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September 22, 2021, 01:24:56 pm

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Author Topic: ~Flights of Fantasy~ m// roleplay search  (Read 116 times)

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~Flights of Fantasy~ m// roleplay search
« on: July 15, 2021, 05:11:12 pm »
Hello there, howdy.

First things first, rules and regulations and whatever: I have been role playing for... Like 15 years and WOW I feel old now. I love to write, and so when I post, I tend to write a lot— I’d say my general minimum is 3-400 words. I can reply quite quickly if I’m engaged in an RP, and love nothing more than those occurrences when mine and a partner’s schedules sync up so we can get a few posts to each other a day (but I’ve also got slower paced stuff going as well).

I don’t ask for much in general from a partner— all I ask is that you have a good grip on grammar, write third person past-tense, and write multiple paragraph responses. I’m a writer before I’m a role player, and so I tend to lose interest in RPs that don’t give me an opportunity to really write my character (for example, one-liner responses).

I’ve got my ons and offs in my profile already, but for convenience, I shall put a quick and dirty list here as well... But hidden behind a spoiler tag for brevity’s sake.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I like:
Apparatuses | Crossdressing | Cum Inflation (Light / Medium) | Cuntboys (playing as one tbh) | Degradation | Dirty Talking |Exhibitionism | Femboys | Gags | Glasses | Hand Cuffs | Intelligent Characters | Kemonomimi | Kidnapping | Knotted Cocks | Knotting / Tying | Leash & Collar | Light / Medium Bondage | Male Pregnancy | Males | Marks of Ownership | Muscular Characters | Nonconsensual | Oral Sex (Giving) | Oral Sex (Receiving) | Pregnancy | Roleplay Perspective - Third Person | Sadism / Masochism | Sex Toys | Sexy / Slutty Clothing | Tailsex | Twinks | Verbal Abuse | Voyeurism

I don't like:
Ageplay | Bathroom Control | Branding | Burning | Castration | Cum Bath | Death | Diapers | Emasculation (of the permanent and gorey variety)| Enemas | Extreme Humiliation | Farting | Foreskin Worship | Gender Transformation | Genital Torture | Impalement | Infantilism | Marking | Menses | Mutilation | Natural Musk | Necrophilia | Nipple Penetration | Nonsexual Torture | Nullification | Parent and Child Play | Roleplay Perspective - First Person | Roleplay Perspective - Second Person | Scat | Sexual Torture | Sissification | Size Differences (Micro / Macro) | Snowballing | Soiling | Sounding | Unusual Semen | Urethra Play | Very Fat Characters | Very Muscular Characters | Vomiting | Watersports | Wetting

All right— if I’ve not scared you away yet, onto the crux of the thread. At the moment, I am desperately craving playing a small elf cuntboy in practically any scenario (though obviously, it’s gonna be fantasy just because of the races involved, although whether it’s modern, high fantasy, good old medieval, etc is up to us to plot out).

Some kinks I’m particularly focused on for this are:
  • Interracial/interspecies. I’m playing a little elf but you can play really anything you wish.
  • Size differences
  • Violent/rough/possibly painful (at first) sex (because of said size differences).
  • Non/dubcon
  • Weird unhealthy codependent relationships
If all of that is good with you, I have a few pairings with lil ideas attached. My character would be the bolded one.

Ship Captain and/or Crew x Traveler
    When one spends long months on the high seas (or skies, if we wanna get really fantasy with it), the worst thing that can afflict a crew is bad morale. To solve this problem, it's not uncommon to waive the fee for certain attractive passengers if they agree to provide some 'service' to pent-up crew members.

    I would play one such traveler. We could go one of two ways with this-- I would love to play a boy who is a first-timer who has no idea what he's signed on for and gets some good training. I also have the idea in mind for a traveler who's much more seasoned in the lifestyle, and has perhaps made a living out of using his appeal to win favors and passage on the most luxurious of trips, living as a high-priced courtesan. Both are good.

    I especially like this idea because it brings up the possibility of some good fun worldbuilding and plot, as well.

Prince x Shepherd
    The Exalted City of Hewic stands as a testament to the superiority of the Noressean empire. Within its shining walls, its inhabitants live lives of decadence and luxury unheard of in the uncivilized lands beyond. And yet, beneath the veneer of hedonistic delight is an undercurrent of violence and deception; the many nobles in the line for the throne wage an unseen war for any shred of power, much less for the throne. A single wrong move could mean one’s life— or worse yet, their social standing, and their place in line for the throne.

    Not all turn to secrets and slow machinations to undo their rivals, however. Some prefer violence.

    And so it is the case for a certain son of the emperor, who, upon returning from a diplomatic visit to a city under imperial rule, has his convoy attacked by ‘bandits’. His men killed, his horses fled, injured to near-death, he is left by the side of the road, victim of an ‘unfortunate accident’.

    Such would be the case, anyway. By chance, he is found by a resident of one of the lands nearby: a young shepherd, from a place so small that it doesn’t warrant even a dot upon the maps of the lands beyond Hewick.

    Over days, weeks perhaps, the shepherd takes care of this prince, ignorant entirely of his noble heritage. The prince learns of his way of life, of how the people— called savages by his kin, forbidden from entering the Exalted City, but he’s not certain of how true that any of that is anymore— outside of the city live, of how a life where one has to work for what they have works.

