm looking for a more consensual approach to this one.

Also a twist on the farm idea where it could be a science lab turning girls slowly into animals- mainly 'cow'girls. NSFW 2 

And finally a list below of pictures to inspire plot ideas and kinks if noneof these plots sounds good to you:

Picture ideas:
NSFW office pic
NSFW Bedroom
NSFW School image
NSFW Riding
NSFW pinned
NSFW party
NSFW bound
NSFW Milking

Craving these Kinks:
aphrodisiacs/ drugs/ heat
Bestiality- dogs
Master/pet pairing
force/ rough





Looking to do any fairytale rp now, not just the listed ones. also added a kink craving and removed the farm