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Author Topic: Morgan's Interesting Ideas [MUL] [M/F]  (Read 659 times)

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Morgan's Interesting Ideas [MUL] [M/F]
« on: August 09, 2009, 12:05:02 am »
First of all, I'd like a roleplaying partner that has a grasp of the English language.  I won't be a grammar Nazi but please, use commas and don't write like a moron.  My ideas have a wide range of themes, and you can find my ons and offs in my sig.  "Maybe" is stuff that I'll be okay with, but have no preference for.

Now for the ideas...

The Price of Fame [NC]

Based on a story I was writing.  Katherine Harnash (Known mostly as "Kat") is a Persian-American model and (sort of) actress in her mid-twenties.  Many love her, many hate her, and unfortunately Mikhail is one of the former.  Mikhail is wealthy like her, but not as outgoing and popular.  He's also younger than her, at nineteen.  He wants her, and oneday, Kat dissapears from her home.  The media explodes over her apparent dissapearance.

What the folks at E! don't know is that Kat had been kidnapped.  She had been knocked out at her home, and when she awoke, she was in a dark room of Mikhail's house.  Mikhail is an unstable young man - when he first approaches her while she's restrained, he behaves very gently, but the second she says something to hurt him even the slightest bit, he completely changes.

He feels bad whenever he snaps and harms her, but perhaps he starts to like doing it.  Who knows?  He's mentally unstable.  On the first day she's there, he doesn't force himself on her, but he does grope her a bit.  He can be the nicest guy on Earth one second, a rude, evil person the next, and a complete pervert the next after that.  She has to adapt to her captivity, and maybe "play along" if she's going to live, and possibly escape.

Learning More Than Just English [VAN]

Sun-hee Jung is a good student, a very good student.  She rarely gets a grade under an A, and she doesn't drink or do any drugs.  This is mostly attributed to her conservative Korean parents, who prevent her from having very many friends, or a boyfriend.  They shelter her daughter, to prevent her from falling to the ills of modern American culture.  She's a teenager now (anywhere from 16-18), and on the inside, she can't take it.

She falls for her English teacher, the twenty-five year old Mikhail Krasnayov (Called "Mr. K" by his students).  His grandparents came to America from Russia, and like Sun, he is bilingual, but he doesn't have an accent.  They differ greatly in their personalities (she's just a bit conservative Christian, and he's atheist), but they share a common shy, quiet personality, and Sun's crush evolves into something bordering on obsession.  She wants to talk to him, and imagines being with him.

Eventually she talks to him, and somehow they develop a relationship.  I'm unsure on the details.  I had the idea that one of her friends suggests that she wear something provocative, and sit in the front row (enough to catch his attention, but not enough to bring the attention of dress-code enforcing school officials).  Before, she wears very conservative-looking outfits.  She stays after class oneday to ask about an assignment, wearing a low-cut shirt and no bra, maybe.  After days of very odd behavior on her part, he asks her after class, and she tells him how she feels.

This can either cut right to sex, with Mikhail being a bit more "interested" in her, or it can be more like how I planned, with them going out late at night (she sneaks out) and not having sex until later.  For one thing, she'd be aprehensive about sex, because of her beliefs and nervousness.

PM me if you are interested.
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Re: Morgan's Interesting Ideas [MUL] [M/F]
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2009, 12:19:40 am »