    Until one day, an imperial patrol passes through the town, and finds their lord. He’s whisked back to Hewick with fanfare, and life for the shepherd returns to normal.

    At least, it does until some days later, when an imperial convoy once more passes through the town. The captain reads out a name, the name of a certain young shepherd, and before he knows it, he is in a carriage, being transported through the barred gates of the shining city which has only ever been a jewel upon the horizon, entry forbidden to a lowborn such as him.

    And there, in a home finer than any he’s ever seen, in a room larger than any building in his tiny town, he is reunited with the man he saved a week past, nigh unrecognizable bedecked in silks and gold, a man who smiles and nods and informs him that he has been chosen to join the royal harem, and live a life of luxury few outside the walls can imagine.

    It is not a choice. For it is his reward, the finest that one born outside the city can ever hope to have.

    Yet, more than that, it is a calculated move. For it is clear enough to the prince that the attack that nearly killed him was not random chance. Someone, perhaps many someones, planned his death, and he knows now that nothing is safe, and none in his circle can be trusted.

    So what better ally is there than one who might look upon this new world with fresh eyes, one with no connections, one with the privilege, nay, the expectation, to grace the most intimate areas of the most privileged of the City?

    It seems a foolproof plan.

    As long as emotions don’t get in the way.

Noble x Commoner (I have an orphaned intro for this)
    A commoner boy has lived for his entire life in a small village at the edge of the ruling noble’s territory. Though infrequent, the noble occasionally visits this village, and through one means or another, he ended up making his acquaintance. Though the people in the village seem to dislike their ruler, the man always him with a good impression because it seemed that he went out of his way to be kind to him (and he was, perhaps, too naive to realize that this could be anything but altruistic).

    The truth is, however, that the noble was kind to him, in part, because he was attracted to the boy— an attraction that has turned into obsession, and now rage when he discovers that the boy (already existing in his mind as his) has been seen around the village with another. Realizing that he has let this go long enough, he sends his men to capture the object of his affections and being him to the palace.

    At first, when the commoner boy discovers that he has been taken to the home of the man he’s so admired over the years, he is initially relieved, for the noble has never been anything but kind... However, he quickly discovers that there has always been much, much more behind the pretty words and fine gifts that the man treated him to, and he has always been expected to reciprocate.

King x Prince
    After a long and brutal war between two kingdoms, the King’s forces have finally emerged the victor. But in addition to the typical penalties that a losing kingdom tends to suffer (loss of lands, villages, wealth, etc), the King of the conquering kingdom, known for his cruelty, makes one further demand: he wants the son of the royal family for his own.

    * This one can easily be tweaked to a different pairing if King x Prince is too cliche. General x Noble perhaps?

Inquisitor x Accused Heretic
    No one expects the fantasy inquisition.

    This is a very new idea— like, I’m coming up with it as I write the thread idea. I would be comfortable playing either role, with some caveats that we can discuss later on. But the basic idea is that whatever society this takes place in is relatively gothic in aesthetic, with those big beautiful cathedrals I love so much. As of late, civil unrest has grown to the point that there is a serious potential for revolution. So, naturally, what better way to restore the populace’s faith in the current system than to declare the would-be rebels as heretics who threaten society as a whole?

    I’m comfortable in playing either role for this one, with some obvious caveats, lmao. But this is a story that has potential to get quite dark, and it will need to be story and character driven with a lot of worldbuilding and nerding about political intrigue and all that good stuff.

Magician x Apprentice
    This is a bit lighter fare, the story of a magician who takes in an apprentice who has been deemed notoriously unteachable by his mentors in the past. However, this magician sees great potential in the boy... Thus begins a long journey through the magical arts.

Healer x Tank
    I done flipped this genre on its head! In a world where things kind of follow the flow of video game logic, an experienced healer is dealing badly with the loss of his tank traveling companion, who has decided to retire from the adventuring business. And because even an inexperienced healer tends to face quite steep odds of failure if they adventure alone, he thinks this is the end of the road for him, as well... At least, until he happens to make the acquaintance of a new adventurer who shows promise at tanking— even if everyone else who he’s met has written him off as being unfit for the job. And so, almost entirely for his own benefit, the veteran healer takes the boy under his wing, intending to mold him into an excellent tank.

    * It’s kind of my intention/preference that this one especially emphasizes rough and painful sex... And just rough stuff in general. Which is then followed up with appropriate aftercare. After all, taking hits is part of being a tank, but if you’ve got a good healer to take care of you, you can push yourself to limits knowing you’ll come out safe on the other side. :)

Master x Slave 
    I’ll be wanting to brainstorm this a bit, although I guess I’m always down for the standard sort of plot trajectory that this pairing tends to entail.

Any of your ideas
    I’m open to plotting and brainstorming— actually, more than open, I consider it a pastime of mine. If you like my general vibe I’ve got going on but you didn’t see an idea you were inspired by, feel free to send me a message and we can work out something just for us!

So yes! This is what I’m thinking so far! As I come up with more ideas, I’ll add them here!

Thanks for checking out my thread![/list]
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