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January 17, 2019, 11:38:44 AM

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Author Topic: Welcome The Hatter  (Read 553 times)

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Welcome The Hatter
« on: July 15, 2010, 06:46:45 PM »
With world exist with in a looking glass, a world hidden by pure glamor. The two world living closely together and yet never interacting with one another. But there a pure reason, there is an Unspoken law between the founders of the Glamor. "Does with in the Normal world most never know the existence of this one." and in thus peace is kept between the two plane of reality. There with in the hidden world there is a single being that defied the unspoken Law, That being in Known as Madness itself and none may speak that person name so they simply call that being "Mad Hatter" the reincarnation of Madness.  This being rushes Cross the normal plane looking for a single life for that may please the anger of it's Lord.

"Bel-" The Male voice is cut, the tip of a butterfly dagger pin upon the trout of a body cover by the shadow of a room.  Only voice are heard not even a single of the two shadowed body is shown, with a single cold breath the second person spoke. "Never Call One by One's True Name Only he May Call One by One's true name." The voice was serious also deadly at the sound. it was impossible to distinguish ether the voice was male or female because of it's sweet and girlish tone.  In a few moment the butterfly dagger seem to also been consume by the shadows of the room. nothing but the heavy moist smell of blood, a closer glace even if this darkness a number of bodies can be seen laying around emotionless. Then the first man spoke again; " Hatter Why do you still torture yourself with looking for a bride for our lord? you will in the end simply have ot find another and another. Just return come back with me and stay with me, I love you above anyone else. I will strike down our lord just to free-" The voice was cut as a strike of lightning hit the ground lighting up the small room. It seem to be a simple American style apartment, with in was a dining table and six bodies upon a chair. Chest ripped open and intestine laying across the table. Three Children, two adult a man and woman; and finally an old man. behind them was a thin woman wearing a shirt and jacket. Her skin as white and the winter snow and a dark hair that reach to the shoulder which seemed to be soaked in rain. along Her face make up that look like that of a Gothic clown and a Victorian top hat with red binding and a blue rose that matched the eye make-up she wore. On the round lay a man cover and blood with in the last moment of His life. Looking up at the woman with blood covered white gloves that held a black butterfly dagger. with a killing tone the woman spoke one final time before vanishing in to darkness. "If you love One I have no need for you. Only he who doesn't love me is the only thing one Need. Die knowing that One will never love you."