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September 18, 2021, 02:05:35 pm

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Author Topic: Looking for female roleplayer for fade to black, yet sensual roleplays  (Read 728 times)

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Idea #1: I am no pimp

What appears to be a deadly exchange of prostitutes between two pimps becomes disastrous. Although living the life was very difficult, she learned how to play the game, how to survive, and even in some aspects how to thrive. She would love to leave, form friendships and families, and be on her own without the lifestyle. But she was stuck in a rut and couldn’t quite get out.

That is, until he showed up. The first day was brutal in the brothel; he eyed up every female and spoke shit about them to their present owner. But it seemed to be business; apparently, “Leisurely Larry” (as they called him) was looking to buy just one girl to replace the one that recently “ran away.” If that wasn’t a tell tale sign right there, she wondered what was.

He chose her; in front of her old boss, he said all kinds of mean and wicked words. (This is probably where we could start the roleplay; from this point on, I’m just assuming the feelings of the female character, we can definitely change it up as I would play the male character.) All that changed, immediately, as soon as they left the old boss’ property. Larry turned around and said “You’re free now. I’ve bought you to free you.” He was no longer coarse and rough; no bad language. He was as polite as could be. Was this a trick? Of course, she disbelieved him as all pimps said all kinds of shit to keep their gals under their control and property.

To show this, Larry had his driver pull over to the side of the road and open the door. Larry said “I bought your freedom because I don’t think you really want this lifestyle. You can go right now, I’ve paid for a hotel room for the night and you are free to do whatever you want.” She was horrified mainly because she had no cash, no education, no network of family or friends. One night of freedom would be short lived, she wouldn’t know what to do next.

“Or” Larry said. “Or, you can come home with me … where we could build up a dream life for you. All I seek is a little friendship, and you tell me your dreams and I try to make them a reality if I can.”

Subjects explored: Caring and love and friendship. I imagine this roleplay exploring an ex prostitute who has a hard time believing her new ‘pimp’, who is not a ‘pimp’ at all, doesn’t have ulterior sexual motives for her. Maybe she doesn’t trust him at first, though where he lives is luxurious with ample space. [if you choose to go with him in the scene]

I imagine maybe there being a spark, a falling in love. But this is tempered by the realization that the girls that “run away” from him have actually achieved their independence and no longer need him … which is the goal of every lady Larry buys. And the “clients” that visit the house (apparently to  keep up his false image to other pimps) are really tutors teaching the girls things they would need.

Apparently, this is not all on Laurence (his real name). When the ladies are able to produce their own income, they help pay for some necessities. Very slowly they are shown their independence before one day, they themselves say they are ready to move on and leave. High level executives, high level homeschool moms, high level soccer moms, high level politicians … they were all made here at the house that love built.

All of this can come into play in our roleplay, but I would imagine that maybe a spark of love between the two characters complicates some of it. Maybe his one “thing” is he tries to love them by not falling in love with them. Maybe another element that can be added is that some of the women he buys are estranged from real families, from real sons or daughters and this brings healing. Maybe your character has an estranged, long lost child.

Another psychological aspect is to find out from the pimp why he does what he does; maybe there is some anxiety disorder, something that happened in his childhood. Maybe her picking at this with my character is the only thing that makes him break because he doesn’t think he’s really a good person. This can be multidimensional. Maybe this is the only time he shows anger, only because he is afraid to face his own personhood. I imagine a scene where he gets extremely mad only to get a large hug and holding from your character as he cries … or maybe not. 

This story can go in any direction; thanks for reading it and let me know if you want to explore and play it.

Idea #2: The Gift With No Name
This is a psychological, emotional, caring and loving roleplay with a twist. Read on.

You would play the female character. The world of the office has been stale and stagnant; she is lonely as a high level executive. She believes she is a good person; she doesn’t try to give people a hard way in life, she is no premadonna. Yet, she has trouble getting a man to love her.

Until, one night (and you can decide if you want to RP this scene or you’re happy with just this summary) she hangs out with an old high school friend. She would reveal secrets, they were the best of sisters. But when she heard your character was having trouble at the office, her friend (who had a little mystical side) asked if she could kiss her. French kiss; just trust her, she said.

Your character enjoyed the kiss, though she wouldn’t consider herself a lesbian (not that she had anything against those who were lesbians). When her friend broke the kiss, she said, “I have given you a gift. A gift with no name, because you will name it in due time. You might think, initially, you have a name when you hear it. But until you see the effects, you won’t know the name totally. You’ll call me when you are absolutely sure you have the name of the gift. This is what it is; from now on, you will be able to read and understand the mental thoughts of others. At first, it will be overwhelming, so much noise. But soon, you’ll learn to pinpoint a particular thought from a particular person, just like listening to only one conversation in a room of many. But this is a warning to you … if you tell others you have this gift, then you will immediately lose it forever. This will happen to 99.99% of all people you come in contact with. There is an exception; the one who truly loves you, you can tell him. But be careful; if you choose the wrong person, you cannot get this gift back ever again. But if you play your cards right, then this gift will give you so much joy that you will find someone else to pass it on to and you’ll have no regrets giving it away.

“The reason why I chose to give you the gift through a kiss is because I know you are a loving and caring person. That, and I always wondered what it would be like to kiss you … No worries, I will tell everyone I know I enjoyed it.”

Subjects to explore: The reason why I like this idea so much is because I will que my character’s thoughts with italics and my character will not know your character knows what he’s thinking. Other characters are periphery, but if you have something you want explored in a second or third character - let me know, I’m happy to oblige. Does this story sound good to you?

Idea #3: Wild One Night Stand gone Romantic

He met her; she met him. We need to discuss how exactly they met. I have a couple of ideas. Either they “hooked up” in college, whether it was my character paying for doing his homework or her showing appreciation for something he did for her.

Or another idea is a hook up from a college party. However it happens (this can be the first scene, but it can be fade to black as I focus more on the kissing, hugging, cuddling aspect and I don’t need to write about the explicit sexual part) - the next day is when it happens.

“It” being that when the two characters depart, they try to convince themselves it was just one night of perverted fun … just one night of letting go and letting loose … except, it wasn’t. Unusually, the two want to hang out more, do other things. But, in their minds, they may think they are just being foolish, it was just sex, and sometimes the body tricks itself into being amorous afterwards. So they don’t broach the subject.

Except for one thing; you as the female character will pull a gun on my character. That’s how you’ll keep my character with her. It’s up to you exactly what you do, how you do it, what you say, and why.

What I’m looking to explore: Another deep relationship full of love, but also angst. If your character is pulling guns on my character, it may not be she has a violent tendency. But she may be having her own struggles and maybe she needs or wants help to overcome it. She should be crazy somehow, but not bad crazy and not really trying to hurt anyone crazy. Maybe crazy lonely; maybe crazy jealous; maybe crazy starving affection; maybe crazy whatever it is that you want it to be crazy.