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Author Topic: Eros Calling... (M/M Search - Seeking the Extreme)  (Read 1962 times)

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Eros Calling... (M/M Search - Seeking the Extreme)
« on: July 19, 2012, 07:08:40 PM »
Eros Calling...

First of all, welcome! Thanks for having a peek at my ideas... Please look at my Ons and Offs for a few of my kinks and to see if we're compatible - I'll look at yours.
At the moment I'm in a more anything-goes! mood.

For your viewing pleasure, we have...
  • Little Cravings - Little ideas that need working on.
  • The Plots - The main bulk; full-plots ready to go.
  • The Gallery - Pictures that I'd love to work plots around.
  • Fandoms - Any fandom pairings I'm currently interested in.

Please do not post in this thread. It throws me off terribly.

Little Cravings...

  • I want to play Fenris from Dragon Age 2. Any other character is welcome (even moreso if you want to play out his Tervinter days)..
  • Craving some bestiality. Not everyone's cup of tea I know, but... I'm in an Extreme mood. A little inspiration.
  • I'd give anything for someone to be the Rufus to my Reno from Final Fantasy VII. This picture is the source of my craving: Very NSFW


"I'll show you my Ugly side..."
Vice and Virtue
Extreme | Modern | Strong Dom Wanted
'Vice and Virtue' is the first fetish magazine to earn it's place in a public arena. Viewed as artistic and beautiful as other modelling pictures and agencies are, it focuses on bringing to light the reality of BDSM relationships to do away with the misconceptions cast upon them. The models are the best in their trade; wonderful to look at, almost too perfect and all fastened in leather or metal. Covered in wax or nothing at all.
One has been with the company since the very beginning since the age of eighteen. Over the few years of working for the magazine he developed a large fanbase and opened many eyes to the reality of such relationships. Despite his success and fame however, he isn't happy. Everything is hollow to him without a partner of his own; someone to guide him further forward and explore his desires beyond the photoshoots.
Despite all his searching however, the visits to clubs, the ads online, the right man comes upon his quite by accident. A rising photographer takes his pictures for an intimate magazine, carefully positions him and there is a certain degree of tension between them that isn't normally there... Over time they arrange more shoots, their relationship gradually moves closer until they spend a leather-bound night together in a hotel room.
From then on, the model insists on only taking pictures for his new Master. The magazine gets a fresh flair owing to their open relationship; not only the first famous BDSM relationship, but the first homosexual one eagerly shown to the public.
I want to explore their building relationship with it being in the public eye. Everyone's watching them, paparazzi looking for any excuse to damn the whole magazine. It would be quite intense, extreme... Could end up that eventually the public pressure becomes too much for one of them? Could be they decide to leave the business to try and live quietly?

"People are spreading foul
rumors about us, my Lord..."
Court Rumors
Extreme | Fantasy | Strong Switch Wanted
The Abyssal Courts are a dangerous place to linger, but for demonic Lords and Ladies they make the most perfect playground for sin and debauchery. Backdoor dealings are commonplace; trading mortal souls for additional power in court, even physical pleasure is readily offered if it will sway opinion. Decisions are made that affect the entire Abyss by a select few individuals who are deemed the highest in demonic power, such as when to strike out at Heaven's Gates, when to bargain with the Angelic Choir and when to strike out with terrible ferocity at their enemies. To have a high position in the courts is to be glorious, and worth any price.
Most coalitions don't last long and are made according to whatever is currently on the agenda, but there is one pair who have remained a united front for centuries. Two Lords of perhaps equal power, outwardly showing themselves to be no different than the others. Bloodthirsty, hungry for advancement, but behind the scenes they're so much more...
A true partnership, hardly love, but whatever it is, it has ensured they keep the highest two positions in court. Their relationship must never come to light however; for a Lord to be seen to need such help would be devastating to their reputation and the pair would be struck down for their insolence. Such things can only remain secret for so long however, and the courts are anything but forgiving...
We would both play the two high demons in court, following the intrigue and debauchery they instigate and encounter. Both characters would be fairly dominant with perhaps mine being a little more receptive to forceful domination. The plot would follow other demons growing suspicious of their closeness and trying to gather proof of their alliance, which the two characters keep playing the political game all the while. This game will be extreme; bloodplay, very rough scenes, bondage... Pretty much anything you'd like.

"I'm not a freak... I'm not broken.
Stop trying to fix me!"
The Broken Boy
Extreme | Modern | Strong Dom Wanted
In a family that values their religious faith in the highest regard, showing anything but absolute devotion to the Lord and His wishes is enough to raise eyebrows and arouse suspicion. Certainly for a son to imply that he might have leanings towards other males is unspeakable; a shame on the entire family for having a 'broken' child that needs to be fixed. Throughout all his life, Jayden was told how he was a problem child, how he was making his parents suffer by not conforming to how a good boy should behave simply because of his orientation and his lack of care towards religious obligation.
When he grew old enough to build the nerve to do so, he began to creep out of the family home at night and escape to the various places where he felt comfortable. Clubs and bars that welcomed people of all backgrounds, with one in particular drawing him back night after night.
Club Velvet is one of few 'exotic' clubs that cater to extreme tastes. People who want anonymity can venture there to enact whatever desires they wish without the fear of being judged, and while Jayden enjoys watching the arousing performances and admiring those on stage, he never has the strength to sample anything for himself. That is, until one of the regular performers slips beside him one night and offers a special place for free in his private room...
That one night of careful exploration into Jayden's desires opens the way for more. The strong performer becomes his only confidant in life; the only person who can accept him for who he is and what he wants. Over time their meetings become more regular, more intimate until finally the boy explains the full nature of his hopeless situation. The sneaking at night, the abusive family. Upon hearing this, the performer asks the boy to abandon the family that never loved him, move into the apartment above the club and start a fresh life free of lies and hatred, whilst at the same time continuing to explore the depths of pleasure and pain together...
Looking for a strong Dom for this one. There's not much to add apart from I'd like to go from their first meeting and gradually develop the intimate relationship that forms. We could write a few scenes with his family back home, perhaps once Jayden decides to move in he takes the performer back to his home to confront his parents with back-up and confidence. Could be a very interesting plot, and the potential kinks are almost limitless (see my OOs).

"I want the bastard dead! You'll
get more money if it's messy."
How To Kill Your Lover
Bondage / Extreme | Modern | Strong Switch Wanted
There are some people who can forgive and forget, but there are others who will carry a vendetta to the grave and who make frightening forces once angered. James Grey (he prefers Grey) is one such young man. When his long-term partner is discovered locked in the embrace of another, in their own bed nonetheless, he reacts in what many would consider a normal manner; he throws the cheating bastard out on the streets with the promise that if he ever comes back there will be Hell to pay... But that isn't the limit, not by a long shot.
To humiliate him so much, to make him feel so worthless, there is only one logical response in his possibly unbalanced mind; the ex has to die. Not a normal death, and Grey certainly doesn't plan on going to prison for the asshole who cheated on him. He uses all the contacts he has to find a hitman; someone who will take on any case no matter how selfish it is. And so the arrangement is made. For a substantial amount of money, Grey will get his ultimate revenge.
After many meetings with the hitman to discuss his mark's hobbies and hangouts however, they discover they have quite a bit in common. Both quite possibly psychologically unbalanced, both enjoying the thought of the cheating ex getting what he deserves and both rather loving alcohol. After consuming far too much, they end up tumbling back into Grey's apartment where they spend the night, and thus begins a very strange and tense business relationship. With a few perks on the side...
This story could be just Bondage or Extreme depending on your tastes. Quite a light-hearted story (murder aside) they would initially just be messing around with eachother; pleasure for pleasure's sake, but over time I'd like them to fall accidentally into a proper relationship, all centered around Grey's desire for revenge.

The Gallery...

This won't be a very big section, just if there's anything in particular I crave that's from a book or TV or a game... I'll put it up.
Bolded is my role.

Dragon Age (One and Two)
  • Warden / Zevran
  • Hawke / Fenris
  • Fenris / Anders
  • Hawke / Anders
Final Fantasy VII (includes Crisis Core / Dirge of Cerberus)
  • Cid / Vincent
  • Rufus / Reno
  • Sephiroth / Cloud
  • Hojo / Vincent
  • Weiss / Nero
  • Sephiroth / Zack
  • Zack / Cloud
Dragon's Dogma
  • Arisen / Pawn
  • Arisen / Barnaby
Loveless *Craving*
  • Seimei / Soubi
  • Seimei / Ritsuka
  • Soubi / Ritsuka
  • Sebastian / Ciel
  • Sebastian / Grell
  • William / Grell
  • Claude / Alois
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Re: Eros Calling... (M/M Search - All Welcome!)
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2012, 09:06:15 PM »
Added a bit of everything.

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Re: Eros Calling... (M/M Search - All Welcome!)
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Added two new plots and some pictures.

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Re: Eros Calling... (M/M Search - All Welcome!)
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Added Demon Dealings

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Re: Eros Calling... (M/M Search - All Welcome!)
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Added Bed of Roses

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Re: Eros Calling... (M/M Search - All Welcome!)
« Reply #5 on: August 01, 2012, 08:00:52 PM »
Done some reformatting, added three stories and removed some others. Big update!

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Re: Eros Calling... (M/M Search - Shamelessly Seeking!)
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Added whole new plots, new pictures and a Fandom section.

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Re: Eros Calling... (M/M Search - Shamelessly Seeking!)
« Reply #7 on: September 13, 2012, 08:27:14 PM »
Added dragon's dogma as a craving and 'Vampires Portrait/Song'

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Re: Eros Calling... (M/M Search - Shamelessly Seeking!)
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A blargh update.

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Re: Eros Calling... (M/M Search - Shamelessly Seeking!)
« Reply #9 on: October 03, 2012, 03:36:13 PM »
Added three more cravings!

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Re: Eros Calling... (M/M Search - Shamelessly Seeking!)
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Added three plots, new pictures and fiddled witht he order.

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Re: Eros Calling... (M/M Search - Shamelessly Seeking!)
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Added Business Affairs. More to come!

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Re: Eros Calling... (M/M Search - Shamelessly Seeking!)
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Added If Ever They Knew.

Open fir stories! Please? ^^;

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Re: Eros Calling... (M/M Search - Twincest and Love Affairs!!)
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Added and updated everything!

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Re: Eros Calling... (M/M Search - Demons and Dominants!)
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Added one new plot, lots of pictures and a craving.